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      Final Fantasy IX  (PSX)
      Title : The Last Minutes Of Ozma (Hints & Strategies)
      Written by : Michael Chan
      Email : [email protected]
      Version : 1.00
      Date : March 28, 2001
      *All Rights Reserved* 

      For the last few days I've been "gambling" with the most colorful 
      yet most dangerous and devastating boss in FFIX.  Through out those
      tiring and exhausting hours, I've come to experience something that
      you might have overlooked.  There's no way you can be 100% sure in 
      beating this beautiful sphere.  However, I may give you some hints so 
      as to raise your chances of winning to 95%. If you have confidence in 
      me please read on. And for those who said they could beat Ozma below
      level 50, I really am impressed.  Yes, I do.  You are great!
      Well, I suppose that you've finished the Chocobo Hot & Cold Game and
      have all the items obtained.  Now let's go through some of the things
      you might have failed to notice.
   I. Preparations -
         A. Random Battles
         B. Abilities
  II. Reasons to choose high HP level characters -
         A. HP regain from Auto-Regen
         B. Interval of Auto-Regen
         C. Power of Resistance
         D. Max. HP values at EXP level 99 
 III. Able Characters -
         A. Requirement
         B. Combination
  IV. Ozma's Attacks -   
         A. Major Attacks
         B. Minor Attacks
   V. Counter Attacks -
         A. Under Normal Status
         B. Under Mini Status
  VI. Make Use Of Trance In "The Battle" -
         A. Build Up Your "Trance Bar"
         B. Different "Trance Bar" Set Ups
 VII. Something About "The Battle" -
         A. Case One
         B. Case Two
         C. Case Three     
         D. Case Four
         E. Case Five

VIII. The Seventh Round
  IX. The Reward

   X. Copyright 

   I. Preparations 
      A. Just after finishing the Hot & Cold Chocobo game, head directly to 
         the Memoria entrance.  Choose Steiner, Zidane, Freya and Armarant.
         Equip them with the unlearned abilities' items and start fighting that
         time-consuming and boring Random Battles as many as possible until
         they reach an EXP level over 6000.  You'll notice that it takes some
         more EXP to reach up another level while you may just get one or two
         more HPs.  Yes, if you haven't killed Hades.  Go kill him and come back 
         to the entrance to continue the "bore-fights".  However, you'll realise
         the importance of attaining high EXP levels later on and why I choose 
         those four characters.
      B. If you haven't taken Freya and Armarant into your party before, you 
         can start right now.  It's not too late.  You'll find that they catch 
         up quite fast since they are in low EXP levels and they need less 
         EXPs to reach up one level.  Don't forget to change their equip-
         ments once they learn an ability. 
  II. Reasons to choose high HP level Characters 
      A. I'm sure you have noticed that there's a number, in green color,  
         coming up from the bodies of the characters after they learned  
         the ability called Auto-Regen during a fight.  Let's call this  
         number the "Regain Value".
      B. Now, have you ever noticed how long does it take for the         
         "Regain Value" to appear each time?  I'm sure not many of you  
         have.  Never mind.  Let's call this very short duration of time  
         the "Regain Interval".

      C. These are two of the many extremely important factors to resist 
         Ozma's attack.  Since you have to spend such a long time in the
         Memoria entrance to pile up the EXP levels for the characters,
         why not write down the figures of the "Regain Value" and the              
         approximate time of each "Regain Interval" for all the members  
         so that you can do a comparsion after you pile up another 8 or 
         10 levels.  Definitely, you'll see the big difference. Of course, 
         equipments, abilities both active and support also share equal
         importance in this respect.  Now you know this is the way how
         you can strengthen the characters' power of resistance.
      D. For those who are interested to know the maximum HP values of 
         each character when reaching level 99, we don't need to go to
         this high number though, it definitely will give you a little
         more advantage when facing Ozma. 
         Here you are :                                    
         1.  Zidane  -  6840
         2.  Steiner -  7881
         3   Armarant-  7284
         4.  Freya   -  7402
         5.  Dagger  -  5066
         6.  Vivi    -  5066
         7.  Eiko    -  4795
         8.  Quina   -  I haven't trained Quina ever since. I don't have a good
                        impression towards her. This is merely personal. 
                        I'm sure her max. EXP value should be somewhere just
                        over 5000, similar to those of Dagger and Vivi's.
         Now you are well aware that why I discarded the last four characters.
         They are not capable of obtaining high power of resistance.  That's 
         the reason.  Besides Quina, whom I don't know much about, none of the 
         other three are able to produce a 9999 attack.  Am I right?  As a 
         matter of fact, I like Eiko very much.  She is small, swift. And the
         way she moves, after getting a battle command, is exactly like
         dancing to the music.  She is simply adorable.              
    III. Able Characters 
      A. As you've realized the significance of what we called "Regain Value" 
         and "Regain Interval".  Let's see the following comparisons :-
                                                 (RV)              (RI)
                  HP Level      HP Value      Regain Value     Regain Interval
         1.Freya     86           6522            407       around  3.0  secs     
         2.Armarant  86           6522            407          "    3.5   "  
         3.Dagger    99           5066            316          "    4.0   " 
         4.Eiko      99           4795            299          "    4.0   "


         So "Able Characters" means those who can be better trained and be
         able to attain high HP values, high Regain Values, short Regain
         Among all the others, Steiner wins in each of the respective area
         to a high degree.  He is absolutely outstanding.  Well, Zidane is
         just okay.  Freya and Armarant are a lot better than the rest of 
         the party.
      B. You are right!  You don't have much of a choice.  My character 
         combination is thus obvious.  Steiner, Zidane, Freya, Armarant
         are the best in the selection.  Remember I asked you to go to the
         Memoria entrance to fight the Random Battles and all that?  There's
         no definition of what are the best EXP levels.  Only that the higher 
         you get to, the more you'll be benefited both "physically" (to the 
         characters) and psychologically (to yourself).

         Here are the characters selected and their respective equipments : - 

         1. Zidane - all abilties learned and on        
            Level  - 93
            HP     - 6362
            MP     - 344
            RV     - 397
            RI     - around 2.8 secs
            Weap   - Ultimate Weapon
            Head   - Circlet
            Wrist  - Bracer
            Armor  - Brave Suit
            Attch  - Protect Ring
         2.Steiner - all abilities learned, MP Attack off, Swd Skill learened
            Level  - 91
            HP     - 7345
            MP     - 312
            RV     - 459
            RI     - around 2.5 secs
            Weap   - Ragnarok
            Head   - Grand Helm
            Wrist  - Venetia Shield
            Armor  - Grand Armor 
            Attch  - Rosetta Ring  (Ribbon is okay)
         3. Freya  - abilities all learned, MP Attack off, Dragon learened 
            Level  - 86
            HP     - 6522
            MP     - 347
            RV     - 407
            RI     - around 3.0 secs
            Weap   - Dragon's Hair
            Head   - Grand Helm
            Wrist  - Venetia Shield
            Armor  - Grand Armor
            Attch  - Protect Ring
         4.Armarant- abilities all learned, MP attack & Healer off
            Level  - 86
            HP     - 6522
            MP     - 272
            RV     - 407
            RI     - around 3.5 secs
            Weap   - Rune Claws
            Head   - Circlet
            Wrist  - Bracer
            Armor  - Brave Suit
            Attch  - Protect Ring              
    IV. Ozma's Attacks : They must be over 10 different types. I don't want 
                         to list them all out.  You won't meet them all in
                         just a few fights anyway.  I'll show you the common 
                         ones of course.   By the way, some of my son's 
                         friends just called, asking me where the hell that 
                         Ozma was (my son is 25. Can you believe it).  Well, 
                         Ozma is hidden in the mountain on the far side island 
                         in the Chocobo Air Garden.  Of course you need 
                         finishing the Chocobo Hot & Cold game and have learnt
                         how to fly or else you'll never see HIM for the rest  
                         of your life.  
       A. The first attack must either be Meteor, Doomsday or Flare Star.
          I call these "Major Attacks". "Curse" is quite hard to classify.
          It's deadly sometimes.  But don't worry.  I'll show you how to 
          counteract this attack later.  It's simple but it costs time too.
       B. Other than the above mentioned four, none other attacks can wipe 
          the whole party out.  So, they don't mean anything to you as long 
          as you've learned all the abilities beforehand like I said. 
    V. Counter Attacks  
       A. Under normal status every one is living happily, using his/her best
          skill to greet the FRIEND.

          1. Zidane - ATTACK is the only way. Don't blame him .  He's just  
                      a thief.  He is no famous knight nor fighter like his 
                      partners.  Anyhow, with the "MP attack" on, he can
                      execute 9999 power attacks most of the time if he is
                      in a high EXP level.
          2. Steiner- His loyalty really touches me.  He's strong.  He's out-
                      standing in the area of achieving high HP value.  His 
                      sword art is peerless.  He always has the ability in
                      producing a 9999 power attack by using SHOCK.
          3. Freya  - She's the best amongst her partners.  She's faithful. 
                      Her performance is stable no matter under what kind 
                      of situation. Her Dragon Breath never lets you down.
          4.Armarant- He is my admirer.  He got spirits.  He's brave.
                      Once he sacrificed himself just to save the lives
                      of his comrades to let them win the battle.  I saw 
                      it with my own eyes.  Trust me!  And his unique 
                      capability of throwing Wing Edge(s) to the enemy 
                      shows himself a real Pro. 
      B. Under Mini Status :  Status under the Curse of Ozma

          1.Zidane :  THIEVERY is the best trick to fight the
                      Enemy.  The damaging power is around 2400.
          2.Steiner : CLIMHAZZARD is the only choice.  It's power is
                      about 3500.  I couldn't find any thing better 
                      than this.
          3.Freya   : She's really good.  The DRAGON BREATH still has            
                      the 9999 power attack.  Lovely!
          4.Armarant: Use CURSE continuously since DEMI SHOCK seems to
                      have no effect and COUNTDOWNs always miss.
                      NO MERCY dosen't help much with only 111
                      damaging power.  Still, I like him.  He knows how to
                      return Ozma's gifts back to Him when he feels 
                      doesn't like them.
    VI. Make use of Trance in the Battle 
        A. You know what trance is, don't you?  If you don't.  Play the 
           game once again and be sure to read every line of the con-
           versations.  During Random Battles if one of the characters
           is being hit by an enemy, you may notice that the red bar
           of this particular character under ATB gets longer. Good, 
           as you are in the Memoria entrance area, go find the Iron Man.
           As soon as you see him, command every character to Defend
           mode (look, how cute Eiko and Quina are).  Let the Iron Man
           do the attacks.  Just sit and pay attention to those red bars.
           Oh!  I almost forget to tell you, do this only after you have
           raised the levels of the team to the levels you think best or
           enough for the Fight.
           When you find that all the Trance bars are getting longer
           and longer until every one of them reaches about 90% of its 
           total length, except Zidane's, use Flee or Attack, as you
           wish, to end the fight.

        B. In reality, it's very hard to increase the lengths of these
           bars to 90% of their total lengths all in one time, in one fight.
           It really depends on the Trance situation of each individual 
           character.  You can get help or take turns, I should say, with
           Dagger, Eiko or Vivi to finish off the work.  The arrangements 
           are flexible.  As to Zidane's Trance bar, its best to set it to
           80 to 85%.  The reason for these different settings is to
           cope with the combination attacks of Ozma.  The "90%" means
           immediate transformation to Trance status after one attack.
           "80-85%" means effective after two majors or one major plus
           a Curse.  If you want to lower all Trance bars down
           to zero, go to meet the Iron Man.  He'll do it for you.
     VII.  Something About the Battle 

           After over 280 consecutive encounters with Ozma, I did
           experience something.  As I've mentioned earlier, the first
           attack must be a major one including Doomsday, Meteor and
           Flare Star.  The second attack might well be Berserk, Mini
           or Berserk, Berserk.  The third one might be Lv 5 Death, 
           Lv 4 Holy or Curse or another Major, anything!
           Doomsday hurts more evenly to the team. It might cut out
           over 4300 HP from one or two members.
           Flare Star is quite similar to Doomsday but it seems a little
           bit less damaging in some cases.
           Meteor, the strongest one I believe, may put one or two
           characters to immediate death.

        A. Case One 
           Doomsday followed by Minors- your chance of winning is 100%.
        B. Case Two
           Flare Star followed by Minors- you' ll surely win.

        C. Case Three
           Meteor followed by Minors resulting deaths of one or
           two members - it takes longer to win. 

        D. Case Four
           Either Doomsday or Flare Star followed by Curse – 
           The winning time will be much longer.

        E. Case Five
           Meteor followed by Curse – if all members died after the
           first Major when Trance couldn't save you either.  "Curse" will
           end the game for you. This is the 5% no one can off set
           or this is how the game was programmed.
           Remember this is purely an attacking battle.  If you don't cut off
           Ozma's HP level within the first two rounds, you'll be in trouble. 
           That's why its second Major Attack less damaging and even misses
           one or two targets in the third one.
           Therefore, when you find that one or two members are dead after the 
           first Major Attack, don't try to save them at once.  Remember every
           turn of yours should be an attacking one.  If you waste your precious
           chance to hurt your enemy then you might be badly hurt or demolished
           before the next turn.  Ozma has a very high damaging as well as 
           healing power.  Sometimes Ozma might issue a Major Attack before it 
           dies.  Don't mix up.  Always calculate by heart the approximate HP 
           difference between the damages you lay upon Ozma and the HP it
           regains.  Do the saving when you feel safe. This is a rare case
           I can assure you.  
           Yes. Zidane's Trance bar set up is a compromise.  The other members
           may get into Trance right after the first Major Attack in order 
           to give more time for the whole team to regain the HP level ( Mind
           you, the time when one member gets into Trance plus four members'
           processes to finish the Auto Potion procedure takes over 33 seconds).   
           And if the second attack issued by Ozma is a Curse then Zidane will
           still be in his normal status to show his best performance.
           Of course, you can substitute Zidane with Armarant or you can set 
           both of them with the same Trance level. It won't make too much of 
           a difference. 
    VIII.  The Seventh Round 
           This is something I really don't understand.  I use the same save
           to reload the game every time I beat Ozma (I have quite a many saves
           in different levels).  I always find that the 7th, 17th, 27th 37th
           and so on, the hardest one to beat.  This really puzzles me.
           Never mind.  Let's go to see what you can get after the victory.
      IX.  The Reward 
           As long as Ozma is beaten, you won't really care what you will be
           rewarded I am sure.  Anyway, here are the things you deserve to

           A. a pumice or a pumice plus a dark matter
           B. 16383 EXP
           C. 18312 Gil
           D. 100 AP
           E. a Strategy Guide (on cards) from Mene
           F. an Ozma card from Mene
           G. Mene will have your characters' MP & HP 
              restored, status effects removed 

         Finally I want to say that the % of the length of the Trance bar
         is a real measurement and calculation on my TV screen.  Whereas
         the times of the Regain Interval are the best possible estimation  
         from my sight.  It might not be too exact but the proportions are 
         right.  I did these all by myself alone. Nobody assisted me.

      X. Copyright
         This article is under the protection of the Copyright Laws, U.S. 2001.
         It is not allowed for person or persons or parties of any form to
         republish it wholly or partially or to use it as means of profit- 
         making without the prior consent of the writer, Michael Chan.           

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