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K    K_ _                                                                         M
K  K   I   NN        N                     DD  D           O  O      M   M     M
KK     I   N   N     N        G   G    D       D       O      O    MM    M     M
KK     I   N     N   N    G        G   D         D    O        O   M        M     M 
K  K   I   N       N N   G         G   D        D     O       O    M        M     M
K   K_I _N        NN       G G G   DD   D          O O       M        M     M
                                       G     G
H      H                                                                            
                      2   2
H      H                                      R           T                         
HHHH                               A    R   R     T          S   S                  
H      H    E EE E       A A A    RR  R TTT     S                                   
H      H   E  EE E    A       A     R            T          S                       
                 E             A      A     R            T       S     S            
               2 2 2 2
                    E  E          A A                                       

Sephiroth FAQ

This is a FAQ on how to beat Sephiroth, the hardest boss in the game. Before you read
this, I must warn you that to face Sephiroth you must have defeated Commander Sark
and the MCP in Space Paranoids.  In other words, you must seal the keyhole in Space
Paranoids both times you go through it. Now you can face Sephiroth in the newly-named
Hollow Bastion (which is now called Radiant Garden).


Before you confront Sephiroth you will have to train until you get roughly around
level 85.You could ,if you want to, face him at level 65, but you won’t be able to
get past his last phase .You’ll need  many abilities equipped.
They are:
*Trinity Limit
*Combo Plus x2 (acquire these by leveling up Valor form)
*Guard Break
*Once More
*Second Chance (this is why you have to be level 85)
*All aerial moves
*Retaliating slash
*Glide (any level will work, you can get it by leveling up Final form)
*High Jump lvl 2 at least (get it by leveling up Valor form)
*Upper Slash 
*Horizontal slash 

There are many other abilities that will help so you will need lots of AP.I had 90
when I fought him and almost every ability equipped excluding all the magic boosts.
Another ability you need is Berserk Charge. The spells you will need are:
*Hi potions

Put all of these spells and potions in your shortcut menu (you are able to do this
from the pause menu under customize) and don’t forget to activate the auto reload for
all of them with triangle. Now, as I said before, you want to be near level 85 before
you fight him. I was at level 87 when I beat him. And also, it will take you a couple
of tries to get used to his attacks and the extent of his sword. Now if you have
completed all these things, you are now ready to fight Sephiroth. Also, you will need
around 20 hi potions or more, depending on your level. Another thing, the Ultima
weapon is a MUST for this battle! Now you are ready to fight. 

The 1st Phase

Sephiroth is an insanely strong opponent with 15 health bars. Get ready because
immediately when the battle starts, Sephiroth will use his Dash and Cut move which
cannot be blocked except by using the reaction command “Block”. After you block it,
attack him with one combo and then start running away from him. After that, Sephiroth
will use his very powerful OmniSlash move, which right now doesn’t have that far of a
range. This is why I told you to start running away from him after you hit him with
one combo after his Dash and Cut move. If he gets close to you, jump and glide away
from him until he stops his OmniSlash. Now he will stop momentarily. This is your
chance to attack him again. Remember, only ONE COMBO! Do not attack him with more
than one combo because he will start attacking you at close range. If you are in the
upper 60s or lower 70 levels,
You will die after he is done unless you have the “Once More” ability equipped. If
you are in the upper 80s, you will have about a fourth of health left.  There is only
one more attack that he will use in his 1st phase and that is when he will teleport
behind you and do an uppercut with his extraordinarily long sword. Let him hit you
once and then use Retaliating Slash at the right moment to unleash another combo in
mid-air on him. Now repeat these steps until you bring his health down 5 bars. Then
he will enter his 2nd battle phase.

The 2nd Phase

When you bring Sephiroth’s health down 5 and a half bars, he will enter his 2nd
battle phase. An indication of this is when he says “I know your place”. He will now
add 2 new attacks to his arsenal. The 1st one is when he summons 3-13 dark balls that
will orbit you for a moment and then they will seek you out and blow up on contact
with you. Also, Sephiroth will now start running instead of slowly walking toward
you. This is where you need to be cautious and start using your Hi potions. Also use
Curaga frequently. The 2nd new attack is his strongest, “Heartless Angel”. This
attack is so strong that it will get you killed in about 13 seconds if you do not
take the proper steps. This attack will take all your health away except for one HP
and that’s if you have “Once More” and “Second Chance”.  It will also drain all your
MP. I shall start with his dark orb attack. When he summons them, knock as many away
from you as possible or you could use Reflega to block them before Sephiroth gets
near you. When he gets near you, jump and then glide away from him. He may teleport
behind you and hit you with an uppercut with his sword, as I told you about earlier.
Or he may use his OmniSlash, which is now stronger and can now go halfway across the
stage. To avoid this, jump and glide away. Now for his 2nd new attack. After
basically every OmniSlash attack, he will use Heartless Angel. An indication of this
is when the screen turns dark and when he starts to rise in the air.  You can stop
this from happening BUT if you are not close to him DO NOT TRY TO DO THE METHOD I AM
ABOUT TO TELL YOU! This method is simple: if you are near him, after he has rose into
the air, use High Jump lvl 2 or 3 to jump up and hit him with a combo to prevent it
from happening. Or if you are out of range, hit him with Thundaga. Repeat this until
you bring his health down 6 more bars. Now he will enter his 3rd and last phase.

The 3rd Phase

Sephiroth will now have only 4 bars of health left. He will now enter his 3rd and
last phase. This is indicated by the pinkish aura emitted by the upper part of his
suit. Sephiroth’s speed has now insanely increased and his OmniSlash will now go
across the   whole stage. His power is at its max.  He also has another new attack
called “Meteor” which will have many meteors descend upon you for about 15 seconds.
He will still use his Dash and Cut move but not very often. He will also use
Heartless Angel very frequently. The only way that you will be able to attack him in
this phase is after his Dash and Cut move or when he’s about to use Heartless Angel.
He moves to fast to hit him after his OmniSlash. I can’t help you much here but I can
tell you are going to have to heal yourself a lot and use your Hi potions. Also, use
Trinity Limit because when you use it, Sephiroth can’t hurt you. After you use
Trinity Limit, Berserk Charge sets it. Use it to hit Sephiroth a couple of times and
then jump and glide away. There’s a large chance that he will use his Pillar of Fire.
This is when you can use your Hi potions. BE WARY! While you use your Hi potions, you
will be sucked in toward the Pillar of Fire. So, you need to be far away from it.
This is why I told you to only use Berserk Charge a couple of times and then
IMMEDIATELY jump and glide away. Repeat these steps until you defeat him.

The Battle Between Cloud and Sephiroth

Go back to the Marketplace and tell Cloud you saw Sephiroth. Then head back to
Crystal Fissure and save if you want to by chance watch the cut scene again. After
the battle you will obtain Fenrir from Tifa , the strongest keyblade in the game . 

You just defeated Sephiroth, the strongest boss in the game!!!

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