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  • Sims in the City: The Urbz
  • Simulation, Life Development Sim
  • Maxis
  • Electronic Arts
  • Everyone
  • November 9, 2004


Lower Your Bills ALOT

First, buy all the exhibits in the museum and earn $1,000 weekly. No matter what apartment you have, You will be gaining money. Then get double pane windows to lower your bills by 15%. Finally get relationship 100 with Cannonball Coleman and make him move in with you. I don't know if this is true or not, but Cannonball ( saxophone guy) Is the only roommate who doesn't steal furniture. Anyway, I have the skyline penthouse and my bills are only $299! But I'm gaining $701 every week because of the museum donations.

Get Rid Of The Xxxnotusedlocket2ndhalf Object

On the bayou mission were you get two locket parts. If your pockets are full and you get the second half from the red fiddler guy, Next time you see him he will give it to you and it will be a dead object wasting space in your pockets. You can't sell it but if your pockets are full, you don't have a pet, and the xxxnotusedlocket2ndhalf object in the frst spot, see the pet lady with the box and buy the second pet. Then on the naming screen, go back, the object in the first spot ( No matter what it is) will be destroyed and out of your pockets. You will also get somewhat 20, 000$ too. This only works once though.

BEST Way To Earn Money

Find some wood and study creativity. If you make a good carving you can sell it to the store during auction time ( 6pm-7pm) and buy it back for just dollars! Just make sure there is a free space in the stores inventory first or else the object will be destroyed. If you make a Large Petrified Wooden Nymph, You can sell it up to $4,500 and buy it back for $36.

Unpaid Services

If your things are broken and you don't want to repair it yourself, call the repairman. Once you've called the repairman DON'T block the way because it's auto repair and your simeolons will drop. Then watch the repairman repair then wait til he almost finishes then go out of your house then come back in. Repair it and you can see that the tool meter is just as same as the repairman's meter before you got out. Finish repairing and there u finished it.

Color Change

When you want to change colors (i.e. stuff in your house), click the right trigger.

Daddy B.

If you are part of the streeties rep group one of your rep goals is to get a relationship of -50 with Daddy B. Once you've completed the game, and you can't find Daddy B. Don't worry he is on the island with the Dancing Nutrias. ( Goal folder #4)

Nerdie Trophy

To find the nerdie trophy, you must unlock Glasstown. When you go to the carnival, do not turn into the entrance. Instead, go straight and you will see a small parking lot. At the top righthand corner there will be a tree. Go up to the tree and you have found the Nerdie Trophy!!!

Secret Tunnel

After you have completed all tasks at the bayou and one of the twin brothers show you the way back to the city, you are able to go into Glasstown. If you achieve a 100% relationship with Detective Dann D. mann he will tell you a person in jail once broke out but they never found the tunnel. The tunnel is located to the right of the jail cell where a poster once hung. Going through this tunnel will take you to the part of the bayou where you originally found the albino alligator!

Change Color Of An Item

If you want to change the color of an item, you have tostand by it so the arrow appears. Don't push the 'A' button. Leave the arrow opinting to the item. Then push the 'R' button. That should change the color. If it does work,then that means that item does not have another color. Then try something like the bed, your dressor, or your couch, etc.

Daddy Bigbucks

If you are a streetie, one of your rep goals is to get Daddy Bigbucks at -50. After you have completed the game you will not be able to reach, him so talk to him before you complete the game.

Streeties Mission

Get a 100% relationship with Darius to get a Streeties Mission.

Artsie Trophy

The "artsie trophy" is hidden in the bayou near the cave where you see the thing of Daddy BigBucks.

Streetie Trophy

Go into the cemetery, when you have unlocked that big door that had a statue of Daddy Bigbucks in front of it and go through it. Go to the left where you see some tombs and walk along the side. The arrow should come up and then press A and you will have found it.

Richie Trophy

Go to the second floor of the Glasstown Mega Mall, when you have unlocked that part. Go over to the televisions and to the one that is closet to the next clerk. The arrow should come up and press A, and you will have found it.

More Recipes

Birthday Cupcake Mix:  1 flour, 1 vanilla, 1 sugar
Chocalate Biscotti:  1 chocolate, 1 nuts, 1 flour
Fudge Brownies:  2 chocolate, 1 nuts
Pecan Pie:  1 flour, 1 nuts, 1 sugar
Sugar Cookies:  2 sugar, 1 flour
Apple Pie:  1 apple, 1 sugar, 1 flour
Vanilla Swirl Tart:  1 vanilla, 1 chocalate, 1 sugar
Apple Strudel:  1 apple, 1 nuts, 1 sugar
Caramel Apple:  1 apple, 1 vanilla, 1 sugar
Low-Carb Chocolate Cake:  2 chocolate, 1 sugar
***Mixing may not always work, it may say Ugh! This isn't edible. It helps to have lots of cooking skill points, (I had 5 and it still didn't always work) there is also a risk of that happening in the oven when you go to bake it in the oven. You can find ingredients all over Minopolis. You can also buy chocolate, vanilla, flour, and sugar from one of the guys in the place that is at first blocked off when you are just getting out of jail.


Password For Clubb Xizzle

The password for getting into Clubb Xizzle is "BUCKET".

Club Xizzle

After taking out Crystal then you have to enter a password to get in the club at the brick door near the Trift Store. The password is "Bucket".


Secret Locations

There are several secret locations that you can unlock by getting relationship 100% with certain people.

> Movie Theater Backroom: 
> School Bus: 
> Trash Can by King Tower: 
> Shortcut to Bayou from Jail: 
> Place under Bridge

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Urbz: Sims in the City yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for The Urbz: Sims in the City yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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