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Hi, everyone. Just a quick note to say that this is for the first 1-6 bosses in 
Ultimate Spider Man!I have made this Guide in hope that it will give you the 
ultimate gaming experience. Enjoy.


                                  /  ULTIMATE         \
                                 /    SPIDER-          \
                                /       MAN             \

___________________________TABLE OF CONTENTS_________________________________________


2....Characters & Ratings on how tough they are to beat

3....Boss guide ( 1-6 )

4....Other Info  ( nothing to do with game )

      Spider Man                                  Venom
    ________________                              _____
     BASIC                                        BASIC
     _____                                        _____

    A = KICK                                      X = CLAW  
    B = JUMP                                      
    X = PUNCH                                     A = HIT WITH TENTACLES & CLAWS
    Y = SHOOT WEB                 
                                                  B = JUMP
                                                  Y = SHOOT OUT TENTACLE & OR GRAB
    TOUCH-SCREEN                                      ---------------

   TAP SCREEN = SELECT SPECIAL                       TOUCH-SCREEN             
                                                 MOVE STYLUS FAST TO A WALL = ZIP 
         COMBOS                                  THERE INSTANTLY
                                                  GRAB CITIZEN = TOUCH THEM
                                                   EAT CITIZEN FOR HEALTH = 
       Y + LEFT = THROW BEHIND                       GRAB THEM                   
                                                   & DRAG THEM TO VENOM
       B + A = JUMP KICK       
                                                  GRAB A BOMB = TOUCH IT
       A + A = DOUBLE KICK                           
       A + A + A = TRIPLE KICK

                                                       B + A = AIR TENTACLE SLASH
                                                       B + X = AIR CLAW
                                                       A + A + A = 
                                                    TONGUE , TENTACLE, CLAW TRIPLE

___________________________CHARACTERS &
                                    BOSS RATINGS

                 These are the main characters & Bosse's Ratings and info to help 
                  you out on an enemy you've never seen before. And also some 
                           Main chracters. Ratings 1-10.

Spider -                                          Venom:
  Man:                      -                                
Strategy - Main Character                        No Strategy                      
                                               No Rating             
Rating - No Rating          -                           
                                                Info - no info
Info - Spider-Man, Peter                                         
a hero with all the abilities                               
of a 

Rating - 7

Info - A huge, strong mechanical rhino, never stops until he
  smashes everything in sight. Hates spiders (apparently).


 Strategy - Obvious, isn't it? "Shocker"?
 Rating - 5 1/2

 Info - Sort of crazy and he's on a path for revenge. 
 gets really angry really easy.



Strategy - Leave bombs everywhere/speed.

Rating - 7 1\2

Info - REALLY ANNOYING & OBNOXIOUS person on a mechanical beetle suit.
     Can produce a light sword and shoot light grenades.



  Strategy - speed and powerful hits.
Rating - 8 

Info: VERY strong, highly trained, and amazingly swift.
   Watch out for her. She gives damaging blows and is hard to hit.



  Strategy - take hostages and electrify anything & everything.
  Rating - 9!!

  Info - REALLY strong foe. Roasts hostages when he's not busy roasting YOU.
   Beware his mutated form....

__________________________BOSS STRATEGY GUIDE________________________________________

rating: 7



Well, not who'd I would pick as the first boss, he can be a handful.
OK, at the beginning of this boss fight before he comeso out there should be 2 
hostages for you to save. Then, after you save them, go a little further.
That's when the fight beggins. Then he should scream "I HATE SPIDERS!!!".
When that happens, run along the roof of the chinese restaraunt, as he should be 
charging at you from below. Then, go past him & jump on top of that big truck by the 
Wait until he comes charging after you into the truck. When he gets there, 
immediatly jump before he hits the truck so you don't take any damage.
Then the wall should be destroyed, leaving a huge hole. 
Go through the hole. 
There should be 2 hostages to save. Push the pillar back first as it saves time.
Then get the hostages.
After that, all you have to worry about is no getting hit and/or killed.
This is how you fight him & kill him:
  When he charges after you, right when he's gonna hit you press L.
Then there should be electricity coming from his back. Hit it. That should take 
health away.
Keep doing thatuntil he's dead.
Beware: farther into the fight he gets faster so keep an eye out....


  Rating - 5 1/2

  Strategy - Obvious, isn't it? "Shocker"?


This should be a fairly easy fight.The only thing that makes it harder than it 
should is the truck thats about to fall off the bridge.
You can hit him easily, just watch out for his knuckles, they're the things that 
produce the electric jolts. All you have to do here is keep smacking him around and 
dodgeing his moves. As for the bus, leave it until its down to about 4 or 5 bars. 
then, web tie Shocker and save it. It should be back to full again and you can start 
hitting schocker. All in all, this is a easy, fun fight ^_^.



  Rating - 7 1/2

  Strategy - Leave bombs everywhere/speed


GAAA!! This boss is really annoying and obnoxious!!
Firstly, he leaves these annoying little bombs everywhere & he has a light sword to 
slice you with...
Not much information on this guy, but pay attention all the same.
First, Get rid of the bombs, which get in your way later into the fight.
Than after that, all you do is keep hacking at him.
But be careful if the sword, when you start hitting him, he gets annoyed and slashes 
it at you.
Here's a little tip: When he's fireing light bolts at you, all you need to do is 
duck (press down).
It's a hard(ish) fight. But you should beat him in a couple tries, once you get hte 
hang of it.




  Strategy: VERY strong, highly trained, and amazingly swift.
  Watch out, she deals a large amount of damage.

Wow, you first boss fight with Venom. Not the best first impression.
This boss is FAST, STRONG, and deals BIG DAMAGE! Look out for her stick..thingy..
as it deals the most damage (luckily she doesn't bring it out much).
First of all get rid of her little helpers that pester you with guns.
But if she keeps on attacking you before you can kill the little pests, just ignor 
the guns and keep away.
Just keep on attacking her which stops her from attacking you (momentarilly).
Keep coming back at her pressing A, which deals the most damage.
Eventually you'll beat her, after about the 7th try, or more.


Huge Green monster (doesn't mention name)

  Rating: 6 1/2
  Strategy: fire


Wow, this is a hot fight. But it's also very easy. VERY easy.
This is another one of those fights when you have fun using them as a punching bag 
^_^. Just keep hitting him at first. Then his head catches on fire (what the!?) and 
he fires...well...fire at you. This will happen a lot. This is more of an advantage 
than a danger. When he transforms back he falls to the ground which leaves him 
vulnerable. After a while he'll destroy the walls of some bank or whatever which 
means you have to run in there and rescue 2 hostages. Remember to do that first.
Then, after you've rescued them, continue what you were doing before. 
A little further into the fight, he should transform longer. Don't touch him.
Than when he transform back, begin hitting him again (fun fun).



  Rating: 9!!

  Strategy: Roast anything & everything.


WHOAH!! Tough fight! This is the last boss fight in this guide, so it's bound ot be 
hard. But enough on how hard he is, its time to tell you how to beat him.
Firstly, in this fight, your Venom. This is mostly good for you 'cept his health is 
constantly draining! -.-
First, keep a look out for Spider-Man, who he keeps going back to attack.
Cover Spidey with a car that you can pick up, which should protect him, but not long.
Whenever you think you have a good chance, go get a citizen for food.
Now, as for his attacks, look out for his electric bolts.
And also be warey of his explosion. This is when he gets tired of you hitting him 
and he send an electric force-field around him to cover him for about a second.
As for attacking him, keep on jumping up and pressing A, which i have found is the 
easiest way to kill him.
When about half his health is gone...he should transform...


Electro, Part. 2, Ultimate Electro

This is no spearet boss from the other electro, but I thought it outta be sperated 
because he is much different.
First, DO NOT TOUCH HIM!!! And watch out for his electric bolts, which do way more 
Now, destroy every single street lamp as he gets his health from these.
As for killing him, whenever he comes by a fire hydrant, hit it immediatly. When it 
hopefully hits him, he shoudl fall to the gorund & he should beome an ugly brown 
Hit him as many times as possible while he's on the ground!!!That's how you kill him.

Well, that's it, everyone.Thanks for using my guide and have a good, safe gaming 
experience! And remember, keep fighting and never give up.


My E-Mail is [email protected] if you want to comment or if you want to give me 
some suggestions or if you want additional info.

Copywrite, 2006

You may not copy this guide in any way or claim it as your own.


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