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Super Smash Bros. Melee FAQ
My 4th FAQ accepted
My 5th FAQ made

1. Contents-
1. Contents
2. About the FAQ
3. Stages unlocked!
4. Kirby Rainbow Resort Description
5. Credits
6. E-mail
7. The end!

2. Hello, and welcome to my FAQ. I'll be doing my other one, too, so just sit back 
and enjoy the umlocking FAQ!

You begin with many stages, but you have to unlock 10. Here's how to unlock most of 
them- I forgot how to get Battlefield.

3. To get another Onett place, I think Eagleland, play over 100/50 vs. matches with 
anyone. Here, you can jump on UFOs, get on top of tall buildings, and get inbetween 
buildings, too!

Plus there's Brinstar Dephts, a Samus, play 50/100 vs. matches. The whole place 
turns upside down, there are pole-like items all over the stage. And, you see one 
of Samus' enemies in the backround- it's cool!

If you like racing, this is a good place! When completing 150 vs. matches, you get 
the Return of C. Falcon, Big Blue! The stage begins with you on a biiiiiiiiiiiig 
airplane above the road, then you go on cars, and you can experiment with new cars! 
Even #7, C. Falcon's. And parts of oter things, too.

Welcome to Poke' Floats, aquired by doing... 200 vs. matches?!?! Wow, that was a 
lot. Anyway, you beging on a floating squirtle, then go to an onix, then you see 
Sudowoodo and Chikorita, then land on Snorlax, then jump on Seal, seeing Poroygon's 
pass by. Jump on Lickitung and see Unknown pass by. Then get back on Squirtle!

Mushroom Kingdom... nah, Mushroom Kingdom II, yeah! Get this by getting a Birdo or 
Ping trophy. It's small, but a very fun plave to be. Birdo shoots eggs while flying 
carpets go all over the place. An old waterfall in the backround, with green grass 
and a bright blue sky. With no clouds! There's a center and 2 edges. Birdo comes 
from the edges!

Now, we get to specials! Battlefield I forgot how to get, but it's a platform with 
3 small ones above it. Nothing special.

Final Destination is boring... just a flat platform. HUGE on tiny Melee. Get by 
beating event match 51- The Showdown.

Now, we go into the past. To get Dream Land, a Kirby place, beat Target Test with 
all characters. This is just like N64, so you know what it looks like, and the 
people don't change, just the backround.

To get the Yoshi Island, get over 1323 in. in the Home Run Contest. This stage has 
a heart in the  center and clouds on the edge. The clouds go poof if you stay on 
them too long. Same thing with Dreamland- people stay, graphics in backround N64!

Now, DK has his place, too! To get his 1st locale, Kongo Jungle, beat 15 minute man 
melee. Same thing with the others. Give yourself a big cheer, you just unlocked the 
hardest one of all.

Plus, there's Super Flat Zone, by beating Classic Mode with all characters.

4. There's a website that has hints, this is what they say.

Super Flat World 
Home area to: Mr. Game & Watch 
To unlock: Complete Classic mode using Mr. Game & Watch. 
This is an arena unlike any other. It's designed to look like a Game & Watch game. 
The overhead platforms appear and disappear, which is about the only thing to watch 
out for in this battleground. The only other hazard, is going off the screen; If 
you step out of view, you're not too far away from certain death.

Brinstar Dephts
Home area to: Samus 
To unlock: Play 50 VS matches. 
This is one of the most unique arenas. The action takes place on a giant rotating 
surface. If this isn't enough to throw your game off, you're bound to be distracted 
by the giant, three-eyed monster Kraid in the background.

Eagleland: Fourside
Home area to: Ness 
To unlock: Play 100 VS matches. 
The action on this arena takes place on several large skyscrapers. It's easy to 
misjudge a landing, and fall between the buildings. A flying saucer also comes into 
play, hovering over the skyscrapers. You can battle it out right on top of the 
alien craft, until it decides to disappear.

Home area to: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Mewtwo 
To unlock: Play 200 VS matches. 
This arena is actually made up of giant, floating Pokémon characters. You must jump 
from one Pokémon to another as the battle progresses. 

Home Arena to: Mario, Luigi, Peach 
To unlock: Win either the Birdo trophy or the Pidget trophy.
We have seen a stage from the original Super Mario Bros, so here is an arena based 
on Super Mario Bros 2. The egg spitting lizard Birdo makes a return, and so does 
Pidget, flying on his magical carpet.

Special Stages: Battlefield
To unlock: Complete All-Star mode using any character 
There isn't much scenery here, but it's a nice simple level in which to do battle. 
The overhead platforms are good for escaping from opponents, and for attacking from 

Special Stages: Final Destination 
To unlock: Clear every 1 player Event Match 
The arena where you fight the final bosses in the 1 Player mode is just a flat 
battleground. There aren't any hazards or obstacles to get in the way of your 
attacks and projectiles.

Past Stages: Dreamland 
Home Arena to: Kirby
To unlock: Complete 1 Player Target Test with every character 
The first of three hidden arenas based on levels from Super Smash Bros 64. This 
version of Dream Land is a simple floating island, with overhead platforms. The 
large tree in the background minds his own business at first, but blows gusts of 
winds from time to time, to stir things up during battle.

Past Stages: Yoshi's Island
Home Arena to: Yoshi
To unlock: Reach a record 1,323 feet (400 m) in the Home-run Contest
Another N64 re-incarnation. This version of Yoshi's island is similar to the 
Yoshi's Story stage, except that this one features slanted platforms and terrain. 
There are clouds on both sides of the arena, which come in handy if you get thrown 
out of the battle. But don't rely on them - They're constantly disappearing and re-

Past Stages: Kongo Jungle
Home Arena to: Donkey Kong
To unlock: Clear the Stadium's 15 Minute Melee with any character. 
Donkey Kong's home playground from the original Smash Bros is back as a hidden 
stage. There are palm trees in the background, with rotating platforms for 
performing or escaping from attacks. The level itself has the atmosphere of the 
original Donkey Kong Country for SNES. Underneath the stage is a moving barrel 
cannon, so if you get tossed off, you might be lucky enough to blast back into the 

5. Credits-

cheatcodes.com- pending this FAQ
kirby.classicgaming.gamespy.com- all of content 4!
me- making this!
Nintendo- making S.S.B.M.!
You people- for having me write this- giving me courage!
Kirby- My favorite on the game!

6. E-mail

Good and bad news-
Bad- I might never update this FAQ again!
Good- If you send me many e-mails, I'll tell you more about stages!
E-mail me at [email protected]

7. The end!

Well, this FAQ's been cool. Hope it helped you a little! Oh, I put you in the 
credits, I know! Well, help ya next FAQ!



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