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The V10's can only be online, not local play.

Glitch: Invisible when online
When you are in staging (online), press [Circle] then [Square]. Select the 
option "Invite Player" and type in your username . Enter it and the message "You 
can not invite yourself" will appear. Do not press [X]. Instead, just wait until 
they start the game. Notice that the counter which usually stops at 0 now can go 
into negative values. When it gets to -30, press [X] and exit the screen that 
says "You can not invite yourself". You are completely invisible. You can not harm 
other players, but they can harm you. When in games that are wrench only or where 
some weapons are turned off, make shure the charge bots are on NORMAL, you will see 
glowing things where weapons would usually be in the game. When people pick up 
charge boots, there is a chance if you search the level you will find glowing 
portals. When you find these glowing portals, you can pick up weapons from them. 
When you pick up the weapon, tell a friend of yours to stop moving and have him to 
shoot when you are in front of him. Try having them kill you with the wrench. When 
you are dead they can pick up your pack with the weapon in it and cause havoc.

Glitch :Magma Cannon V10(Online)
Start a game with have power-ups on, unlimited ammo, and the magma cannon. Note: 
You cannot spawn with the Magma Cannon. Take out your slingshot and start walking 
forward. Press [Triangle] + [Square] and you should have a Magma Cannon. Pick up a 
mod and shoot once, then get a real Magma Cannon. If you switch weapons, pull out a 
slingshot, or go across a slingshot, you will lose your Magma Cannon v10.

Glitch : V10 Flail(Online)
(this is what I was told)Get a V10 magma^^, then suicide while in water switch to 
the flail. After you respon you should have it!

Glitch : Go through wall near the Temple(Local Play/Online)
Level-Temple Of Shaar
|It's a little hard to explain this but i think you shoud get it.| Go wher the 
hypershots are go on the other side of the Temple. then just jump and use the 
hypershot like normal, once you get on the other side try not to land on the other 
side, try to get the characters feet hitting the wall. then push forward on the 
analong stick. note:use first person veiw when you get in there.
Glitch : Unkickable while online
During the staging of an online game, press [Square] and go to the player to 
invite. Invite yourself, but do not press [X]. You cannot be kicked from the game. 
Note: You cannot talk, and if you are already greened up (ready) you will be 
invisible if the game starts.

Glitch : Maraxis Prison: Get under level
While online, get a hover bike and go to the left of the arena under the bridge. 
There should be a rock that resembles a ramp with about three to five other small 
rocks in front of it. Go back about 50 feet then go towards the rock. Press [X] 
when you are about to go of the tip of the rock. Try to get to the ledge on the 
left. You can now go under the level and get a great sniping point, or go inside 
the level. Note: You can go all the way around the level if you are careful. There 
are invisible shelves you can stand on which are easy to find with a Scorpion 

 if you want more just go online and see me: KiLLeM....  or Xnitro67

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