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Hhhhhh	     hhhhhh				mmmm		mmmm
Aaaaaa	     aaaaaa				ooooooo	      ooooooo
Rrrrrrr	     rrrrrrr				oooooooo	     oooooooo
Vvvvvvv harvest vvvvvvv				nnnnnnnnn       nnnnnnnnn
Eeeeeee		     eeeeee				mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm
Ssssssss	     sssssss				oooooooooo   ooooooooooo
Tttttttt	     ttttttt		.       ooooooooo	  oooooooooo

Aka-Harvest moon another wonderful life

Chapter 1-

At the beginning you are working hard to make money but you also have to find a 
husband before the year is over. There are only 3 bachelors. They are Gustafa, 
Marlin, and Rock. 

Gustafa- He is kind, likes to sing, and spends his time usually by his house or by 
the blue bar. He likes produce, flowers, and home cooked meals.

Marlin- He is shy but once you marry him he tends to loosen up. He is kind 
thoughtful and he spends his time by his farm or just walking around. He likes 
flowers, milk, and curry.

Rock- He might seem nice at first but if you marry him you will see the true him. He 
likes to argue with your child and he gets mad if there is not food in the fridge. 
He likes flowers, milk, and the special jewels in the mining cave.

Cheat codes- if you go into the barn and stand near your first cow’s feeding box you 
put the controller in the third player slot and you press x 10 times. After that you 
go back to being the first player and you can become filthy rich!

Chapter 2-
Your child will soon come after you get married. The type (meaning personality) 
depends on who you marry.

Gustafa’s child- His child will be calm and patient like Gustafa. What he decides to 
be when he grows up depends on how you raise him.

Marlin’s child- His child is shy but will loosen up like Marlin. He also grows up to 
be what you choose in the game by teaching him a certain type of things. 

Rock’s child- His child is more like you except for the debating part. He gets used 
to animals and he likes to hang out with *Hugh*(I might have spelt it wrong). 

Just to let you know- Your child will always be a boy. Also if you don’t choose to 
focus on a certain guy at the end of chapter one, someone will come to marry no 
matter what.

Chapter 3 and so on- 

Later on is just the same, you do the same thing every year except the shopkeeper 
guy (the big one) gets new items in his store.

One year you might wake up to find that you have grey hair. That is a sign that the 
game is getting to an end soon. About 1-2 years after that you die and the game is 

The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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