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How to unlock...
_4_______________??????? _____150*_______Imposible_________________________Mario____

Character Used----------Yoshi
Stars Required----------8
Level of Difficulty-----Easy

     First, with 8 stars go to Peach's Rec. Room.  Then go through the door 
straight ahead.  When in Mario's Portrait (Goomboss Battle), go straight until you 
get to a pole.  Climb it, cross the bridge, down the hole and you're in Goomboss' 
     When in the lair run around the tree to get behind Goomboss.  Then, eat a 
goomba.  Wait until it turns into an egg and go in front of Goomboss.  Next, you 
have to shoot the egg at him.  Finally, do this two more times and you get a key 
with Mario's hat and an "M".  Go into the room in the castle with the red M and 
BOOM, there's Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Character Used----------Mario
Stars Required----------8
Level of Difficulty-----Medium

     With Mario in Big Boo's Haunt (any star from 2-7) go to the second floor and 
go into the room all the way on the right.  Grab the power flower and float onto 
the platform above.  Go through the door and into Luigi's portrait (Big Boo 
Battle). Then go right, left, right, ride the platforms to the left, forward, and 
up. Then go down the hole and you're in Big Boo's lair.
     When in the lair punch the mirror several times and Luigi will appear as your 
reflection.  Hit Big Boo once as Luigi, then as Mario, and again as Luigi.  
Finally, grab the key with Luigi's hat and an "L". Go into the room in the castle 
with the green L and BOOM, there's Luigi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Character Used----------Luigi
Stars Required----------30
Level of Difficulty-----Hard

     With Luigi go into the Mirror Room where you go to Snowman's Land.  Then grab a
power flower and into the mirror and Wario's portrait  (Chief Chilly Challenge).  
First go down the slide and across the gap.  Then cross the other three gaps and 
then try to stay out of the water.  Watch out for the FIVE bullies and carefully 
cross the elevators, as they are slippery.  Then go up and down the hole and you 
are in Chief Chilly's lair.
     You must punch Chilly off the stage and he will break away the outside of the 
stage.  Do this two more times.  Finally, grab the key with Wario's hat and a "W". 
Go into the room in the castle with the yellow W and BOOM there's Wario!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4) Black Box Secret
Character Used----------Mario
Stars Required----------150
Level of Difficulty-----Imposible

     Ok, this describes the small black box mystery about that black box you see 
near the right by that tree in the picture above, which is on the menu top screen 
Super Mario 64 DS adventure mode. Many people have tried break it and the very few 
have succeeded in what is known as PRECISE aim. This black box is not a 3D box but 
actually a 2D box, meaning that the side you see in that pic of the castle is the 
ONLY side. And you actually have to break the 2D box coming from that angle, and 
getting from the castle is near impossible. However, after trying for days to no 
avail (yeah I have no life, lol) I finally got it. What happens is, the broken 
block creates a vortex in the princess peach's painting above the castle entrance 
from the outside, and as Mario, get the wing cap and fly through it. Once inside, 
here is what happens.... 
     Once you enter the Peach painting, you will be in a room similar to the mirror 
room on the 2nd floor, except some of the paintings will be different. You will see 
a Waluigi painting on the far right side. Kill the goomba on behind the pedestal on 
the left side and grab the Luigi hat it is wearing. Now grab the flower from the 
pedestal on the right and get invisible and enter the painting of Waluigi. 
     Now, when you enter the Waluigi pic, you will see 2 doorways, one is a door 
with an upside down L above, but its locked, and there is an opening to the left of 
it which leads to the key. First grab the Mario cap, go into the opening, in there 
it is dark so you can’t see. You need to wall jump through a maze of ledges. 
Remember to keep to the right and use the D pad to make it easier. Get to the top-
most ledge on the right where you will see a large treasure chest with a gold 
down L on it. Open it and you get a Waluigi cap key. Grab it and head back down and 
open that door that was locked. YOU GOT HIM FINALLY!!! You will see a small cut 
scene of Waluigi coming out and then it will take you back to the castle front 
yard. EXCEPT... 
     It seems the castle is completely submerged in water, except for the very tip. 
Swim up there and there is nothing but a newly relocated red box. Hit it and 
will get a lightning power when you press a. this is a great way to kill enemies 
cause any enemy around you gets fried when you use it. go to the very tip of the 
castle roof tower and press A. Lightning will come down and break off the tip of 
the roof revealing a hole. Go in it and there is a switch in a very small room. Hit 
the switch and it will drain all the water so it is back to normal. I have no idea 
what the purpose of this whole idea, but it appears as the only way to get back 
into the castle again. Maybe just something to make use of his special ability. 
     Once you hit the switch, soon as the cut scene ends, back flip out of the 
small room in and land back on the roof of the castle. That’s about it from there. 
Some of the miniboss sayings are quite interesting to watch with him. 
     Oh, and that black box on the menu screen. It's not there anymore.

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