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T H E  U R B Z: S I M S  I N  T H E  C I T Y 

1. Controlls
2. Characters
3. Places to go
4. Rep Groups
5. Walkthrough
6. GameShark Codes
7. Items
8. Secret Areas
9. Jobs
10. Credits

1. C O N T R O L L S
A= Use item/talk to sim
B= Cancel action/sim talk
D-Pad= Move sim (B+ D-Pad= Run)
SELECT= Misc. Menu
START= Main Pause menu
*= Light on/off (SP only)

2. C H A R A C T E R S
Berkely Clodd
Daddy Bigbucks
Ewan Watahmee
Kris Thistle
Lincoln Broadsheet
Olde Salty
Pritchard Locksley
Sue Pirnova
Maximillian Moore
Gramma Hattie
Dusty Hogg
Lottie Cash
Bayou Boo
Crawdad Clem
Cannonball Coleman
Det. Dan D. Mann
Harlan King
Lily Gates
Mambo Loa
Polly Nomial
Roxanna Moxie
Theresa Bullhorn
Giuseppi Mezzoalto
Ephram Earl
Misty Waters
Phoebe Twiddle
Luthor L. Bigbucks

3. P L A C E S  T O  G O 
Urbania Park
Chopper Garage
Miniopolis Chronicle
Miniopolis Hospital
Miniopolis University
Large Brownstone (House)
Small Brownstone (House)
Second Looks Thrift Empporium
Club Xizzle Entrance #1

Sim Quarter Farmer's Market
Crawfish Shack
Epoch Museum
Fortune Teller's Shop
Town House (House)
Zeke's Zydeco Club
Cafe` Multiplaya
Salty's Riverboat

City Apartment
Coffee Shop
Rep Group Clubhouse
Club Xizzle Entrace #2
Glasstown Mega-Mall
Cinema d'Urbania
King Tower:
B: Water's Gym
1: Tower Lobby
2: Law Offices
3: Executive Office
4: Skyline Penthouse (House)
5: Roof

Twins' Bayou Shack
Paradise Island

4. R E P  G R O U P S
To choose a Rep Group, answer the first question in Create-A-Urb.

A: King Of Miniopolis
Rep Group: Streeties

A: Computer Daze
Rep Group: Nerdies

A: Bright Lights, Big Wallet
Rep Group: Richies

A: My Guitar Hero
Rep Group: Artsies

Streeties Leader: Darius
Nerdies Leader: Polly Nomial
Richies Leader: Luthor L. Bigbucks
Artsies Leader: Roxanna Moxie

5. W A L K T H R O U G H

Mission 1:

Goal 1: Slave to the Grind
Play "Squeegee Clean" (The sign at the nothern area of the roof
Befriend Kris Thstle (Rel. 30)
Give Kris Your Squeegee and Bucket

Goal 2: Get Cleaned Up
Take a Shower (In the Penthouse)
Take a Nap (In the Penthouse)
Eat Something from the Vending Machine (In the Tower Lobby)

Goal 3: Help Kris Thistle
Move the Bed to the Suite (Penthouse)
Repair the Television (On floor 2)
Repair Two Drinking Fountains (1 in Tower Lobby, 1 in Gym)

Goal 4: Get the Key
Earn One Mech. Skill Point (The bench near the T.V. you repaired)
Pick the Lock to Lily Gates Office (Floor 2)
Find the Key (In the office desk)

Goal 5: Get out of Jail
Befriend Det. Dan (Rel. 30)
Answer Det. Dan's Questions (A2,A2,A1,A2)

Goal 6: Find a Place to Live
Play the Hoopz Minigame (Uppper floor of the Jail)
Earn $150 for Rent and Taxes
Buy a House (Small or Large Brownstone)

Mission 2:

Goal 1: Work Study
Befriend Maximillian Moore (Rel. 30)
Give the Artemisia Plant to Max (By the dumpster near Club Xizzle)
Write a Doctoral Thesis (Talk to Lincoln Broadsheet)

Goal 2: Gotta Finish the Riff
Befriend "Cannonball" Coleman (Rel. 30)
Give a Sax. Reed to "Cannonball" Coleman (At the Thrift Shop)
Earn Creativity 1
Finish "Cannonball's" Song (Talk To Coleman)

Goal 3: Race for Glory
Give Dusty $500 for Renovations
Talk to Ewan Watahmee (Mostly in Chopper Garage)
Bring Ewan Lunch for 3 Days (12-1 PM/ At Chopper Garage/Buy
3 food items in the cafe` down the staircase between the Brownstone Houses)

Goal 4: Salesmanship
Attened an Auction (5-7 PM at the Thrift Shop)
Acquire the Shrunken Head
Give the Shrunken Head to Berkeley

Goal 5: Club Xizzle
Take Crystal out on the Town (Talk to Crystal)
Get a Bite to Eat (Cafe` between the houses)
Play a Game (Cafe` between the houses)
Go Shopping (Thrift Shop)
Buy Crystal a Gift (Man sitting in front of the houses)
*Club Xizzle's password is "BUCKET"

Goal 6: Road to the Sim Quarter
Make 3 Friends
Raise $500 for the Cause (Give to Gramma Hattie)
Earn 2 Promotions in Local Jobs

Mission 3:

Goal 1: Mission for the Mann
Play Moogoo Monkey (In the Riverboat)
Follow the Directions on the Bulletin Board (In the Cronicle)
Give the "Mysterious Briefcase" to Det. Dan
Give the Rigged Briefcase to Giuseppi

Goal 2: Batten Down the Hatches
Earn Creativity 5
Convince Ewan to Fix the Attraction (Rel. 50)
Challenge and Beat Dusty Hogg (6-7 PM at the Chopper Garage)
Convince Polly to Visit the Attraction (Rel. 50)

Goal 3: None Shall Pass
Earn Body or Charisma 5
Meet at the Cemetery between 11PM and 12AM
Guard the Cemetery for 4 hours

Goal 4: Get on the "List"
Earn Rep. 2 with your Group
Take Tickets: 2-5 AM (Club Zydeco)

Goal 5: High Society
Find a Curator (Roxanna Moxie)
Purchace one Museum Exibit
Give $300 to Roxie for Travel Expenses

Goal 6: The Ballad of Pepper Pete
Find a Sailor's Coat (Phoebe Twiddle)
Find a Fake Beard (Pritchard Locksley)
Find a Sailor's Cap (Club Zydeco computer)
Talk to Olde Salty

Mission 4:

Goal 1: The Greatest Fear
Prove to Clem You Aren't a Vampire (Rel. 30)
Find the "Dark Tree" (South in the Bayou)
Find a Light (Behind one of the giant plants)
Capture the Albino Alligator (In the "Dark Tree")

Goal 2: Fiddle with the Red Man
Meet at the Hickory Stump at Midnight (In the upper Bayou)
Fiddle with the Red Man

Goal 3: Bye Bye Bayou
Convince Clem to Show You Out
Meet Boo at the Mausoleum Entrance
Traverse the Mausoleum

Goal 4: Running from the Law
Find Someone to Write a Letter (Gramma Hattie)
Find a Messanger to Paradise Island (Gordie Puck in the University)
Gain Pop. 40
Find a Map to Paradise Island (Top of the Riverboat)
Bring the Map to Gordie

Goal 5: Carnivale!
Capture the Dancing Nutria (In the area with the Fan Boat,
go downward in the Fan Boat)
Give the Dancing Nutria to Roxie
Give $5000 to Roxie Moxie
Find a Tightrope Walker (Misty Waters)
Find Misty Waters a Date (Luthor L. Bigbucks)

Goal 6: The Bigbucks Players
Gain Pop. 50
Convince Dusty Hogg to Preform (Rel. 50)
Convince Sue Pirnova to Perform (Rel. 50)
Decorate the Stage (In the Cinema with 5 decorative items)
Attened the Play (Be there when it starts)

Mission 5:

Goal 1: Reality Show
Travel to Paradise Island (In the area with the Fan Boat,
go upward in the Fan Boat to the next area)
Play the Trivia Contest (Pritchard Locksley/Coconuts under the palm trees)
Insult the Other Contestants (Until they stop talking to you)

Goal 2: Back to the Drawing Board
Convince Polly to Talk (Rel. 70)
Find the Secret Lab (In the Executive Office, switch it in corner
Find the Correct Document (Logic 6)
Return the Bluprints to Luthor

Goal 3: Interview with a Cajun Vampire
Find Bayou Boo (In the Mausoleum)
Free Bayou Boo (Mech. 7, lock to the left)
Find a Cure for Vampirism (Mambo Loa)
Feed Boo Chocolate (Mix 3 Chocolate and then bake it)

Goal 4: Captured!
*Go Near Hedi Shadows at the Carnivale in the top righthand corner*
Befriend Harlan King (Rel. 30)
Escape the Cell

Goal 5: Atlantis Premire Party
*Talk to Max Moore (if girl) or Crystal (if boy)
Find a Premire Ticket (Lily Gates)
Impress Lily (Rel. 70, Pop. 70)
Dress in all Black (Clothes rack in the back of tghe Thrift Shop)
Attened the Premire (At the Cinema, 10 PM or later)
*Make Sure You Give Crystal/Max the Ticket Before Atrending*

Goal 6: Back in Time
Find an Inventor (Sue Pirnova)
Give Sue 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods (Found in the Bayou)
Find a Contractor (Ewan Watahmee)
Find the Correct Date (Guisseppi Mezzoalto)
Use the Time Machine from the Highest Point (King Tower Roof)

When you finish the game, the Time Machine will still be on the
roof. Here is where you can visit:
November 29, 1984: Wierd Game Boy style area
December 31, 1870: The correct date for Mission 5, Goal 6
1,000,000 B.C.: Jurassic Period (Doesn't let you stay)
December 2, 2003: Uncle Hayseed's Farm
3978 A.D.: Paradise Island before construction (Doesn't let you stay)

6. G A M E S H A R K  C O D E S
**Note: These codes require a GameShark SP**

(M) Must Be On

All Minigames (Main Menu screen)


99 Beads

All Items

All Xizzles

Full Motives:

Max Skills

Max Pop.

Max Rep.

Max Rel.

7. I T E M S 
Barbeque Grill $375
Gamia Simore Espresso $350
Smoothie Machine $505
Vending Machine $1,200
Positive Potential Microwave $250
Arctechnology 2-Door Refrigerator $1,650
Sno-Time Refrigerator $525
Dialectic Range and Stove $440
Epicurious Gourmet Stove $1750
PyroInferno Atom Burner Oven $3,000
Bovitron Z-36 Cheese Modulator $795

Manila-100 Marine Aquarium $1950
Poseidon's Adventure Aquarium $535
Suit of Armor $715
Tropical Birdcage $950
Zen Fountain $777
Guillotine $1,450
Shrunken Heads $250
Potted Jade House Plant $180
Potted Rubber House Plant $120
Monkey-Headed Jack-In-The-Box $635
Lawn Leprechaun $105
Green Meteorite $1,900
Baroque Mirror $450
Shaker Floor Mirror $650
Movie Poster $145
JC Portrait $150
Unicorn Tapestry $200
Modern Sculpture $675
Neon Smoothie Sign $375
Creepy Corner Kid Doll $865
Giant Stuffed Gorilla $1,200
Roman Statue $850
Giant Tiki Head $450
Candy Cane $100
Pilgrim Gnome $175
Mardi Gras Mask $300
Giant Pumpkin $50

Viva Lost Wages Home Casino $899
Brahma 5000 Behemoth Computer $2,500
Video Arcade Machine $1,250
Newton's Apple Pinball Machine $1600
Sky Diving Machine $3,875
Robot Monkey Butler $3,999
Robot Vacuum Cleaner $375
String Theory Super System $1,700
Zimantz Unity Stereo $650
Monochrome Television $99
Soma Electronics Plasma Television $2,400
Trottco RGB Ultra Television $500
Skratch N' Spin DJ starter pack $650

Amberson's Magnificent Sleigh Bed $750
Amberson's Magnificent Double Bed $1,400
Spartan Special Bed $275
TykeNyte Bed $550
Country Class Chair $150
Work-Bunst All Purpose Chair $80
Back Slack Recliner Chair $250
Comfy Recliner $295
Giant Leather Recliner $595
Plaid Recliner $700
Zebra Recliner $610
Biker Sofa $50
Cheap Eazzze Sofa $180
Country Class Couch $450
The Wally Whitman Repose Sofa $1,100
Zebra Faux-Fur Sofa $820
DTS Wood Countertop $100
DTS Wood Countertop with Sink $200
Sterlife Bathroom Countertop $50
Sterlife Bathroom Countertop and Sink $150
Pinegulcher Dresser $175
Amorous Inc. Love Seat $620
Aluminum Card Table $115
London Mesa Dining Table $350
Anywhere End Table $85
Celestial Slumber Moon Bed $1,800
Seat of Tranquility Crater Chair $710
Denizen Cane Bamboo Bed $1,500
Denizen Cane Bamboo Chair $300
Denizen Cane Bamboo Recliner $850

Max Mtewell's Pro-Chess Board $375
Hot-Trot Dance Tiles $1,365
Dilly Taunt's Portable Easel Kit $290
Free Wheight Set $350
Offender Guitar and Amplifier $600
GalleLayman Backyard Telescope $999

The Savvy Shower $230
SaniQueen Luxury Shower $1,500
Mr. Andersonville Sink $105
Hanging Telephone $75
HyggeiaOmatic Toilet $120
Pee-K-Boo Mfc. Toilet $380
The Mix Wizard $250
The Mix Wizard De-Lux $750
Woodcarving Table $100
Craftmaestro Pro Bench $950
Craftmaestro Mini-Bench $100

8. S E C R E T  A R E A S
Scool Bus
Location: Urbania, below Thrift Shop
Unlocked by: 100 Rel. w/ Guiseppi

Trash Can
Location: Glasstown, right of Mega-Mall entrance
Unlocked by: 100 Rel. w/ Phoebe

Projection Boot
Location: Glasstown, in the Cinema; the door left of concession stand
Unlocked by: 100 Rel. w/ Theresa

Location: Sim Quarter, above Yar! Hey Bombard! minigame sign
Unlocked by: 100 Rel. w/ Ewan

Magic Lamp
How to use: Select it on the Pockets menu
Unlocked by: Invite Crystal over, high Rel.

9. J O B S
Name: Sqeegee Clean
Location: King Tower Roof
Hours: 5AM-7PM

Name: Hoopz
Location: 2nd floor of the Jail
Hours: 5AM-5PM

Name: Doctor Max Stat!
Location: Miniopolis Hospital
Hours: 6AM-11PM

Name: Comic Explosion
Location: Cafe` between the Brownstone Houses
Hours: 6PM-2AM

Name: Motocross Mayhem
Location: Chopper Garage
Hours: 9AM-6PM

Name: Moogoo Monkey
Location: 1st floor of Riverboat
Hours: 4PM-2AM

Name: Yar Hey! Bombard!
Location: The long dock before the Riverboat entrance
Hours: 9AM-5PM

Name: Soul Music
Location: Hickory Stump in the Bayou
Hours: 12AM-8AM

10. C R E D I T S
-EA Games


Walkthrough by Colton Kenney

**For questions about the game, e-mail me at [email protected]**

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