Trading Sequence FAQ - Guide for The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening

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Here is the Trading Sequence FAQ to trade the items where and how and to what people:
     ITEM      ITEM RECIEVED FROM                  GIVE ITEM TO         ITEM RECIEVED
Yoshi Doll    The Trendy Mini-Game             The lady with her Baby     A Bow
Bow          The Lady with her baby         The Chomp that's in the Din  Canned Food
Canned Food        The Chomp                 The Alagator at the beach    Bananas
Bananas           The Alagator                    Kiki The Monkey          Stick
Stick            Kiki the Monkey                     Talon               HoneyComb
Honeycomb            Talon                     Bear in animal village    Pine apple
PineApple          The Bear                      Father in mountains      Flower   
Flower        Father in mountains            Writer in Animal Village     Letter
Letter           The Writer                  Writer near Mabe Village     Broom
Broom         The Other Writer          The old lady in Animal Village  Fish Hook
Hook            The Old Lady              The Fisherman in the Lake     Necklace
Necklace        The Fisherman                   The Mermaid              A scale
Scale            The Mermaid                 The mermaid statue    Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass   The mermaid statue           ------------          -----------

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