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Name:  Brad Alonzo
Email:  [email protected]
Date:  11/8/03
Edit Date:  11/9/03
Kingdom Hearts

Ok, I'm going to start off with Blue Trinity:

Blue Trinity:
1) Traverse Town, in front of the wold exit.
2) Traverse Town, in front of the resturant.
3) Traverse Town, District Three, behind the fountain.
4) Traverse Town, in the Mythical House by the save point.
5) Deep Jungle, in the camp site, next to the lab table.
6) Deep Jungle, in the climbing trees, the area above the vines.
7) Wonderland, in Loctos Forrest, give the flower a potion to become big, and then 
move the rock into the River. This will bring up two mushrooms, follow them to th 
next room. The Trinity is on the floor.
8) Wonderland, in Loctos Forrest, on the floor.
9) Olympus Collsium, in the courtyard to the right of the lobby.
10) Olympus collsium, in the courtyard to the left of the lobby.
11) Agrabah, when opening the locked doors to get to Jafar, in the room called 
12) Agrabah, in the Cave Of Wonders, the lower levels, it's hard to see.
13) Monstro, mouth, drain the water by beating "The Cage" the first time, and the 
Trinity, a cinema will show the water draining and the trinty's location.
14) Monsto, in chamber 6, on the floor.
15) Montro, Throat, on the floor.
16) Hollow Bastion, in the dungeons, need Beast to break though the wall.
17) Hollow Bastion, High Crest, after you get off that big platform.

White Trnity:
1) Traverse Town, in the Secret Waterway.
2) Olympus Collsium, in the center of the courtyard.
3) Wonderland, give the flower a potion, lockonto the nut on the tree and select 
TAKE from your Command Menu, it will fall on the floor, but before you eat it, spin 
the tree. Then it the nut, enter the Bizzare Room from the top floor in the back of 
the forrest, the room will be on its side, light both torches, and jump into the 
picture, afterwards, you will appear in  room in the forrest that you ould not reach 
before, the Trinity is on the floor.
4) Deep Jungle, in the keyhole room, behind the waterfall.
5) Agrabah, in the Cave of Wonders, in the lower levls.
6) Monstro, chamber 5 in the center of the floor.
7) Atlantica, in Triton's Palace, not his Throne, in the palace, under the big sea 
8) Neverland, on the ship's deck, on the top floor.
9) Halloween Town, in the back of the pumpkin patch.
10) Hollow Bastion, in the Rising Falls, where Riku stabbed Beast.

Green Trinity:
1) Traverse Town, in the accessory shop.
2) Olympus Collsium, in the courtyard, in front of the Phil Cup chart.
3) Wonderland, in the Rabbit Hole, behind the save point.
4) Wonderland, in the Bizzare Room's fireplace.
5) Deep Jungle, in the tree tops, it's hard to see, but its there.
6) Agrabah, Agrabah Storage, off of the main street.
7) Monstro, on the top of Pinnocios ship.
8) Neverland, in the ships Cabin, the room before you fight shadow Sora.
9) Hollow Bastion, on the top floor of th Library.

Red Trinity:
1) Traverse Town, first District, in the alley where Sora first awoke.
2) Traverse Town, on the bell tower above the Gizmo Shop.
3) Traverse Town, in the Alleyway, in the water.
4) Agrabah, in the Cave Of Wonders, the Treasure Room.
5) Halloween Town, in Oogi Boogies Manor, if you don't get it the first time, you 
cannot go back to get it.
6) Hollow Bastion, floor 2 of the Entrance Hall.

Yellow Trinity:
1) Olympus Collsium, in the Lobby.
2) Agrabah, in the Cave Of Wonders, Hall.
3) Neverland, below the ship, in the Hold.
4) Traverse Town, behind the Mythical House.

If you have any trouble, email me at [email protected]

~ I will updte on the Trinity's of Kingdom Hearts Two..........if it has any. Please 
do not copy this, if you need to, ask my permission by emaling me, and telling me 
what you need to copy it for.

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