Vivi's Black magic - Guide for Final Fantasy X

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This is imformation about Black magic

Fire                Mage staff, Leather Hat
Fira                Flame staff, Mage's hat, power belt, topaz
Firaga              Octagon
Sleep               Flame staff
Blizzard            Leather wrist
Blizzara            Ice staff, Opal
Blizzaga            Octagon Rod
Slow                Ice staff, Magus hat
Thunder             Silk shirt, Glass Buckle
Thundara            Lightning staff, Peridot
Thundaga            Octagon Rod
Stop                Oak staff
Poison              Lightning staff
Bio                 Oak staff
Osmose              High mage staff, Gaia gear
Drain               Oak staff
Demi                Cypress pile, Black belt, Amethyst
Comet               Cypress Pile
Death               Black hood
Break               Cypress pile
Water               N-kai armelet
Meteor              High mage staff
Flare               Black robe
Doomsday            Mace of Zeus

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