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Hi my name is Joel Wise I am submitting this faq to help clear up some things and 
the real ways to get the secret charecters.

1.You cant get sonic and tails.That was one of egms[electronic gaming monthly]april 
fools jokes
                  Secret Carecters

 Jigglypuff-Finish classic mode or adventure mode with any charecter
 Dr. mario-finish classic or adventure mode with mario
 Luigi-Finish Mushroom Kingdom in adventure mode with a 2 in the seconds place.Next 
you will fight Peach and Luigi Beat Luigi in less than 30 seconds.Now finish classic 
mode You will fight him agian beat him and you can play with him
 Young Link-Finish classic mode with 10 different charecters 1 time must be with link
 Falco-Finish the 100 man melee
 Pichu-Finish event #37
 Ganondorf-Finish event #29
 Marth-Play with all 14 charecter that you start of with 
 Roy-Finish classic mode with Marth
 Mr. Game and Watch-Finish either classic,adventure,All star,Or break the targets 
with all charecters
 Mewtwo-Play 700 vrs. mode matches or a total of twenty hours of vrs mode

                    Secret Stages

 Brinstar Depts-Play 50 vrs. mode matches
 Fourside-Play 100 vrs. mode matches
 Big Blue-Play 150 vrs. mode matches
 Pokemon Floats-Play 200 vrs mode matches
 Muishroom Kingdom 2-Find a Birdo and Pidget trophey in 1 player mode
 Flat zone-Finish classic mode with mr game and watch
 Battlefield-Finish adventure mode with any charecter
 Final Destenation-Finishevery event match[1-51]
 Dreamland-Finish Break the targets with every charecter including the secret ones
 Yoshis island-Hit tyhe sandbag over 1323 feet
 Kongo Jungle-Finish the 15 minute melee

 Sound Test-Finish every event match
 All star mode-Unlock every charecter
 Random select-Unlock the pokemon floats stage

For any further questions e mail me at [email protected]                         

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