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Chocobo is the ostrich –like bird that helps you along your quest in Final Fantasy 
9.It can dig the ground to find treasure. In disc 1,when you are on your way to 
Gizamaluke’s Grotto, head to right of the gate to find to bridge. Cross over the 
bridge and you will find a dome-like forest. It is not exactly a forest that you can 
go through it. It is a Chocobo Forest.Go near it and enter. Inside you will find 
Mene the moogle and a chocobo. Mene will call the chocobo to come near you but the 
stubborn chocobo run away. Mene will then ask you to go outside of the forest to 
search for the chocobo footprints. Stand on the footprints and use a Gysahl 
Green.The chocobo will come to you and press X to ride it. Now go back to the 
forest. Mene will then tell you the big secret about chocobo is that it can dig 
treasure. After that you can start a game called Chocobo Hot And Cold.Mene will let 
you dig around (press [] to dig) the Chocobo Forest to find treasure and you can 
keep the treasure but you will have to pay Mene 60gil to play the game. In your 
first 2 or 3 games, you might come to an item that is stone with pattern. Seeing 
this,Mene will name this stone Chocograph that is a graph that shows you where about 
the treasure is. There are also Chocograph Pieces that if you manage to collect 6 of 
them it will become a full chgocograph.

In Chocobo Hot and Cold game, chocobo will let out a sound that tells you wether the 
treasure is near to you or not.
Kweh means it is far away
Kweh!? means it is quite far away
Kwehhh!? means it is very near to you
K-Kwehhh!!! means you have found the treasure!!!

If you manage to dig some item when playing the game, you can get points. The deeper 
the treasure is, the more points you will get. You can take the points you inherited 
to exchange with some cool items with Mene.Be sure to use your point carefully!

Item                   Points          

Robe of Lords          10,000          
Protect Ring           8,500           
Wing Edge              3,500           
Viltgance Card         1,800          
Ether                  450
Ore                    250
Phoenix Down           150
Gysahl Green           10

Chocobo Lagoon

Dig, dig, dig in the forest until Mene says that there is no more chocograph. It 
will then ask you to to Chocobo Lagoon.However, only the chosen chocobo can enter 
the lagoon. After you find all the chocographs, start your searching for the 
treasures when you are in the world map for it have a lot of good item and of course 
by using chocobo. Search all the treasures until your chocobo becomes the Reef 
Chocobo.Go to the southwest of the world map. One of the island there is the Chocobo 
Lagoon.You can enter it through the hole. By the time you are there Mene will there 
too, letting you play the Chocobo Hot And Cold game. However, since your chocobo is 
just the Reef Chocobo that can walk in the shallow water only, Mene will cut the 
price half because you can only dig the shallow part. Start digging all the 
chocographs again until Mene says that there is no more chocographs left anymore. 
Start finding all the treasures and if you couldn’t find the chocograph that evolves 
chocobo into Deep Sea Chocobo, go back to Chocobo Foerst and try your luck there. 
After you found the treasure that evolve chocobo, go back to Chocobo Lagoon and dig 
again. Now you can dig the deeper part making the price 60gil again. Even if Mene 
says that there is no more chocograph left, keep digging for the chocograph piece. 
After you manage to dig up all 6 chocograph pieces, find the treasure and you will 
eventually get the Gold Chocobo.

To fly go inside any forest and press X.To land, stay above the forest and press O.

Chocobo Air Garden

Now, the time has come to go to the floating island and adventure still awaits. Each 
of the chocograph piece has a description about where is the floating island is. The 
floating island can’t be seen, so you will have to search for its shadow that is 
round in shape. I have found 5 places where the island could be.

1) Near the Chocobo Lagoon there is an island with a forest. You can find the shadow 
near the edge of the island.
2) In the center of the world map.
3) East to Forgotten Continent. In the center of the east. (You know what I mean??)
4) At the southeast of the Outer Continent. It is at the place where the shore looks 
like coming out of the continent.
5) At the northeast of Alexandria (I think).
6) And the last one, I couldn’t find it.

After you found the shadow stay on top of the shadow and use a Dead Pepper. 
Eventually, chocobo will shot up into sky and you will be in the Chocobo Air 
Garden.Mene will be there too by the time you reach. It lets you play the game again 
and it is harder to dig here because there are 2 floating islands. Sometimes you 
will have to go to another floating island to dig. (That wastes a lot of time) There 
is a floating land with a triangular rock. It is the Eidolon Grave. Examining it 
causes Mene to warn you about something inside the rock and if you ignore Mene’s 
warning, you will get to fight the hardest creature, OZMA.

Chocobo Paradise

After finish digging all the chocographs again, it is time to go the chocobo 
heaven!!!!Exit the Chocobo Air Garden and fly to the northwest of the map.You will 
find an island with mountain and forest.Land there and search the mountain.You can 
find a crack at the foot of the mountain.Use a dead pepper and chocobo will open the 
crack.And now, you are in Chocobo Paradise .In Chocobo Paradise , you can’t dig 
treasure.However, speaking to all the chocobos give you clue about treasures around 
the world (not in the chocograph).Jump into water and go up.You will find Fat 
Chocobo the King of Chocobo there.Fat Chocobo will ask chocobo to stay there 
forever.However if you haven’t found all the treasures finish yet,chocobo will still 
follow you.Not to forget to play card with all the chocobo!!!!

With this I will also give the information about where is the treasures.


Ability needed:Field

On the way to go Chocobo Forest , there is a bridge . Ride your chocobo across the 
brigde from Chocobo Forest and follow the river to the beach.Start digging there and 
eventually you will get the treasure.

2 Elixirs, 3 Hi-potions, 4 Ethers, 2 Germinas Boots. 

2)Between Mountains
Ability needed:Field

From the Chocobo Forest , go northeast and walk along the beach,Eventually you will 
come to an dead end.The treasure is between the two mountains at the dead end there.

5 potions, 5 Hi-potions, 2 Tents, 2 Cotton Robes.

3)Uncultivated Land
Ability needed:Field

Go to Evil Forest and walk along the river.Dig along the river and you will find the 

10 Antidotes, 1 Jade Armlet, 3 Wing Edges, 1 Cargo Ship card

4)Healing Shore
Ability needed:Field

Near Cleyra there are mountains surrounding it.The beach is near the mountain and 
the treasure is at the beach.

Get Reef Chocobo.Enables chocobo to cross the shallow waters.

5)Abandoned Beach
Ability needed:Field, Reef
Beach east to the Black Mage village.

9 Phoenix Pinions, 6 Phoenix Downs, 12 Peridot Gems, 1 Diamond Gloves 

6)Cold Field
Ability needed:Field, Reef

In the center of Esto Gaza, Fire Shrine and Shimmering Island.It is At the Quelmiera 

5 Echo Screens, 7 Hi-potions, 3 Tents, 1 Theater Ship card

7)Forgotten Lagoon 
Ability needed:Field, Reef

The treasure is in the water .Go to the south of Lost Continent and go into the 
water. You will find the island as it describes in the chocograph.

8 Gysahl Greens, 5 Ethers, 7 Hi-potions, 1 Dragon’s Claw

8)Faraway Lagoon
Ability needed:Field, Reef

This treasure is located to east of the Water Shrine. Use the chocobo tracks on the 
Everlang Island , the long stretch of island that is connected to Forgotten 
Continent. The treasure is in the water.

37 Potions, 6 Magic Tags, 1 Shield Armor, 1 Gaia Gear

9)Abandoned Lagoon
Ability needed:Field, Reef

West to the Fossil Roo on the Outer Continent

6 Softs, 4 Ethers, 1 Feather Boot, 1 N-Kai Armlet
10)Bird’s Eye Lagoon
Ability needed:Field, Reef

The treasure is in the water. Go to the west from the Qu’s Marsh on the Mist 
Continent and search the among the islands there. The treasure should be near one of 
the island.

8 Potions, 4 Phoenix Downs, 3 Ethers, 1 Magician Robe

11)Small Beach
Ability needed:Field, Reef

From the Chocobo Forest, cross over the bridge and go directly south into the 
shallow water. The treasure is on an island called Lanshake Island.

4 Remedies, 2 Elixirs 8 Rising Suns, 1 Oak Staff

12)Dawn Lagoon
Ability needed:Field, Reef

The treasure is to the southeast of Treno. The place should be in about afternoon 
time.The treasure is either in the water or on land.

Get the Red Chocobo. Enables chocobo to cross mountain.

13)Dusk Plains
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain

The treasure is to the southeast of Oeilvert. It is buried near the sea.

12 Phoenix Downs, 14 Ores, 1 Kaiser Knuckles, 1 Iron Man card 

14)Forbidden Forest
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain

The treasure is in the forest. The forest is surrounded by mountain near Dali.

7 Ethers, 2 Elixirs, 10 Wing Edges, 1 High Mage Staff

15)Green Plains
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain

On the mountain to the northeast of Alexandria. The mountain faces the beach.

Get Deep Sea Chocobo. Enables chocobo to cross ocean.

16)Forgotten Plains
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain

The treasure is on the hills to the southwest of Ipsen’s castle.

17 Ores, 5 Ethers, 14 Opals, 1 Demon’s Mail

17)Sea At Dusk
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain

The treasure is to east of Oeilvert and to the north of the Wind Shrine. The 
treasure is in the water.

15 Phoenix Pinions, 1 White Robe, 1 Diamond, 1 Masamune card

Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain

To the west of the Everlang island, the long stretch of island that is not connected 
to Forgotten Continent. The treasure is in the sea.

27 Ores, 1 Light Robe, 1 Whale Whisker, 1 Alexander card

19)Cold Lagoon
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain

To the east of Fire Shrine. The treasure is in the water near the island (not 
Shimmering Island).
11 Peridot Gems, 9 Opals, 15 Sapphires, 19 Topazs

20)Mist Ocean
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain

To the north of Alexandria. The treasure is between the two small island 
             2=Island                                      x
             x=treasure                      1                           2

Get Gold Chocobo. Enables chocobo to fly.

21)Outer Island
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain, Sky

To the northeast of Desert Palace. The treasure is not in the water.

21 Amethyst, 16 Garnet, 1 Genji Armor, 1 Ragnarok

22)Outer Island 2
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain, Sky

This island is located to the northwest of Desert Palace

11 Sapphires, 1 Circlet, 1 Pumice Piece, 1 Hilda Grade 3 card

23)Fairy Island
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain, Sky

This island is to  the southwest of Lifa Tree. It has a mountain and is big enough 
to see in the world map. The treasure is at the foot of the mountain.

33 Potions, 15 Annoyntments, 1 Holy Miter, 1 Dark Matter card

24)Forgotten Island
Ability needed:Field, Reef, Mountain, Sky

To the north of Forgotten Continent and to the south of Shimmering Island. The 
island is quite big.

1 Ribbon, 1 Rebirth Ring, 13 Amethyst, 1 Ark card

After you found all the treasure in the chocograph, there are still treasures all 
around the world.The clue where about the treasure is, is given by chocobos in 
Chocobo Paradise.
There are total 8 treasure all around the world , either in the water or at 
mountain. Unfortunately, I just found 5 only.

1)Crack 1
To the west of Forgotten Continent, there are many mountains.                  
 Find a mountain that has a forest 
The crack is very hard to find and it looks like one line.

1 Maiden Prayer, 1 Dragon’s Hair, 1 Gauntlet, 1 Odin card

2)Crack 2
There is another mountain in Forgotten Continent that has a forest nearby.The 
mountain is to east of Forgotten Continent.It is just a little bit northeast from 
the Crack 1.The crack is easier to find.It looks like the crack at the Chocobo 

19 Eye Drops, 1 Madain’s Ring, 1 Genji Helmet, 1 Hilda Grade One card

3)Bubble 1
Go to Quan’s Dwelling and go to the place where the clock is.Go to the edge of the 
balcony and feed chocobo a dead pepper.

I forgot the treasure but I remember the treasure chest contains 1 Tiger Racket.

4)Bubble 2
This bubble is located between Outer Continent and Lost Continent.It is in the 
center and at the top of the map. 

50 Potions, 25 Hi-potions, 9 Ethers, 7 Elixirs

5)No Bubble
It is exactly where the Shimmering Island is.It is very hard to find.Go there after 
you return from Terra.

10 Aquamarines, 1 Ultima Weapon, 1 Maxmillian, 1 Invincible card.

That’s all I can tell.Email me if you have any problem.(


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