The Watch Of Wonders - Guide for Pokemon Pearl

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Poketch is the new trend... the new way to stay in touch with the pokemon 
world. well, i'm gonna tell you all the different settings your watch can have 
(i have them all and they are so much fun and helpful)on your journey.
ALSO: I have added a box so you can check them off as you receive them!!

[]analog watch- tells time using two hands
[]berry searcher- shows berries that are ready to be harvested
[]calendar- shows current month and day
[]calculator- adds,subtracts,multiplies,divides; any basic math problem
[]coin toss- two sided coin that can make decisions
[]counter- manually count up by ones
[]day care checker- shows pokemon and their levels in the daycare
[]digital watch- current time using large numbers
[]dot artist- create works of art
[]dowsing machine- search for invisible items
[]friendship checker- shows pokemon and what they think of their trainer
[]link searcher- search for available linking partners in a link room
[]marking map- mark-up the Sinnoh map for events 
[]memo pad- write a note or just scribble
[]move tester- shows how a move will affect different types
[]pedometer- automatically counts your every step
[]pokemon history- shows the last 12 pokemon captured
[]pokemon list- shows current HP of pokemon in line-up
[]roulette- just sit back and have fun!

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