Use Your Guns to Your Advantage and Other Tips - Guide for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

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   If you are playing multiplayer on Xbox live and you are trying to use a 
sniper rifle to kill your so called buddies and you miss but they hear you shot 
your dead.  But here are some tips in killing them without notice.  you know 
how a sniper rifle has no silencer.  well i found a gun can act as a sniper 
rifle.  Instead use the FNC Assault rifle.   if you are wondering why here's 
why.  the FNC is capable of using both sniper scope AND silencer and you can 
switch the shoot out to burst or one shot only.  this works if you want to be 
silent and deadly.  this gun hs good accuracy so even if you miss they will not 
hear nor see you.  

   here are some close encounter tips, if you think this is the easiest ranking 
to et up well heh, you wrong.  the CQB is actually kinda hard.  but here are 
some tips on getting it up.  first to get higher exp in this category select 
realistic mode.  it gives you higher exp.  next have at least one shotgun(it 
works best closer up)  next have smoke grenades.  find a group of enemy's and use 
a smoke, turn on your thermal vision goggles and pull out your shotgun, and run 
into the some and kill them close up.  this works well is you don't want them to 
see you.

    to get assault points using grenades will work best.  ON REALISTIC 
MODE!!!!!!  Grab some C4 nd either grenades or incendiary grenades.  go to any 
level accept the theater because you could kill yourself really easy.  trust me 
i got really pissed of after dying billions of times.  i think this works 
better in the killing house or the import export level.  the C4 will work well 
on the doors and kill enemies round them and the incendiary or regular grenades 
for the groups of enemies together.  and you can kill enemies by shooting 
through wooden crates or wooden doors.

   i say for marks men points go to the killing house go to the stairs to the 
right and go straight up to by the rapple up there.  (the first one)  and some 
enemies will come down and it is really easy marksmen points.  AGAIN DO 

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