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Star Wars Rouge Squadron III: Rebel Strike

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2:1: Rebel Alliance Craft Ratings
Part 2:2: Galactic Empire Craft Ratings
Part 2:3: Other Craft Ratings
Part 3:1: Rebel Alliance Craft Info
Part 3:2: Galactic Empire Craft Info
Part 3:3: Other Craft Info
Part 4: Ratings Key
Part 5: Finishing Off

Part 1: Introduction

This guide will tell you about any special advantages each ship has, their
weapons, and their best qualities and ratings. 
I rate them on their Offensive qualities, Defensive qualities, and their Ammo
Stock. For more on how I rate ships, check out the "Ratings key" at the bottom
of this guide.

Part 2:1: Rebel Alliance Craft

X-wing: Weapons: Lasers, Proton Torpedoes.
Overall: 2.75/5
Offense: 3/5
Defensive: 4/5
Ammo Stock: 1/5

Y-Wing: Weapons: Lasers, Proton Bombs, Ion Cannons.
Ammo Stock:5/5

B-Wing: Weapons: Lasers, Proton Torpedoes, Ion Cannons.
Overall: 3.25/5
Ammo Stock:2/5

A-Wing: Weapons: Lasers, Lock On Missiles.
Ammo Stock:3/5

Millennium Falcon: Weapons: Lasers, Concussion Missiles.
Ammo Stock:4/5 

Snow Speeder: Weapons: Lasers, Tow Cable.
Ammo Stock:1 (Carry One Bomb At A Time)

Part 2:2 Galactic Empire Craft Ratings

Tie Hunter: Weapons: Lasers, Proton Torpedoes, Ion Cannons.
Ammo Stock:2/5

Tie Bomber: Weapons: Lock on Missiles, Bombs.
Ammo Stock:5/5

AT-ST Walker: Weapons: Lasers, Lock On Missiles.
Ammo Stock:2/5

AT-AT Walker: Weapons: High Powered lasers.
Offense5/5 (Ultra Powerful Lasers)
Ammo Stock:5/5 (Unlimited)

Other Craft Ratings

Naboo Star Fighter: Weapons: Lasers, Cluster Missiles.
Overall: 2/5
Ammo Stock:1/5

Jedi Starfighter: Weapons: Lasers, Sonic Mines.
Ammo Stock:2/5

Slave 1: Lasers, Sonic Mines
Ammo Stock:5

Tauntaun: Weapons: Blaster.
Ammo Stock:1/5 (Blaster)

Speeder Bike: Weapons: Lasers
Ammo Stock:1/5

Rebel Alliance Craft Info

X-Wing: The X-Wing can be used on virtually all missions. It is the most
balanced craft. It has strong weapons, an R2 Unit, and six powerful missiles.

Y-Wing: My favorite, the Y-Wing is the one of the most powerful ships in the
game. It has powerful lasers, a huge load of bombs, and an R2 Unit. Very useful
for levels that need heavy damage. 

B-Wing: A powerful craft, with enough power to attack capital ships. Equipped
with Proton Torpedoes, Ion cannons, and more firepower than needed, it is
dreaded by Imperials everywhere. 

A-Wing: Very helpful when attacking other fighters. It can be useful for
attacking Star Destroyers, since it can hit the ion cannons at the same time.

Millennium Falcon: A very powerful ship indeed. When you lock onto an enemy
fighter, the ship's turret automatically aims at it. It also carries a good deal
of missiles. Good for most levels.

Snow Speeder: Only used on special occasions, it is barely armed. Its main point
is its tow cable. With this you can pick up bombs and take down AT-ATs.

Galactic Empire Craft Info

TIE Hunter: A new ship made by the Empire, it is to be feared. Highly armed and
deadly, it carries twice as many Proton Torpedoes as the X-Wing does. A widely
used ship.

TIE Bomber: This ship is hard to master, I haven't even mastered it. It does not
use lasers, it uses lock on missiles and bombs. Good for attacking Capital Ships.

AT-ST Walker: You don't have a choice when to use it, but it is still powerful
against most ground forces. Even other walkers. 

AT-AT Walker: Only used in one single player mission, it is extremely powerful,
and nearly invincible. 

Other Craft Info

Naboo Star Fighter: Fairly well, with powerful lasers and Cluster Missiles, plus
an R2 Unit! Worth getting.

Jedi Star Fighter: Other than the Y-Wing, its my personal favorite. The Sonic
Mines are deadly, and its lasers and R2 Unit help too.

Slave 1: Not my favorite ship, but still useful. It comes with lasers and TWENTY
SONIC MINES!!!! Thats over three times the amount the Jedi Starfighter comes
with!! However, the ship itself is huge, making for an easy target. Luckily, it
boasts a large amount of armor.

TaunTaun: Only used once, but it comes with a rapid fire rifle. This helps to
fight the seemingly endless Snowtroopers. 

Speeder Bike: Used commonly, it can be powerful if you can actually drive it.
Once mastered, it is deadly. 

Ratings Key

A button weapons:
Lasers-1 point
Missiles-2 points
B Button Weapons:
Proton Torpedoes-2 points
Concussion Missiles-1 point
Cluster Missiles-1 point
Lock On Missiles-2 points
Sonic Mine-3 points
Bombs-3 points
Tow Cable-1 point
Ion Cannons-1 point

Defense (I rate defense on the type of ship)
A-Wing-1 point
X-Wing-3 points
B-Wing-4 points
Y-Wing-4 points
Jedi Star Fighter-2 points
Naboo Star Fighter-2 points
Millennium Falcon-3 points
Slave One-3 points
Tie Hunter-3 points
Tie Bomber- 4 points
Snow Speeder-1 point
AT-ST-2 points
AT-AT-5 points
Tauntaun-1 point
Speeder Bike-1 point
R2 Unit-1 point

Ammo Stock ( I rate this on how many secondary shots a ship has)
Five Shots-1 point
Ten Shots-2 points
Fifteen Shots-3 points
Twenty Shots-4 points
Tow Cable-1 point
Regenerating Weapons-1 points

Finishing Off

I would like to thank my friends who helped me create this guide, and I would
also like to thank my friends at 

If I missed anything, please contact me at [email protected]

Thank You, and please do not contact me about other games, or about cheat codes.

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