Ultimate hidden/secret character guide - Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Hidden Character Guide for Super Smash Mario Bros Melee- How to get hidden 
characters the right way.

Jigglypuff- Beat classic or adventure mode with any character
Hint: It doesn’t matter if you need to continue

Pichu- Beat event match 37 or play 200 vs. matches.

Falco- Beat the 100 man melee or play 300 vs. matches

Dr.Mario- Beat classic or adventure mode with Mario without continuing

Luigi- Finish the first round of  adventure mode with a 2, then beat him in the 
next round to get him

Young Link- Beat classic or adventure mode with ten characters
Hint: 2 of them have to be Link and Zelda.

Ganondorf- Beat event match 29 or play 500 vs. matches

Marth- Play vs. mode with the 14 original characters
Hint: Don’t use the hidden characters

Roy- Beat classic or adventure mode with Marth
Hint: You can’t lose a life

Mewtwo- Play 700 vs. matches
Hint: Just play 3 99 minute games or leave the gamecube on for 5-10 hours.

Mr. Game & Watch- Beat classic, adventure, or break the targets with all of the 24 

Once you unlock all the characters, you’ll be able to play All-Star mode.

Thanks for reading my secret characters guide

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