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++++++++++++++++++++++ Walkthrough Disc 1  Through Disc 2 ++++++++++++

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1- This guide was started 10/10/00 by Zelda Dude. 10/20/00 I added some new
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features. Finally I added in the official strategy to get Razzly's Level 7
Tech, a summary analyzer of the two different Chrisophynx battles, and a
Trap/Summon list for those who are confused where to get the Level 7 summons
and trap them in the game.
2- The guide was updated with a new website which got permission from me to
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Japanese CC FAQ.
3- The guide was updated again with a new website in the permissions section,
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4- I updated the feedback section with more of your responses, and also the
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5- I updated the Japanese Chrono Cross FAQ with very important info along with
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8- Well we have some unfortunate bad news. Yes scroll down to the Japanese
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Among the updates, are some new never before known scenes which you can do in
Chrono Cross, thanks to overseas help. These scenes explain and go more into
story then ever before, so this is good news for America!!!! Also check the
Japanese FAQ for that. As well as, yes your feedback with some quick letters
a new website added to the credits section.
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endings, just like CT. To find out the exciting news scroll down to the endings
section. Also I explained the mysterious 'rumor' ending I had left in there for
so long which involved the FATE of the dwarves, so read that while you're down
there. Then I lastly updated feedback.
11- Added news on ANOTHER additional 'event' in Japanese FAQ. Added more
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12- Added a HUGE update to the Japanese FAQ below. Check it for a HUGE list of
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Check below that for new 'unknown events' and how to trigger them. And finally
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is only half, check for the rest in a later update! Also read the section below
that for the Legend of The Masamune, be sure to check for new tidbits I've
outlined and your feedback with responses. Completed all the Frozen Flame
diologues! Go see them now!

* Table Of Contents

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Disc 1:
1. The Beginning
2. The Different Paths
3. The Battle With Lynx
4. Things Take a Turn for the Worse
5. Conflicting Plots
6. The New Battle With Lynx
7. Who Am I?
8. Enter The Dead Sea
9. Destiny of the Chrono
10.The Six Dragon Gods
11. The Battle With Dark Serge/Lynx

1. Enter The Sea Of Eden.
2. Destiny of the Chrono Revealed.
3. The Battle with Dark Serge/FATE
4. The Journey to Terra Tower
5. Inside Kids Coma
6. The Battle With The Dragon God
7. Conflicting Paths
8. The Battle With Lavos
9. New Game +
10. Secrets Revealed
11. All The Endings
12. Japanese Chrono Cross Version FAQ
13. Razzly's Level 7 Tech Revealed
14. Crisophynx: The Continuing Saga
15. Summon/Traps Elements
16. Gameshark Cheats And Codes
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1: The Beginning <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    You are having a dream where you and a strange girl are inside an
elevator. You go upstairs and find yourselves in a large complex. Run around
the are and get the chests if you want. Fight the Cybots, you'll notice you
can take off about 245 HP each hit. Run into the lower hand room by following
the corridor around. Inside hit the crystal to activate the teleporter in the
main hall. Run back and go around the corridor fighting the enemies, and climb
up the stairs to the teleporter. You are teleported up to a walkway. Enter the
door with your friends. An FMV starts which is really scary. You see the girl
stabbed and a bloody dagger you are holding. Then you hear your mom calling
you. You wake up to find yourself in Arni village, your home town. You are
told by your mother to go see Leena or she will be mad. But first of all, take
the time to go to Lizard rock. Here find the 3 Komodo dragons. The first is by
the tunnel running around in the water when you enter the area. Chase it so it
goes through the tunnel then push the rock so it rolls over the hole, and
sneak up on the other side. When it runs for the hole, trap it inside and
fight it. After killing it, take the Komodo scale and travel one screen to the
left. Here chase the Komodo dragon around the area by playing tag. Once you
catch it, fight it and get its komodo scale. Now go back down 2 screens south,
and kill the Beach Bums in the way of the log which goes up one screen. Travel
up killing the monsters, and go around till you are on the ledge above the
Komodo. Wait for the Dragon to come within two inches of the ledge area on the
bottom and then jump. Not before or after. You will land on it, and a battle
ensues. Defeat it and then prepare for the boss.

BOSS: Mama Komodo
  This is pretty straightforward, just use a level 3 tech on it, and a level 3
combination attack to kill it. To do this hit number 3 when you choose the
attack command, and then hit element and go to serges tech skill. Use Tablet
if needed, it's an easy fight.

   Afterwards take the 3 Komodo scales with you back to Arni. Speak with Leena
by the shore, who will head to Opassa beach afterwards. Now go to the house in
Arni on the right hand side, and go down the stairs on the far right to find a
man. Speak to him to get the Shark Tooth. Leave to Opassa beach. Here, talk to
Leena who takes the scale for her necklace. Answer positively to her
responses, and then watch the FMV. Serge will be called across time by a
voice... to another dimension. You will be woken by a man with a Komodo
dragon. Exit and fight the Fishes on the way out. Head to Arni...which is
totally different. Go talk to Leena who doesn't know who you are, and says
that Serge is dead! But he is you....so go to the grave she says he has up at
Cape Howl. Here read the gravestone which says Serge died at Age 7 drowning!
Then a strange man approaches calling Serge the ghost of the boy who died 10
years ago....he is one of the 4 Devas of the Arcacia Dragoons named Karsh. He
was sent to capture you by a mysterious man from Porre. Him and his assistants
Solt and Peppor prepare to capture you when a girl shows up. Her name is Kid.
A battle ensues.

BOSS: Karsh Solt and Peppor

 This battle is easy. Use a level 3 tech skill if you have to, and beat up
Karsh who deals the most damage first. Solt and Peppor will teach you about
elements if you don't know already...then after Kid asks to join.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2: The Different Paths <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  Here is where things can go different ways. Refuse Kid 3 times and you will
get a different path. Accept kids offer and you will get a different path.
Path 1 is with kid, and I describe below:

Path 1: Take kids offer, and travel together to Termina. Fight Solt and Peppor
in Fossil Valley. Talk to the man at the top to find out about the Arcacia
Dragoons. Choose to infiltrate Viper Manor. Now you go to infiltrate the Manor
but first you need a guide. There are 3... with 3 different paths.

Path 1A: Take Kid to Guile in the Bar, and he will offer to take you there. Go
speak with Korcha at his boat in the graveyard area of Termina, after
activating the cutscene in the market place in the right hand of Termina. He
will take all 3 to the Viper Manor Bluffs.

  Here climb the cliffs, with the Dragoons throwing boulders down on you the
whole time. Get the chests, and kill the monsters. Make sure to grab the trap
freefall element on the top left hand cliff near the entrance. At the top,
fight the guards and then a boss.

BOSS: King Maomon.
 He's pretty tough, have Guile use his Level 3 tech skill Wand because the
brother Maomons will heal the King. He'll use Gravity Blow which can devastate
someone at this point in the game so kill him off before he uses it. After
he's dead continue up.

 You're now inside Viper Manor which is a little different depending on how
you got there. Since you have kid, sneak around the exterior and past the
guards to the stable. Win the dragon feeding game to get the stable key. The
rest of this walkthrough can be found in part 3 the battle with Lynx.

Path 1B: Take Kid to the funny dressed Frenchmen in the house near the Black
Smith. His name is Pierre and he lost his Medal. Go outside and talk to the
kid running around who stole it. He will offer it back. Go inside and give it
to him. Pierre will join you and you'll enter the front of Viper Manor. Here
the guards will throw you out. Choose to kill them and then prepare for a
fight. Solt and Peppor show up and bring their new friend, Ketchop to try and
stop you.

BOSS: Solt Peppor and Ketchop.
 He is very hard depending on your stats currently. He will immediately kill
Pierre with a devastating attack, but Peppor will revive him. His attacks are
strong, and his weakness is Green and Red elements. Try and slow him down so
he can't use his special tech. After a long fight he will die. Now just kill
Solt and Peppor.

 After they retreat, run inside Viper manor. Do the same as above, and be sure
to get the Hero Shield inside because it dramatically increases Pierre's

Path 1C: Take kid to the Concert Hall in the left side of town and go up the
Magical Dreamers Ship. Inside talk to the man in the corner who is Nikkis
Manager. Miki will run in and say Nikkie left to Shadow Forest. Immediately
leave Termina and head to Shadow Forest. Get there by going all the way to the
right on the map.

 At shadow forest, the Dragoons are gone and you can enter freely. Run around
avoiding the bulbs unless you want to build levels. Enter the area at the
waterfall, and run through to find a large tree. Nikki is being attacked by a
bunch of Cassowaries. Start the fight. Use your regular elements and techs and
Nikki will help some too. After defeating them, take Nikki to go inside the
tree. Zoah will show up.

BOSS: Zoah.
 This guy is tough and strong. Use really strong elements against Zoah, as his
Techs are devastating to the party. Make sure to use Capsule and Tablet
frequently and Kids techs or level 3 attacks. Have nikki use his Tech to slow
him down. Once Zoah is defeated, he'll leave behind some items. Run and
continue through the tree.

 Inside here make your way through the sewer, and push the Boulder over the
hole where the insects are coming out. Continue and fight the enemies then run
up the ladder to get into Viper Manor through the well. Do the same things as
mentioned above here, and be sure to develop Nikkis techs.

Path 2: This is achieved if you don't accept Kids offer, and refuse her 3
times both at Cape Howl and Termina. You will automatically gain Leena and
Poshul from Anothers world. You agree to take them on a trip to Termina, where
Leena has some errands to run. Go outside and enter the same house you did in
home, and go down the stairs. Here go see the man and show him the Shark
Tooth. He'll say he once wanted to be a Fisherman but it was long ago. As you
leave the Doll will come to life and ask to join you. Its name is Mojo, and
has some pretty good techs. As you leave Arni make sure you put Mojo in place
of Poshul. Have the battle with Solt and Peppor and then enter Termina.

 Here you will hear Kid who wants to sneak into Viper Manor and asks to join.
Make sure to refuse her again. Once this is done go to the shop and talk to
Lisa. Leena and Lisa catch up on old times, and Lisa asks if you are Leenas
boyfriend or cousin. Say cousin, and she'll laugh. After a funny talk go see
the man in the bedroom who is Lisas father. Talk to him and he tells you about
a mushroom in Shadow Forest. Leave and go to the left hand side of town. Go to
the Magical Dreamers boat, and speak to Miki. She'll say Nikki left to Shadow
forest and something weird is going on. Talk to her a couple of times and
she'll join you. Leave and go to the area to the right hand of Termina after
the Korcha cutscene. Go to the fortune teller and talk to her. She gives a
fortune to Mojo who says someone dear to him is in this vicinity. Go find the
Straw doll in the patch of grass by the Blacksmiths house and talk to it.
He'll remember it as his childhood friend.

Path 2A: Enter Shadow Forest and go the same way as always use the aroma pouch
to lure the monsters to the giant man eating plant. Save Nikki and defeat Zoah
over near where the Mushroom is. Afterwards go speak with Nikkis manager back
in Termina. Go in and enter the festival area if it lets you, then speak with
Lisa again. This concludes Leenas quest. Go back and enter the Manor. Inside,
you will fall down a trap door and be stuck inside a cage. The guards will go
get their leader to put you in prison. Suddenly kid shows up out of nowhere
and beats everyone up, letting you guys out of the cage. Proceed up the stairs
to the doors to the right.

Path 2B: Take Pierre and follow the same one as you did previously.
Path 2C: Take Guile and follow the same one as you did previously.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3: The Battle With Lynx <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 After you go up the stairs and enter the room, hit the trap on the wall to be
shot next door to a different room. Inside speak to Luccia, who talks about
her experiments and lets you fight her bulbs.

BOSS: Neo Bulbs.
 They aren't too tough but have a few surprise attacks. Hit it with your
normal techs and have Nikki or Guile use their techs on it. Pierre should have
the Heros shield if he's here so have him attack and defend. Once they die
Luccia will let you out.

 Continue through Viper Manor. Go into the room next store and get the Decor
shield. Remember this area for later. Exit and go back to the first room. Talk
to the strange pot. It comes to life.

BOSS: Potpourii (something close to that)
 It's  genie living inside a magic pot. Use your most powerful techs and
elements against it as it will otherwise use a really deadly attack when the
Genie emerges. Defeat it and take its items it leaves behind and give them to
Serge. Go upstairs and talk to the Devas Karsh or Zoah. Continue across the

 In the next room go down the stairs and find the kitchen. Here you see Norris
in his spy disguise. Continue across to the table. Listen to Glenns
conversation and follow him next door. Read the plaque he writes on. Go
upstairs and put the combination in the Snake. The doors open. Go to the left
and talk to the old man. Belthasaur tells you about  the world split and how
the dimensions are now seperate. Marcy one of the four Devas attacks you.

BOSS: Marcy.
 She's tough so use lots of Red elements and healing if you can. If you have
Mojo use his tech skill. When she freezes you have someone cure the person.
After she is defeated go up the stairs and hit the button to lower the ladder.
Up above get the turn white element from the chest.

 After speaking with Belthasaur, enter the main room and go to the top second
left column. Hit the switch behind it to lower the throne. Kill the guards and
enter the area above. Save here. Enter Lord Vipers office after killing the
Poltragheist. A scene ensues where Serge sees the Frozen Flame, and a flash
back. Then Lynx who emerges attacks the party.

BOSS: Lynx Shadow.
 He's really tough, almost as much as Lynx himself. Use healing spells as much
as you can. Use turn white on him to lessen his attacks. He has about 1000 HP
so be prepared for a long fight. After he falls Kid takes Riddel hostage and
tries to escape. As she is leaving though Lynx stabs her with a poisoned
Dagger. The heroes fall into the water and escape. Later you awaken in

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4: Things Take A Turn For The Worse <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 It looks bad, so speak to the doctor. He doesn't know of any Hydras that are
left to save Kid. He starts to act hopeless, when Harle enters the scene. She
exchanges words with Kid who is poisoned by Hydra and Korcha tries to fight
her off. After she leaves, Serge finds Doc. They talk about how there must be
a way to save Kid, but that the only Hydras left would be the ones on the
Mainland which only strong ships can sail to so there would be no hope.
Everyone starts to dispair and Kid calls you.

 You run over and she gives you the Astral Amulet she had with her and then
goes back to sleep. Korcha walks up asking if you know anything that can be
done. Orhla says the Shaman may know something. Here you have choices.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 5: Conflicting Plots <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 If you choose to save Kid, you go down path 1. These things have a
significant impact on the game. Korcha will take you in his boat. If you
choose not to save Kid, you go down path 2. Korcha will dispise you and leave
you stranded in Guldove, where Doc will join.

Path 1: Korcha takes you all to Hydra Swamp, to look for a cure or a Hydra who
is alive. All the Hydras are deceased it seems however. Go to Guldove and
speak to the Dwarve to get the Green Tinkler. Enter the Swamp and use the
Tinkler on the Mutated plants to advance further. You'll find yourselves in a
large swamp area where two goblins are. The goblins then attack.

BOSS: Snibgoblin and Snobgoblin.
 They are pretty easy and this isn't a tough fight. Just keep your HP up and
attack. After the fight instead of getting Hydra Humour, you get an important
tool for finding the Humour. It turns out you will need to go to the Home
world. Leave and go to the Shaman in Guldove.

 He'll tell you to cross to your home world the same way you got here. Go to
Opassa beach and use the Astral Amulet. You will be in home. Leave to Hydra
Swamp. In here the man will move out of the way. Continue past avoiding the
monsters and head to your left. Here a small figure will come out and attack.

BOSS: Beeba Beeba.

 This thing is annoying because it will call its friends, so kill it off as
quickly as possible. If you have Neo Fio because you used the Life Sparkle
from Anothers swamp on Luccias creation in the pool, use it here. Her tech
skill is very useful. After it is defeated you get the Beeba Flute.

 Head up the area and to the wide open space. Play the Beeba Flute and the
Wingapede will attack.

BOSS: Wingapede.

 This boss is hard. Use every tough element you have against it, and heal
alot. Plus it will give you nasty status effects so be sure to carry some
purifies. Use level 3 techs and if you have any level 5 techs as well. After
it finally dies, the earth will fall beneath you.

 After landing on the monster, go to the cage in back of it. Open the cage
after getting the Recover All. A fairy sprite named Razzly will come out and
join you. Now the monster wakes up though, so equip her and get ready!!

BOSS: Hydrator.

 This boss is tough, almost as much as the Hydra! It has a nasty attack so
have Razzly heal if possible and attack when neccesary. Use level 3 techs,
level 5 and anything you can throw at it. Once you get it down to its last HP
have Serge finish it off. Razzly should gain a level. She will agree to come
with you to find the Humour. Exit using the ladder and enter the second half
of the swamp.

Dwarves have run this whole area over!! Keep on fighting the dwarves, and
drive them back further. When you are near the pool, be sure to save! After
the last dwarf is gone, enter and watch a figure rise out of the pool! It's
the Hydra.

BOSS: Hydra.

 If you beat that other boss, you know what to expect. Have Razzly heal, and
the others attack. The Hydra has 700 HP, but VERY high defense which means
attacks will be cut in thirds. So use a lot of spells. It can also heal, so
watch out. After you destroy it, you'll get the Hydra Humour and leave the

 Back at Guldove, Kid is saved with the Humour. She thanks Serge and rejoins
the party. Afterwards you'll need to head to Water Dragon Isle in home.
However if you took a different path, something slightly different is ahead.

Path 2: Korcha will be upset and refuse to lend you his boat. Wander around
Guldove and speak to Macha, and she will talk to Korcha who will instead take
you to Termina using the boat. Macha joins up also. Go around the Residential
tower after getting Doc, and find Mel. Talk to her a couple of times and she
agrees to join. Leave Guldove for Termina.

  In termina, if you gave the Bell Flower to Glenn previously he will come to
join your party. If you didn't then he won't but he will tell you to go the
island up North to find one of the Arcacia Dragoons. Take Macha and enter
Viper Manor and talk to Orcha. After exchanging words sail up north to Hermits
Hideaway. Harle will appear and attack saying she burned it to bits.

BOSS: Harle.

 She isn't too hard. Just keep your HP up and attack with Techs. Use Machas
new weopon on her to quickly make her die. Afterwards spend the night there.

  In the morning you will sail into the fog to reach mount Pyre, but you'll
get lost. You'll end up on a Pirate Ship with Captain Fargo. He'll give you
three tests. Beat them to get captured and thrown in the brig.

BOSS: Polly.

 He's pretty hard because of Wind Flap. Use healing elements and attack
constantly. After he dies Fargo will attack.

BOSS: Fargo.

 Harder then he looks. Make sure to use red elements since he is  blue Innate
and it really helps. Also heal as much as possible. After wards you are in the

A ghost ship comes and takes over the ship and a skeleton crashes through the
door. Defeat it and keep walking. Defeat the enemies and talk to the Pirate on
the right. He'll mention that the door is locked and someone in the ship has
the key. The person who has the key is random, so fight and talk to everyone.
Crawl through the vents to get to the other side of the blocked off rooms.
Once you find the key use it on the door and go through.

 Inside here find Pip. He's not hard to miss, and rarely sticks in one place
for long. Follow him around and get him to join you. Afterwards defeat the
dead beats and continue up the stairs. On deck the ghosts are everywhere. Go
save Fargo and face the boss.

BOSS: Dead Hand.

 A swarm of Dead Beats will merge into one. He will use Diminish and Hell Soul
which instantly kills someone. Attack it with White elements and use Heal a
lot. He takes a while to defeat. When he's dead the Fog will lift and you'll
be in Mount Pyre.

 If you wanted the Ice Breath, you need to complete the Water Dragon Isle
sidequest. It isn't that hard without though so continue  on through past the
enemies and when you get to the save, simply heal everyone with Capsules. Go
across the walkway and fight Red Dragon.

BOSS: Red Dragon.

Don't let his size fool you, he is really tough. Make sure to be well equipped
and have healing spells a plenty. Use all blue innate attacks and you will
beat him easier. Once he's defeated continue across.

BOSS: Karsh, Zoah and Marcy.

These guys will all use level 5 techs to be prepared for a fight! Use alot of
healing spells and kill Zoah first then Karsh and Marcy. It takes a while and
once they are defeated you reach the place in your dream, Fort Dragonia. If
you go to Hydra Marsh in home, you'll see the Humans occupying the area and a
baby Hydra in the water. The other Hydra is extinct. Also if you go back and
see Kid, it turns out a kid(Magus?) from the mainland brought the Humor to
save her life at the last minute anyway. This is located in part 6 though, so
below is the walkthrough for Water Dragon Isle.

Path 1 Continued: Once in home, travel to Arni and take the Fishermans boat to
Water Dragon Isle. Once there Razzly will see her home in Danger. Speak to
Rosetta, and she'll give Razzly something. All the dwarves will be angry.
Follow them through and fight them and go down the ladder. You will meet up
with the Dwarf Chieftan, and he will be mad. Suddenly you'll hear a rumble.

BOSS: Hi Ho Tank.

This is without a doubt the toughest fight in the whole game. It only has
about 1000 HP, but it's very tough on defense. Hi Ho Tank will use element
attacks that your character is weak against and attack consecutively. Use
Serge with his hardest Level 5 techs, and all other characters as well. Razzly
should heal for this fight. Green elements slow it down, but not much. About
halfway through the Dwarf side kicks will repair it with their skills healing
100 HP. At this point kill them off and keep hitting the Hi Ho Tank with
everything. Keep your HP ABOVE 125 or else you are dead meat. Once it finally
is about to die it will ram your lead character twice consecutively. Make sure
you have a revive on hand to bring the character back. Once it is destroyed,
the Dwarves Device blow up and they leave the Island forever.

After wards speak with the Water Dragon, which will give you the Ice Breath.
Now you can cool down the lava in Mount Pyre, or get a special character from
hermits hideaway.

Talk to the other fairies with Razzly, and she will become an outcast. They
don't want her to ever return because she associates herself with Humans. Talk
to Rosetta one last time. You should get her level 7 tech skill. If not come
back later. Razzly will be sad and decide to join you for the rest of the
game. After going outside you camp out for the night, where Kid will have
flash backs of her past with Lucca in the orphanage. She'll tell you how Lynx
destroyed everything and killed her friends when she was a child. Then she'll
vow for revenge and you'll leave to Mount Pyre.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 6: The New Battle With Lynx <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 You will enter the place you recognize from your dream, except it is covered
with Dragoons instead of Cybots this time around. Head up, and go through the
funny passageways killing the Cybots and other enemies on the way. Follow it
around to find a path, and go up it. At the top is a switch. An enemy comes
and attacks.

BOSS: Taurasoid.

This guy is tough. Carry lots of Green elements preferrably equipped to
razzly. Use them on Taurasoid constantly and heal. Use serge's more powerful
attacks and Kids techs. He'll use Body Slam followed by Upper Cut which can
really deal damage. Use Magnegate if you can on all 3 characters to avoid
damage. Once you wittle it down alot, hit it with Serges level 5 tech followed
by Razzlys. It should be enough to kill it. If not keep using your attacks
until it dies.

After hitting the switch backtrack and go down the stairs you opened with the
switch. Now go to the left and enter the circular maze. Go around killing the
bats, and up the stairs. Go to the machine inside and make it tail head body
with your characters. Go back and cross the walkway to the switch, hit it and
go back. Make it head body tail so you can get the chest  up top which
contains a good element. Switch your characters in the transporter, and then
use trial and error at the machine to get the walk way to the main switch
open. Now go up the stairs and across to the switch, hit it and go down to the
lowered platform. Hit the switch and exit.

In the main hall, go back this time to the top left room and follow it in. Use
the treasure chests to cross to the other side. Then open and close the right
and left one to make the platform move down to a walkway. Go to the otherside
and switch the chests so the platform moves to you and walk all the way
across. Go down the long corridor and a monster attacks.

BOSS: Bunnyip.

This guy is more or less a pain. Use red elements and just keep hitting it. It
has high HP but weak stats. Once it dies hit the switch.

Back in the main room go to the far right and choose south on the pillar. Here
hit the switch and exit this area by sliding. Back in the main room go in the
now opened elevator and a monster attacks.

BOSS: SunofaGun.

Low HP, it only has 365 but very HIGH defense and attacks. Beware. When it
smiles it's going to use a different attack. Sometimes it will cast Holy Light
and Blackhole which literally kill everyone so have a trap element ready and
use it if you can. Once it dies hit the switch and go up the elevator.

You are now in the area that was the same as your dream. Avoid the dragoons
and go back to that switch you know all too familiar. A monster attacks.

BOSS: Blob.

This thing is hard. Attack it for the most part with red and black elements.
Then it will open up revealing a black innate Eye with DEVASTATING attack
power. Don't let it summon Unicorn or anything like Blackhole unless you have
a trap. Kill it QUICKLY. Once it dies hit the switch and go around the
corridor to the teleporter.

You are now on that same old walkway from your dream.....and the doors are
there. Enter and go inside. Inside General Viper and Lynx are waiting. General
Viper attacks so prepare for a hard fight.

BOSS: General Viper.

Use PHYSICAL attacks only unless you want him to use Air Force twice which
will basically kill one of you off. It won't take too long, once he falls
defeated then watch.

Lynx will stab General Viper mortally wounding him saying his services are no
longer needed. He will then attack.

BOSS: Lynx.

 Unlike his shadow, he's the real deal. He has about the same HP as before,
but more POWERFUL attacks. Be sure to watch out for Anti White and use Holy
Light and powerful white magic on him before using Luminaire. This will finish
him off but then something really bad happens.

Afterwards, the FMV will start and Serge will stare into the Frozen Flame.
Suddenly he and Lynx will switch bodies and Lynx will become Serge and Serge
will become Lynx! When you stand up, Serge tells Kid to finish off Lynx which
she tries. You, who are now Lynx must fight your friends. This fight is
impossible unless you are on New Game +. You're meant to lose. Once this
happens, Serge will stab Kid with the Dagger, pooling blood everywhere like in
the beginning. Then he will send you to the Dimensional Vortex, a place beyond
space and time. He'll dissapear with Kid.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  7: Who Am I? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

You wake up in a crayon colored world. This is the Dimensional Vortex. Go ring
the tree to your right and a lady will come out of her house. Get in front of
the door before she comes back and you'll go inside. She'll introduce herself
as Sprigg, give you a runthrough of where you are and then join you. Save and
go up the hill. Push the boulder off to find a revive element. Climb all the
way to the top and enter the strange house. Harle will greet you and tell you
you are Lynx. She will go through various doors. If you don't go through the
door on the side she passes through, you'll go in circles forever. Afterwards
you will be outside.

In this area, take Harle and Sprigg and fight the enemies to gain more
monsters for Spriggs Doppelgang attack. Go all the way down the stairs to find
the hole out of this dimension. Jump down and you will end up back in Hydra
Marshes home. You can go through this vortex at any time. Once back home
travel to Arni only to see everyone frightened of your new appearance. Go to
Opassa beach to find the Amulet will no longer work. Head back to the village
and talk to your mother. She will tell you a story about your father and
leenas father of how they got lost in the dead sea. Afterwards chief Radius
will enter.  He'll say you aren't welcome and challenge you to a fight.

BOSS: Radius.

He's pretty tough. Use Lynxs Feral Cats and Clidehook as well as Blackhole if
you caught one earlier to quickly end this fight. Otherwise use strong
physical attacks and heal. Once he is defeated he will join you.

Head to Hermits Hideaway by going through fossil valley. Here the porre guards
will flee from the sight of Lynx. Afterwards head up to Termina. Here talk to
the Porre guard on the left side of town blocking your way. He will tell Lynx
to go find Sir Norris. Exit Termina after stocking on Elements, and enter the
Manor through the front gates. Go down inside the well to find Norris. Just
run around through the sewers and up the ladder to the inside of the prison.
Go over to the Prison cell on the far right and head in to talk to Norris.
After a long story about how Lynx had gotten Porre involved with the Frozen
Flame, Norris will join and suggest you take his ship to El Nido Triangle to
look for clues. Leave Termina using his ship and head out to sea. Don't go to
El Nido and instead head to Hermits Hideaway. El Nido is just a sidequest to
get a new character named Starky who you don't need yet.

Talk with Radius, and then set off to the island of Marbule. Spend the Night
and a Mermaid will ask to go with you to the SS Zelbess cruiseship. Head out
to the ship and go aboard. Go to the captains chamber and talk to Fargo who is
not himself. He has given up on life and secluded himself in a luxury ship
with Demi Human slaves and Gambling aplenty. Talk to the man downstairs who is
cleaning the dock. Follow him to the gate where the Pirate says that you need
permission from the captain to enter. Go up and talk to Fargo, who says you
must win him in a gambling game. Challenge him to the Casino and lose to him.
He'll win your ship which means you're stuck.

 Go outside to the door on the right and enter to watch a magic show. The man,
Sneff will turn this guy into a cat. Go over to the Inn nearby and talk with
your pals who think something is fishy. Go back to Sneff, and Volunteer to be
turned into cats. Leave after becoming cats and go inside the Kitchen to get
Leenas new Weopon as well as the cats window frame. Head back out and enter
the Inn. Go under the table and head upstairs to see the Demi Human rotating a
magnet which forces the Game above to be rigged. Take the handle off and
return to Sneff through a little hole in the wall. He will turn you back. Now
head upstairs and talk to the captain again. Challenge him once more. This
time he will lose, and he will return your ship as well as give you access to
the Grand slam. Go downstairs and talk to Sneff in his show room to have him
join you once he wins the jackpot.

 At the Grand Slam follow the Janitor around the hall back and forth until he
notices. He will attack you.

BOSS: Sage of Marbule.

It turns out this guy was the Sage all along. He uses all sorts of attacks so
preferrably hit him with everything. Use Lynxs heavy hitting attacks and
spells. Once he is defeated Nikki shows up.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8: Enter The Dead Sea <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

After the sequence with Nikki, he tells you to meet him. It turns out he is
the son of Fargo and wishes to save Marbule with a song. The Sage gives you
the Fiddler Crab. An item which will allow you access to the Dead Sea. The
rest of the quest here is best achieved in New Game +, I'll explain it later
on. Head out to the Dead Sea or if you don't have Miki yet talk to her in the
bar to get her to join. Once inside Radius notices the Evil Sword Masamune has
taken residence allowing noone to pass. He says something about Einlanzer, and
flashbacks to his training days with Garai. The Sword overcame him and took
away his will, controlling him to slay Garai. After Garai died, he threw the
Masamune away. Realizing he was red with jealousy he put himself to shame.

At Hermits Hideaway he takes out Garais Keepsake. Head now to Isle Of The
Damned. Once you arrive, enter the cave by defeating a nearby Willowisp which
will blow up the opening. Once inside, go up and avoid the Air Frame by
immediately making a U turn. Go down the skeleton and you'll end up on the
upper Ledge. Use Garais Keepsake on the Mirror to pass through. On the other
side go down the path and enter the door going to his grave. Radius will stand
there looking at his grave with shame and try to take the Einlanzer. Just then
Garai comes out of the Gravestone challenging Radius for his past mistakes, to
regain back his trust and the holy sword Einlanzer.

BOSS: Garai

He's tough very tough. Keep your HP up and watch out for his Double Einlanzer
attack it is devastating. He takes both Arcacia Dragoon blades and triple cuts
a character. Use only black elements as White will heal him and the others are
weak against his defense. After he finally falls, you'll recieve the

Go back to the Dead Sea, and the Einlanzer will make the Masamune vanish
completely. Enter the Dead Sea. In this area you have no ship, just walk and
head through Ruins. Make your way through the Highway Ruins till a large car

BOSS: Highway Man.

He's tough. Use really strong elements against Highway Man, and Physical
attacks. Make sure to keep the party healed, and use a Triple Tech if you have
it. It takes a while to kill and when you defeat it you can run across the

Once through the Highway, enter the City Ruins. This place is familiar... Go
through here grabbing what chests you need along the way. Then you'll see a
familiar setting. The Arris Dome.... and Tower Of Geddon. But what is it doing
here?? It's hard to explain...so enter and go up the stairs for Deja Vu. Go
through to the station and talk to the Geos who will wander through the
station gate and drop a pass. Go over there and pick up the pass on the ground
by pressing Square. Go through the gates and find Docs Medical Book. Give this
to him immediately to learn his Level 7 Tech Skill.

Go across now to the left and you will see an interesting Scene.
Marles....spirit will run over the area and out the other side. Only
Serge/Lynx will see her though. Spirit? Yes....Spirit. It's hard to explain
but technically it isn't her ghost because they weren't exactly
killed..anyway, go up the stage avoiding the maidens and get the Prop Sword.
Exit this area through the left hand corridor. Here you will see her again
running the direction toward the right. Follower her up across this area to a
strange room. You'll see the salty remains of General Viper and Company from
the home world....all the Dragoons are here except Dario hmmm strange. Enter
the Vortex and prepare for a shock.

It's.....the city. Leene Square???? Luccas home??! What's going on? It doesn't
make any sense yet....go to the reenergizer chamber and reenergize your
characters then save the game. Go to see that familiar lovely Nadias
bell.........completely DESTROYED. Lucca and Marle will both appear along with
Crono..... screaming at you.......calling you a Murderer......a Future they
all tried so hard to desperately save.....has been obliterated by
you....Serge.....the dimensions are now split up and no longer in Harmony and
this world is now known as Time Crash Ground Zero......However it wasn't
OBVIOUSLY Serge who did this, since Serge is well, Lynx obviously but

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 9: Destiny Of The Chrono <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

...A mysterious mans voice calls out. It is Miguel, Leenas Father still here
not aged a bit after all these years....Something is obviously going on here
though, Serge couldn't have done this....he doesn't have the heart to do this.
No but Lynx does..... Lynx in Serge's body! Suddenly it all starts to become
clear.......Lynx will do this........and render things obsolete. However more
importantly Lavos has already seen to that. He caused Lynx and obviously
created him using FATE as his Pawn..just as he did many other things. The very
structure of time itself is now in danger because of Lavos....... Miguel tells
of how the Crono Gang stopped him in 1999 but at the same time unknowingly set
something in motion which would rip apart the timeline. It split it into
dimensions creating...alternate worlds and realities if you will, and Lavos
used Crono and his friends to cause this. It succeeded in erasing them
completely from Existance....making it impossible for them to be here. However
a leak was found in Lavos plan.....something very unexpected. If you're ever
to set things right then now's the time. Miguel will challenge you so the
distortion can be reset.

BOSS: Miguel.

Leenas father is VERY hard. He will attack with HolyDragSword which can
IMMEDIATELY kill someone if they are not well prepared. Use lots of healing
spells and attack with BLACK Innate magic and powerful attacks. Lynx is really
useful against Miguel because of his color. After a long battle Miguel will
fall defeated and tell you of how this came to be.

Lavos was sent from the Sky at the time of the Dinosaurs... in reality he is
just an alien... a small useless biological lifeform...But with the power of
FATE and the Frozen Flame, he grew to MUCH MUCH more.... a super entity
capable of devouring time itself. Now resetting all the dimensions, lapsing
everything into pieces and creating alternate dimensions as a result......
making the time continuum utter chaos. Although they did succeed in defeating
him it also destroyed the time Axis of which he had gained control of using
the Frozen Flame. The Crono Gang was wiped from existance leaving nothing left
to stand in its way...... all except Serge. He even was able to merge with
Magus's sister to become the Ultimate biological lifeform. Schala...who was
dead in another timeline had handed over the Frozen Flame creating utter
chaos. Schala was the Goddess known as FATE......and through the flame spawned
a alterior lifeform in Lynx.....who was someone comprised of another Human and
Panther flesh. She also though......without totally giving into Lavos was able
to call Serge across dimensions using all her power to try and stop him and
save the very space time continuum itself. But now the only way of undoing
what Lavos has done, is to not just defeat him but find the ultimate device
known as the Chrono Cross. FATE or rather Schala erected a shrine to the
Chrono Cross before creating El Nido in the Ocean. The shrine is in Divine
Dragon Falls and only one with the Dragon Tears can obtain it. The device is
the only thing capable of undoing all the dimensions...merging them back into
one continuous timeline and possibly saving Schala in the process. Thus
Serge's destiny lies ahead as the true Chrono if he can face the challenges

Afterwards the Dead Sea is swallowed up along with everything else and sucked
into Oblivion by Schala/FATE who didn't want the Frozen Flame to fall into
anyones hands...being loyal to her master Lavos (or partially loyal). The Sky
Dragon however luckily saves you in time and takes you to Marbule where he
leaves you. Your next quest is obvious......obtain access to the Sea Of Eden
(the version which isn't destroyed in Anothers world) but first of course
you'll need the 6 sacred Dragon Relics of which you get for defeating the
Dragon Gods.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 10: The Six Dragon Gods <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Leave marbule and head to El Nido Triangle. Here go down the stairs and find
the cave. Get the Star Fragment and leave. Go to the Sky Dragon Isle. Here
instead of the Dragon you will find Starky. Engage it in battle.

BOSS: MegaStarky.
He is fairly tough, so use black Innate Magic. He has about 3000 HP and a very
bad mega attack if he uses it which is 4 times the power of Radiation so watch
out. Use Lynxs physical attacks a lot and if you have Sneff some of his Techs.
Once Starky falls he'll join your party.

The Distortion is now set back. But before going you should fight the Water
Dragon and Green Dragon which are both in this dimension as well as the Earth

Head to Water Dragon Isle again and if Rosetta didn't already see if she will
give Razzly her level 7 tech now. Go inside fighting the Lagoonates on the
way, and the large Water Spider. Then challenge the Water Dragon to a fight.

BOSS: Water Dragon.

To beat it use high level Red elements like Inferno and Magmaburst and heal
after Tsunami. Keep fighting it and gradually it will fall. Trap Deluge or
Iceberg if you can. Then take its Blue Dragon Relic as well as the Blue Whale

Now head to Earth Dragon Isle and speak to the man. He will talk about large
rock things. Go down to see what he means and then talk to him to get him to
make you explosives. Leave the area.

Now sail to Hydra Marsh and go to the left and up. Fight the Beeba Beeba again
to get the Ancient Fruit now go to the right and call the Wingapede. It will
take you to Gaeas Navel. Once at Gaeas Navel speak to the girl and she will

Head to the left, avoid the prehisteric cavemen and only fight the insects.
Keep going and fight the Pteradactyls on the way which are found high up. Go
around to the left 3 times so you circle around. Eventually you will hear a
roar and Leah will say something is up ahead. Run in the brush toward the
south and a monster attacks.

BOSS: Tyrano.

To beat it easily, use a lot of Blue Elements and physical attacks. The
Pteradactly isn't tough either. Watch out for Tyranos Chomp Down because it
can really hurt unprepared characters.

Afterwards continue on and face the Green Dragon, which attacks. Have Leah
equipped with Yellow elements and a healer also.

BOSS: Green Dragon.

It will use Green Field which disables some Yellow elements so be careful. Use
High level Yellow Elements and attacks as well as summons like Blue Whale to
easily defeat it. Watch out for Chaos Breath and Carnivore which gives a lot
of status effects as well hurt the party. If you can catch Carnivore and Sonja
if he uses it. After it falls you get the green relic.

Head back and Leah will join, leave to Hydra Marsh and exit. Go to earth
Dragon Isle and the guy will be done with the explosives. Get some from his
partner down below and continue. As you enter this area set the explosives on
the turtle directly right of you so it falls on the sand boil. Then go to the
left and fight the turtle there, defeat it and push its shell on the next sand
boil. Then go to ground level and fight the last turtle, and push its shell.
Now go to the middle sand boil and jump in, letting it shoot you up. Save and
then inspect the sand. The Earth Dragon attacks.

BOSS: Earth Dragon.

It isn't too tough, don't use Leah though and have some Carnivores on hand if
possible. Steal a Yellow Plate from it if you have mel. Keep attacking it, as
it will use ThunderStorm and EarthQuake consecutively at times, so make sure
to use Heal All when that happens. Its physical attacks are really weak, so
just concentrate on wittling it down. Once it is defeated take the Yellow
Relic and ThundaStorm summon.

Afterwards, head to the Opassa beach and go to Another world. Go up and
through Fossil Valley. Then head to the boat and take it to Hermits Hideaway.
Here Evil Serge and Kid will show up and attack, but Polly and Fargo will save
the day. Fargo will then join you and you can go back to home, or take the
quest to rescue Riddel. Take Anothers Fargo to Home and on the Cruise Ship
Zelbess talk to Homes Fargo. It will set sail after a chat to Marbule to free
the island.  Nikkis concert will happen and you will have to kill all the
Lagoonates to wake the Black Dragon. Afterwards you get his level 7 tech skill
Invincable. Go back to Another and talk to the Black Dragon, which attacks.

BOSS: Black Dragon.

This guy is tough. Immediately have Fargo steal his Black Plate for later use.
Then use Invincable almost immediately and have Lynx use his White Magic and
attacks. Have the other character heal. This will be a long fight. Afterwards
you'll get the Black Relic as well as the Grim Reaper Summon.

Head to Mount Pyre and put all the Blue Elements you have in Fargos slots and
the other characters. Go upwards to the place where the Lava splits and head
to the right instead of up this time. Here fall down the lava and go
underneath the corridor to a new room. Follow this area around while avoiding
the monsters. Once on the other side heal and talk to Fire Dragon again. He
will challenge you.

BOSS: Fire Dragon.

This guy is very tough. He starts out as the same normal size you met before.
But then he merges with his Salamander friend and becomes the real deal with
flying wings! Be sure to hit him down to about 100 HP left if you want to
steal the Red Plate. There is no other way you will get it. Watch out for Fire
Breath and Inferno which he will sometimes cast consecutively. Using Blue
Whale will also really damage it, so charge up. Also using Frog Prince if you
have that will devastate it. After it is defeated you get his Red Relic as
well as the Salamander Summon.

Return to Sky Dragon Isle this time in Another.Talk to the Sky Dragon with all
your relics and he will challenge you.

BOSS: Sky Dragon.

This is the toughest of all of them. Not only will he cast the most powerful
spell there is UltraNova, but he does White Breath along with Holy Healing
which can heal almost 999 HP each use! Make sure to use Lynxs level 7 tech
Forever Zero and a lot of black spells so you can build up Grim Reaper which
will devastate the White Dragon. When it casts Null State beware of casting
elemental magic because it will usually miss. If you can trap UltraNova, trap
it at least 4 times to use these for Serge. Also if he summons Unicorn trap
that, it's a VERY good spell. Keep this up for a while and he will finally be
defeated and give up his White Relic as well as the Saints Summon.

Now with all 6 Dragon Relics, speak to the Shaman in Anothers to get the
Dragon Emblem and enter the Shamans tent in Guldove in Home. Steena will join
you as well as give you the Dragon Tear.

NOTE: That the next part is where you battle with Dark Serge, so if you wish
to continue skip down. However this right here is the quest to save Riddel,
something you need to do to get fargo.

Saving Riddel: Go to Anothers Termina and enter the Bar. Go to the back to
talk with Zoah and Karsh who tell you more events that transpired with the
Porre military and Lynx. They will also give you the tear of Hate. Now exit
and Norris will come in. Follow him to Viper Manor. Find him in the chambers
on the far left side and he will tell of the secret entrance below the sewers.
Go down and find it. Once inside, run along fighting the monsters and down the
waterfall. Go up this staircase here and turn the valve to close the water
way. Now go back into Viper Manor using the well. Back in the sewers cross the
now calm water. Go around here fighting monsters as you go and run to the left
underneath the bridge. Go to the area in the back hit the switch. Then go down
inside the water and climb along. Open the valve so the water gate gets out of
the way. Get on the other side of it, and close it again. The Roachester

BOSS: Roachester.

He's pretty tough because of Bugkamikaze. Make sure to use Cure All a lot and
if you can a Summon. After you defeat it go up the ladder and on the far right
hand side knock the bed so Fargo comes out of his sleep. He lets you up inside
and frees himself and the other prisoners. Go to Riddels cell next store and
talk to the Porre. Hell Orcha attacks.

BOSS: Hell Orcha.

The only thing to worry about here is Spice of Life. Just beat him with Blue
Elements that's about it. After he is defeated he will turn back and join you.

While escaping however, the Porre attack. Defeat them and then face another

BOSS: GrobyC.

He's tough because of Hair Cutter. Use a lot of White Elemental magic. Once he
falls finally he will join you.

Then a giant Robot is let loose and chases you away. It attacks.

BOSS: Gulliot.

Just use strong black and green elemental attacks. It will wear it out. Then
it reactivates and chases you.

BOSS: Gulliot.

Do the same as before, but regardless it always reactivates. GrobyC finally
steps in and crashes the Chandelier destroying it once and for all. Escape out
the window and GrobyC joins you officially.

You now have every character for your party at the SS Zelbess.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 11: The Battle With Dark Serge/Lynx <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

As you return to Fort Dragonia in Home, you have an unwelcome reception. Use
the Dragon Tear to open the gate. Dark Serge waits in the elevator, and is
ready to turn you to goo.

BOSS: Dark Serge/Lynx.

This guy is tough. Black elements will heal him. Red don't hurt him. Blue
hardly scratch him. White is the best bet here but it will be tough. Lynx can
still use his Forever Zero on Dark Serve and hurt him badly however. Dark
Serge can do the same. Concentrate mainly on physical attacks in this fight,
and use Steenas Techs and healing power. Trap the Volcano and Blackhole
elements unless you want quick death. After he is defeated go down the

Here put the Big Egg you found in Fossil Valley hopefully on the machine along
the south. It will hatch into Draggy a new character. If not you can always do
it later. Go back up the elevator and to the top floor.

Enter the familiar surroundings until you reach the transporter and go back to
the top room. Enter the doors and watch Serge alone in a brilliant FMV where
he is reborn again as a baby and becomes his normal self. Afterwards a being
speaks about Lavos who is probobly fate, and then dissapears.

As Serge back to his normal self, you are ready finally to enter the Sea of
Eden. Save before going inside and using the Dragon Tears to open up the Fate
Distortion. Then Insert Disc 2.....

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1: Enter The Sea Of Eden <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

You find yourself in a strange realm......with 3 outlying islands and a large
heavy shielded center. The Islands are called Past, Present and Future......a
very Curious place. Go to the Island as Past first and read its lines which
clue in on the events that have transpired and caused this to be. Exit.

Enter the second island the Present, which give a great revelation at what is
happening now and the destiny at hand. It then spins off like the other

Enter the third island the Future, which seems to reveal what is coming to
pass, and the future of this world which lies ahead predestined by
FATE........or not to be. Then FATE calls forth a being to attack you to test
and see if you are ready.

BOSS: Vira Unus.

It's named differently depending on what order you spoke to them. The easiest
of course being the correct order, Past, Present then Future. Regardless it's
going to be a tough fight. It will use Red Field, Yellow Field, Green Field
depending on what element it's planning. And UltraNova, Inferno and all the
powerful elements to attack. Your best bet is taking it out immediately. Have
Serge use his Level 7 Tech Flying Arrow early in the battle to get the Saints
Summons started, then the others help out. Once Saints is summoned, there will
only be one part remaining. Defeat it to destroy the creature.

Once it's defeated, the strange storm the Goddess seemed to put around the
center Calms and Serge reaches the center, known as Time Fortress:

Once inside listen to the Shadows talking about an Experiment gone wrong.
Continue up the walkway where a huge robot will attack.

BOSS: Polis Police.

Hard enough to sweat. He will use Megaton Punch which Is NOT his most
devastating Attack Bazooka is, but it still can knock out a party member. Be
sure to use Mag Negate on everyone for this fight and if you stole the White
Plate have it Equipped to Serge. Use 3 black elements and summon Grip Reaper
to get this guy good. Make sure you keep it up and heal or you are toast. Once
he dies continue onward.

In this area, kill the Robots and enter the sewer system. Use the mini robot
to obtain Cure Alls and extend the platform on the other side. Walk across and
go up. Hit the switch to open the doors. Kill the robots and continue to the
next rooms. Here go to the left and talk to the shadow standing on the dock.
Then save and go back to the elevator. Go to the stairs on the right and up to
floor  2. Here have GrobyC in your party go in the room near the lasers to get
his Strong Arm. There is a safe in here you CAN NOT open. But remember its
location. Go to the door on the left and enter speaking with the shadows. They
will tell you of the El Nido archipelago. Go in the back and get the Rainbow
Shell. Hit the switch on the top left panel to unlock the level 2 lock. Now
you can use the elevator. Take it to the third floor. Go inside the left hand
door to speak to the shadows and see an interesting device called the Time
Trigger being demonstrated. Grab the elements here and fight the Robot to get
an element in back. Go back out and go to the right hand side and see them
talking about brains. Fight the Robot in the hallway to get another element.
Come back out and go to the fourth floor. Now go speak with the Shadows in the
room on the right. The experiment will begin soon. Go back to the man on the
dock and he will leave to the experiment. On the fourth floor, enter and learn
how the Records of Fate were created by fate to record all events in the world
of El Nido in the Ocean south east of the Zenan continent. Then fight the
Combots and watch out not to go berserk.

BOSS: Combots.

All 3 will use a red element attack which causes the party to go berserk. If
you can summon a monster to end this fight before it happens. If it does, you
won't have control over your party and the Combots will probobly be destroyed

After they are out of the way, get the Keycard which will open the way to the
basement finally. When you touch the panel on the side you hear a familiar

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2: Destiny of the Chrono Revealed <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Voice is Kids. She's talking with you and Magil in another timeline. These
words and memories are from Radical Dreamers, a game developed on the
japaneese satellite view and part of her group she led which was a band of
thieves. It sounds starkingly similar to the diologue spoken in Fort Dragonia.
You realize Kid is more than she seems. Afterwards head back to the 3rd floor.

Here examine the consoles to find out information on Lavos and the Mammon
Machine, which originally was the source of the transformation. Apparently
Queen Zeal of the Zeal Kingdom an evil witch and apprentice to Lavos, threw
Schalas body outside of the Space Time continuum where Lavos went and merged
into the biological lifeform, after she had become Goddess of the planet. It
also explains the relation between the Mammon Machine and the Reptiles
Dimension known as Dinoopolis, which was lost in a time crash. Because of
these events, Azalas kingdom was erased and the Dragons were sealed away.
Because of Lavos and FATE the Dragon God was supressed inside its world.
Schala/FATE never meant for it to happen...but under the influence of Lavos
intentionally brought it about. Apparently during the time of the dinosaurs,
this Kingdom of Zeal was where the time crash occurred. Further information
reveals that Chronoopolis may have been sucked back through time as a counter
balance against Lavos....or was it set up? Eiteher way, enter the basement and
hear an all too familiar greeting from the "fate" computer. It welcomes Serge
as the Chrono Trigger....inside Fates embodiment Incarnation Lynx awaits.
Finally something comes together.

Apparently only 6 years after the events of Chrono Trigger (not 20 this is
only when Serge reaches 17 not when the game begins) Wazuki and Miguel went
out on a quest to save Serge from the Panther Demon poison....and see the Sage
of Marbule to help accomplish this. It was not to be however...instead they
washed ashore here and Wazuki and Miguel came and found the Frozen
Flame....... which Serge came in contact with in order to heal his body. But
it changed Wazuki........into something frightful and the fate computer system
was damaged during the storm releasing the hold it had on the seventh dragon
whom Lavos and Schala intended to suppress as well. So the system recognizes
only Serges body as the Arbitrer or the Chrono Trigger. He goes on to say that
Lucca Ashtear created the fate computer system as a upgrade of the Mother
Brain.....technically it is only an extension of Schala/FATE herself, but in
these terms Lavos had other plans. He when he saw the boy known as Serge, was
sure he had another Crono on his hands. So he ordered the termination of Serge
by his father....who went under a transformation and became an incarnation of
fate..........which would mean if he died the fate computer system would die.
What exactly happened? Haven't you figured it out? The Frozen Flame turned
Wazuki into Lynx... Wazuki IS Lynx.......Serges father..but more importantly
an Incarnation of fate......to be used by Lavos and Schala to destroy him.
During the time of the Mammon Machine Dinoopolis was sucked into the future
but supressed by fate, so during the Time Crash Lavos sucked Chronoopolis to
the past by using FATE/Schala to serve as a counter balance for Dinoopolis. In
case it resurfaced...of course Chronoopolis won the war with Dinoopolis before
it was suppressed along with the 6 dragon gods. For before the FATE computer
system....the entire sea of El Nido had no land and was known as the Sea Of
Eden. It was ruled by the Dragon God and devoid of humans. However Lavos who
technically used the system and FATE herself to create a world for his race to
dwell....hadn't known that his servant was plotting against him. FATE/Schala
had her own counterbalance...subconsciously she called Serge across the
dimensions and even CLONED herself to be able to guide Serge on his journey.
This form is the good wholesome Schala we all know and love... this form is
simply known as Kid. After Project Kid, a lot of things got out of hand
including the fact that Lynx was now loose upon the world and Lucca and her
friends got erased from Existance. As well as Kids home getting burned down by
Lynx....apparently Lavos had some idea of what was going on, and sent Lynx to
kill Kid as well knowing very well that the Clone of Schala could upset his
plans for domination. But of course, he didn't know about the Chrono Cross
shrine which was undetected by his minions. Sadly, Miguel got used in all of
this by FATE/Schala to serve as a watch guard for the Dead Sea, regardless of
how badly he wanted to return to see his daughter. Now after finally seeing
your full Destiny unfold before you very eyes... prepare for the fight of your

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3:Battle With Dark Serge/FATE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The voice of Prometheus calls out to destroy the FATE
computer........Prometheus is actually Robo from Chrono Trigger...Then the
FATE Incarnation challenges you for all life.

BOSS: FATE Incarnation/Dark Serge/Lynx

This is going to be very very tough. Your father is much more tough then
Leenas.....or is he even really that anymore. It will count down from 5 to
0....... using powerful elements along the way as well each time....this makes
using summons very hard. Once it reaches 0, beware! It shoots Dark Energy
which zaps the whole party for mega damage. Use Magnegates constantly and hope
to Summon Saints.....this will really put a dent in its life. Make sure to
heal CONSTANTLY. It will count down from 5 to 0 until it dies, unleashing Dark
Energy multiple times. It has 5000 + HP so it will take a while. After it is
destroyed, he's gone forever and the FATE computer system fails......leaving
all the Dragon Gods to roam free once and again and Dinoopolis to emerge from
nowhere. Schala/FATE unable to suppress them any longer, the Dragon God merges
into one and flies deep with in its castle.

After the long FMV Dinoopolis emerges completely as one gigantic structure in
the sky towering above everything else: Terra Tower. All of Sky Dragon Isle is
literally gone. Kid tries to touch the Frozen Flame and is knocked into a
Coma. Harle says something about "I didn't want to fight.." and dissapears.
Now you are back on the SS Invincable discussing with the others of how you
are going to enter that thing...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4: The Journey to Terra Tower <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Take Starky in your party and go to Termina. Stock up on Red Elements, a lot
of them, and head out to the El Nido triangle. Talk to the fisherman who talks
about a strange craft and a monster who doesn't take normal attacks down
below. Go underwater with the fishing boat and enter the Triangle.

Below take the right path and fight the Spike Fishes along the way. Continue
around the corral until you can go down. Here take a circular path starting at
the left and going around to complete it. Fight the water spiders on the way
and make short work of the fish swarms. On the other side pick up a Rainbow
Shell. Now go back and enter the corridor going towards the center. Clear out
the fish in the way and destroy the water spiders.

Once you reach the center you will see Starky's Space ship still intact and a
large monster  blocking the path. Walk up to it to start the fight.

BOSS: Royal Jelly.

This is weird because any Physical attacks you give to this thing are invalid.
It will be 0 0 0 no matter what you do to it. The ONLY way to defeat it and I
mean the only way, is to use pure Red Elements. These should be well stocked
up, so start casting. Once in a while it will use Whirlpool, but if your
characters stats are high it shouldn't do too much. However this will be a
long fight because you have to gradually wittle it down with Red Elements.
Once it finally dies, enter Starkys UFO.

Starky talks about the Anti Gravity Device still functioning on his ship, and
says that we can attatch it to the boat. You'll be in Chronoopolis. Save and
then get in the ship to reach Terra Tower. A nice FMV plays on the way as you
arrive, and the ship soars through the air. However leave the tower and go
back to Starkys UFO again. This time check around the  UFO for a hatch only
Starky can enter. Let him go down and look for stuff, mostly useless junk he
says but then he finds his Level 7 Tech in one of the barrels. Now return.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 5: Inside Kid's Coma <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Now head to Hermits Hideaway and speak to Radius. You will find Kid lying on
the bed in a Coma, and the only way to get her back is to enter her dream.
Masa and Mune show up along with Doreen who suggest going inside using their
power and rescuing her from Lynx in the past. Serge and friends agree and
enter her Coma.

Inside is a burning building everything is in flames because of the Lava Boys.
Talk to Gato from Chrono Trigger who tells you that he couldn't do anything
and to please save Kid. He then dies. Go to the top clock in this room and
press Triangle L1 Triangle R1 X to get Kids Level 7 tech. Then fight the Lava
Boy. After the battle a kid will thank you and say to free his friends. He
gives you a Rainbow Shell. Head into the door.

Inside defeat the Lava Boy to get the item behind him. Then go up the stairs
to the left. Here read the memos on Luccas desk and find the Ice Gun in the
back. Break it free and take it next door. Defeat the Lava Boys and head
outside. Defeat the Lava Boy here and the kid will thank you and you can get
a Stardust Cape. Head back to the main room and go down below.

By this time Masas power will run out and you'll have two characters left. Go
down the hallway and outside. Use the Ice Gun on the flames ahead of you and
in back and avoid the Lava Boy. Go inside the burning living room to find Kid
and Lynx..the familiar FMV from Kids flashback will play and Lynx will burn
the house to the ground. You escape with her and she asks you to never leave.
Then you have to return..

When you exit, Kid comes back to her conscious self. She says she just drops
out at mysterious circumstances and wakes up without a scratch. You then hear
Radius say Luccia has a present for her in Viper Manor. Leave to Viper Manor
with Kid in your party.

Go to Luccias office and speak to her with Kid. She will explain she was a
friend of Luccas who was Kids sister.....in a way. She was the clone Lucca
helped create. She will then give kid a letter from her and she will begin to
read it and cry. In it Lucca explains that she has a very important purpose,
and to never forget it in this world that the day will come she must liberate
her true self from the bondages of hate (she's speaking of Schala from Lavos)
and that she must not give in. Kid can't believe it and wants to know why she
left. After knowing this she rejoins.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 6: The Battle With The Dragon God <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Enter Terra Tower and the palace of Dinoopolis the place where the Dragon God
lies....Go down the main hall way and the Yellow creature will attack.

BOSS: Terrator.

Use mainly green elements against it, it isn't too tough to defeat. Be aware
of Omega Yellow. Use a summon if neccesary. For defeating it you get a Yellow

Continue down the hulking structure and huge hallways to a gigantic maze. Go
across the large stone blocks until one collapses and you fall deep into the
bowels. You end up in the area with all the water. Terra Tower is inhabited
entirely by reptiles, no other form of life exists here. Start following the
long stretches of land around the area and make your way to the walls you must
climb. Take time to go down the left and right forks and follow the long
stretched out walkways around and get the treasure chests. They contain
Rainbow Shells and other important items. Keep on walking and fight the
reptiles if you wish along the way. Go back to the wall enclosed area and
start to climb each one by going up the vine along the sides. Switch from side
to side to side as you make your way upwards. Collect the chests to recieve
Rainbow Shells.

Keep going along the outside corridor till it branches in two and heads down.
Walk across this area to find a large face statue. It will talk to you asking
if you are worthy to accept the path you choose. It is the spirit of Azala.
Continue walking and you'll be in a large area with huge roots. Start climbing
up and going around this maze taking the time to fight enemies as you go. When
you reach the top, enter and go along the wall and continue climbing up. Each
area you climb you find new items and more enemies. Terra Tower goes on for a
long long ways so prepare to climb. Keep going up and down the steps and
stairs, and collect the Rainbow Shell as well as fight the reptiles for
experience. As you make your way to the top of the room, get the element in
the chest below you. When you climb the vine, you'll be in a room with many
blue squares and hall ways. Keep going across them to find treasures, as well
as some good elements. Fight the Reptiles along the way and go to the northern
area to see a monster blocking the way. Touch it to initiate combat.

BOSS: Pyrotor.

This is pretty straight forward, he will use red elements so attack it with
blue. Use Ice Blast and Deluge mostly, and if you can Blue Whale and Frog
Prince Summons. He will use tablet to heal himself 3 times, so just keep
attacking and he will be destroyed. Watch out for his flaming tech. You get a
red field element from him.

Keep going down the hallway he left behind and walk up and around avoding the
shadows if possible. Follow this maze of cracked steps and chests to find
several Rainbow Shells and elements. Then find your way to the left hand side
and enter the door. You'll be in Viper Manor again. Run across the corridor to
find out what's going on. Inside will be Crono and Belthasaur. Talk to him
again and he will explain the  7th Dragon FATE originally planned to suppress
was in fact Harle. Which means she was the Dark Moon Dragon. He will then hand
you the Time Egg. Crono will tell you there is little time and then dissapear.
Exit the area and go back to the crossing. Cross this place and enter the
hallway above where you will see a green colored creature blocking the way to
an elevator. Walk up to it to initiate combat.

BOSS: Anemetor.

He's pretty tough. He will use not only high level Green Elements 4 times in a
row, but Heal Plus to heal himself as well as Omega Green. Watch out when he
does this it can really devastate. Use mainly Yellow elements including the
summon ThundaShake to hurt him really bad. Afterwards he will use one last
ditch attack which can really hurt so watch out. Then it dies leaving behind
the green field element.

Continue up the elevator it protected to find yourself at a very strange area
with 6 colored elements surrounding. Record these as these are the order you
must use the elements and then the Chrono Cross to free Schala/FATE from
Lavos's grasp. Go through the large hall and enter the elevator.

At the top you will be in a strange place with different colors. Go to the
save point and save your game. Two light pillars stand piercing the sky over
the tower. Run to the right first, and equip all your heavy hitting black
elements. Equip the white Plate and get past the blowing wind machines which
blow you off course. Enter the teleporter and teleport to the other side to
face a white creature.

BOSS: Luxator.

With the White Plate, this battle will be easy. If not it's going to be tough.
Use your high level black elements immediately, and summon Grim Reaper if
possible. Luxator will sometimes attack consecutively using Holy Light, Ultra
Nova and then Omega White which can literally annhialate the party. Make sure
to heal at the end of EACH turn. Don't use Serges techs because it will heal
it. Serge should get healed by all of Luxators attacks except Physical. He
hits pretty hard too. Be sure to trap some of his elements like Ultra Nova
before he dies. He leaves behind a regular element.

Now go back all the way to the left and run to the left. Enter the portal
after getting past the moon enemies and get in front of a large black
creature. This guy is tough.

BOSS: Gravitor.

Make sure Serge is equipped with the Black Plate. Gravitor tends to use
Gravitonne followed by Free Fall followed by Black Hole, after it attacks
physically. It will then follow it up with Omega Black, which is fatal to
Serge. Use Diminish and all of Serges techs on the boss, since Serge should
get healed except by Physical attacks. Also use Magnegate on the party and
this should slow him down. Make sure to use Ultra Nova and Holy Light alot,
along with Photon Beam. A strong physical attack helps as well. Afterwards it
leaves an element.

Return to the main area and enter the now disabled doors. The beams of light
are also gone. Run around the insides of the room and up to the top of the
last elevator where you will see a blue creature blocking the way. Touch it to
initiate combat.

BOSS: Aquator.

He's pretty tough, but not as much as Gravitor and Luxator and definitely
easier then the others. Use mainly Red Elements like Inferno and Magmaburst,
as well as Red Wolf if you could capture it from Pyrotor. Summon Salamander if
possible, and beware of Iceberg and Deluge, as they tend to hurt. Keep your HP
up when it casts Omega Blue and then hit it with strong Physical attacks. It
leaves behind a blue field element.

Afterwards go up the elevator. You will be on Sky Dragon Isle again, you'll
recognize the long staircase. Start running up it and you will see the one and
only....... Frozen Flame. A FMV starts and the Frozen Flame will start
changing colors. Apparently the Dragon God is now keeping the Frozen Flame
since the FATE computer was destroyed. Suddenly it will fly down and protect
its prize, telling you that mankind must perish for its sins. Then it will
challenge you.

BOSS: Dragon God (A Time Devourer)

This is a very, very, long and intense fight. The Dragon God has 17,000 HP and
can attack with every element there is, depending on what Innate color he
currently has. To make it simple for you, save Serges techs till it turns
Black, keep your HP up and use all your summons. The Dragon Gods weak Physical
attacks are nothing to worry about except when it swoops down on the party
occasionally with its Dragon Dive. Cast several Green elements at the start,
as the first element the Dragon God will turn to is Yellow. After it takes
enough damage it turns to Yellow innate. Use Tornado, Sonja Carnivore and of
course Genie if you can. It then turns to a new color, the order of the Chrono
Cross. Red innate. Use IceBerg, Deluge, Iceblast and Frog Prince and Blue
Whale if possible. Keep your HP up when it swoops down. Trap its Red Wolf
summon if you can. It then turns to Innate Green. Use your highest Yellow
innates meaning, Earthquake, Thunderstorm and Upheaval. Also summon
Thundashake and Golem if you have it, or trap it from the Dragon God. He may
also use Omega Yellow here so beware. After the damage is taken he will switch
to Innate Blue in the realm of the Water Dragon. Use high level attacks of
Volcano, Inferno, Magmaburst and Red Wolf if you caught it. Also summon
Salamander if possible. Then he will switch to Innate color Black in Marbule.
Here he is tough. He will cast Gravity Blow, Gravitonne, Hell Soul, Free Fall,
Black Hole and sometimes follow it up with Omega Black so be prepared and have
the black plate equipped to someone. Use Serges Dash and Slash tech to really
devastate him. And also Flying Arrow. Afterwards he will revert back to White
Innate again, back at the top of the tower. He will swoop down on you and
summon Ultranova as well as use Holy Light, Meteor Shower and Omega White,
which can really hurt regardless. Keep fighting and keep your HP up to win
this battle. Use the Grim Reaper summon if possible.

At this time, the Frozen Flame will be lost between time....and the entire
Dinopolis will transform again, into a huge Phoenix and stand in midair. Your
characters will say their ending Diologue then leave to go to Opassa beach.
For right now though don't go there.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 7: Conflicting Paths <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Head to Hermits Hideaway and use the Ice Gun or Breath if you have it on the
hot patch of ground. Then take Poshul to the other world to dig it up. You'll
find a character named Veginon which is basically a vegetable. Now leave the

Head to Shadow Forest, and if you took Nikkis quest from earlier then when you
get to the hole with the bugs, follow one through a smaller hole on the right.
A man will emerge and give you a mushroom. If not just kill the wraith and he
will come from the hole on the other side. Take this mushroom to Lisas father
underneath the waterfall and give it to him. He will turn into Funguy after a
funny sequence. The only way to get him back to normal is with the frozen
flame so he joins.

Take Funguy to the area near the mushrooms to get his level 7 tech. Then go to
the other world and visit Lisas father to watch him freak out at seeing
himself, apparently in a coma about Mushrooms. Leena will say there is
probobly something that can be done to Lisa as she walks in to her fathers
room. Then leave and go to the Manor.

In here take Neo Fio and Veginon in your party to the very top. The two will
start talking to eachother and after a short sequence Veginon will get his
level 7 tech skill. Give the prop sword to Pierre to increase his attack by a
huge amount and the hero sheild to increase his defense. With this Pierres
Cyrus Punch won't miss.

Head to the SS Invincable and find Pip hiding in the bottom closet. Follow him
around and he will join again. You can develop this creature like a Pokemon
and get better Techs depending how you raise him. Check a comprehensive FAQ on
Pip for more information.

In another world, go to the Fossil Valley to pick up Skellys skull. Now head
to Hydra Swamp in the cave in the north east corner and check the ground for
his good backbone. Head to Isle of the Damned in the cave at the top for his
Ribcage. Then head to Guldove and talk to the element trader to recieve his
Pelvic bone. Head to the area under the waterfall in shadow forest to find his
Angry Scapula. Head to water Dragon Isle and check the floor around the area
of the pile of chests to get his Mixed Bones. Take this back to the lady in
Termina to reunite Skelly with his Grandma. She will thank you after of which
Skelly will join.

Take Mojo back to his master and talk to the cats in this order: The bottom
left, bottom right top left. Then do it in the other world. You will get his
level 7 tech from the spirits, and he will be renamed Mojoy after breaking the
evil curse.

If you don't have Draggy, go retrieve his egg from Fossil Valley and hatch him
in the machine of Fort Dragonia.

Go back to Guldove in Another and show Orhla her Green Brooch. She will join
automatically. Talk to Doc in home to get her level 7 tech Sisterhood, and
reveal a huge plot element. There will be a lot of tears exchanged.

Head into Termina, and recruit Zappa the blacksmith. Go back to Marbule in
another, and speak to Toma to get the Papyrus window frame and the guy on the
far left to buy the great hammer. Take this to Anothers Zappa to forge a
Rainbow axe, and gain the ability to make prism equipment the strongest
equipment in the game. Use smith spirit to forge at any time. Take anothers
Pierre to homes Pierre to watch something funny.

With Nikki in your party, visit Homes Nikki and learn his level 7 tech skill
which can really hurt. If you haven't, give Doc his Medical Book to learn his
level 7 tech skill. Take Steena to Isle Of the Damned and inspect the
gravestone of Garai. His spirit will give her his shadow afterwards it turns
into her level 7 tech.

Take Leena to speak with her grandmother in home to recieve her level 7 tech
skill as well as some story. Take Steena to Hydra Marsh in Another's world.
Travel up to the area where you fought wingapede. Along the way you'll meet
some goblins. Kill them all off and the beeba gives you fruit. Continue up and
jump in the large hole. The spirit of the Hydra, Dehydrate will appear in
another world and you will have to fight it.

BOSS: Dehydrate.

Have Steena use her Garai shadow tech against it if she has it, and the other
party members heal. Have Serge attack with powerful white spells. It has a
couple of bad attacks so heal and watch the diologue. Afterwards Steena will
receive her Level 5 Tech skill. I had Janice in my party when I did this to
get some text.

To get Greco and complete his sidequest, go to him in the other world after
Viper Manor. Talk to him and he will say that he wishes to right the wrongs of
the world and joins you. Now, in Home world, kill the Wraith near the boulder
with Greco in your party and search around the hole. You should find Ghetz's
shirt. Ghetz was Greco's brother and died of a horrible accident of which
Greco feels responsible. Later during Disc 1 after traveling to the dragons,
revisit the place in the other world to find a mysterious Ghost, the Ghost of
Ghetz he will give Greco his level 7 tech, and if you have his shirt on he may
say something interesting.

Now head to Opassa beach with the desired party members you would like.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8: The Battle With Lavos <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Enter the beach and find what's this..... Lucca Marle and Crono?!??? Yes it is
them......apparently something has been undone if they are here..or perhaps
they are still shadows?? Either way talk to all of them and read a long
history about Lavos and the cloning of Schala. Lucca will plead that Schala
can be saved, and begs Kid to do it. Take the Time Egg and enter the end of
darkness of time.

BOSS: Lavos and Schala/FATE (Time Devourer)

They made this battle extremely easy in a lot of ways, by making Lavos so slow
so people would actually have a chance of getting the best ending. But, in
this mode you may not have what it takes, and if you didn't get the Chrono
Cross (which I haven't explained yet) chances are you won't. Lavos will attack
with all Innate Elements, sometimes using several Omegas in a row. It is
pretty bad when he uses Thunder Storm and Tornado twice in a row so heal when
neccesary. However if you have the right items you don't HAVE to heal making
it simple to concentrate on the ending. You won't even have the chance to have
them at this point though, so just gradually take down his HPs. He has 17,000
+ and will die very slowly. Once he starts to wittle down he will attack
faster and more consecutively. Lavos will never once attack physically for one
reason or another. Keep on having serge use Physical attacks and concentrate
on healing with another character. After a long time, it will disperse being
sucked into the outer realm. After which the credits roll and a very stale
ending will ensue. Once all the credits have rolled, you'll get an option to
save. Opt to save and begin on a brand new Adventure.....

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 9: New Game + <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

This option opens up after beating the game. The great features of this mode
are plentiful and give a huge extended replay value to the game itself. For
one thing, you now get something special called the Time Shifter which
controls the speed of the game itself. For another you get the Relief Charm,
which allows you to replace Serge with ANY character now during battle. There
are many many more bonuses of New Game + however... Such as:

1- The Ability to have the Time Egg at the start now allowing you to defeat
Time Devourer any time you wish.
2- Many Multiple Endings, and scenarios which reflect each.
3- The ability to carry over all items except significant plot elements to the
next game, meaning you start decked to the hilt with artillery.
4- The ability to carry over current status and HP level to the next game,
making your characters inifinitely stronger and able to have VERY High HP by
the end of the game.
5- The ability to fight Secret Bosses and other characters you may not have
had access to or been physically good enough to defeat at the time.
6- The ability to get very good secret items and other things not available.
7- The ability to forge Prism Equipment and equip it to your characters.

With that said, it goes without saying that New Game + is the best feature of
Chrono Cross. However with New Game + also comes Continue +, which is even
better in most respects. But first you must create a new save slot for it to
be used.

The advantages of Continue +? It continues over any previous normal game save
and gives you access to all the features available in New Game+, without
starting over and also gives you all the elements and items allocated from the
previous GAME, saved directly over to a new mode. Meaning, you are continuing
+ straight from your left off point. In this way it is perhaps most definitely
even better then New Game+ even is.

 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 10: Secrets Revealed <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

This will basically detail every secret not previously explored for any mode
in Chrono Cross, preferrably New Game + of course. We'll start with the basics
and move on down.

Chrono Cross: First of all, you can get this any time but you can't keep it
but once per game. You also need both Dragon Tears EACH game to get it. If you
take the Tear of Hate and Love to Divine Dragon Falls and put them on their
pedastal, you'll recieve the Chrono Cross automatically into your elements. If
you take it to Spriggs home Dimension and use it here now, you will gain back
EVERY previous character on your saves you have acquired, even Harle but you
have to do it 5 times.

Vipers Venom: In Viper Manor is a trick you might have missed last game, go to
the room where you found the Decor shield, and place it on the Man of Arms on
the wall to have them attack. You can defeat it in no time flat with your high
level characters. Open the secret door by pushing the statues in place. Then
hit the switch behind the guard on the wall to let the trap down. Behind here
is Vipers Venom, his most powerful sword that is General Vipers and a very
important Rainbow Shell.

Sidequest Karsh's Betrayal: Go to Viper Manor, and in the top right area
destroy the droid in the way and enter the chamber. Run across and upstairs,
here go around and push the statues in any order so they all fall into place.
A chest raises in the middle. Come from the top down on it and open to find a
letter from Solt and Peppor. They believe Karsh murdered Dario and are waiting
for him at Isle of the Damned. Travel there and enter Anothers isle of the
damned and come to the grave. Solt and Peppor will think Dario was murdered.
Karsh has a flashback to when he was fighting with him in training, and his
brother Glenn was there with Riddel. Karsh was overcome by Jealousy and the
Masamune made him strike out and kill Dario. Solt and Peppor then attack.

BOSS: Solt and Peppor.

These guys are too easy. Wait for them to use Earthquake for old times sake
and then kill them in one sitting with Supernova. Afterwards they run off.

Exit and leave to the Home dimension with Riddel in your party. Head to the
island with smoke coming out of it near the El Nido continent. It's called
Forbidden Island and a cabin stands alone on it. It will greet you with a
familiar face....that of Dario lodged up in the cabin. He will then not be
able to control himself when you  show him Riddels Momento pendant and the
Masamune will take him over to kill Riddel. Outside Radius and Karsh flash
back to what really happened. Karsh was jealous of Riddel, but he didn't wield
the Masamune it was Dario! Dario tried to kill Karsh with it, after which
Karsh was ordered to kill him but instead threw him over into the water. Dario
washed up on shore as the last surviving member of the Arcacia Dragoon Heroes.
He forgot all about who he was and the sword until Riddel showed up. Now it's
going to be a tough fight.


Dario is very very tough and can really kill off characters fast. But in New
Game+ you should now be more than strong enough. Use the Black Plate you stole
in the previous game on Riddel, as he will tend to use Conductarod
continuously to kill her, and she is a white innate after all. Keep using
Ultra Nova and high end White Elements to really finish off Dario. He has
around 3550 HP. His Physical attacks will be weak now so just keep plummeting
him. When he slouches, use another Ultra Nova to finish him off. After he is
defeated he gives up the Masamune which turned him evil, and Masa and Mune and
Doreen come together once again.....this time to become the Mastermune. Serge
then recieves this weopon which doubles all his attacks in damage and the
curse of the Masamune is broken for good. Later at the mansion, Dario will
start rebuilding it and give Riddel her level 7 tech skill.

 Sidequest Riddle me This: Here have Serge, and any non green innate in your
party. Equip the yellow plate, and enter Earth Dragon Isle in another's world
and head to the same place as the Earth Dragon was in home. The strange
creature who caused the Quicksand to leave when he flapped his mighty wings to
enter here will emerge. He will introduce himself as the Chrisophynx, and
challenge Serge to a game of wit and skill. Accept and prepare.

SECRET BOSS: Chrisophynx.

Chrisophynx has a inquisitive mind and will give Serge riddles instead of
fighting him if you want. However what you want to do is fight him so ignore
the riddles. They are all elements. He has around 13,000 HP so this will be a
long fight. However at this stage, it won't be that tough. Chrisophynx will
cast Earthquake followed by Thunderstorm followed one minute later by
Earthquake and Thunderstorm. Remember yellow elements heal him. This won't
kill off the party however, and it will heal the character with the Yellow
plate. Chrisophynx's physical attacks are rather weak, and not much of a
problem. He'll continue this pattern throughout the battle. Just use Tornado
and Carnivore and Summon Genie or even ThundaStorm if possible at times, to
take off good chunks of HP and wittle him down gradually. You won't know when
he's near Death, but have Serge basically attack him about this time with the
Mastermune and he should be almost finished. After he is defeated he
congradulates Serge saying they may meet again and leaves behind the very good
item, the Sunglasses. Equip these immediately as they boost the defense or the
wearer immensely and attacking power as well. Leave the island.

Sidequest And now Gain the Prism Armor: With the sunglasses equipped, and the
Blue Plate if you have it sail to the curved islands south of El Nido. Press X
to enter like you did with Forbidden Island. This strange place is called the
Bend of Time and allows you to fight any monsters from previous adventures
within. It however, serves a much more valiant purpose now keeping secrets
that are valuable. You can practice some if you wish, it doesn't matter. When
you are ready enter the door at the back which is now unlocked and talk to the
giant monster. He will tell you to run 3 laps clockwise around the room. Start
running the whole room clockwise and at 3 he will stop you. Suddenly, the
voices of 3 familiar mysterious Mystical Knights will be heard they will fall
from the sky and attack you mocking your disposition.

SECRET BOSS: Ozzie, Slash, and Flea.

You will be in a area very familiar......as you fight Lavos in it. The
Darkness of Time. The 3 mystical Knights from Chrono Trigger will attack you
at  once. These guys are tough so heal up and use strengthen and Magnegate.
Flea will use her attack "The Stare" which puts every character into
confusion, sleep and berserk as well as hurt the whole party. So it's a great
idea to kill her off first. Ozzie will then immediately use Mag Defend which
makes every character invulnerable for a period of time meaning every attack
will miss regardless. Wait it out and regain control of your characters one by
one. You can't really build elements since every attack misses, so use the
elements sparingly. You must wait out Mag Defend until it wears off. Keep
using heal spells and Strengthen while your elements aren't used up though to
make it easy. Once Mag Defend wears off, have Sprigg with her Forget me not
pot if you have her at least kill off Flea. Once she's dead the other two
won't be too bad. Considering one character is healed by Slash's Omega Blue
and Blue elements, only his Physical attack can hurt them. Kill Ozzie off
next, so he doesn't use Mag Defend again, which he usually does. After Ozzie
is dead, concentrate all your attacks on Slash and use Red Elements like
Salamander Summon. When Slash falls, Sprigg will be able to Doppelgang all 3
literally if done correctly. You get the Dreamer's Sash, Ozzie's Pants and the
Slasher for defeating them. Also during battle you can get Fleas Vest, but you
have to have Kid or someone steal it.

Afterwards the large monster will congradulate you, then challenge you to a
game of memory. He will say he is thinking of a number of laps and give off a
hint like its less then 20 or more then 10 or 5 every time it is random. Then
he will give you 3 hints, chances to guess the number. If you fail, you don't
get another chance! By random luck of the draw, run around the room the number
of laps he is thinking. If you get it, he congradulates you telling you got
the number he picked and giving you the Dreamers Sarong, which starts the
wearers Element power at 8 when starting a battle! This is by far the best
item ever. Equip it to the person with the summon and go to the weak monsters
near the entrance of the bend of time. Start the battle and have the character
cast the summon on the group of monsters. Depending on what color summon, you
get different Shiny Material.

Salamander= Shiny Ember
Saints= Shiny Salt
Grim Reaper= Shiny Soot
Blue Whale/Frog Prince= Shiny Dew
ThundaStorm= Shiny Sand
Genie= Shiny Leaf

Now switch the Dreamers Sarong to another character, and enter battle with the
Summon they have. Continue until you have at least 6 or more of each Shiny
Material. Now you have the rarest items needed to forge the one and only Prism
Equipment. Exit the bend of time after gaining some new monsters with Spriggs
forget me not pot.

After getting Zappa back and redoing the sidequest, he can forge you all Prism
Equipment. Choose to make Prism Armor and Helmets first, then Spectral Swords,
Guns, everything else there is. Don't do Prism Swallow since Mastermune is
stronger. Make a Prism Armor set for each character. This increases their
defense tenfold and makes healing spells not needed. This is very important
for the final battle.

Sidequest On The Ship: Head to the SS Zelbess cruiseship, with Sprigg and her
Forget Me Not Pot. Head to the Grand Slam. By now you should have monsters
powerful enough to beat Janices monsters. Pick Ozzie or Slash or Flea if you
have them in your Doppel gang list. Beat her second set of monsters as they
are the hardest. Use a high level monster from the bend of time, like Scorpion
and Combot. These guys will devastate the Cybot, the main problem as it has
high defense and uses beaten earth. Take out both it and the SpearFisher to
easily win this fight. Once the second fight is over, the rest is easy. The
problem is you may not have had these monsters before hand to beat them. Now
face her last set of monsters, nothing but a Cus cus, Cassowary and a
Airframe. Use a high level attack on the Air Frame or just a healing spell to
instantly kill it. The others aren't even a challenge. Once they are defeated,
Janice joins you to go find monsters. If you speak to the guys, they state
there is no more monsters of your calibur to fight against. Leave the ship.

Sail back to the Bend Of Time with Janice in your party, and speak to the Blue
Purple monster in front. He will reminisc about some things and greet her
after which you'll get Janice's level 7 tech What's Up Doc. Next take Janice
to Marbule and speak to some people to find out some interesting diologue.
Speak with the guy in blue to get something important.

The Safe Puzzle: On Disc 2, enter the Chronoopolis and return to the second
floor where the lasers are. Enter the room and open the left most locker only,
now put the code 16 in the locked safe. The code releases allowing access to
the most rare element in the game now, the Recharge element. This element
allows you to recharge any previously used up elements during battle so that
they can be reused again. And it is consumable, so you can use it until it
runs out.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 11: All The Endings <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The last secret is of course all the endings. Depending on what circumstances
you beat the game as you see a new ending. Altogether there are about 16
including the normal.

Ending 1: Programmers Ending. To obtain this ending, simply do nothing but beat
the game with Serge alone. You will end up in the funny Programmers Area which
is basically Viper Manor. Talk to alot of the sound and music designers and Kid
to change your name. Listen to the Soundtrack and watch FMVs and cutscenes from
the game. There isn't too much else. A funny guy in the room where you find a
save point is in the bed. He will reset your game. Do that to get out or just
reset it yourself. The weird thing is there won't be any actual programmers
anywhere at all. Go to that area where you meet General Viper and there is a
door. Apparently the door is now completely locked. Apparently no one believes
the Door can be opened or think it would be by a certain event, but there are
some still out there who have not given up on the door. Since there is still
some sort of glitchy character sprite on the other side, that gives an
indication there might be something over there. Personally I have no idea about
how to get into the door if there is a way, but I am definitely interested in
the phenomenon. Just as no on believed in the Triforce in Zelda 64, someone
managed to get it anyway with the Gameshark and a totally new game so I won't
give up on the door the same way. My lines are always open, so if you have any
information regarding the mysterious programmers door, or a rumored method to
get to it to test out go ahead and email all of it to me immediately at
[email protected]

***UPDATE ON PROGRAMMERS ENDING*** The most secretive and thrilling thing in
Chrono Cross is about to be blown wide apart by yours truly, and some of the
best hackers in the world. We will have a special walkthrough evolved
specifically for the puzzles in the programmers ending, how to do them, and
also gameshark codes which AIM to please. Forget walk through walls, we have
the way to force every door open there is in Chrono Cross, and with only one
single easy step. We will also divulge to the public anything and everything
about what lies behind the mysterious programmers door, and why the programmers
locked it up, tucked it away and denied its ability to be opened  including
never before heard of or seen RAM Pictures in the memory which a GS hacker saw
when right at the top of the stairs and viewing inside his VRAM Viewer or
Memory editor, things that include pictures from Chrono Trigger. If you have a
Gameshark PRO and think you can help us then you are welcome to email me
[email protected] ******BIG UPDATE****** We have a person with a Gameshark
Pro, and are working on the code as we speak! Plus I discovered another
sequence you can do in the programmers ending (leading to the opening of the
door!?!) all will be revealed in the upcoming FAQ dont miss it!!!!!!The FAQ is
done and in the Chrono Cross section!!!! Go read it now, what are you still
around here for?!?!?!?!?

Ending 2: Magical Dreamers Concert. To obtain this ending, you must have both
Razzly and Nikki in your party, and be before you fight Lynx. In it, Serge,
Kid, Nikki, and Miki all perform a concert in Termina. Razzly is seen as the
mascot. Afterwards Lynx is found overlooking the world from Fort Dragonia.

Ending 3: Life at the Shop. To obtain this ending, do Leenas whacky character
quest but before going to Viper Manor beat the game with her and Mojo (or
whoever) it will show Serge with Lisa in the shop on Anothers Termina who are
now running the shop themselves, when Leena will show up very jealous. After
exchanging words with Lisa and leaving, it shows Solt Peppor and Pierre going
to fight Lynx in that familiar surrounding, only to never be heard from again.

Ending 4: Life as a Fisherman. To obtain this ending, do not go to Termina, but
beat the game with Leena and Mojo (or whoever) and Serge will wake up on the
docks of Arni in a fishermans boat. He and Leena talk about how he became a
Fisherman, and decided to live out his dream then they talk about getting
married when Kid walks in. She exchanges words with them and then leaves to
battle Lynx alone. She of course kills him off and then takes the frozen flame,
becoming ruler of El Nido and leads the Arcacia Dragoons off to victory against
the Porre army and the Zenan continent.

Ending 5:  Life as a Fisherman 2. To obtain this ending, decide to go to
Termina, do not have Kid in your party and refuse her offer continually. It's
basically the same, except Serge arrives in a boat after catching the rare Arni
fish(the swordfish?!?) and mingle about their lives, then Kid walks in from
behind unnoticed. She does not say a word to disrupt the scene, then it moves
on back to Kid taking care of Lynx herself and using the Frozen Flame to
conquer the world.

Ending 6: Korcha's Proposal. To obtain this ending, simply beat the Hydra Marsh
choosing to save Kid, do not have Razzly in your party, and accept Korcha's
proposal. The shop scene with Leena will begin and Kid whom argue, and then
Korcha will all of a sudden show up!! He will then propose his marriage to Kid,
who unknown to him, has already stepped out of the room completely! Then Macha
walks in, and Korcha ends up proposing to his mother! Afterwards, Pierre, Solt
and Peppor will as usual appear in Fort Dragonia.

Ending 7: Korcha's Somewhat Proposal. To obtain this ending, simply beat Hydra
Marsh choosing to save Kid, do not have Razzly in your party, and refuse
Korcha's proposal. The shop scene with Leena will begin again and after they
argue, Kid will chew them out when Korcha shows up!! He tries to come out with
some words for her, but stumbles on his own tongue in the process!! Kid unable
to understand exits, and the scene shifts back to Solt, Pierre and Pepor as
usual in Fort Dragonia.

Ending 8: Life in Marbule. To obtain this ending, beat the game right after
exiting the temporel vortex. In it, Lynx and Harle will be in Marbule with the
Demi Humans worshipping them. Lynx and Harle will lead Marbule into a new era
and the scene shifts to the dead sea in home world with Zappa Fargo and Radius.
They are facing off against Dark Serge. It fades out with them and Kid in the

Ending 9: Life in The Manor. To obtain this ending, beat the game right after
rescuing riddel and do no further sidequests. You see General Viper descending
the center platform, with Norris as the Chef. They are preparing for Lynxs army
which is going to attack any minute. Then you see Fargo, the Four Devas,
Arcacia Dragoons and everyone fighting monsters on the lower docks of the SS
Invincable preparing to face Dark Serge. Then Harle and Lynx are talking about
how she never stayed in one place very long because they were always travelling
around the world. Kid then runs in thinking it's Lynx and it fades out.

Ending 10: Life in Chronopolis. To obtain this ending, beat the game right
after Harle leaves the party, but don't do any sidequests or fight Dario. You
see Kid and Dark Serge at the entrance to Chronopolis. Kid holds off the party,
and tells Serge to go ahead on through. Harle comes in who had left your party
and tries to persuade kid to fight Dark Serge. She then ends up fighting Kid
and it fades out. Then an old man comes in the far left of Termina to consult
the records of FATE but you see it apparently glow a bright black and then the
old man shocked, run out.

Ending 11: Life in The Manor 2. To obtain this ending, simply beat the game
after beating Dario and getting the Mastermune before fighting FATE. You will
see General Viper come down from the ceiling and talk about the Orphanage which
is now Viper Manor. You'll see kids running around everywhere and they will
joke around a bit. After of which you will see Dark Serge and Kid entering
Termina. They go into the bar, and order drinks which is apparently owned by
the four devas. Kid will talk smack along with Harle, as Starkys alien friends
arrive who want to destroy everyone. Later after they are done drinking, Dark
Serge tries to pick up the bar tab and is ripped off. Marcy and Karsh reminisc
as the screen fades out.

Ending 12: Kid's mysterious savior. To obtain this ending, simply beat the game
with whoever without saving Kid or going to the island or anything, or before
giving her the humor. The shop scene will begin with Lisa and Leena in their
heated arguement, but Kid will never show up. It then cuts to another new scene
where it will
show Norris, from Porre is actually the one who saves her from the Hydra
Poisoning. After of which, the usual Solt and Peppor Pierre Fort Dragonia
comedy hour will begin.

NOTE: There is no ending called 'Fate of the Dwarves'. Fate of the Dwarves is
actually an in game event, which is passed over by almost everybody. It was
once going to be an ending, but instead became a way you can change the game.
Check the Japanese FAQ for details.

Ending 13: Wrath of the Dragon God. To obtain this ending, simply beat the game
after beating the FATE Incarnation. The Dwarf Chief will be at the Dinopolis in
the sky with the Dragon God, who wants to eliminate all humans. The Sage of
Marbule has his doubts. All the humans are driven out of Arni and the other
lands as Harle walks around picking up bellflowers and lays them on
Serges gravestone who apparently had perished.

Ending 14: The True Ending. To obtain this ending, you will need to use all
your wit and skill which you will hopefully not have any problem with now.
Equip Serge with the Chrono Cross, Dreamers Sarong and allocate all Elements to
their proper slots including the Recharge element. Make sure Chrono Cross is on
slot 8 or it will not work. Once this is done, enter the battle with Lavos.
With the Sunglasses and Prism Armor equipped to your characters, you
will not have to heal plus you will be open to use elements as much as
possible! Now you can obtain the ending. Just make sure your 6 elements are
allocated in the level 1 and 2 slots of every character. Wait until Lavos
attacks. Then go in order as quickly as possible, making it in the correct
order Yellow from Serge, then Red from the next character or if you don't have
Serge someone else then after Red, Green with the third character, then Blue
with Serge, then Black with the next character then Immediately white with the
next character. This will seal Lavos's spells making him unable to attack until
you use another element apparently... which means NO heal spells. Now defend
back and forth between character 2 and 3 without switching to Serge yet. After
2 defends, since Serge has the Dreamers Sarong his power will be back at 8.
Switch back to him and use the Chrono Cross. The Melody is
complete, causing Schala to split from Lavos entirely and sealing up the Alien
in his own making once and for all. Then the real ending ensues, which you
deserve for all that work. Without any spoilers, go out and view it yourself.

Ending 15: The Fake Ending. You should have gotten this ending before most
likely, it just shows the Lavos die with Schala and the Credits roll showing
mini FMVs. It isn't anything else.

The more endings that are found, the more I put up. They say you get a slightly
different ending with Razzly and her Quest if you opt not to get Nikki. I'll go
see. Who knows that's half the fun. There is literally endless combinations and
ways to test things out and do things to see if you turn up another ending. As
for the Programmers Ending, can you save the game when you go in here? No
because it is a playing environment where you can play instead
of a regular ending. There is no way to save.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Japanese Chrono Cross Version FAQ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

 A lot of mysteries lie beyond seas, what I mean is what we in the USA get,
may never be the same as what they get. Who knows what kind of games they
play? What do they enjoy? And what are the luxuries that they are left with?
These seem like boundless questions that are lost in time, but in this FAQ we
explore every facet of their culture in an attempt to uncover what the US
wants to know.

 Like many of you, I am a hard core gamer who enjoys playing RPG games for the
playstation system. I have often wondered myself what kind of things the
people on the other side of the world get that I don't and took it upon myself
to find out more. I imported several different games that suited my standards
and played them endlessly in hopes to uncover something. I didn't discover
much, but I discovered them to be better games as a result of trying. I found
that Japan seems to have a quality to it in its games and in its shows that is
never brought or makes it over to the USA. Take for example, Final Fantasy 7.
Japan gets a special cave in the Ancient Forest which contains a removed FMV
(among other things) and Squaresoft, doing what they've always done opted to
port it without any of those things. What we get in the US version, is never
the same as Squaresoft originally did. Some gamers complain the USA gets
ripped off. I think otherwise. Why? Well read on.

In every instance in history Japan has never had any reason to give any
consideration to the US. We dropped the Atomic Bomb, they didn't. We caused
hostility during the vietnam war, they didn't. Of course these are nothing but
real life situations in the past which can't be changed or controlled. I'm
simply raising the arguement of perhaps we did deserve this. And besides,
Japan is such a different demographic then our country that they can't
possibly keep everything they do in their games to the USA. Mostly because it
isn't regarded as "fun" or "interesting" and is more of a pop icon. Yet in the
process the US gets ripped off. So there's the explanation. Now getting back
to the topic, Chrono Cross in particular is the next game to make it to US
shores incomplete of its original stature. After some time, I began talking to
some real japanese people who had the game. They revealed some interesting
information which can be taken as pure speculation to the average US citizen.
Read below to see what I found out.

1- Are there remnants in the game left out from the port over to US shores?
According to a conversation this was taken from retcepsbro: "Beat Time
Devourer by using all elements in order of Chrono Cross then use Chrono Cross
to obtain special ending" "I have the import version so that is probably why."
Conversation with gamma bahamut: "I have heard this character (insert name
here) say this and this when completing this event. There is this story piece
they talk about here and here and I am not sure if it works in US"
Conversation with Rarner: "I found book which is the official sequel to Chrono
Crisis. It is written by Hoshino the guy who did Chrono Cross story." "I am
american but live in Japan." "You can get the book only in Japan." retcepsbro:
"amazing that means they changes it. same thing they did with Incredible
(chrono) Crisis" gamma bahamut: "I do not know if it work in US release sorry"
Conversation with alexandros: "That picture is actually of Serge and Schala in
it. I have official artwork guide it is called "The Missing Piece" and I got
it off ebay. It only available in japanese." Anonymous: "I also have the guide
and Kid/Schala is wearing wedding dress" From my conversation with these
various ethnic individuals, I can answer yes. From US speculation, I can
answer no.

2- How do I obtain this ending/secret/character plot/story in the game?
There is no way. You don't. If it is anywhere, it lies in Japan. To go into
this further we look at the status of the game Chrono Cross. Sure it is
famous, but did it really sell as well as Japan? No It didn't even get close.
Japan was ready for this game as soon as Chrono Trigger was finished.
Technically, when something doesn't sell well in one country Squaresoft will
end up removing something by default. This is almost unavoidable. Below is
what has been said about the above subjects:
"The frozen flame then shatters as Dragon God wriggles in pain and is sucked
up into the other dimension. Schala comes free and has her eyes closed.
Belthasaur shows up in Neo-Epoch and takes Schala to it. Belthasaur talks to
Schala in japanese on the trip in the epoch. Kid whispers "Mother..." screen
fades out black and fin. This is 13th ending."
"characters are more developed in my game. I learned about grobyc and luccia
are brother and sister and grobyc is killed by porre army. All characters are
more developed and say more things"
"In my book it shows Schala and Serge in a wedding. It shows a closeup of the
picture on Schalas desk and in it is that. I see closeups of everything
including that pendant very clearly. the book is called "The missing piece". "
"I have read part of the book Chrono Crisis. Hashino talks about all plot
story not mentioned in Chrono Cross. He fills in all holes and gives sequel.
It is very good and we have it in japan."
Other things noted to be included in japan:
A specialized soundtrack CD.
A large official CC guide which the US doesn't have.
Radical Dreamers for PSX.
Chrono Trigger for PSX with new endings and cutscenes.
Large specialized poster.

3- Do you have any more information where I can get this stuff?
What are we seeing here that we haven't seen before? Everytime Squaresoft
pulls something like this the US just has to move on. The answer is you can't,
unless you go all the way to Japan and move there which some people actually
do. Or you could Import, but you may need things like a MOD chip and the like.
The only other information I can give on this subject is a website currently
under development by these japanese individuals and ethnics. I will update
this FAQ later with the address, links to the pictures and things of these
items, and a specialized interview with each of them I will conduct to get to
the bottom of this. I personally believe what they are saying, but without
enough overlaying evidence the US can not believe it. Which is what I intend
to do.

4- Can I get this special stuff anywhere?
Look, you can't it isn't there don't bother wasting your time you don't have a
chance unless you do something like above. Now this issue is over. I will
update it more when I have the chance and the information. Feel free to send
me any and all feedback regarding this issue so we can address key points and
see how this all fits together. If you are japanese, you will need to get a
translator for you so you can write and I can read it.

Now here's something interesting. I talked to someone on the CC board who
seemd to actually know what he was talking about. This guy is named "Master
X". Master X says: "I know I havn't posted here much so I will probably be
regarded as an unreliable source but here goes. I actually had the jap version
before the US and after reading a faq before playing the game actually thought
this was the last boss(because of the typical last boss style nusic) and did
the whole elements in order thing and use chrono cross and nothing happens(I
have also tried your way of doing it in all element areas). I just have to say
this to the person who started the rumour and gave a description of the
ending. After using the chrono cross on the dragon why hell would Schala be
released from it? She's merged with the Lavos spawn and not the dragon. The
13th ending rumour is an absolute pile of steaming brown stuff(that good
enough for you scensors?) and was made up to get a laugh at at the poor saps
who believe its expense." Once again, there wasn't actual SCREENSHOTS or
something to back this up, but it sounded pretty logical. Now keep in mind
this guy HAD the game, yet these other people are stating it is impossible or
next to it to get the elements in the right order while fighting the Dragon
God...?? Interesting can someone smell two sides of the same story??? But
which one is correct?? That is what has yet to be determined. It actually
looks solid from BOTH angles, is the truth. We have two very DIVERGANT
Testimonies which cancel eachother out. Do we know if it is/is not possible
with theories?? Nope but we have more then enough to continue. Now here is
something really interesting I found out. Emerelda said the following: "OK...
I'm just uploading the pic... you can notice that Mamacha is married with
someone else NOT being Orcha since her name is linked by 2 green lines to
someone else... to prove it just look at Marge and Wazuki.

2 green lines=husband and wife
red line: blood relationships
violet lines: other kind of relationships

the link is:

Chrono Chris:
in the japanese version Macha was named Mamacha, so her husband is Papacha ^_^
I've mostly played the japanese version so I often get confused with the
names..."  This is really interesting for two reasons: One she has the import
version, and apparently this Ultimania guide does exist, and two it explains
things the USA NEVER gets to understand, like the fact that Macha married
someone else etc plus there is actual HARD evidence here, which makes it not
speculation but fact. This CONFIRMS for the very first time that there ARE
differences. The other thing I heard about was a total of "3" different
versions of a certain ending stated when Emerelda says: "TYPE a:Kid is in your
party and Korcha proposed
TYPE B: Kid is in your party but Korcha didn't propose
TYPE C: Kid isn't in your party"  Now I don't think this part matters, since
you can find these differences in any game you have. It's just something
thrown in for extra.

Upon closer examination of the Ultimania guide, I have verified that Razzly
and Rosetta ARE sisters yet nowhere here in the USA do we find that out, which
proves beyond a shadow of a doubt japan has differences from the USA. Also,
Marcy and Nikki are in fact brother and sister and what retcepsbro said about
it on the CC board was true all along. In fact, after inspecting the guide
further I also found an unexplained blood line: Meaning GrobyC is actually
completely alone all the way out in the middle! He has no connections at all.
However this line the guard talks about in the japanese version presumably (I
have never seen it in mine) states that GrobyC is the brother of Luccia, in
FACT GrobyC is dead, he's a cyborg so he is incapable of blood relatives. So
whoever was GrobyC beforehand would have to be Luccias brother. That being
said, there is proof beyond all doubt that japan got stuck with differences.
Finally my take on the other things: There was more character development in
the game in japan then the USA, and this document here has proved it
completely or if you didn't see read above again. The 13th ending which I have
not seen proof on either way to close the case COULD be possible is my current
thoughts dispite it being believed to be a rumor. In other words, it could
have been done with gameshark and codes or another way someone hadn't thought
of. I need to see full proof before I draw conclusions on that. In addition,
retcepsbro has not lied on one account in all details he has splurged on the
game, including the facts of Marcy and Nikki being brother and sister, GrobyC
and Luccia also being brother and sister and other events people denied
existed. What we have found here is that japan and the USA indeed DO have
differences, and as it may, there is no resetting the game back to normal, and
getting the Complete Chrono Cross anymore. I have found a Chrono Cross
Millenium edition is apparently coming out, but I doubt it will be anything
more then the same rehashed stuff. To check it out go to
http://www.rpgfan.com. More on this when the interview continues next. Finally
more information on the CC Ultimania guide, and artwork book "The Missing
Piece"! Articles about them and where to buy them can be found here:
http://www.otaku.com/cgi-bin/khtml.cgi?p=new.khtml. So the USA didn't get the
same as japan, should we feel bad??? Maybe maybe not. We may not get the whole
picture here anymore, but I am working on a project which will give the full
picture to us(america) right now, my other FAQ I have been working on is a
fully translated Text version of Radical Dreamers clearing up all interlying
confusion on Guile and the mystery surrounding him. My friend is working on a
game now, based off the actual book Chrono Crisis with all the same attributes
it had and even more including japan cutscenes USA never saw, and much much
more since rarner has not ever gotten back to me with screenshots of the book,
this new guy who is working on Chrono Crisis will have full screen CAPTURES
from the book since he owns his own copy and the game will reveal all the
mysteries about Harle, the Dragons, and all other events that the USA got
cheated out of. Finally, soon we will know if the 13th ending is not possible
or not. My friend has gotten someone to debug the import and check all the
cutscene slots, if it's found in there will determine its prescence. More
information will continue to pour in here.

Unfortunately, the long awaited 13th ending was a rumor after all in the end.
Retcepsbro finally admitted to the lie after much coaxing from his friends.
No such change actually exisits in the japanese version of Chrono Cross. There
are in essence 12 endings, which are already known. But don't fret completely
over it, for we have something even better to now look forward to!!! The long
awaited Chrono Cross Programmers Door FAQ is completed and ready for viewing in
the CC section as we speak. This will be the premier and largest Chrono Cross
Programmers Door FAQ so be sure to keep checking it. Also, that surprise I was
telling you about is here: New never before seen scenes in Chrono Cross and how
to obtain each of them!!!!!

Bring another leena to home cape howl. Conditions: kid must not be in your
and it must be after you visit guldove after overhearing glenn talking to the
stall lady, and before you change into Lynx. You will witness a funny scene
between her
and serge.

Bring another kid to another cape howl. Conditions: leena must not be in your
and it must be after you fight karsh, and before you infi trate viper manor.
You will
witness a scene where Kid asks Serge if you remember. If you answer yes, then
will tell her about the dream about kid getting killed by him and kid will

Thanks to BubbleBobby2000 for both of these great new scenes, and check here
future and even more new Chrono Cross secrets the USA never knew about!!

Are you guys ready??? Well the surprises are here.

Bring Zappa to see Karsh in home world to witness a scene and find out what
happened. Conditions: Must be after turning into Lynx before fighting Miguel.

Bring Guile to see Sneff in home world on the Zelbess to find the truth about
his 'bad debt'. Conditions: Must be after turning into Lynx, before entering
Sea of Eden.

Bring Sprigg with Guile to see Sneff in home world on Zelbess to find the full
story regarding the original gambling bet. Conditions: Must be after turning
into Lynx before going to ??????? Note: Still pinpointing exact requirements.

Bring Serge and whomever to Another Fort Dragonia without Kid in the party by
choosing not to save her and never picking her up from Guldove. Lynx will talk
to Serge almost in third person, followed by Kid being stabbed. Conditions:
Must have chosen not to save Kid and not have traveled back to home.

Bring Sprigg to the Fortune Teller after coming back to learn more about her
mysterious past. Condition: Must be after turning into Lynx.
Bring Greco to the Shop Owner outside of the Shrine in Another world to find
out more of his mysterious past and learn what caused Ghetz's death. Condition:
Must RECRUIT Greco while you are Lynx.
Bring Pierre to Zappa in Another world to learn about his 'big debt'.
Condition: Must be after regaining Serge's body.

Bring Pierre to Zappa's wife to learn more about his big 'debt'. Condition:
Must have both Karsh and Pierre and have gotten Serge's body back.

Bring Pierre and Karsh to Home Zelbess to see Solt and Peppor and learn about
his former 'role'. Condition: Must have recuited Sneff and have gotten Serge's
body back.

Bring Harle to see Sprigg and find some funny sequence. Condition: Must have
recruited both and have gotten Harle back by the Chrono Cross.

Bring Harle to Marcy to see a funny scene. Condition: Must have Harle in
current party before she leaves.

Bring Harle to Kid during her coma to witness something funny. Condition: Must
have gotten Harle back through the Chrono Cross.

Bring Korcha to 'element trader' in Another World to see a funny scene where
Korcha tells the Mermaid to escape. Go back a second time to witness the
Mermaid has escaped her tank and fled the city! Condition: Must have recruited
Korcha and have Serge's body back after Terra Tower appears.

Bring Norris to people in Termina during Porre Takeover. Condition: Must have
Norris and Serge's body back.

Bring Glenn with Karsh to Isle of Damned to learn what his brother did.
Condition: Must have recruited Glenn and have not fought Dario.

Bring Glenn to fight with Dario and learn what happened to his brother.
Conditions: Must have recruited Glenn and gotten Serge's body back.

Bring Marcy before Fargo on home Zelbess to find a hint of why she is his
daughter. Condition: Marbule must have not been saved and the concert already

Bring Korcha to girl in Termina after Porre Invasion to see a rejection.
Condition: Must be after Terra Tower appears and have recruited Korcha.

Bring GrobyC before Norris in Home to find a tidbit of who he is. Condition:
Must be after Porre Takeover and before rebuilding Viper Manor.

Frozen Flame Diologues:
Currently I am 50 percent done with all the diologues of the people in front of
the Frozen Flame. Check back for the rest! Below each one is my speculation of
what it means. Be sure and send feedback on these mysteries!
Razzly: "I can hear the voices of the trees and flowers. They are no different
from the humans in fact they are the same. We are all life born from this

I think what she means is basically the "humans" and other species have a
futile useless conflict which should have been resolved instead of instigated,
but I may be wrong.

Glenn: "You have no right to say such a thing! I am my own person! I will
choose my own destiny with my own strength...."

No I do not believe Glenn is referring to denying his existance as Frog! The
easiest solution is it's referring to how he always attatches to his brother
and not live on his own, something that was bothering him if you talk to him
with either Karsh or Riddel after defeating Dario.

Riddel: "What an awfully sad light... As long as we are alive, it is impossible
to avoid partings. If that is so, then perhaps it would be better if one did
not meet others at all... Excuse me? No! It cannot be... Is it you...? It is
you! Oh, I'm so relieved. You were always by my side, and yet I never

This is interesting to me because apparently Riddel met someone from her past,
but it doesn't detail who. At first glance it may appear to be Dario, but since
Dario is living, and so is Karsh and Glenn it wouldn't make much sense. My idea
is that Riddel met someone deceased, whom she believed had passed on long
ago...Otherwise, she is speaking about the hateful emotions humans have and
what tragedy is caused

Viper: "Hmm...Good Lord! Is there nothing more to life than destroying and
defeating one another after all...? And only then shall living beings advance
forward, to a higher level? The "survival of the fittest?" Is that the true
meaning of evolution?"

He's referring to Lavos evolving humans and in turn evolving other species, but
in the end evolving humans faster to carry out his will: War/Conflict/Struggle

Starky: "Woowzer! Out of this world... The light of the big baang! All starts
from heere and all ends heere...What lies beyond that...?"

This is interesting, Starky is shown what the universe will be in many
millennia of the future when it collapses. He then inquires into what lies
beyond it.
Funguy: "Once I became a friend of the forest, I realized...Humans don't
produce things, they just destroy things! It has become an inescapable cycle of
destruction... We need to return to nature...Like it was long ago..."

Originally, Funguy wanted to use the flame to change back to his human form.
However after realizing what destruction Humans really cause, he wished to
remain as were. Thus leaving his only daughter Lisa, behind to fend for herself
and returning to the forest, to shape a better future. If you speak to him in
Shadow Forest after his encounter he no longer believes in changing back. Also
having taken on the emotions of a mushroom, he feels the planet's anger and
realizes how it was before Sea of Eden became the El Nido Archipelago.

Sneff: "Yes. I know my liffe is ffull off mistakes. But I didn't know back then
what I know now, so I have no regrets!"

I think Sneff is talking about his past gambling mistakes from this

Nikki: "Marvelous...It's a truely marvelous tone... It brings out light and
darkness within me clearly!"

Nikki explains what the flame is doing to him, but never directly faces into
what it's showing.

Leah: "Land angry!? We live is bad? We make land angry? But Leah not bad! Leah
good Leah!"

Leah is speaking of how the Dragon God is angry at the humans for the
destruction they have caused.

Korcha: "HotCHACHA! This is greatCHA! It feels like firecrackers are going off
in my head. I getCHA. I understand it now! All living things are really
connected in their hearts. There's nothing to worry about."

He describes what it is doing to him, and then realizes the truth of how humans
and all life on the planet are connected it sounds like.

Draggy: "Why can't drrragons and humans and everrryone live togetherrr in
peace? Draggy is doing his parrt..."

Draggy is speaking of his brothers and sisters the dragons hating humans and
not wanting them to continue to live.
Karsh: "For crying out loud...Stop it! I know that already! Don't read my mind
any further than that!"

Apparently the Flame read one of Karsh's thoughts he doesn't want it to know.
Might it have been he is in love with Riddel...??

Zappa: "Aye...These auld bones have seen countless faces of the flame in mah
lifetime...But with un, ah cannae say a've ever seen more pure and genunine

This is interesting. Zappa has apparently seen the Frozen Flame many times in
the past, probably before Karsh is born and ongoing. The hatred is the bifocal
of the humans, dragons and Lavos itself. All serve as bonding of this hatred.

Marcy: "What?..Oh, I already knew that...I know that half of the blood within
me is that of a demi-human...And I know it'll be easier for me if I can accept
that fact...What are you, my school counselor or something? Like, tell me
something I don't know..."

Marcy is talking about how she already knew that she was the daughter of
Zelbess and Fargo, and a demi-human and that what the flame showed was old

Irenes: "It ist instinct to despise otter species. And necessity to preserve
one's own kind. You say it ist a fact of life...But I t'ink not!"

Irenes is referring to the thoughts that Lavos has on the species that clash.
Irenes being a mediator between the demi-humans and humans knows there is hope

Fargo: "Ha ha ha! Arrgh, what are you trying to tell me flame? You say that we
are all born in sin and all die in sin? Well, I say that is why we should
continue to sin, then...Ha ha ha. Yet, is not the very reason we go on living
so that we can make ammends for our sins!?"

Fargo is directly talking to Lavos. In it he states that its analogy of life
forms such as himself being born and dying in Sin is a paradox. Because the
purpose of humans living is to make ammends of their sins.

Luccia:"Ack! Vot power...Dis power is not some'ting man should possess. Da...it
is just as I t'ought. Several civilizations have alread been destroyed because
of dis immense power...As you said, my friend...Science should only be used for
the betterhood of mankind, no!?"

Luccia is speaking of the kingdoms of Zeal, and Guardia already being ruined
due to the power of the Frozen Flame. If mankind possesses it, she says, it
will bring the downfall of all other species and ultimately the end of their
own race.

Norris: "If I take this with me back to Porre, there will be even more
bloodshed. And yet, it will give us enough power to withstand the other major
countries. Is that all I have really desired this whole time...?"

Norris refers to their quest to obtain the Frozen Flame and take control of the
Zenan Mainland. But then he questions if that is really what he should do.

Skelly: "Now that I'm dead, I've got nothin' to fear...But what is this strange
feelin' I have when I look into this flame.."

I do not understand. What might be this 'strange feeling'? We don't learn
enough about Skelly, he was a clown in Porre before he died during the
massacre. Which one was he..? Perhaps his past is what he is viewing but we
never know it ourselves.

GrobyC: "Complete-destruction. You say it is GrobyC's for the taking? But what
is left once you use it?"

I think he's referring to his weopon the Porre military made for him. This in
turn means GrobyC was made as a war machine, however he begins to question his
own artificial nature and wonders what his human form was.

Doc: "Humans are one confusing paradox, dude! With crafty knowledge we may
extend our lives fraction, but we just extend our suffering, too. But in
reality, all we can do is leave ourselves in nature's hands and die the way
nature intends us too...That is the awesome truth!? Gnarly!"

Doc agrees with Lavos that humans are a paradox and that Nature is the causing
balance of the planet.
Van: "Mom!? Is that you I see, mom!? No, you aren't her! You're just showing me
what you think I want to see!"

Van is unwilling to accept the invitation of his mother and denies her thinking
it is a trick.

Janice: "The monsters aren't attacking people randomly. They're just trying to
protect themselves. So why do people have to kill them indiscrimately for? What
a pitiful life we lead if that's what it means to live!"

Janice is referring to the demi-humans how they don't deserve the fate they
got, and questions why humans should live if other race's must suffer.

Sprigg: "This is a power I can't make me own...Hah! There ain't no use tellin'
me to do anything' chum!...You don't 'ave to tell me nothin'! I know I might've
led an easier life if I'da been kinder to otherz..."

Sprigg apparently was not kind to others during her life. But I question what
she means...?? Could Sprigg have been cursed by someone to be a demi-human and
stuck inbetween dimensions all her life because she wasn't nice to others? It
is a good possibility.

Radius: "Ooh...with this power, even an old knight like me could...No! This is
the same as what happened before with the hatred of the Masamune. Oh,
Garai...forgive me! I almost made the same grave mistake. What was that...? You
say it is behind us now? Is that you, Garai...? Have you forgiven me...?"

Radius almost makes the same mistake, thinking using the frozen flame as
absolute power will make him a god. Then he realizes he is falling into the
same trap, and pulls out. All of a sudden he sees Garai again, and Garai
forgives him for what he has done.

Greco: "Wherever there is light, there is also shadow...So it is the light
which gives birth to shadow! Ghetz, now I understand, Amigo...! But is it too

Greco is referring to the past event where Ghetz was killed, he understands the
truth about his death. Greco blamed himself for his death because Greco was
foolish by wrestling people for greed and fortune. He blamed his darker half,
because when he was to be killed Ghetz sacraficed himself. He now understands
his darker half is to be embraced instead of rejected. But sees Ghetz is
already dead.

Mojoy: "True love is om-here...? Love is-om immortal...Love is-om
eternal...Love is-om illusion...? That can't...be-om true. Even if it is-om
soo, I'll continue to convey-om true love to all..."

I think Mojoy is unwilling to face the truth about love. He thinks the love he
gives to those who worship is true, even though it is a false sense of religion
ingrained by Voodoo spiritualists.

Pierre:"I understand now! A true hero knows fear...And while knowing fear, he
still has the courage to put up a fight! If moi lack the caliber to be called
such then moi will just have to work harder!"

Pierre realizes finally why he has not become a hero. He leaves his coward
cocky self behind and strives to do what is right. He finally becomes a true

Poshul: "Why can't we all be friendth? Ith that tho hard to do? Watch out. Me
won't lose againtht any big, bad, ugry enemy!"

Poshul is talking to Lavos I assume saying she won't lose against him.

Leena: "Yes...Yes...I know that what you say may be true. But it is because we
have such a petty and short life...that we all live life to the fullest, for
all it's worth! No one, including you --whoever you are-- has the right to take
that away from us..."

Leena was speaking to Lavos about what she believes the true purpose of
humanity is. And that what he/it thinks is not what is so.

Orcha: "The one that's hidin' within me is not "another me"...It's just another
"part of me". I am who I am...Including my dark side. It isn't right to think
of my other side as a seperate entity whom I can criticize...Rather, I must
accept who I am as a whole..."

Orcha negates what is told to him, he believes that there is not two versions
of himself, but just a dark side and a light side and he must learn to accept
both. Which is the correct assumption.

Macha: "Why can't we all just be happy for once? If only we could all hold
hands and live together in peace and harmony? Why can't people understand

Macha wishes that all species could live with eachother and be happy.

Orhla: "Yes...I know Tia is alive! The flame tells me so! But why are you
telling me this...? What is it you are after? I don't understand!"

The Flame tells Orhla her sister is still living, which it is correct. Tia's
spirit lives on inside Orhla.


I believe what the Fortune teller said to Zoah about there being deep sadness
behind his mask is cleared up here. Zoah knows he's going to die soon, in
battle and his family/parents died because of the greed and wealth and power
they sought after. He doesn't wish to ever go down that road, in turn, he will
not make the same mistakes his parents did.

Miki: "You say it's no use to live pretentiously? Well, I know that...But isn't
it like me to live happily and tenaciously?"

Miki believes that living the life of glamour and fame is always going to be
the correct choice, but down the road she will discover it is her mistake.

NeoFio: "There is no meaning to my existence...Other life-phorms are born
naturally, then raised to adulthood, give birth to offspring, then
die...Perhaps I am like that in a way..."

NeoFio awcknowledges that her life was a mistake, but sinks into despair that
because she was an accident, she can not be called alive.

Turnip: "I don't exist-eth? ut what difference is there between reality and a
dream if thou cannot tell-eth it is a dream? I think-eth, therefore I am-eth! I
might be-eth part of some person's dream, but so long as I can think-eth, I

Turnip is quite the opposite. He awcknowledges very candidly that just because
he was a mistake, or made up by the accidents of the world does not mean his
life is worthless. He understands he exists still, despite being created out of
artificial error.

Steena: "This is...divine power! I see...In order to save the many, the few
have to be sacrificed...That is the truth!? It makes us seem
oh-so-powerless...! That is the reason why we must live shoulder-to-shoulder
and hand-in-hand!"

I really like Steena's. She realizes that it makes us seem weakerand incapable
of resolving our conflicts rather then more powerful as the illusion shows. She
knows that making peace in the long-run outdoes the benefits of making war.

Pip: "I am evowving! And will keep on evowving...But what I tuwn into nobody
can tell..."

Pip awcknowledges the fact he might evolve further through its power, but
states he already is evolving. He's evolving every day in the game into
something different, depending on how you treat him.

and finally...

Guile: "Is this what I have been searching for all this time...No...Stop it! I
am no such thing. What good is it...to possess such dark power...?"

Guile of course is speaking of the enigma he wished to find. He found it, the
Frozen Flame is that enigma. However, he can not accept what is shown about him
possessing 'darkened powers' he can not accept himself as being the real Magus,
because he is not. Because he can not ACCEPT his darker self, the Magus whom
everyone knows and loves, he can not in turn be Magus! He even awcknowledges
the fact that it would be impossible for him to possess that power! Guile is
the weakest version of Magus possible! He's nice to everyone all the time,
cocky like Magil and constantly thinking of himself! If Guile could truely be
Magus, he would have to accept his darker self, as Magus was cold unforgiving
and unrelentless in his quest to save and protect Schala, ONLY Schala! Not
waste his time on stupid pointless things! So if Guile IS really Magus he is
the version of Magus who will not ever accept his destiny! He does not wish
himself to be known as that!

'Fate of the Dwarves' event. For those paying attention to the endings section
you will have noticed a strange ending rumor I left in there for some reason.
That is because this is not actually an ending, but a rare event that is not
ever explained. The event changes the outcome and flow of the game, so be
prepared for differences. First off you must bring Razzly to Hydra Marsh, and
defeat the Hydra with her in the lead. After this, you must win the game
normally, and go to Water Dragon Island. Conditions are you MUST Have Nikki in
your party and Razzly at the head of your characters. Go fight the Dwarf
Chieftan and then defeat the Hi Ho Tank. Nikki will after the battle mention
that the Dwarf Chieftan should go back to Hydra Marsh to watch over the new
Baby Hydra, and Razzly also talks about this. Rosetta lives and you witness
some diologue but now, you are welcomed back to Water Dragon Isle. Which means
that after you go to a certain point, Razzly can return home. The Hydra Marsh
will be reclaimed by the dwarves and they will prosper. The humans will be
driven out of the El Nido, and not ever take over. All of a sudden the war with
FATE/Dragon God somewhat changes. This causes other strange things to occur
later. If you go back with Lynx's form, the Baby Hydra will have grown almost
all the way up. The Dwarves no longer wish to kill humans. You've changed fate.
The game continues this way all the way to the end. Also just like other
scenarios: You can NEVER get Razzly's level 7 tech this game.

'Fate of the Demihumans' event. For those who are not that familiar, there is
an alterior event which can forever change the fate of the game. This event is
not explained also in the USA anywhere, just as any 'event'. First off you must
have Harle in your party. Conditions are you must have her in the lead of the
party, have a party of all Demi-Humans and defeated the Dead Sea. Take Harle
and Lynx and the Demi-Human to Another Marbule. All of a sudden you are now
fully accepted, the Demi-Humans never tell you to leave and you can in essence,
live in peace with them. They will also let you talk to the Sage, whom knows
what you seek and tells you to see the Black Dragon. All of the Demi-Humans
will treat you with respect, and when you go forth to the Black Dragon Harle
will start a chat with the others, and then talk to it. After she talks to it,
she will automatically pick up the Black Relic. However, this MUST be the first
visit you have ever had to Another Marbule. It can be before or after defeating
the other dragons. When you go back out, the Zelbess in home world will exclaim
that the concert is over when you talk to Fargo, so you can never EVER do that
sidequest again this game. This changes the outcome of many things, you never
get Fargo's level 7 tech, you do not learn Nikki's level 7 tech, and the
Demi-Humans do not EVER accept humans and Marbule is never rebuilt. However in
Another world, everything prospers, and the Sage even chats to you. In this way
the FATE/Dragon God war is changed partially. You have once again altered fate.
All of a sudden the Demi-Humans win, and prosper all over the land.

'Fate of the Komodo Child' event. This is a small overlooked event which can
effect the children in Anri Village. If you do this event it reunites Kiki and
Lolo, and changes their actions. Conditions: First you must go to the Arni
Fisherman when waking up and answer the second choice once. You will then get a
Komodo Dragon Scale. However it is not the kind you get for killing Komodo
Dragons and everyone will exclaim Serge is too lazy if he gives that to Leena.
Give it to the boy in front of his house, Lolo. He will be grateful and give
you an Icelance. He and Kiki reunite when this takes place, but when you cross
to another world, Lolo will once again be standing in front. He will exclaim
that he needs a Rainbow Shell for the village girl, Kiki. The Rainbow shell on
that element cart looks good enough. However you can't ever get it until after
Dark Serge has scared everyone away! The shop owner will say "Hands off!". So
then how do you get the shell to Lolo??? If you do it will forever change the
small outcome of Arni Village. I'm still experimenting with this one.

'Fate of Water Dragon Island' event. Just as there are positive events, I have
discovered there are negative ones as well! In it Water Dragon Island will
become forever over run by monsters, the Fairies will die out, and the
sickingly sad Dead Sea music will play. Your party will exclaim "Monsters?! My
god they're everywhere!" and you can never ever see or restore the inhabitants.
It will become as desolate as the island in Another world. Conditions: First of
all you must not recruit Razzly during the game whatsoever. You must let her
die to the Hydrator. Then you must never speak to the fisherman in home world
after rescuing Fargo's ship from the demons. And never choose to go to Water
Dragon Island to get the Ice Breath or Frog Prince. Then head to Mount Pyre,
and go through as normal healing when the Lava touches you for long periods of
time. Beat Fort Dragonia, and then when Lynx is present beat the Dead Sea.
Return to home world and inspect the island. It will have been ruined forever.
This changes other things that occur later.

'Fate of The Crew' event. This event I am currently testing as I did with 'Fate
of the Dream'. It is currently speculated that by changing Lynx and company
into cats on Home Zelbess, then not ever getting the Handle, and instead
leaving back and having Sneff change you back, the crew is forever stranded on
the Zelbess with the unbeatable Fargo! This would severely impact the game,
making Sneff never join you and leave the Zelbess. You become slaves on the
Zelbess and work there forever just like the Demi-Humans. Again I am currently
testing this, it may/may not be possible. This would change everything for
later on.

These are RARE in scripted events which were never explained except in
Ultimania Guide and people fortunate enough to have sources. The other thing is
there are MORE events like this, even small ones, which are not known. ALL
events, and cut scenes will be posted here in this section. As of right now the
Radical Dreamers FAQ is finished completely. Please read that in the Super NES
section to get the holes that were left sewed together, especially about the
Guile/Magus/Janus/Magil issue. We are now almost COMPLETELY done with our goal
in the sense we have only to find the Chrono Crisis book and then, everything
for the USA which japan got is ours. Be sure to read BubbleBobby2000s upcoming
'formation of the dead sea' FAQ, another very well scripted storyline FAQ
filling in the holes for the USA.

'Fate of the Dream' event. I just discovered something today which may lead to
a huge breakthrough. Keep in mind I have not finished testing this as I am
writing it. I have discovered what I believe to be a HUGE overlooked event in
the game. What I did was decided not to save Kid, had Glenn and Guile (or
whoever) in my party, and was able to pass the Ghost Ship Mount Pyre and
everything. Inside Fort Dragonia, I was able to activate all the switches as
normal and got all the way to the top!!! I never went back to visit Guldove
again, what's even stranger about this 'event' unless I have mixed up my save
files in my memory, is I seem to have Korcha. This is NOT possible Korcha won't
even talk to you if you don't save Kid, so why this would be so, is beyond me.
I am right at the part about to fight Lynx upstairs. The idea here is if indeed
this is what I think, when I fight Lynx the 'Dream' which Kid and Serge have
will NOT ever happen, because Kid will never show up for Lynx to stab her!!!!!
This would be truely unbelivable and cause an ENTIRE alteration in the
storyline which could irreversibly alter EVERYTHING. If this indeed turns out,
Serge will have found his WHOLE self and will in effect when in the 'Developers
Ending' my theory is the man at the door will then change his sentance to
"......." automatically, and Serge will trigger something which could lead to
the BIGGEST unveiling ever of the way to get inside the Mysterious 'Programmers
Door' WITHOUT a gameshark. Keep in mind I am still in stages of testing this
out, if it is indeed a hidden 'event' I will put all the information over into
my Programmers Door FAQ as well. Well I just completed it, this is not an event
but rather a cutscene. Although you do get some STRANGE diologue. Check the
scenes section for it, the dream does not ever change.

If you don't have Kid in your party for the battle with Harle at Radius
Hideaway, she will always drop 'moonglasses' as a spoiler. However, if you have
Kid in your party, she will always drop something else.

Greco the wrestler is actualling 'missing' something. Take him to home world
Hydra Marsh or the Wraith under the sewers of Viper Manor, and kill it.
However, you should have gotten the mushroom and NOT gotten Funguy. Sometimes
'Ghetz's shirt' will be dropped. Wear this weak armor on Greco and talk to
Ghetz, to find out the FULL story.

In the first raid on Viper Manor, if you watch the Dragoons which guard the
door to the room with the lab trap they ask yo for a password. Sit there and
say nothing at all by not pressing buttons, and they just LET you enter. Little
things even like this can have an 'impact' on reactions later on.

There is a mysterious stranger who is crying for help in Another's Termina???
Hint: Go after Terra Tower emerges to the small type room across from where you
dock your boat and press X continually. You will hear the voice cry out. Who or
what could it be???

There is a second mushroom the man wants in Home Viper Manor Sewer??? If you
retrieved it for him what might happen...?

 If you go to the woman in Arni Village who speaks Poetry, and speak to her
again she repeats her poem and the man threatens to fire her???? In Another
Arni, she hates poetry. I find it odd because: My friend found a key item in
the development ending room of her poetry with a gameshark. What might this
have been used for at one point...?? Either way theres apparently no way to get
it now.
If you go through the ending right before Harle leaves your party, in the end
scene Harle asks Serge a question and Serge actually talks...?? Also depending
on what you choose, whether it's "Whatever...." or "The Specialty....." It will
produce different reactions from Kid when she comes in. "Whatever....." will
make her talk about avenging Lucca, and "The Specialty...." will make her say
Lynx picked a bad time to show up and everything about this stinks.
The fairies in Another Dragon Island speak to Demi-Humans about both the
'demons in the sea' (Ghost Ship) and the 'Light in the triangle' (El Nido
Triangle) if you visit them top left corner of the island.


Apparently there is an alternate ending involving Guile, Sneff and possibly
Sprigg if you beat the TD after their short diologues. I am in the process of
confirming whether it's a rumor or not.

Also apparently according to people overseas, you can view a diologue which
directly shows Luccia and GrobyC are siblings. To do this, you supposedly must
have Luccia in your party and have rescued Riddel, but not taken GrobyC and
talk to a Dragoon in Viper Manor on one of the worlds. He will exclaim that a
'man died in the Porre War and was reconstructed by their army into a cyborg.'
Luccia then exclaims this was her brother. I have yet to confirm this still and
I will try some more.

There is a slightly different and additional ending with Radius and Co fighting
Dark Serge on the Zelbess if Harle is not in your party. I am currently testing
this as well, determining if I can get it so Harle is gone before hand. This
would mean the scene with Harle never happens where she tells Lynx her having
to always move from place to place, and the scene would just fade out and end
with the Zelbess. I will try this some more.

Game Plot Fixes:
A lot of japan got most of the story about the games we didn't. I'm here to
fill in most of the rest of that story using in game facts and 'speculation'
from those facts. I hope all of you can understand the games further through

The following is the legend of the masamune as indicated by the game. The
speculation parts are: Cyrus being Frog/Glenn's true father? Cyrus having a
brother? Cyrus's brother killing hundreds of people? while the rest remain as
told by the games. Enjoy.

~Legend of the Masamune~

According to the recorded translations from the game 'Radical Dreamers',
'Chrono Cross' and 'Chrono Trigger' the Masamune has a long illustrious
alluring past. Originally used by Magus to slay many villagers and turn Glenn,
a guy who seemed to threaten his 'name' into a frog. After this Magus
threatened his life, where he in turn went on a rampage and killed his father,
Cyrus. However, a while later the Masamune found its way into Frog/Glenn's
hands and he went for revenge. Cyrus's spirit lived on even after Magus killed
him, and Magus's hate and emotions of rage and evil went into it. Cyrus's ghost
became possessed of those raging emotions of destruction Magus had and went
into Frog/Glenn. He then sought out revenge of Magus for what he did, he wished
to kill Magus with his own hands. Though Frog/Glenn never succeeded, his own
hate and rage coupled with that of the possessed spirit of Cyrus, went into the
evil sword Masamune. Nu, the god of the Masamune granted Frog/Glenn another
chance, and in one timeline he becomes his former human self. Though forever
changed by his feelings of Magus. However Cyrus's spirit continues to inhabit
the Masamune sword now tainted by human emotion and rage, and finds its way
into another man's hands. Many many years down the road, Radius, one of the
last of the Acacia Dragoon Horsemen comes across the Masamune and instantly
those evil feelings of hate and rage course through him causing him to want to
kill. His anger and jealousy coupled with the hate and evil of the Masamune
make him kill Grandmaster Garai, 13th Acacia Dragoon and the best swordsman
since him. Afterwards Lu(Nu) decides the evil of the sword has grown too
strong, and erects a new sword in the clock tower by Lynx's Mansion. This new
sword holds the saintly god like powers that Lu itself attained. The sword is
called the Einlanzer, and Lu uses it to Vanquish the now soaked with evil
Masamune demon into pieces. Radius then regains his self and tainted by old
age, leaves to guard the Frozen Flame in Lynx's mansion. However, long before
Radius ever beheld the sword, a more sinister evil had to have beheld it.
Someone with enough hate and rage to kill hundreds of people. It was
documented, that an unnamed Dragoon weilded the sword and slaughtered many in a
form of Revenge of Cyrus. Though it was never found who it was, he was rumored
to be the lost brother of Cyrus himself! It made somewhat sense, as Frog
couldn't have done this and the one who did wield it caused many deaths. Not
many swordsman except Cyrus were that good. However, whether it was Cyrus's
brother or not, remains to be seen, but the spirit of Cyrus's tainted ghost
caused the man to go insane and kill many upon many people. At this time Doreen
split from the Masamune forever leaving Masa and Mune behind. After Lu had
vanquished the sword, with the new power of the Einlanzer, all was thought to
be peaceful again.
However, in another dimension Radius and Garai who had been childhood friends
for years began on a journey. Garai wielded the holy sword Einlanzer, which was
thought to be the strongest sword in all of the land. Until that fateful day
the travelers stumbled upon Divine Dragon Falls. And within the coursing power
of the Masamune! Once again the power was too much for Radius, and consumed him
with the evil and vengeful emotions he held! He killed Garai in a fit of
insanity, on the edge of Isle of the Damned where they met. After this the evil
hateful emotions of the Masamune went into Garai's Spirit and coursed through
it, and his possessed spirit went into the Masamune. Radius and his own
vengeful emotions, and those of the unknown dragoon and Magus, Frog/Glenn all
coursed through the possessed spirit of Garai, combined with its own hateful
emotions this tainted the Masamune to become completely evil. Later on the
Masamune found its way into another man's hands. Dario, who was Garai's own
son. But it was believed Karsh weilded it over a childhood jealousy and
murdered sir Dario! However, Dario picked it up and used it to almost kill
Karsh! The possessed spirit of his father, Garai in the Masamune caused him to
become evil. Karsh then threw him over the cliff in the Isle of the Damned
thinking him to be dead! Lynx afterwards himself stepped in and told Karsh to
never tell anyone ever, or if they knew the truth, of how he killed Dario, it
would forever shame his name. Lynx lied and then took the Masamune to the Dead
Sea, where he used it to guard against those tresspassers who would interfere
with his plans. Afterwards Radius took the Einlanzer from Garai's own grave and
made the Masamune leave the Dead Sea! However it was assumed it was gone! But
later Karsh, Glenn, Riddel, Viper and Radius himself saw that Dario had washed
ashore a strange isle. And the possessed Masamune sword with the evil spirit of
his father had taken him over as well! Apparently the only way to undo the
surpremely evil sword was to once again reunite Doreen with the others. As the
legend of Nu told, Karsh and Company fought their own friend, Dario there in a
duel of the ages. They then banished the evil possessed spirits of the Masamune
forever, and the sword became the new Masamune, welding Doreen, Masa and Mune
together again, into the GrandDream(Mastermune)!! Not ever again has the
Masamune fallen to evil, but as everything goes that could not be permanent. If
the great Masamune does become evil once again, whom's emotions and feelings
will trigger it...??? The Masamune itself works on the emotions and raging
thoughts of the owner, taking in the spirits of those who have died by
unrighteous bloodshed and vanquished many without cause. The Masamune in turn
turns to pure evil because of the evil in who wields it. Lu(Nu) for this reason
constructed the Einlanzer, a pure and holy sword capable of vanquishing the
evil which befalls the Masamune. If ever the sword should fall to evil again
the Einlanzer will eliminate it.

I haven't had time to get real in depth with these guys yet, their interviews
will be a while as they take a very long time to reply so please bare with
what I have. Their interviews will be updated daily. PeckingBird said the
following "If you want to know the difference between import and US CC there
is only framerate. The framerate goes lot faster and the end boss is many
times harder. The 13th ending can't be possible! The Dragon God casts all
elements totally out of order in japan (I think I haven't seen my brother play
in while it may b possible)" "The Porre Guard in Another's Viper Manor says
GrobyC is Luccias brother I have seen my brother do it during Riddel rescue
mission it is possible in any game"  NOTE: Right here, I said continually that
I did not find the Guard who says it, until I can actually confirm there IS a
guard who says it there may be no WAY of finding this text without the
japanese copy. Luccia I know mentions something about her brother being left
in Porre, but never directly says it is GrobyC. Without the statement from the
guard that VERIFIES he is her brother, I can only speculate it as a rumor to
the USA (with the EXCEPTION the japanese game could have it) so I will be
travelling through again to FIND this guard. "My brother he talks a lot of ROT
so I advise you not to believe anything he says! I see what he does on screen
and then I believe him. He talk to retcepsbro the most on and off every day he
knows him better than anyone and I hear on their conversation"

Interview with gamma bahamut:

"gamma: Hi,I'm gamma.  My e-mail is [email protected]  Feel free to
ask me but I won't provide screenshots.  " 	

Zelda Dude: Hi Gamma. O.k Let's start. How do you know Retcepsbro first of
all? And what is your experiences with character development in the japanese
release compared to the US release?

"gamma: We meet in Wild Arms 2 section.He helps a lot,giving answers to people
but never create FAQs topic.
Actually CC is kinda hard if you don't understand Japanese and I ony got stuck
when Serge is in Lynx form and he warps back to Home World so I again seek
help from retceps.
Do you know he's been in CC board even before the US version come out.
He even meets Zelllo and Inspector Boyd who too have Japanese Import.
Funny,aside from fast framerate and tougher boss battle from import
version,compare to US version,I found no other difference.
But if I have the gameshark code to pass through wall for the import version,I
would like to try out."

Zelda Dude: What do you say to the overall quality of character development in
the japanese version compared to the US version(according to your post on the
CC board)???

-interview ends here for now-"

Interview with Rarner:

"Rarner: Hello, sorry im late responding but, I had to talk with square about
my "Espereon Ethereal Crisis" story/publish and on my rpg. Now, what was this
interview your going to do? Oh and by the way whats your website?

"Time is the Judge, Jury, Death Sentence and Hell of everything in the
Lifestream, including your hellish fate."-Merdaz D'Jakre, lady of the Seven
I have nothing better to do so I'll review my theory of Schala
being serges lover from the future that was sent to save her so some one (her
son/brother)could make the future happen. I think this because (I liking
Terminator does not factor) he gains the picture of her and falls in love with
it knowing she would meet him later. Kid was sent back too...

P.S. Quote from my book."

Zelda Dude: Alright, Rarner. No that's fine. It sounds great, but it is a
theory. First of all I need to ask you, when did you meet retceps and how? And
also, when you first heard about this book where were you? This Interview is
going to be published in an FAQ, are you ok with that??

"Rarner: Here's a picture my friend Jared did, he did this because we all
like CC not because hes a pervert. Im not but I laughed like heck.


Zelda Dude: Hahaha, so I see the japanese have quite a sense of humor. Are
they known to spread lies and other garbage to be funny??? Anyway back to the
book topic, what was the very first time you actually sat down and looked at
the book???

Rarner: "I'm alright with the interview on the board.
(1)I met retceps on the board. It was fun, he's belivable because he tells
whats true very trustworthy. The thirteen ending is true because you can get
it with the japan gameshark with codes and beat the game right.
(2)My other message will tell you."

Zelda Dude: A gameshark code you say??? That is rather interesting, so you are
saying a gameshark code makes the elements cast easier so you could obtain
this "ending"?? That is one porbability, however I don't think you've answered
my questions yet. Could you read some excerpts out of this book in your native
language so that it can be read?? Also, since you apparently have read parts
of this book, what is Serge's real name if you can find it in there

Rarner: "(1) This is a big no, but we(game companies)just kind of push it a
side till the supense is just dying. We dont lie, we joke, we dont
spread garbage. We only reveal until (A) were paid (B) supense dies
or (C) People  try to reach us and try 24/7 we tell them.
(2)Well I saw it 8 months ago at a fair. Unfountnatly I didnt have
the money. Then at a Square Fair, I saw it again. I only read the
back where-as it said....
   "My heart yearns for our reunite....across time and space I
seeked you...my lover...Serge, Chrono..."
   "You...you risked the world to save it and me.....for that crisis
will happen...again..., but with a new era too........."
Thats what I could translate for you now because, I have work...hope
you dont mind.

P.S. Reply"

Zelda Dude: Mmmm that's a very revealing detail there......Tell me, is there a
reason why this book hasn't been mentioned in any of the japanese magazines
like Famitsu??? Also, when you come back to translate and read parts out of
it, could you make it as clear and as concise as possible??? And, another
question: Can you get actual scanned photos of the book and send them before
we continue???

-interview ends here for now-"

Now comes that all oh glorious wonderful Feedback section! People get to
flame, insult, inquire, ask, comment, discuss anything all in this wonderful
place and you can only find it here.

From: [email protected] "Zelda Dude
    May I use your Chrono Cross FAQ on my site?

Yes, of course you may provided you follow the rules and legal ways of using
it as the sites mentioned in my permissions guide do.

From: Carlo R Gulle [email protected] "I just read ur issue on
japanese version on chrono cross FAQ, I have already played chrono trigger in
SNES several times, so when I played chrono cross I have already a good
background about the sequel. I totally agree with u about the US version
compared to the Japan Version. U mentioned somethings that i havent yet heard
of, like " The Missing Piece",and "Chrono Crisis" are these books or story
guides? and I never knew that there was a chrono trigger PSX version never
seen it in stores yet. Do u know any sites where one can download the
soundtracks for free? "

 Yes, japan definitely has little trinkets and details the US gets left out
of. They are guides, more importantly "Books" if you will. One contains all
artwork and illustrations, another contains the entire Chrono Cross sequel
written by none other then Hoshino in japan. Yes, there is a japanese Chrono
Trigger PSX release the USA doesn't have, it is a lot different then the SNES
version. The soundtracks MIGHT be able to be found at http://www.songenki.com.
Thanks for bringing those up

From: Michael Wright [email protected] "You said in your FAQ that if you
bring Macha to ORcha in Viper Manor, they talk or something. I went to him
with Macha and Orcha kept on saying WHere's the dishwasher or something" Can
you tell me how to get that scene because I never seen it before.

And you said there was a scene in Marbule (ANother) with Janice. ANd you said
there was some interesting dialouge there. Do they reveal a clue to what
happened to Another's Janice? PLease tell me now because I'm way too far to
get there. I don't mind being spoiled. It's just that I deleted my saved games
and when I saw them scenes in your FAQ, I was like "Oh my GOd, I can't believe
I missed that".
Thank you and get to me ASAP."

Mmmm I don't think there are actual "scenes" in Viper Manor, but I have gotten
him talking to himself before. To do this, take Another's Orcha to Guldove in
Home and see him in the store. The same goes for Macha. As for Janice, there
is not another version of her. Her friends live in the village of Marbule is
what I was saying. If there were scenes in Viper Manor, they may have been
taken from the US release is all I can say, so thanks for bringing up this
topic anyway!

From: Kareno Two [email protected] "I've noticed you've been posting rumours
about the supposed 13th ending of the PSX Game Chrono Cross. I'm just curious
as to know WHY you're doing this. I'm not judging, it's rather funny how many
fools you've outsmarted. Very impressive. I'm a psyche student, and I'm very
interested in people who'll join a group (of foolish believers) just based on
something someone posted.

Karen O."

Wow, you know it just amazes me how many people will actually not "think"
before emailing me. I mean, god you'd expect people to follow the guidelines.
The idea here is WE DO NOT KNOW IF IT IS POSSIBLE OR NOT. It is an open ended
debate until there is an actual word called "proof" Karena Two. I would have
expected someone of your intelligence to at least send some, but NO. God
people see what I mean??? Now, what this is a bunch of understated crap which
doesn't make a bit of difference. If there was actual LINKS to screenshots, or
maybe a website or SOMETHING at least, which SHOWS it is not possible, that
would have a lot more weight in it right here! So further more, if you
actually want to contribute, get something of merit instead of garbage. For
instance, the people who are doing this "website" are getting movies,
pictures, multimedia etc there is ACTUAL PROOF it is real. On the other side,
someone could send some pictures, screenshots etc or links to legitimate
sources which showed it NOT being possible there would be ACTUAL PROOF it is
fake. I'd expect someone in psychology to understand the logic behind
"feedback" before actually opening their mouth. In the FIRST place, I WAS not
the one who ever said it, or made topics on it etc it was them and I DO NOT
have the import version anyways, so I couldn't even makeup something and
spread it around like wildfire. In the second place, as I stated above there
is no proof or evidence either way so it isn't a rumor and it isn't a fact
it's just a possibility.

From: Gerald Villoria [email protected] "Hello Zelda Dude, I was impressed
with your CC FAQ, and was wondering if I could post it on our site. Thanks for
your attention. ------ Gerald Villoria Codes Editor 415-551-4978
www.gamespot.com "

Sure you may, Just follow the same guidelines as everyone else. Thanks!

From: Stezo [email protected] "Hi zelda dude
I have read all of your walkthrough and I still cant get though that door in
the bend of time.
Also when I complete the game for the first time, my game freezes at the end
of the credits. Is there a way to stop this?
From stezo"

Hello, Stezo. The problem you are facing believe it or not, has nothing to do
with you as the player and nothing you are doing is wrong. The problem you are
facing is a game malfunction, most likely caused by the following things:
1. You have a burned CD copy of Chrono Cross and the PSX or PC is not running
right with it.
2. You have a defective CD copy of Chrono Cross.
3. You have an emulated ROM of Chrono Cross instead of an actual game disk.

If 3, the answer is quite simple: Find a reliable format for the game. There
are several reliable PSX emulators on the web and off but none of them are
guaranteed to give you the same result as the real thing. This problem has
been noted to occur with anyone using the emulator or ROM so don't feel like
it's just your game. You can find out more information on reliable products
and software for emulation at http://www.emulationnation.com. Thanks for
writing in!

From [email protected] "Thanks for the awesome walkthrough!  Really the most
complete I have found,
and I have looked at a lot.  Got it bookmarked!

I know you must get this kind of thing all the time, but I was hoping I could
share how my husband defeated Dario.  I know some writers don't like to have
people sending stuff all the time, but if you have a minute, here it is!

This way he is by far the easiest boss in the game, and you never even once
use any healing elements.

You see, he (my hubby) did not have the black scale (never faced Black
Dragon), so he could not take advantage of any of the techniques that relied
on it.  So, you know Dario will always use a counter-spell when you attack
him using red, blue, green, or yellow elements.  But they are only weakening
or status elements, and don't inflict any hit point damage.  So just attack
him EVERY round with an aggressive element (not white or black) and he will
never ever inflict damage, other than Bat Eye, Weaken, Lo-Res, or Numble.  On
the downside, you might run out of attacks for the level you happen to have,
but no biggie because it is rare, it will only be the one attack, and if you
are forewarned you have already specifically arranged your elements so this
won't happen.  Using this, my husband beat him in about 5 minutes, and on my
own game I beat him in about 10, but it took me a while to catch on, AND I
had the Black Scale on Lynx, so I could throw whites at him all I wanted.
One more thing, this was not Game+, so it was just that much harder.  And we
did not have ANY trapped elements, like Deluge, or Iceberg, not even Saints
(hadn't faced Sky Dragon yet).  I swear, we faced him cold and won.  It was

I hope that this can help out someone else who is dying to have the
Mastermune --

Thanks again for the walkthrough,

Hello Kelly! Once again thank you for your comments! :-) I have never tried
beating the infamous Dario with the way you described, but I am a firm
believer it can be done. I hope for those of you out there who wish to beat
Dario, read this fine walkthrough right here in the feedback section to find
all your answers! It gives a very comprehensive breakdown. Also, for those of
you who would like the muscle bound warrior in your party (that's right, to
play the game with) look no further then in the bottom of this page!

From Peter Judson [email protected] "Hi Zelda Dude, My name is Peter Judson,
I work on the content behind the website Neoseeker.com. We provide a database
of reviews, previews, guides, walkthroughs, and other resources that can be
found on the net as well as our own in house articles. I would like to ask
permission to post your Chrono Cross Guide in our resources at Neoseeker. The
faq will be left in its original form (textfile) and we do not make a profit
on posting faqs. There are no banner ads displayed on the pages which contain
faqs. I would also like to ask you to register on the site if you are
willing... this will allow users to properly see who created the resources
(giving you full credit for your work), as well as allows our users to view
all the articles you have on Neoseeker. If you do not wish to register, we
will simply post your articles with your name in the article title. As soon as
you register, and email back, we can turn on the system that will associate
your articles with your profile. Please let me know if you are willing to
register. It only takes a few seconds to enter your info... Once writers like
you realize the use to the user and the recognition it will provide, I believe
you will be satisfied & the users who like your work can read up on everything
you've created. To register follow this link:
http://www.neoseeker.com/members/register.html Please let me know if you have
other FAQ/Guides/Walkthroughs that can be used on Neoseeker. Thanks for your
time! Peter Judson "

Hey sure thing, and also I'm working on a RD FAQ and you can use that as well
when it is done.

From Jeff Cabaniss [email protected] "Hello,

We here at FB Games would like to request permission to use your Chrono
Cross FAQ on our new site. We are currently building one of the largest and
best gaming resources on the net. We plan to include many Chrono Cross and
Playstation FAQs, and we would love to have your great FAQ as a part of
this index.

Let me bring to your attention that we will be giving full credit on our
site to You as the author of the document. We plan to only display it in
its original format, not in an HTML document or with banner ads around it.
Also, please keep in mind that our site is not yet online (it is still
being developed), and your document has not been added to our index as of yet.

Please let us know if you would allow us to use your FAQ on our site.
Thanks for your time. "

Sure, as soon as you tell me the address I'll add it.

From David Bowman [email protected] "In your Walkthrough i found at
 Thank you for your time, ~Reno Webmaster of EsperOnline.com http://www.esperonline.com  "

I'm very thankful you took such interest in my work!! I would be glad to be a
part of it, oh and by the way, you have permission to use any and all of my
Guides I made not just this one.

From Ben jester_b84@hotmail.com "Hi, I was reading your Chrono Cross FAQ and I
have a few questions. First of all, I see you have a section with GameShark
codes in which to unlock "prerendered beta characters" like Lisa, Young Lynx,
etc. How do I view these "prerendered characters"?

Also, I was wondering about the status on the Radical Dreamers script
translation and the Chrono Crisis game."

Currently the Radical Dreamers FAQ is 56 percent complete with script. The
Chrono Crisis game is 25 percent done. To use the characters/view their NPC,
you *must* use the Relief charm in battle.

From dilantingguy@home.com "Hi
I have been playing Chrono Cross using your walkthru for some time. But I am
stuck. When you fight the 6 dragon gods you say to go to hydra marshes and get
the Beeba flute and the antient fruit. Then go to the other Beeba and use the
flute there. The problem is there is no other Beeba. I have the flute and the
fruit but nothing works. In the Home world or the other world. Where do I use
the flute to get the wingapede to take me away? The only place it works is
where you use it to fight the wingapede and save Razzly but that is it. Please
E-mail me at Cyber_Waldo@yahoo.com

Thanking you in advance Cyber_Waldo"

Great question! Go to the area just south of where the Wingapede was in Home,
and play the flute there where the Beeba is standing at the branch. The
Wingapede will come and ask for the fruit.

From DATA1399@aol.com "hey, great faq on Chrono Chross. I'm at the fight with
Miguel on disk 1. He's pretty tough, but i bet he'd be easier with some
revival-after-death spell. To this point in the game, i haven't gotten any
revival spells. Did I miss something here? All the faqs i've read say to use
the revive spell if you die, but what i want to know is, where can you get
them. I'd appreciate your help on this. Thanks, Justin"

Hey Justin thanks for writing in. As for the answers you need, a Revive can be
found in several different locations. If you are just visiting Shadow Forest
and go to the underground of Viper Manor, you can find a revive in a chest.
Also, inside Viper Manor in the bedroom where the code is written, is a Revive.
When you reach the Home dimension, go to the underground sewer passage of Viper
Manor where you meet Norris, and all the way around to the left until you see
some chests. The current must also be stopped, also, run quickly to avoid the
enemies. There is a revive in that chest. Finally, in Another Marbule you can
get a 'Full Revival'. Enter Another Marbule with a party of humans after
Marbule has been restored in home, to get a 'Full Revival' first visit. Another
Revive can be found in Home Hydra marsh from what I remember.

From rlevine@mn.rr.com "i cant seem to find this explained on any of the guides
but u know how in Chrono Cross when the entire field goes one color and then
you can use a summon right? Well, why is it that whenever i use a summon i lose
a star? I thought the stars just meant gaining levels....so what happens when i
lose them? I just cant help but wonder what would happen when i get to 0
stars.....Ross Levine"

Hey good question. It seems that it does take away a star level each time.
Using summons in fact can be very bad for evolving Pip. But don't worry, you
gain a star level each time you fight a boss, so as long as you don't overuse
your summons, you'll be alright.

From JmCaj6@aol.com "Jays_,
I was wondering if you could give me any info on how to obtain Razzly
7th tech skill. I have just entered Chronopolis and I left to see if I
could get it. The book says to talk with the fairy next to the tree in
another world. But that doesn't do it? Any suggestions? It would be very


JmCaj6 "

You MUST go back after Terra Tower has appeared, and also Rosetta must be dead.

From devonm13@yahoo.com "I've just started playing Chrono Cross a few days
agoand i'm stuck! i've read all the guides but they don'tseem to address this
issue, maybe i missed somethingmajor?I've defeated all 6dragons(although i have
none of theplates and i don't have alot of xtra characters andstuff as i don't
like using guides the first timearound) but now i'm stuck! when i goto the dine
waterfalls it tells me i'm not yet ready to place my 2dragon shards (love and
hate) into the stand, and Steena gasps and says could *that* legend be true?
isthere a seventh dragon, a seventh element? well.... isthere? because i can't
find it. i wasted about 2hourstoday and got nowhere searching for a way into
the seaof eden in another world so i can move onto disc 2.PLEASE HELP!!!! this
is geting very frustrating"

Indeed I understand how this can be. You don't technically need the Chrono
Cross before you go to the Sea of Eden. In fact the Chrono Cross all together
is totally optional. It only has the uses defined in this FAQ. If you go to the
sea of eden, you'll still be able to go through the game just as always.
Apparently the way you beat the dragons(is there a dragon you didn't
kill/fight?) caused her to not let you get the Chrono Cross. Otherwise, don't
worry you haven't ruined your game(I can explore this for you if you give me
exact instructions of what you did???? Visting the shaman etc)UPDATE: Solution
found! Apparently it is different, but go back after Chronopolis is defeated
and you will now receive the Chrono Cross again. This change was effected by an
in game 'event' mainly you and I both did the 'Fate of the demi-humans' event
on that save file. Thanks for the question!

From gayleakacheryal@hotmail.com "Hi. I'm sorry if i'm bothering you, but i
really need help. I went to game faqs.com, because i'm stuck in Chrono Cross.
I've looked at lots of strategy guides, and stuff, but none of them help.
I have the stupidest little problem. I'm on the part where you have to beat all
the dragons, so serge can go get his body back, right? and i've beat all the
dragons except for the earth dragon and the sky dragon. in the island of the
earth dragon place, i have 2 of the sand spout things plugged up. i can defeat
teh third rockroach, but i cannot push it into the hole. when i push X, a
dialogue box comes up, telling me to push it in the hole. do you remember how
you got it to move?
Once again, i'm sorry to bother you. a response would be greatly apreciated,
even if you can't help with the problem.
"Arashi" "
Sure! Walk up to it and press and hold X then hold forward to push

From Alex.Lampson@colorado.edu "Hey, what's up. I was writting about your
chrono cross walkthrough,which is pretty darn cool by the way, it's saved me
the ten bucksone of those guides costs. But I can't find the programmersdoor
faq anywhere. is it in the walkthrough and I'm just blindor is it another faq
entirely? please let me know where i canfind it. thanks a lot -Alex(no online
name for me!)"
Yes. Go to the Chrono Cross section on GameFAQs and there you will see it.
Thank you for writing.
From meth-x@home.com "Ive heard of a sword for chrono cross the einlanzer II
for glenn which is
slightly more powerful than even the prism sword. however i cant figure out
how to get it! do you know?"

Defeat Dario in Forbidden Island on New Game or New Game +. After getting the
new Masamune go back to Another world and inspect the gravestone with Glenn.

From glenneinlanzer@yahoo.com "how do the codes work"

Input the codes into your gameshark as stated. Turn on all codes and off all
other codes. Use the relief charm on New Game + and you can play as the
characters. Icons and animations will be glitchy. We are still working on
perfecting NPC data. Thank you.

With that last note, let me close in saying thank you for sending feedback and
continue to send all feedback to: jays_29@hotmail.com.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Razzly's Level 7 Tech <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

1- Can I obtain Razzly's Level 7 tech skill?
The lvl7 tech skill is achieved the following way and ONLY the following way.
I do not know of any other way to do it. This comes straight from a good
japanese player.
Do not fight Hydra with Razzly in your party.
Take Razzly to Water Dragon Isle and do not talk to anyone.
After you are inside, skip the dwarves and fight the Hi Ho Tank. Once you go
back out, Rosetta and everyone will be dead. Leave here and go on an
adventure. Come back and Rosetta will now have a grave covered with flowers.
Check it to recieve Razzly's level 7 tech.

So moving on.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Crisophynx: The Continuing Saga <<<<<<<<<<<

The first time I found out about this was with a conversation with someone who
had something strange happen. This person was fighting Crisophynx, and
apparently after attacking for over an hour, still had not killed the beast.
In fact the Crisophynx never died past 15000 HP. I began to think this was not
possible. How could Crisophynx have that much HP?!?? I fought him and killed
him at 13000 HP easily and without the yellow plate. Then it was revealed.
There is actually TWO different Crisophynx battles in the game. So the
question remains: How do you play two different Chrisophynx? Well I'm not sure
if there are in fact two, but there definitely is two battles and very
different. If you fight Crisophynx with pure physical attacks, you may get the
easier version where he has 13000 HP like me it seems.  Plus you get the
sunglasses which seem to do nothing. But this is totally random so don't
expect something on first try. Whereas if you fight Chrisophynx using High
Level Magic, and opt to try to answer his riddles also I beleive you get the
SECOND Crisophynx battle which has over 36,000 HP! You better be prepared if
going after this, he's apparently 1/3 the stength of Emerald WEOPON. Now,
after you defeat him you get the Sunglasses, which seem to work for EVERYBODY
now and I mean you ACTUALLY notice the difference! In effect, there is two
Crisophynx boss stats:

Crisophynx Number 1: STATS: Yellow Innate, uses ThunderStorm followed by
Earthquake once per turn. HP: 13000. Strength: 100 Magic: 300

Crisophynx Number 2:  STATS: Yellow Innate, Uses ThunderStorm, followed by
Thunderstorm, followed by Earthquake again with Thunderstorm sporadically. HP:
36000 +! Strength: 500 Magic: 900

And that's all on this issue. Feel free to send feedback to

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Summmon/Traps Elements <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I originally thought only one level 8 and 7 element was available in the game.
However after several unconfirmed sources I may have discovered a way to have
multiple level 7s. Refer to this FAQ.

1- Where is the Red Wolf/Frog Prince/Golem/Mother Ship/Unicorn/Sonja summon?
The Red Wolf Summon is found in Mount Pyre. The Red Hotdoggitys have it. To
get them to cast it, turn the element field red or use some red elements and
set the trap. Frog Prince the Tragidiene in Chronopolis I heard SOMETIMES
carries keep in mind this is an unconfirmed source. Otherwise you get that
only from the Dragoon who drops it in front of Fort Dragonia, or the Water
Dragon who gives it to you if you go to the island. Golem is found in Hydras
poison swamp on the Scorpions. Or in Another's Dragon Isle. The Scorpions will
cast Golem if you turn the field Yellow. So cast the yellow then set the trap.
Mother ship is found in Another's fossil valley after returning as Lynx. The
shadow cats have it. To get it turn the field black, and set the trap. On them
you may have to do it several times. The Unicorn summon is found on Dodos in
Either home or another's fossil valley. Turn the field white and set the trap,
after they set their trap to get it cast. Sonja is found on Bulbs and the
Green innates of the Shadow Forest. Turn the field Green and set the trap. To
find the Trap Elements, go to Another's Marbule and by them from the shop for
a lot of money.

2- What is the purpose of the Chrono Cross element?
 It can be used for 3 different things. To obtain the very best ending in the
game by using the elements in the right order, to turn the field a certain
color by using it as a wild card element(also black and white) and to recharge
the elements in the users elemental grid. To get it to work, you should have
it on slot 8. Otherwise you're just wasting stamina.

3- What's that pot for in Arni near the bar?
 It's a stupid programming joke. Talk to it several times and get the joke. It
gives you an uplift element then shuts up.

4- What's this way to have multiple level 7 summons?
I heard, and can pretty much confirm if you set a trap for a level 7 summon
and cast it again during battle, you will duplicate the summon. I have not
confirmed if it is true yet or not. There is only one level 8 summon for each.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Gameshark Cheats And Codes<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

For those of who are real game purists like me, You'll realize that to really
maximize your gaming potential you need a cheat device called the Gameshark.
This amazing device by Interact accessories Inc. allows you to unlock the most
complex, most amazing, most fantastic and clever codes ever by actually
reading inside the programming language that the programmers who made this
game used! In effect, you are actually becoming a programmer yourself,
becoming one with the game. I have a Gameshark for all 3 of my systems because
it is a device you simply can not live with out or miss on. My most active
hobby has been hacking gameshark codes, or hacking them with friends and
uncovering secrets that lie beyond imagination. Not just character modifier
codes and placement modifiers mind you, I'm talking the real deal. What did
you ever imagine that you wish you could do but was just out of reach? With
Gameshark all of them are now possible. I've uncovered the actual Beta
Programming texts in games like Goldeneye and Zelda64, and gone beyond the
limits to seek out discovery. Whatever is an enigma to me, or draws to me in a
game or story I go after and with all my powers completely to the end to solve
it, and I always do. I go after the uncommon codes, the codes people didn't
think were real or were possible, the codes that were denied and the codes
which just seemed out of people's grasp, I retrieve. I'm what you could call a
Dreamer Gameshark Hacker. I look for the dream I want, of something I could
never imagine, and I take the steps to get it. Below are a vast collection of
codes which give you prerendered and Beta characters in the PSX game Chrono
Cross, which me and my Gameshark Hacker friend Sage Of Time uncovered

Lynx/Serge Becomes Lynx with Rainbow Sickle:
300704A9 - 0033
800704E4 - 0099
800704E0 - 0096
800704F4 - 0097
800704FE - 009E

8007049C 007A - Gives Rainbow
8007049E 00A6 - Gives Black Plate
800704A0 00DD - Give Defender Plus
800704A2 00E3 - Give Stamina Belt
800704A4 00E3 - Give Daemon Charm

30070E39 - 00EE(NOTE: Use Relief Charm Before To Avoid Hang Up!)

Young Lynx:
30070E39 - 0040(NOTE: same as above)

Young Kid:
30070E39 - 00FA(NOTE: same as above)

Dark Serge:
30070E39 - 00FC(NOTE: same as above)

30070E39 - 0099(NOTE: same as above)

30070E39 - 0092(NOTE: same as above)

30070E39 - 00D7
80070E74 - 01CD
80070E8C - 01CE
80070EA2 - 01CF

 Note: Future codes are going to be released here which will eliminate the
glitches and be added on to the normal code.

Credit goes to my friend Sage Of Time for he did a lot of the work, I only
helped with the character hangups. Much thanks Sage Of Time

This ends the FAQ for now.

*****************************This FAQ is not a representation of Squaresoft,
or its employees. All Chrono Game trademarks are copyrighted 2000 SquareSoft
Inc and the franchise Radical Dreamers. To use this FAQ you must email me
jays_29@hotmail.com. My name is Zelda Dude.****************************

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