Titan Dweevil - Guide for Pikmin 2

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In the final subleval in a hole named Dream Den (Wistful Wild), you Should 
fight the final boss, The Titan dweevil.This Dweevil has four wepons,Fire, 
water, electricity, and poison.When the Dweevil turns purple it will use it's 
poisen attack, blue for water, red for fire and yellow for electricity.However 
this COLASSAL dweevil has armor all around it's body.To Disengage it's 
armor,Attack and Disengage it's wepons to completly take it's armor off.Once 
it's armor is off, take all your pikmin and throw them at it's head to kill 
it.REMEMBER:Keep at least 30 pikmin alive for Success.

If you defeat the Titan dweevil, I am proud to call you, PIKMIN MASTERS!!!

For mor info, Please contact me at my e-mail(I check mail every day to help!) 

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