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This FAQ is all about Luigi.

Luigi is Mario's younger brother.  Luigi is usually a sidekick of some sort to 
Mario and didn't gain that much fame until the GameCube was releced.  Luigi now 
stars in his own game called "Luigi's Manchion" and has also picked up a rival 
along the way named Waluigi.  Luigi has been featured in a lot of the Mario games, 
but is sometimes left out.  

Luigi has worse traction than Mario, but has a higher jumping range than his older 
brother.  Luigi's attacks are somewhat the same attacks that Mario has, but he also 
has different and unqine attacks.

To get Luigi, you can either play 800 rounds of vs. mode or play Adventure Mode and 
finish with a 2 in the seconds catigory.  For example: 3:12:99  Luigi will appear 
in the next stage instead of Mario.  Beat him in less than a minute, then beat 
Adventure Mode.


Fire ball (B) Luigi throws out his hand and shoots out a green fire ball out of his 
fist.  This is best used to stop an enemy from attacking.  This attack, unlike 
Mario's fire ball, is not controled by gravity, but shoots out in a horizontal 

Green Missel (forward+B) While holding down the B button, Luigi charges up his 
attack that is similar to Pikachu's Skull Bash.  There is a 12.5% chance that the 
attack has a stronger range and damage percent and is more speedy.  This can also 
get you back on the ledge if you were thrown off from the left or the right.

Cyclone (down+B) Luigi spins around like crazy and swings multiple hits as he 
does.  If the enemy is close enough, they will get sucked into the cyclone and be 
spun around silly.  At the end of this attack, the enemy is forced to fly up and 
makes them an easy target for combos.

Super Jump Punch (up+B)  This attack is an emergancy attack that can be used if 
Luigi is falling off and is falling to the pit of no return.  This attack goes 
straight up and if an enemy is in the right place at the right time, Luigi's attack 
turns into a Fire Jump Punch that is capable of doing more damage than the Super 
Jump Punch.

Forward Smash (forward+A)  Luigi can poke his victom to Timbuktu with this smash 
attack.  This can be used as a finishing blow.

Down Smash (down+A)  Luigi spins his legs all around and is capable of hitting 
enemies in front or behind him.

Up Smash (up+A)  Using his head, Luigi can smack his enemies up to the stars 
above.  This attack can be use to juggle.

Next up is Bowser!  See Ya!

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