Tips and Tricks - Guide for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

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Unlock everything

Successfully complete the game to unlock invincibility, all weapons, infinite ammo, 
all items and all skins


If you can't kill or grab the man, you can shoot a sticky shocker(only if you don't 
have anything else), sticky cam or ring airfoil against his head. If you do this, 
he will fall down.

Don't push on a red button; this will make the alarm go off. The yellow buttons are 
for lights and doors.


If you are doing the displace mission, you need codes for 2 servers:
Server 1:4925
Server 2:7301

The door to the main server will open, but beware, in the small light room are 
lasers or something witch you can't turn off(as far as I know) so you will have to 
jump over them.

More Codes

In the bank level, there are some codes you have to acquire before you can finish 
the level. 
 If you're like me and ran right buy them, sitting in the Presidential room (the 
room with the third computer used to open the access door) these will be helpful.

Bank Archives (where you find the transaction records) 
Vault Door: 2793
Be careful though when you enter the Archives because there is a camera at the far 
end of the room, you don't need to use a sticky shocker or a Chaff Grenade for the 
first two computers.

Two hidden posters

Poster #1:
In the cargo ship level, in the control room, in the corner next to the map on a 
desk is a small photo of a DS!

Poster #2:
In the bank level, enter through the front door and take out the guy at the desk.  
Stand behind the chair and a little to the left and crouch.  Aim the camera as far 
down as possible and if you are positioned correctly you will see a green poster of 
the Splinter Cell Movie under and to the left of the desk!  

Although the words may be hard to read at this angle, you easily can tell it is 
splinter cell with the trademark 3 green lights and green tint.

Displace Suit 
The Displace suit is in the room next to the room where you have your last chance 
to save; the code is "5800". There are a total of nine suits. 

Short sleeved Sam costume in Bank level 
When you must steal millions of dollars by using the lock pick, go to the small 
vault to the left of the computer. Use the lock pick, and the costume will come out.
Shadownet Agent costume in Kokubo Sosho level 
Once you go down to the elevator shaft Sam will consider the Descent to Hell. There 
are be lasers at the bottom. Once you are down there find the ladder and climb back 
up it. Once you climb it, you will end up in a small room with lasers. The costume 
is somewhere in the back corner.

Masked Sam costume in Penthouse level 
Go to Zherkezhi's apartment and find your way to the first room on the top floor. 
kill the guard and go to the long dark hallway at the top left of the room. There 
is a keypad lock to get in; the keypad code is "5698" the costume will be in there.

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