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Madden NFL 2003

PlayStation 2 (2002) (North America)

Version 1.0 (October 9, 2002)

Written By: Michael Kleinbauer (RVD Is One Of A Kind, krulmichael)

Document c2002.  All Rights Reserved.  Full legal notice at end.

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Touchdown Celebrations


1.The team that does the dance
2.The Player if there is a certain player
3.If there is a certain situation u have to be in to get the celebration
4.How To Do The Dance
5.The name of the dance


Name: Dirty Bird 
Team: Falcons
Player: Any WR's OR HB's
How To Get Dance: Score a TD

Name: Lambeau Leap
Team: Packers
Player: Any WR's
How To Get Dance: Score A TD
Situation: Be All Alone Running For TD

Name: Tony Gonzalez Basketball Shoot
Team: Any team as long as u have Tony Gonzalez
Player: Tony Gonzalez
How To Get Dance: Score A TD

Name: Head jive
Team: Colts
Method: Kick an extra point or field goal

Name:  The Hulk
Team: Vikings
Method: Score with Randy Moss

Team: Bengals
Name: Spider Man
Player: Peter Warrick
How: Score a Touchdown with Peter Warrick

Name: Davis Schuffle
Team: Redskins
Method: Score a TD with S. Davis

1. Philadelphia Eagles
2. Donovan McNabb
3. McNabb has to run for a touchdown
4. He dunks the football over the crossbar
5. Donavan McNabb Dunk

1. Indianapolis Colts
2. Edgerrin James
3. Score a touchdown (run it in with James)
4. Shoots a pistol
5. Hand Pistol

1. Any Team
2. Ricky Watters
3. Run For Touchdown
4. Touchdown
5. Head butt

Team: Bengals
Player: Corey Dillon (HB)
Situation: Just score a rushing touchdown With Corey

Team: Any
Player: Any
Situation: Score a TD, The player who throws the block that gets the player into the 
end zone will be in the back of the end zone with his arms crossed

1. Lions
2.Az Hakim
3.Score a TD

1. Panthers
2. Isaac Bird
3. Score a TD
5. Isaac Bird Flap

1. Panthers
2. Mushin Muhammed
3. Score a TD
5. Hits Goal post with his ass

1. Chargers
2. Tim Dwight
3. Touchdown
4. Acts as if he's opening and guzzling a beer
5. Beer Guzzle

Team: Monsters
Situation: Score with any player
Celebration Name: Monster Dance

Team: Vikings
Player: Daunte Culpepper
Situation: Run ball for Touchdown
Dance Name: Rollin

1. Chargers
2. Tomlinson 
3. Regular Touchdown run
4. Break Coconut  

1. Buccaneers
2. Martin Gramatica
3. Win the game in the last seconds with a field goal
4. Gramatica Celebration

Team: Chargers
Player: Junior Seau
Name: Arm Swing
How To Get It: Making a big play, tackle for loss, sack, etc.

Player: Jerome Bettis
Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Dance: The Bus 
How To Get Celebration: Get A Big Gain With The Bus (He Will Do It SOMETIMES)


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