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The urbz: sims in the city for ps2.  ok in this article I will tell you about 
good stuff on urbz that you should know in order to be a good urb player. 


          1------------------------getting started
          3------------------------good stuff to have

Chapter 1 getting started
Ok, when you start you will have to choose to be either a girl or boy. Then 
you get other options like morphing and hair style. After you decide on all 
that you will be taken to 98th street apartment. There you will meet darius 
and will for the first time. Will wants you to show off your skills by doing a 
power social. After you do the power social will and darius leave. 

Chapter 2 cheats
Cheat gnome = o,L1,L2,R2,R1
All socials = L2,R2,^,triangle,L3,x
All power socials = triangle,R2,L1,x,[]

Chapter 3 good stuff to have
I.	5 counters 
II.	2 kitchen sinks
III.	1 dining room table
IV.	6 dining room chairs
V.	2 televisions
VI.	2 1 man beds or one 2 man bed
VII.	Couch aiming towards tv
VIII.	Toilet
IX.	Bath/shower
X.	Bathroom sink
XI.	Book shelf
XII.	And more of whatever you choose

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