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                              ATV Offroad Fury 2
                                Unlocking Stuff

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Unlocking Stuff

If you have an ATV Offroad Fury save you will be rewarded with the:
G-Ride ATV
G-Ride Gear
G-Ride Helmet
G-Ride Goggles
G-Ride Gloves
G-Ride Boots

Complete Training mode and you will be rewarded with:
A Red Ravage Talon
A Blue Ravage Talon
A Green Ravage Talon
A Yellow Ravage Talon

Unlocking Stuff with Points

ATVs:                                            Points Required:
Patriot                                          250
Trenga Racing                                    500
Duncan Racing                                    750
Trinity Racing                                   1,000
Alba Racing                                      1,200
Curtis Sparks Racing                             1,400
K & K Racing                                     1,600
CT Racing                                        1,800
Lonestar Racing                                  2,000
Nac's Racing                                     2,500

These ATVs can't be used in a championship, to gain points, or to set records.

Ravage Talon Black                               10,000
B6000                                            10,000

All Equipment costs 75 points each.
All Helmets cost 50 points each.
All Goggles cost 25 points each.
All Gloves cost 25 points each.
All boots cost 25 points each.

King of the Hill and Treasure Hunt games both cost 500 points each.

Tracks you can unlock by racing so I would save my points if I were you.

Cheat Codes:

To enter these codes, select "Profile Editor," then "Unlock Items," then "Cheat 
Codes," and enter: 
A message will confirm all the codes.

IGIVEUP: Master Code
GAMEON: All games
TRLBLAZR: All tracks
THREADS: All equipment
GOLDCUPS: All championship events
FLYPAPER: Disable wrecks: Note: Repeat this code to disable its effect. 
GIMMEPTS: 1,000 profile points
GABRIEL: San Jacinto Isles
EATDIRT: Aggressive CPU ATVs: Note: Repeat this code to disable its effect.

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