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                              The Urbz
I) Controls
II) Rep Groups
    1. Artsies
    2. Richies
    3. Streeties
    4. Nerdies
III) Rep Points
    1. How to Lose
    2. How to Earn
    3. Rewards
        a. Your Group
        b. Other Groups      
IV) Xizzles
    1. Game Starters
V) Missions
    1. High above the World
    2. Urbania
    3. Viva la Sim Quarter
    4. The Bayou and Beyond
    5. Time after Time
    S. Splicer Island
    R. Rep Missions
VI) Reactions

I)	Controls
A Button- Talks, examines things, confirms choices, hold to move on motorcycle and 
fan boat, tap to move on graviboard

B Button- Get off Graviboard, Motorcycle, and Fan boat, cancel choices, hold to run 
stop using furniture

Control Pad- Moves player, select choices

X Button- Shows Pockets

Y Button- Shows Goals

Select- Shows Options

Start- Pauses and Resumes game

Touch Screen- Make Choices from menus

R Button- Gets out Graviboard, Displays\Hides motives Window

L Button- Changes color of some furniture 
II) Rep Groups
1. Artsies
Leader: Roxanna Moxie
Members: Cannonball Coleman, Theresa Bullhorn, Pritchard Locksley
Disliked Area: Glasstown
Trophy Location: Behind two man-eaters in Bayou
Xizzle: Djinn Genius
Item: Bod Mod Booth
Skill: Creativity 
Enemy: Nerdies

2. Richies
Leader: Luthor L. Bigbucks
Members:Misty Waters, Lottie Cash, Lily Gates
Disliked Area: Urbania
Trophy Location: Between Conputers and Waterheaters in Glasstown Megamall 2
Xizzle: Gratis,Baby
Item: Sensory Deprivation Chamber
Skill: Charisma
Enemy: Streeties

3. Streeties
Leader: Darius
Members: Crystal, Ewan Watahmee, Kris Thistle
Disliked Area: Sims Quarter
Trophy Location: On the way to the Mausoleum, in graveyard
Xizzle: Street Signs
Item: Ultimate Stereo 
Skill: Body
Enemy: Richies

4. Nerdies
Leader: Polly Nomial
Members: Sue Pirnova, Lincoln Broadsheet, Maximillian Moore
Disliked Area: Sims Quarter
Trophy Location: Tree in Carnival
Xizzle: Spell Champ
Item: Mad Skillz Cerebral Data Infuser
Skill: Logic
Enemy: Artsies
III) Rep Points

1. How to Lose
Any Member/ Leader with less than -4 Relationship     -1
Roommate from enemy Group                             -1
Living in a groups disliked area                      -1

2. How to Earn
10 points in Group skill                              +1
Less than -4 Relationship with enemy leader           +1
Give Group Trophy to Leader                           +1
100 Relationship with Leader                          +1
Over 49 Relationship with any Group Member            +1
Complete Group Mission                                +2


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