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This is my first FAQ so you have to at least give me alittle credit if I mess up on 
anything.This is the easiest way to get any of the secret characters in the game.It 
has one way to get every secret character.So here it is.

Dr.Mario:Successfully complete classic mode with Mario.

Falco Lombardi:Complete 100 man melee.

Gannondorf:Complete event mode #29(Triforce Gathering).

Jigglypuff(Purin):Complete the game.

Luigi:Complete first level of adventure mode with a time ending with 2 in the 
seconds place example x:x2:xx.

Mewtwo:Play 700 versus battles.Big hint play super sudden death in Mushroom Kingdom 
versus Jiggilypuff.

Mr.Game&Watch:Beat the game with every one in classic mode.

Pichu:Play 200 versus battles.

Prince Marth:Play versus mode 400 times.

Roy:Beat classic mode with Pince Marth.

Young Link:Finish classic mode 10 times one time has to be with Link.

Well that is all the secret characters if you liked it that is good,but if you 
didn't can you pretend you did.


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