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The Silent Cartographer Walkthrough
You begin the level on a Pelican descending to the planet's surface. The continued 
assault will take place on the beach, as you move toward the huge structure to the 
right. You and your contigent of marines will have to battle through several Grunts 
and Elite to get there. Use plenty of grenades to bust up the clusters of enemies, 
and use the rocks as cover during the firefight. You marines will do a lot of the 
work, for once. 
When you clear out all of the enemies and arrive under the large structure, a 
Checkpoint indication will appear. A dropship will appear and leave you a Warthog. 
Load it up with marines and continue down the beach, keeping the ocean to your 
right. It's off to find the map room. Move the Warthog to the next clearing and 
station it just before the grassy slope that leads up into the rock face. Get out 
and polish off the Elite and Grunts in this corridor. When you do, a Checkpoint will 
appear. Get back in the ride and drive it up the hill, coming to rest just outside 
of the stronghold at the top. Here, you'll meet with heavy Covenant resistance, so 
make sure your gunner has a clear shot into the structure, then get out and help 
take down the enemies with your own gun. 
There are a couple of nasty Elite hanging out in the hallway of this fortress, so 
park the Warthog facing down this long hall, then get inside yourself and drop them 
with grenades and either Assault Rifle or Pistol fire. Once you do, the Checkpoint 
will be complete. 
Move down the hall and start your descent into the building. You're looking to 
activate the map room. At the bottom of the landing, you'll encounter a pack of 
Covenant. Toss a well-placed grenade into the mix and watch them fly. Or, pick them 
off one by one. The Covenant have locked down the doors here, so you'll have to find 
a way to disable the system. Head back outside and get in the Warthog. Drive it to 
the opposite side of the platform and move down the grassy hill here. 
You'll find an Overshield by a pair of purple canisters near the beach. Get out of 
the 'Hog and get it. Then drive through the stone archway ahead, further down the 
beach. Just past this, you'll see an overturned Warthog with a bunch of supplies 
next to it, including two health packs and a buttload of grenades. Off to the left, 
you'll see a ton of Covenant baddies lurking in thr forest. Park the Warthog where 
the marines will be able to attack easily, then pop out of the ride and hose down 
the forces with a little horizontal rain. 
When everyone's dead, move up the incline and through the rocky area. You won't be 
able to get the Warthog in here, so leave the marines on the beach. Work your way 
through the rocky ravine, dropping the two Elite and several Grunts that you meet 
here. Over the next ridge, you'll see a pair of Hunters. Stay behind the rocks here 
and pop out to nail them with your Pistol. Remember--aim for the orange spots. And 
be sure to duck behind those rocks when you see them cranking up their energy guns. 
If you don't have a Pistol, there is a dump of goodies off to the left, including 
lots of guns and another two health packs. 
Once you've dealt with the Hunters, move down to the building plaza below to get an 
Overshield. Then move up the opposite hill and take on the charging Jackals. If 
you're feeling cavalier, just run right up to them and melee attack. Sometimes it's 
nice to be close. The next little wooded grove is home to a herd of Grunts and a 
single Elite. As always, soften them up with grenades, and polish them off with the 
Assault or Plasma Rifle. The Pistol also isn't a bad choice for this area, simply 
because it's so good at cutting through the Elite. 
When you're done, it will be another Checkpoint. Make your way to the large gray 
structure to the right. You'll have to battle through some Jackals and Grunts, but 
you're used to that by now. Skirt the building and take out the Grunts guarding the 
entrance, then go get the Overshields to the left of the door. When you get one, 
head into the building and down the ramp that leads into a large room littered with 
debris. There are a pair of Hunters here as well. Use the debris as cover and smoke 
them with your pistol when you get a clear shot at their orange, juicy parts. If one 
of the Hunters dings you good, you can always head back to the surface and get 
another Overshield. There's no law against that. 
When the Hunters fall, exit the room and follow the long hallway down to a room with 
a holo-panel at its center. Activate the panel to shut down the security system. A 
short cutscene will follow showing an Elite with a Sword. Scary.

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