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  I.Me talking
 II.Character's moves

   Alright, I just want to say that
 I don't have every character, but I
 do have a few secret characters.

  (Try playing in
a flat area except when
Dr.Mario & Mario (34%-37%)
First use Mario Tornado and
watch them fly.Wait for them
to fall down.Your timing has
to be perfect.Use your cape
to knock them back into
the air.But be quick to use
the Coin Jump to finish.

Luigi (23%-26%)
This one is easy and
simple at the same
time.Just use the
Coin Jump and 
immediatly start
charging the Luigi
Torpedo.When they
come down release 
the B button
to send em' far
as you want em'

Bowser (21%-24%)
After your opponent is
at the least of 86% dam-
age,use Bowser Claw from
a distance to send them up
into the air.Jump up with
him/her and use Whirling
Fortress.(This will pro-
bably turn them into a 

Princess Peach (28%-31%)
This move involves luck,
lotso' luck.Grab your
opponent and throw them
into the air jump up
too and get right under
them.Use the Parasol attack
and hold B.Move along with 
how the other character.
The most times you can hit
them is 3 times.

Yoshi (???)
Use Egg Lay and start
an Egg Roll attack.
Keep moving back and
forth to damage the egg.

Captain Falcon & Ganondorf(20%-23%)(*)
At the HYRULE TEMPLE Where the floor
breaks, have your opponent stand on 
your right side.Use the ^B move.
Double jump in the air and use the
Falcon Kick.


 I write more later, K?


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