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Basic things to know:
1. Sanity- When you encounter an enemy your sanity bar will diminish.  Sanity is an extra effect 
and isnt very important, but it a freaky effect to the game. There are two types of insane events. 
The first are the ones that will have little effect of game play.  For instance blood will drip down 
from the roof or you will hear people scream in the background. The word MUTE and a grapic 
looking like the television turning off may occur but do not worry it isnt real.  The other kind of 
effect will require you to reenter the room. Some examples are running into a room and having 
your head fall off, being huge, being small, sinking into the floor and things along these lines.   
2.  The 3 artifacts- You will choose one of three artifacts in the beginning of the game.  It mainly 
effects what spells to use in certain areas.  When the enemy spell is RED, BLUE will destroy it. 
When it is BLUE, GREEN will destroy it.Finally when it is GREEN, RED will destroy it.
3. Saving- You cannot save when an evil presance is in the room. Save often because when 
you die you start at the last saved point.
B- Examine
R-Lock on
L- Run
Ok, now let the walk through being.
Prolude Year 2000 A.D. Alex Roivis: You will begin the game as Alex Rovis investigating her 
grandfathers mansion after his strange death.  In the clock on the desk. Examine it and take 
the key.  Then Face the frount door and turn left into the library. You will see a door instead of 
going in it just walk the opposite direction. After you walk far enough you will be in a room with 
a grand father clock. Examine it and change the hands so that the time reads 3:33. A secret 
passage will open revealing a new room with the Tome of  Eternal Darkness inside the room.  
Walk over to the table and read it (Cut scene).
Chapter 1 Year 26 A.D. Pious Agustous:  (cut scene ends) (sanity is not in play) You will find 
yourself in a temple of some sort.  Walk foreward and you shall come to a ladder leading into 
an abyss. Take the ladder ..... if you dare....  and you will find yourself in a tunnel. Begin down it 
and you shall spot a red block on the ground.  The corpse behind it will rise and start to walk to 
you.  Charge and attack it and 2 more zombies jump at you.  A good way to fight most zombies 
is to chop off their head, then the arms, and in the case of the red zombie who will survive this 
just hit their torso untill it dies.  After this battle pick up the granite block and enter the next 
room. PIck up the green granite block after fighting the zombies and continue on.  You will 
come to a room full of zombies. In situations like these decapitate them and because they can 
no longer see the will swing randomly, sometimes killing their friends but rarely killing you. 
After you pick up the blue block go down the ladder and fight the zombie at the bottem.  One 
gate will have bars over it, so use the other.  You will be in a room with colored circles on the 
wall.  Go to the center of the room and pick  up the purple block.  Then walk up to each circle 
and using the item screen put the green block in the green circle, the blue block in the blue 
circle, etc.  The barred gate will open.  Return to the hall and enter it, and you shall see a 
statue that strangly resembles Pious.  Lock onto and then attack the Head, Arm (left of right 
does not matter), Arm, Torso, in that order and the door will open. Enter the next room and hit 
the button, activating the portal. Step on it and you will be transported to the room containing 3 
artifacts. Pick which one you want, the events wont be any different and sit back and watch the 
Mansion Hunt Year 2000 Alex Roivis:  After finishing it with Pious you will be back in our 
modern world.  Turn around and pick up the chapter page on the wall. (cutscene) Go into your 
inventory and read the chapter page. (cutscene)
Chapter 2 Year 1150 A.D. Ellia (no last name):  Enter the temple and take the neckless (It can 
recover a small amount of heath 10 times) off the statue of the goddess in frount of you.   One 
door shall close, but another shall open. Enter that one and walk through the room into the 
hallway.  Avoid where the ground is yellower than the rest of the floor for it will activate booby 
traps.  Enter the room (sanity is now in play) and kill the zombie. Finishing moves get more 
sanity.  Pick up the necklass off the vase and look at the shrine.  You must match the candle up 
with where the sun is in the sky, in this case the center candle should be lit. Return to the room 
with the goddess statue and place the Bronze Neckless where the Strange Neckless was.  Go 
through the room and down the next hallway avoiding the booby traps. Enter the room and 
destroy the zombie. Extinguish all the candles and the stone gate will open. Enter the hallway 
it was hiding and dodge the booby traps untill you come to a little area set apart from the hall 
on the left side.  In the area there is a pedistal containing a nice shiney new blow gun.  You 
know you want that blowgun, so pick it up.  However a trap door opens and Ellia falls through. 
Her sword breaks on impact and you will see two zombies attacking a gaurd.  Kill the zombies 
with the blowgun (aim for the head) and take the broken sword to the gaurd who will repair it ( I 
prefer swords in this game because unlike ranged weapons the ammo is not limited) however 
this game IS NOT Grand Theft Auto 3 (much to my dissappointment but its still fun) so don't kill 
innocents because it is a HUGE sanity loss.  Head down the hallway and step on the one 
manditory booby trap, which activates a slammer device, remember if it hits you can use the 
Strange Neckless 10 times.  You will enter a room with a slot that needs a lever, kill the 
zombies and go down the next hall.  Upon entering the room you will see a big mean zombie 
bullying 3 smaller ones.  Let him destroy them,( less of a threat to health) and then kill him.  
Enter the next hallway, this one is curved and continue untill you reach the main room, 
containing a horrific beast with many eyes and mouths.  (cutscene) Take the metal pole from 
the statue behind you and backtrack to the room which needed the the level in the slot, two 
rooms (not hallways) back. Then put the metal staff in the slot and return to the room with the 
horrific beast and run around it.  Enter the now opened door, walk up to the statue and watch 
the cutscene. Chapter 2 is now finished. 
The walk through part two shall include walkthroughs for Anothony, Karim and if your lucky, 

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