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Title: Super Smash Brothers Melee 

Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
Rated E for Everyone 

Table of Contents: 

Legal Stuff 
Contact Information 
Bonus Comments 
Bonus Stages 
Unlocking more events 
Unlocking extra stuff 
Secret Characters 

Super Smash Bros. Melee is the sequel to the original Super Smash Bros. Super Smash 
Bros. Melee has been a big hit since the day it was released. You will only find 
this game on the Nintendo Gamecube. 

Legal Stuff 
Please do not plagiarize, plagiarizing is against the law and get you into a lot of 
trouble if you do. 

Contact Information 
If you have a question or you would like to report a mistake or something I missed, 
please e-mail me at [email protected] Please don’t e-mail me e-mails asking me to 
send you a copy of this FAQ either. If you would like to view all of the FAQ’s 
Guides, and Walkthroughs authored by me you may want to go to 
ww.geocities.com/codeworld1 and click on Strategy Guides. 

Bonus Comments 

The following is a list of the Bonus Comments, I may be missing a few of the rare 
comments, if you find any that I don’t have here please e-mail me. 


4,000-Bird Of Prey- Use only aerial attacks

2,500-Combo King- Use many combos

1,500Juggler- Struck any enemy many times while keeping him airborne 

2,000-Backstabber- High % of attacks were from rear (70% or more)

800- Meteor Smash- KO’d a foe with a meteor attack.

3,000- Meteor Clear- cleared the level with a meteor attack

2,000- Meteor Survivor- Succeeded in recovering from a Meteor attack.

4,000-Exceptional Aim- hit with most attacks

10,000- Perfect Aim- hit with all attacks (at least 8 attacks per minute)

4,000-All Aerial- used all standard aerial attacks on enemies

3,000-Smash King- Used many smash attacks (50% or more of all hits)

1,500-Smash-less- used no smash attacks

2,200-Specialist- Hit with only special moves

3,100- Dedicated Specialist- Used only one kind of special move

1,800- One-Two Punch- hit consecutively with all weak attacks

500- First Strike- Delivered first blow of match

1,000-150% Damage- Took 150% damage or more (Not valid in team battles)

3,000- 200% Damage- Took 200% Damage or more (Not valid in team battles)

7,000-250% Damage- Took 250% damage or more (Not valid in team battles)

10,000- 300% Damage- Took 300% Damage or more (Not valid in team battles)

15,000- 350% Damage- Took 350% damage or more (Not valid in team battles)

20,000- Heavy Damage- Took 400% Damage or more (Not valid in team battles)

2,000- Brawler- hit only with direct attacks

10,000- Precise Aim- All attacks hit immediately after execution

6,000-Pitcher- Fought only with grabs and throws

-500-Butterfingers- had a high rate of grab and dash-grab failures

-1,500- All Thumbs- All dash-grab attempts failed (at least 4 attempted)

2,500- Throw Down- threw the last foe to clear game

1,500- Pummeler- did a lot of damage by holding and punching foes.

2,500- Fists of Fury- after grabbing always held and punched, never threw

2,000- Close Call- Threw just before an enemy broke you hold

-1000-Opportumist-Did attack for very long period of time

-2,500- Spectator- Spent a long time on sloped terrain

500- Statue- Little left-to-right movement

5,000- Never Look Back- never changed direction

300-Stiff Knees- did not crouch

6,500- Run, Don’t walk- Did not walk (Extremely short distance doesn’t count)

2,500-Ambler- walked a lot

1,000-No hurry- did not run

2,000- Marathon Man- Ran a lot

1,500- Eagle- went airborne a lot

2,500- Aerialist- did not just from the ground

3,000-Acrobat- Always did a mid-air jump

4,000-Cement Shoes- never jumped, including mid-air jumps

800-Head-banger-Hit walls a lot (3 or more times per minute)

2,000- Elbow Room- Bumped into or pushed foes a lot

1,000-Skid Master- had long stun-slide distance. (9 ft. or more in 1 minute)

X2,500-Edge Hog- Hung from edge to prevent opponent from doing the same

2,000-Cliffhanger-Grabbed a lot of edges after being knocked off the stage

X800-Life on the Edge-After being hit, grabbed edge without a mid-air jump

X800- Pose Breaker- gave a quick weak attack to a taunting opponent

X100- Instant Poser- Taunted right after knocking down a foe (within 1 second)

1,000- Control Freak- tapped the control stick twice as fast as second fastest tapper

700- Button Masher- Pressed Buttons twice as fast as second fastest presser

3,000- Rock Steady- did not fall down

1,500-Pratfaller-Always landed face up

1,500-Faceplanter- always fell face down

300- No R 4 U- did not press the L & R Buttons

100- Punching Bag- Got Stuck between two enemies and hit back and fourth

-2,000- Stale Moves- Persistently used same attack

3,000- Blind Eye- always looking in opposite direction as oncoming attack

2,500- Crowd Favorite- Audience cheered for player

2,000-Lost In Space- Frequently magnified (1/4 of time in a magnifying glass)

3,000- Lost Luggage- was in magnifying glass on all four sides of screen

2,500- Half-Minute Man- beat level within 30 seconds

3,000-Pacifist- Never attacked once including misses

3,000-Moment Of Silence- took no Damage for 1 minute

7,000-Impervious- didn’t suffer a single attack

5,000-Immortal- Never got knocked down

-1,500-Predator- Attacked only opponents with high amounts of damage

2,000- Down, but not out-Fell all the way down, but got back up the most in a match

800- Solar Being- only left stage by flying off screen and becoming a star

-500-Coward-Spent a long time a great distance away from enemies

2,000-In the Fray- Average distance between you and foes was very small

3,000- Friendly Foe- never pushed an enemy

2,000- Center stage- Spent a long time in the middle of the arena

3,000- won without KO’ing anybody

X300-Star KO- KO’d an enemy and turned him/her into a star

5,000- Rocket KO- sent all team enemies flying off the top of the screen

X4, 000- Wimpy KO- KO’d a foe with a weak attack

X800- Bull’s Eye KO- KO’d a foe with a firing item

X500- Cheap KO- KO’d an enemy from behind

X3,500- Timely KO-KO’d a foe at the time limit

X3,500-Special KO- KO’d an enemy with a special attack

5,000- Peaceful Warrior- Win a match without attacking

10,000- Speedster- Complete all of the levels within Classic mode quickly

6,000- All Ground- Use all ground attacks

8,000- Last Second- complete the match with only 1 second left on the clock 

5. Bonus Stages-
The following is a list of the secret bonus stages, and how to unlock them. 

Battlefield- Complete All-Star mode 

Eagleland- Complete 100 v.s. mode matches 

Final Destination- Complete all 51 events 

Super Flat World: Flat Zone- either complete Event #45 or beat classic with 
Mr. Game & Watch 

F-Zero: Big Blue- Complete 150 v.s. mode matches 

Kanto Skies-Complete 200 v.s. mode matches 

Kongo Jungle- Complete the 15 minute melee 

Mushroom Kingdom II- Complete Classic with Peach without losing a life 

Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths- Complete 50 v.s. mode matches 

Pupupu Land- Complete target test with every character 

Yoshi’s Island- hit the sandbag in Home-Run Contest over 1,200 feet 

6. Unlocking Events and other extra stuff- 

All-Star Mode- Complete either Adventure or Classic with every character 

Unlock events 11-30- Work your way through the 1st 10 events to unlock the next 10, 
Do this again and you’ll have events 11-30. 

Unlock events 31-39- Complete the first 30 events and also unlock Jigglypuff, 
Dr.Mario, Luigi, Falco, and Young Link. 

Unlock events 40-50- unlock all of the secret characters 

Unlock event 51- Complete all 50 events 

7. Unlocking Extra Stuff 

Unlock Sound Test- Complete all 51 event mode matches and sound test will appear on 
the main menu 

Stage Switch Randomizer- Unlock all of the bonus stages  

View characters other costumes- Highlight the character you want to see their 
costumes then press X to scroll through their costumes 

8. Secret Characters 

In Super Smash Bros. Melee there are 11 secret characters. Who they are and how to 
unlock them is listed below. Each secret character will challenge you, you must 
defeat each character when he or she challenges you to unlock him or her. 

Jigglypuff- Complete either Classic or Adventure 

Luigi- In Adventure mode finish the first level with a 2 in the seconds part of the 
clock (ex. 3:42) then defeat Luigi and peach in under 45 seconds. 

Dr.Mario- Complete Classic mode with Mario without continuing 

Pichu- Complete event #37 

Falco- Complete the 100-Man Melee 

Ganondorf- Complete Event #29 

Young Link- Complete Classic with 10 characters 2 of them must be Link and Zelda. 

Marth-Complete Classic with the original 14 characters 

Roy- Complete either Adventure or Classic with Marth. 

Mewtwo- You need to play 20 hours of v.s. mode matches. An easy way to do this is to 
plug in 4 controllers and customize a match where there is no time limit. Then leave 
the gamecube on for 5 hours. Each player playing adds time to the clock. 

Mr. Game & Watch- Complete Adventure or Classic with all 24 characters.


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