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Hey this FAQ covers some of the basic ways to train and get good results. It also 
includes a capture list, monster arena "special" monsters, and defeating some of the 
most powerful monsters in the game.

First I will cover what i think is the best way to train. To do this u need to have 
caught a Master Tonberry and have the Celestial Weapons powered up and either a 
double or triple AP weapon for the characters u wish to train. I also recomend 
having best special attacks for the characters u r going to train. If u dont want to 
lose Gil, take a person u dont want to train, teach one of there weapons the ability 
Gillionare and put them in the battle. Now go to the monster arena and chose to 
fight a Master Tonberry. Have the best weapons out for all of ur people unless u r 
using the Gillionare skill above. Defeat him quick as to not need to go to the Save 
point because of His Karma Attack. After someone besides Yuna gets their Overdrive. 
Switch to their AP enhancing weapons adn kill him with the Overdrive. This will give 
u between 40000 to 90000 AP depending on if u got Overkill and on if u had double or 
triple AP on ur weapon. Also every battle before using the Overdrive strategy u'll 
get 20000 to 30000 AP which will be more then enough for one or 2 levels. I was able 
to gain 20 levels in 5 mins because of this strategy so trust me it helps.

Next i will list what the monsters r in each area that u can catch:

Besaid-Dingo, Condor ,Water Flan
Kilika-Dinonix, Killer Bee, Yellow Elemental, Ragora
Mi'ihen Highroad- Mi'ihen Fang, Ipiria, Floating Eye, White Elemental, Raldo, 
Vouivre, Bomb, Dual Horn
Mushroom Rock Road- Raptor, Gandarewa, Thunder Flan, Red Element, Lamashtu, Funguar, 
Djose Road- Garm, Simurph, Bite Bug, Snow Flan, Bunyip, Basilisk, Ochu
Thunder Plains- Melusine, Aerouge, Buer, Gold Elemental,  Kusarrigu, Larva       
Iron Giant, Qactuar
Macalania- Snow wolf, Iquion, Wasp, Evil Eye, Ice Flan, Blue Elemental, Murussu, 
Mafdet, Xiphos, Chimera
Bikanel- Sand Wolf, Alcyone Mushussu, Zuu, Sand Worm, Cactuar
Calm Lands- Skoll, Nebiros, Flame Flan, Shred, Anacondaur, Ogre, Coeurl, Chimera 
Brain, Malboro
Sunken Cave(Cave where u get Yojimbo)- Yowie, Imp, Darm Elemental, Nidhogg, Thorn 
Valaha, Epaaj, Ghost, Tonberry
Mt. Gagazet- Bandersnatch, Ahriman, Dark Flan, Grenade, Grat, Grendel, Bashura, 
Mandragora, Behemoth, Splasher, Achelous, Maelspike
Inside Sin- Exoray, Wraith, Gemini Red (has sword), Gemini Blue (has club), 
Demonolith, Great Malboro, Barbatos, Adamantoise, Behemoth King
Omega Ruins- Zaurus, Floating Death, Black Elemental, Halma, Puroboros, Spirit, 
Machae, Master Coeurl, Master Tonberry, Varuna

These r special monsters that can be unlocked after catching certain monsters a 
certain amount of times.

Stratoavis- unlocked after catching one each beast in Besaid.
Malboro Menace- unlocked after catching one of each beast in Kilika.
Kottos- unlocked after catching one of each beast in Mi'ihen Highroad.
Coeurlregina- catch one of each beast in Mushroom Rock Road.
Jormungand- catch one of each beast in Djose highroad.
Cactuar King- catch one of each beast in Thubder Plains.
Espada- catch one of each beast in Macalania.
Abyss Worm- catch one of each beast in Bikanel.
Chimerageist- catch one of each beast in the Calm Lands.
Don Tonberry- catch one of each beast in the Sunken Cave.
Catoblepas- catch one of each beast in Mt. Gagazet.
Abaddon- catch one of each beast Inside Sin.
Vorban- catch one each beast in the Omega Dungeon.

This all i'll do for now. I'll finish off the Monster Arena List and much more on 
part 2 so keep ur shirt on waitin for it ok? ok. c ya

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