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                         Tribes Aerial Assault

This FAQ was written by me...Gary Ansell.
It can only be viewed here at

What you will find here...
1. Other FAQs
2. Strategy, so far
3. Question and Answers
4. Thanx
5. Codes

If you have any information, strategies for winning, or just want to play against 
me...minimize this page, click on my name beside the name of the FAQ and will send your e-mail to me INSTANTLY, "I tried it because I'm just 
do right crazy."

1. This Strategy was written by Gary Ansell.
Can only be viewed at as of June 20th, 2003.

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2. Good Winning Strategy for CTF, "Capture The Flag," Areas

On the maps with vehicles:
an ummm.....uuuuuummmmm...well...there are others

This works best on the beginning of the mission.  1st get a bomber and destroy the 
enemies Radar Sensor.  Then destroy the Turret. Destroy the Mountain Turret 2nd 
because the other one can lock on to you when you are high in the air as well as on 
the ground.  Next destroy the Vehicle Station.  Then, if you are feeling lucky, "I 
think you should do it anyway!" Go in the enemies base and destroy both of the 
generators.  Go back to your base, "With or Without the flag," go into options, 
change your armor to heavy or MEDIUM, select Plasma barrel and stand on the 
Station.  Place 1 on the Mountain Turret and the other Turret.  Now go to YOUR 
Generator.  Select Remote Turret and stand on the Station.  Set the Remote Turret in 
that area. Repeat this until you can't set anymore. Then select Remote Sensors and 
set 4 of them. You can set 2 at a time.  SPREAD THEM APART A LITTLE!!!  Now do what 
ever you want.  I would get a bomber and do 2 things...
1. Bomb the enemy
2. Get the enemies flag
*If the enemy destroys your generators somehow, try to follow these steps again.
**If the enemy has destroyed your generators and Minion^ is on the same 
game...FORGET IT...unless you get the Heavy Armor and select Fusion Mortar from some 
other station that works...then walk to your generator in the base where Minion^ 
just stands there where you can't see him...and blow him up including yourself in 
the process.

2. Questions?
1Q. Are you good on the campaign levels because I'm stuck on the "Death From Above". 
Everytime I get near the enemies base the bad guys keep comin out and killin me?

1A and 2Q. No I'm not...I can't get past the 1st Capture The Flag match in Campaign 
my bots are stupid...I go up on the hill and watch them run over 1 at a time...You 
need at least 2 decoys and 1 flag carrier. I got 2 flags by myself!
Does any buddy know?

2Aa. jokester540
To pass the first CTF on Tribes Aerial Assault, you go to the far right side on the 
mountain.  Once your there stay on the mountain.  Wait till someone comes to 
distract them then go fast towards the flag.  Keep doing this over and over.  Trust 
me, I passed it millions of times doing this.

2Ab. I have done this A MILLION TIMES...I'll try again!!!

3. Thanx
Thaks to and jokester540.

4. There are no codes yet...

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