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Ammar Azlan
[email protected]
Version 2.0
Copyright(c)skinandbones 2004

                             DIGIMON WORLD

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4.special thanks

This game is about a boy who is trying to save Digmon World from an evil force.

14/9/2004:Added Drill Tunnel,Tropical Jungle,Ancient Dino Region and Overdell 
15/9/2004:Added Great Canyon section.
20/12/2004:Added Freezeland section.

At the beginning of the game,Jijimon will ask you some questions.This will determine
your starting digimon(Agumon/Gabumon).You start out in File city.If you press 
triangle and highlight 'items',you may notice that it is empty.Go back inside 
Jijimon's house and talk to Jijimon.Then talk to Tokomon.You will get some items.Now 
go back outside and head north.Talk to the Tanemon to get 3 pieces of meat.Now go 
south(but not outside the screen)then head west into an area called 'Green Gym'. 
Talk to the Koromon to learn how to train.I suggest you train first.Now head south. 
You will enter an area called 

Recruitment Digimon:Agumon,Palmon,Kunemon,Etemon
Enemies:ModokiBetamon,Goburimon and RedVegimon by day,Dokunemon and Goburimon by 

When you first enter Native Forest,you will see an Agumon who seems to be chasing 
you.He will battle you.


He should be easy.If you got Agumon as your digimon,this is an oppurtunity to learn 
Sonic Jab;)
When you defeat him,he will join the city and open the item bank.Then head south one
screen, then go west two screens.You will enter an area called

Recruitment Digimon:Drimogemon,Meramon
Enemies:Goburimon by day and night

When you first enter,you will see a Goburimon.He won't join the city,but you can 
learn Magma Bomb and/or Megaton Punch from him if you battle him.Head south,then 
west.You will see a Drimogemon rolling on the ground.If you want to beat him easily
with a rookie,I suggest you bring a few sm recoveries and mp floppies.You should also
have these stats:

HP:500(or more)
MP:500(or more)
OFF:80(or more)
DEF:70(or more)
SPD:70(or more)
BRN:70(or more)
If you have these stats,this will be an easy battle.


After you defeat him,head east two screens.You will see another Drimogemon.Talk to 
him and come back in three days.When you do,the Drimogemon should be gone and there  
will be a tunnel instead.Follow it,and you'll see the Drimogemon.Talk to him and 
your digimon will push a big rock,revealing a tunnel.Simply go into it and follow 
the path.I suggest you had champion digimon by now.At the end of the path,you will 
see a Meramon.He will battle you.


This is a good oppurtunity to learn Heat Laser(or Magma Bomb if you didn't learn it
from the Goburimon).After you defeat him you'll get an Off.Chip,which will 
permanently raise your Offense by 50.The Meramon will join the city and open a 
restaurant.You can explore the Lava cave a little if you like.If you go back to the 
entrance screen and go south,then west,you will see a Drimogemon digging another 
tunnel.Come back in three days,and he will join the city.Now head out of the Drill 
Tunnel back into Native Forest and head south two screens.Talk to the flower with 
legs three times for a battle.


You'll get a Brain Chip for winning.After a short conversation,Palmon will join the 
city and gives you three Giant Meats a day.Now head back north,then east.You will see
a Kunemon sitting on a bush.If you talk to him and give him food,he will battle you.


His attacks can poison you,so bring along some sm recoveries.After you beat him,you 
will get an MP Chip.After another short conversation,he will join the city and make 
a shortcut to Digimon Bridge.When the screen turns red,head southeast from Kunemon's 
Bed to enter Coela Point.Not much here.Walk towards the water.When you see a shadow 
in it,it will come out,revealing himself as Coelamon!But dont worry, you don't have 
to battle him.After a short conversation,you'll find yourself in

Recruitment Digimon:Piximon,Betamon,Centaurumon,Vegimon
Enemies:Muchomon,Araurumon,ModokiBetamon,RedVegimon and Yanmamon by day,
        Tsukaimon and J-Mojyamon by night.

NWhen you first enter,you will sometimes see a Piximon flying around.When you do,if 
you talk to him he will battle you.Note:If you head two screens west,then south,then
southeast and talk to the shadow in the water(Coelamon),he will join the city and 
manages the item stand.


Wow,that's a lot of HP.Well duh,he's an ultimate digimon:D One of his attacks are 
called Confusion Storm,so make sure you learn it!Anyways,head northeast.Don't forget 
to take the Large MP from the Item Computer first!When you're in the screen, head up
and you will notice a Betamon.Talk to him and he will join the city and open the 
item shop.Then go west one screen.If you go towards the western side of the screen,
there will be a clearing.If you already talked to Tanemon about a strange plant 
growing in the Tropical Jungle,there should be a small two-leafed plant there.What
does this particular plant have to do with you,you might ask?Well,on the 15th of the
month,go to the planter box on Tanemon's left.Talk to it,and you will get a Rain 
Plant!Now go back to the two-leafed plant and use the Rain Plant on it.It will turn
into a Vegimon!When it asks you whether you like vegies,say yes.He will join the 
city,and gives you three Sirloins a day.Now head back to Betamon's screen and head 
south,then east.Go north,and read the sign if you like.Go north and you will enter
Amida Forest.If you walk around a bit,your digimon will get shot,taking off half of 
its HP.When this happens,feed your digimon a small recovery.Hide behind the southern
part of the rocks to avoid getting shot so often.Find your way to the door marked 
with an O.Centaurumon will greet you and joins the city,opening the Centar Clinic.
(If you go to a door marked X,you will have to start again.If your digimon gets shot 
twice and you didn't feed him a recovery item the first time you got shot,you will 
have to start again)After you finish talking with Centaurumon go through any of the 
doors to enter

Recruitment Digimon:Tyrannomon
Enemies:Vermillimon,Saberdramon and Yanmamon by day and night
When you first enter,you will fight Tyrannomon.


After the battle,you will get a HP Chip.Now head west,then north.You will see 
Tyrannomon.Talk to him,and he will move over,revealing the entrance to Ancient Speedy
Zone.When you go in,make sure you bring a lot of food and portable potties,cuz' time
moves faster than normal(which is still pretty slow).Also,make sure your digimon is 
younger than 13 days old - you wouldn't want him fade away at a time like this,do 
you?Just follow the path until you see a solitary Saberdramon.Battle him,and after 
you win,he'll say "Hee hee,head west at the end of the bone tunnel."Head out of the 
screen,and you will see a 'bone tunnel'.Do what the Saberdramon said,and you will 
see a rock with legs.Talk to it.It's actually Meteormon!He'll battle you,but won't 
join the city.Go back to Tyrannomon and report the happening.There will be a short
scene with Tyrannomon and Master Tyrannomon.Tyrannomon will join the city and works
in the restaurant.Head back to Native Forest and return to the screen where you 
found Vegimon.Now head north into 'Great Canyon Entrance'.Well,you can't do much here
unless you got the rumor about an invisible bridge from Yuramon.Head northwest out of
the screen into

Recruitment Digimon:Bakemon,Skullgreymon
Enemies:Darkrizamon by day,Tsukaimon by night

When you first enter,you will notice a gate being guarded by Darkrizamon.Head towards
the left Darkrizamon and when he runs towards you,run back and circle around him and 
go into the gate to enter 'Overdell Cemetery'.Find the Bakemon,talk to him and he 
will ask you some questions.Unfortunately,you can't understand him unless you bring 
along your own partner Bakemon.Anyway,answer Yes,Yes,No and he will join the city.He 
justs floats around,apparently doing nothing.Now you're probably wondering about the
creepy old mansion which you see when you were looking for Bakemon.Well,you're not 
allowed to enter unless your digimon is a virus type(Bakemon,Numemon,Sukamon,Kunemon 
etc).So come back with a virus type digimon and as soon as you enter,you'll notice 
that there are a lot of doors.So try every door until you find one that leads to a 
toilet.Just go along the corridor untill you reach a dining room.'Talk' to the 
fireplace for the 'Mansion Key'.Now you can open most of the doors in Greylord's 
Mansion!So find the door that leads to a set of stairs and climb it.You will find 
yourself in a lab-like area.Avoid the Rockmon(as they're pretty hard)and walk along 
the cage-like area press -->with each step until you fall through it.You will find a 
Myotismon(no,he's not going to battle you)weak from hunger inside one of the 
coffins.He asks you to get food for him,and he'll give you a key.Now go to the 
screen before you enter the Dining Room. There will be a blue door.Open it,and you 
will see that it's empty.Hey,maybe those Soulmon took it!Talk to them and they'll 
say,"Go to where the dumb one gave you points." Now let's think,who could the 'dumb 
one' be? Bakemon,right? So leave the mansion and you'll see a Steak on the ground. 
Bring it to Myotismon and he'll thank you.Now go back to File City and talk to 
Yuramon until he talks about an invisible bridge.Go to Great Canyon Entrance and 
walk on the edge of the cliff that looks like a straight line,and you'll find that 
it is actually an invisible bridge! Walk across it into

Recruitment Digimon:Monochromon,Birdramon,Shellmon
Enemies:Gotsumon,Weedmon,Muchomon,Goburimon and SandYanmamon by day,
        Gururumon,Weedmon,Tsukaimon,Goburimon and SandYanmamon by night.

When you enter, you will notice a building beside the toilet.It is the Monochrome 
Shop,which is run by Monochromon.He wants you to work in his shop.Monochromon's mini-
game is fun and earns you bits,so here are some tips:

*Meat gives you the least profit,so it should sell around 45 bits,or 60 if possible.
*Portable potties should sell around 360 bits.
*Medicine gives you the most profit,so sell it at around 2000 bits.
*Goburimon are the best customers.They'll pay almost anything you ask,so raise the 
price with them.
*Weedmon are the worst customers.When they ask for meat,you get little profit.When 
they ask for any other thing,they make you lower the price.
*Muchomons rarely come in.Sometimes they'll pay high prices,sometimes they pay 
low,and sometimes they'll walk out on the first offer.It's the same with Gotsumon.

When you reach a profit of 3000+ bits,Monochromon will join the city and build the 
item shop building.However,if you don't reach that profit,Monochromon will pay you 
some bits,and you will have to try again.

Head east from the Great Canyon entrance screen and go north.You will see a fork in 
the road.Go right.If you already heard the rumor about the bandits from Yuramon,the 
road will be empty.Walk across it to fight


HP:500 each

This is a good chance to learn Tremor.You don't have to worry about the Agumons, 
Ogremon's attacks hit everyone,including his own comrades.After the battle,Ogremon 
and his pals will run away like cowards.Now make sure your digimon is fully healed 
and go back to the fork in the road and go left.You will find that the ground is 
unstable.Walk around a bit and eventually you will fall.After the fall,head north 
towards the elevator.Press X on it and press Rooftop.When you get to the top,you 
will notice a large bird's nest.Make sure you have a lot of recovery items.Walk 
towards it and you will fight


After you win,Birdramon will join the city.(Note:After the battle,Birdramon takes 
you back to File City) Now go back to the place where you  first fought Ogremon and 
head north.When you see the elevator,press X on it and choose down.Head southwest, 
then north.You will enter 'Ogre Fortress'.The enemies inside it are easy battles,but
you will have to fight at least two of them at once.At the back of the fortress,you 
will meet Ogremon.


HP:1000 each

After the battle,Ogremon will escape in an elevator.Follow him and fight the 
Goburimon.Shellmon will speak to you.Go back down the elevator and use an Auto Pilot. Head out of the 
fortress. The bandits should be gone. Head to the elevator and press up. Head left into

Recruitment Digimon: Mojyamon, Whamon, Angemon,Penguinmon, Frigimon,Garurumon
Enemies: Hyogamon, SnowAgumon and SnowGoburimon by day,
               IceDevimon and SnowGoburimon by night.

First thing you should do here is go left, then down. You'll see a Shellmon. Talk to it, and it will join the city 
and set up a noticeboard.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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