Ultimate Final Word on G-Dorf, Zelda, Roy+secrets - Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Visit "http://www.smashbrothers.com" and click "FAQ" on the right.  Dr.Dogg has a 
great one.

Hello.  I am Prince Marth4.  No, I dont play as Prince Marth, I use Ganondorf, Roy 
or Princess Zelda (good projectile attacks).  This is to destroy any rumors of being 
able to play as Sonic or Tails.  Not true.
11 characters in total, 11 stages in total.

Dr. Mario-Beat Classic Mode w/ Mario w/out losing a life

Jigglypuff-Classic/Adventure w/ anyone

Luigi-Beat Adventure level 1 when the time of seconds ends in a 2 (i.e. ##:#2:##)
      then beat Luigi and Peach

Marth-Play vs. Mode with all original characters

Roy-Beat classic with Marth w/out losing a life

Pichu-Beat event 37

Great King of Evil Ganondorf-Beat event 29

Young Link-Beat classic with any ten characters (Link and Princess Zelda need to 
be              two of them and maybe Ganondorf)

Mewtwo-Play vs. 700 times or for 20 hours

Mr. Game and Watch-Beat break the targets with all 24 characters

Falco-Beat 100 man spar (melee)

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