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Hey there! It's me! I'm trying to get all the trophies, but I don't want to
hoard all my knowledge. So I'm sharing it! Any way here's what I know about the
trophies in the game:

1. One trophy per character per 1p mode.
2. Some trophies are unlocked by completing some sort of task.
3. Some require specific saves to be on your memory card.
4. There are 291 trophies in the game.
5. There are multiple versions of some trophies.

I'll leak the memory card save trophies:
Captain Olimar: This guy is the hero from Pikmin. To get the trophy, you need a
Pikmin save on your memory card.

Caped Mario riding a green Yoshi:
This one is real specific.  To get this trophy, you need to have a completed
Super Mario Sunshine save on your Memory card.

Now for the multi-version trophies:
Andross: There is the real looking one and the one that shoots tiles at you.

There are three 1p modes (one of which is unlockable!), so keep playing the game
to get all the trophies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only have 177 trophies, so I still have a ways to go!
Hint: One of the easiest ways to get trophies is to collect a lot of coins with
the little "S" on them, then go to the lottery and spend them all.

Legal stuff
If you want to use any of this FAQ for yourself, contact me (cheating liar) and
maybe I'll let you use it if you give me partial credit for it!

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