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   SBMMMMMW8                                @MM XMM  ZMM               MM      
 ;MMM;    MMMM                             MM   XMM                    MM      
XMM         MMM                            MM   XMM                    MM      
MM              MM8     MM;  MMM    BMM    MM   XMM   MM  8MM     MMM  MM      
MM             ZMM       MM  MM      MM    MM   SMM   MM  MM           MM      
0M           2  MW       MM  MM      MM    MM   SMM   MM  MM           MM      
2MM         MMM,MZ       MM  MM      MM    MM   SMM   MM  MM           MM      
 2MM0     BMMM  MM.     MMM  MM      MM    MM   SMM   MM  MMM     @MM  MM      
   8MMMMMMMW     MMMMMMMM;   MM      MM    MM   SMM  ,MM   [email protected]    MMM  MM

MMMMMMMMMW;S                                                              070  
MM  .... MMMMZ                                                            MMM  
MM          MMM7                                                          MMM  
MM           MMB      rrSX;7        2XaaSS         ,rXSrr      .XS  8aaaa MMM 2
MM            MM2  MMM      MMM  @MM      MMM   @MM      BMM   SMMM       MMM  
MM            MMS MMM        MMM MMM           WMM        @MM  SMM        MMM  
MM           MM0  MMM               Z0MMM0MMM  SMM             SMM        MMM  
MM          MMM2  MMM       ZiBZ 7SX       MMM @MM7       ;2M  SMM        MMM  
MM       [email protected]     MMM      MMM  MMM       MMB  8MM      MMM   SMM        MMM  

   iWMMMMMMMM:X       0X;                                                      
 aMMMMSZZZZrMMMM      MMM                                                      
 MMM         BMMM     MMW                                                      
.MM             ,     MMS                                                      
 :MMMMMMM;   ,        MM7    2MMMM    MWMMM    MMMM8     MMMMM   0MMM MM   MMMZ
    MMMMMMMMMMMM      [email protected]   7MMM        MMMM   MMB       MMM       MMM      ,MM
         :.. MMMM     MMM   aMM          MMM   MMW       MMM       MMM       MM
              2MMM    MMM   SMM          MMM   MMM       MMM       MMM       MM
MMB            MMM    MMM   SMM          MMM   MMM       MMM       MMM       MM
aMM           SMMM    MM0   WMMM        0MMM   MMM       MMM       MMM       MM
 MMMMMirrrrr.MMMM     MMM    SMMBX    7 MMM    MMM       MMM       MMM       MM
   [email protected]       BMMMM  ,SMMMMMMMMX8     MMW       WMM       MMM      ,MM

                          M M                                                  
          MMMWW00000Z22X:;M MMS2SSX7;:.    MMMMMW:M0MMMMMMMMMM                 
          MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM aXXrrr7;r2ZZ8Wr2a: MM @[email protected]      
                       .MMM   0X.XM2 [email protected]@BM0XB8a2aXMMMMMMMMMMMMM      
                        ,:arMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMBZW8:[email protected]@MWMMMM8MM      
                             ZrXXrrri,:i::  8a8WZ7aZ7XMSW0          aMMMM      
                                           .W80M2XaZZBMSBM            SMM      
                               .           MMZWWaZZZ08WMZM0        .           
                                                ,i  ..              

Conflict: Desert Storm
PS2, XBox, PC (DOS)
Version 1.4
By YamiYugiOfDarkness
Copyright 2003

Table of Contents

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-Legal Information
-Weapon Guide
-Vehicle Guide
-Training Mode 1
-Training Mode 2
-Training Mode 3
-Mission 1: The Invasion of Kuwait
-Mission 2: Safe Passage
-Mission 3: Special Delivery
-Mission 4: Desert Watch
-Mission 5: SCUD Boulevard
-Mission 6: SCUD Alley
-Mission 7: Crash and Burn
-Mission 8: Patriotic Defense
-Mission 9: No Retreat
-Mission 10: Cavalry Charge
-Mission 11: Human Shield
-Mission 12: On The Brink
-Mission 13: Ground Zero
-Mission 14: Counter Attack
-Mission 15: Lights Out
-Special Thanks
-Contact Me

Legal Information

This guide was created to help you in the game. Any plagiarism or distribution
of ANY kind is strictly forbidden. Doing so will result with the most extreme
Consequences. You may print this guide out for your OWN PERSONAL use. If you
locate this FAQ on a site other than www.GameFAQs.com and my sites, please
contact me A.S.A.P.!!!!! If you would like to use my guide on your site, 
contact me. Check out the Contact Me information section for my E-mail.


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Version 1.4 12/24/02 10:39 A.M. Est.
Fixed some spelling errors.


In this game, there are 4 main soldiers on your team. 

John Bradley: Starting soldier. He is good with many weapons from pistols to 
rocket launchers. But all you need to do is give him a machine gun, and he will
be ready to annihilate. He is the first person under your command.

Foley: Foley is the sniper of the group. He is better with the sniper rifle 
than anyone else in the group. He can use his sniper in close combat and from
a far distance.

Connors: He is the soldier that loves big guns. He's great with the heavy 
machine gun and with the anti-tank and anti-aircraft rocket launcher. If you
require coving fire, lay him down.

Jones: He is the doctor and the engineer in the squad. He handles the big stuff
for the group like setting C4 explosives and placing anti-tank mines. He likes
the small machine guns.



Change Soldier: Directional Buttons

Mission Objectives: Select

Pause: Start

Move: L Stick

Toggle Target: R2, L2

Zoom: L3

Rotate left/right, look up/down: R Stick

Aim Mode: R3

Fire: R1

Inventory: Triangle

Action: X

Orders: L1

Fire at Will/Stand Down: Square

Change Stance: Circle

Group Stance: R1

Group Follow/Halt: R2

Go to...: Circle

Follow (Individual Only!): X


Change Soldier: Directional Buttons

Mission Objective: Back

Pause: Start

Move: L Stick

Toggle Target: L Stick Down

Zoom: L Stick Down

Rotate left/right, Look up/down: R Stick

Aim Mode: R Stick Down

Fire: R Trigger

Inventory: Y

Action: A

Orders: L Trigger

Fire at Will/Stand Down: X

Change Stance: B

Group Stance: White

Group Follow/Halt: Black

Go to...: B

Follow (Individual Only!): A



Highlight Menue Options: Cursor Keys Up/Down or Mouse

Confirm a Selection: Enter/Left Mouse Button

Alter Menu Values: Cursor Keys/Right or Left Mouse Button

Return to Previous Menu: Esc.

Game Controls

Pause/Open Game Options Menu: Esc.

Action Button (Flashing Text): R

Weapon Controls

Fire Selected Weapon: Left Mouse Button

Move Weapon Cross Hair: Mouse

Zoom in on Target: Mouse Wheel Up/Down or Num. Pad -/+

Selecting Soldiers

Soldier 1: 1

Soldier 2: 2

Soldier 3: 3

Soldier 4: 4

Movement Controls

Move Forward: W

Walk Forward: CTRL W

Move Backward: S

Walk Backward: Ctrl S

Strafe Left: A

Strafe Right: D

Rotate: Mouse Look

Stand/Crouch: Space Bar

Lie Down Prone: Hold Down Space Bar

Squad Controls

Jump to Next Soldier: Page Up

Jump to Previous Soldier: Page Down

All Soldiers Go Order (Toggle): Hold Down Space Bar

Orders Menu (Hold Down Left Alt)

Move Soldiers Control Panel Cursor Up: Alt W

Move Soldier Control Panel Cursor Down: Alt S

All Soldiers Prone/Stand (Toggle): Alt C

All Soldiers Join On Me/Hold Position (Toggle): Alt D

Order Highlighted Soldier to Follow: Alt F

Order Highlighted Soldier to Hold Position: Alt H

Order Highlighted Soldier to Fire at Will/Stand Down: Alt G

Order Highlighted Soldier to Advance to a Position: Alt A

Order Soldier 1 to Halt/Follow (Toggle): Alt 1

Order Soldier 2 to Halt/Follow (Toggle): Alt 2

Order Soldier 3 to Halt/Follow (Toggle): Alt 3

Order Soldier 4 to Halt/Follow (Toggle): Alt 4

View/Map Controls

First Person/Third Person View (Toggle): Right Mouse Button

Zoom In/Out (In First Person View): Mouse Wheel Up/Down or Num Pad -/+

View Mission Objectives/Map (Toggle): F1

Inventory Menu

Open Inventory Menu: Hold Down Left Shift, then:

Move Selection Up: Shift W or Mouse Wheel Up

Move Selection Down: Shift S or Mouse Wheel Down

Change Weapon Fire Mode Left: Shift A

Change Weapon Fire Mode Right: Shift D

Use Inventory item: Shift L/Left Mouse Button

Close Inventory: Release Shift.

Give Inventory Items

Open Give Inventory Menu: Stand beside the soldier you wish to give an item to,
and press down the R key when Give flashes on screen.

Transfer Weapon: ."

Transer Item: ."


Orders: You have the ability to give orders to the other soldiers. Use this
power well because if you don't, you will be destroyed in a second. Use the 
Directional buttons to select a soldier to receive the order, or use a group 
order to command the entire squad.

Fire At Will/Stand Down: This commands a single soldier or the entire group to
shoot at any target withen range or don't fire at all. Stand Down can be used
when you are in a mission and you have to rush. In every level, soldiers will
start out with Stand Down, so you must tell them Fire At Will or they will
most likely be killed.

Change Stance: Make the soldier you're commanding kneel. Hold the change stance
key to make him lie flat on the ground. 

Group Stance: Entire squad will kneel or lie flat.

Group Follow/Halt: All your men will come to your location and/or follow you
or stop moving from their current position.

Go To: Commands a soldier to go to your specified location. You can also 
specify which way he faces.

Follow: You can have ONE SOLDIER follow you or come to your location. You must
use the Group Halt to halt the soldier.

Weapon Guide

Here I will write the specs of each weapon. 

Assault Rifles

Name: Colt M16A2
Origin: U.S.A.
Bullets: 5.56 x 45mm NATO
Magazine: 30-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot, 3 round burst, grenade


Name: Kalashnikov AK-47 
Origin: Russia
Bullets: 7.62 x 39mm
Magazine: 30-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot, fully automatic


Name: Kalashniko AK-74
Origin: Russia
Bullets: 5.45 x 39.5mm
Magazine: 30-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot, fully automatic

Sub Machine Guns

Name: Colt Commando
Origin: U.S.A.
Bullets: 5.56 x 45 NATO
Magazine: 30-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot, fully automatic


Name: AKSU-74
Origin: Russia
Bullets: 7.62 x 39mm
Magazine: 30-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot, fully automatic


Name: Heckler & Koch MP-5SD
Origin: Germany
Bullets: 9 x 19mm Parabellum
Magazine: 30-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot, burst mode, fully automatic


Name: Skorpion
Origin: Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia
Bullets: 7.65 Browning (.32 ACP)
Magazine: 20-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot, fully automatic

Sniper Rifles

Name: Accuracy International L96A1 
Origin: U.K.
Bullets: 7.62 x 51mm NATO
Magazine: 10-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot


Name: Heckler & Koch PSG1
Origin: Germany
Bullets: 7.62 x 51mm NATO
Magazine: 5-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot


Name: SVD Dragunov
Origin: Russia
Bullets: 7.62 x 54R
Magazine: 10-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot


Name: Barrett 'Light Fift' M82A1
Origin: U.S.A.
Bullets: 12.7 x 99 (.50 Browning)
Magazine: 11-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot


Name: Desert Eagle
Origin: Israel
Bullets: .50 Action Express
Magazine: 9 rounds
Fire Modes: Single shot


Name: Beretta Model 92
Origin: Italy
Bullets: 9mm Parabellum
Magazine: 15 rounds
Fire Modes: Single shot


Name: Makarov
Origin: Russia 
Bullets: 9mm Makrov
Magazine: 8 rounds
Fire Modes: Single shot


Name: SIG-Saucer P-228 
Origin: Switzerland
Bullets: 9 x 19mm Parabellum
Magazine: 13-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot

Combat Shotgun

Name: Franchi Spas12
Origin: Italy
Bullets: 12 Gauge 
Magazine: 8 rounds
Fire Modes: Pump action, semi auto


Name: Remmington 870
Origin: U.S.A.
Bullets: 12 Guage
Magazine: 5 Rounds
Fire Modes: Pump action

Light Machine Guns

Name: US Machine Gun M60E3
Origin: U.S.A.
Bullets: 7.62 x 51mm NATO
Magazine: 100-round distintegrating belt
Fire Modes: Single shot, fully automatic


Name: M249 Saw (Squad Automatic Weapon)
Origin: U.S.A.
Bullets: 5.56 x 45mm NATO
Magazine: 100-round disintegrating belt
Fire Modes: Single shot, fully automatic


Name: RPK-74
Origin: Russia
Bullets: 5.45 x 39mm Soviet
Magazine: 45-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot, fully automatic


Name: PK
Origin: Russia
Bullets: 7.62 x 54R Soviet
Magazine: 30-round detachable box
Fire Modes: Single shot, fully automatic

Anti-Tank Rocket Launchers

Name: Law 66
Origin: U.S.A.
Warhead: High Explosive Anti-Tank rocket
Magazine: One-shot disposable rocket launcher
Fire Modes: Single shot


Name: Law 80
Origin: U.S.A.
Warhead: High Explosivge Anti-Tank rocket
Magazine: One-shot disposable rocket launcher.
Fire Modes: Single shot


Name: 40-MM RPG 7
Origin: Russia
Warhead: Fin-stabilized High Explosive Anti-Tank rocket
Magazine: One-shot disposable rocket launcher
Fire Modes: Single shot

Surface to Air Missiles

Name: FIM-92 Stinger
Origin: U.S.A.
Warhead: IR guided FIM-92 missile
Magazine: One-shot disposable anti-aircraft missile
Fire Mode: Single shot


Name: SA-7 Grail
Origin: Russia
Warhead: IR guided SA-7 missile
Magazine: One-shot disposable anti-aircraft missile
Fire Mode: Single shot


Name: Anti-Tank Mine
Origin: U.S.A.
Explosive: 10kg high explosive


Name: C4 Explosive Charge
Origin: U.S.A.
Explosive: 0.5kg high explosive


Name: M67 Fragmentation Grenade
Origin: U.S.A. 
Explosive: 4kg high explosive


Name: M18 Smoke Grenade 
Origin: U.S.A.
Explosive: No Explosive

Vehicle Guide

Here, I will write out vehicle specs.

*NOTE* Not all vehicles are available for you to use in this game.

Battle Tanks

Name: Miai Abrams
Origin: U.S.A.
Crew: Driver, gunner, commander, passanger
Weapons: 120mm gun, .50 cal. heavy machine gun
Speed: 72km per hour


Name: T-72
Origin: Russia
Crew: Driver, gunner, commander, passenger
Weapons: 125mm smoothbore gun, NSV heavy machine gun
Speed: 60km per hour


Name: T-62 
Origin: Russia
Crew: Driver, gunner, commander, passenger
Weapons: 115mm smoothbore gun, NSV heavy machine gun
Speed: 50km per hour

APC: Armored Personal Carriers

Name: M2 Bradley APC
Origin: U.S.A.
Crew: Driver, TOW gunner, commander, passanger
Weapons: 25mm chain gun, TOW anti-tank missile system
Speed: 66km per hour


Name: BMP-1 
Origin: Russia
Crew: Driver, gunner, commander, passanger
Weapons: 73-mm gun
Speed: 80km per hour


Name: BMP-2
Origin: Russia
Crew: Driver, gunner, commander, passenger
Weapons: 73-mm gun
Speed: 80km per hour


Name: Command BMP 
Origin: Russia
Crew: Driver, gunner, commander, passenger
Weapons: 73-mm gun
Speed: 80km per hour

Light Vehicles

Name: Armored 4x4 
Origin: U.S.A.
Crew: Driver, TWO gunner, heavy machine gunner, passenger
Weapons: ToW AT missile system, .50 calibre heavy machine gun
Range: 580km 


Name: Ural-375 6x6 truck
Origin: Russia
Range: 600km 


Name: M35/44 6x6 truck
Origin: U.S.A.
Range: 480km

Battlefield Missiles

Name: MLRS
Origin: U.S.A.
Missile: 227mm
Range: 30-40km (depending on missile)


Name: SS-1 'Scud' 
Origin: Russia
Warhead: 1000kg
Range: 280km HE or 180km nuclear


Name: AGM-86 ALCM
Warhead: Conventional HE warhead
Range: 2500km

Anti-Aircraft Vehicles

Name: ZSU-23-4 "Shilka" Mobile AA Gun
Origin: Russia
Weapons: 4x23mm cannons


Name: ZSU-23 Static AA Gun
Origin: Russia
Weapons: 2x23mm cannons


Name: SA-8 "Gecko"
Origin: Russia
Weapons: 6xsemi active or IR homing surface to air missiles

Attack Helicopters

Name: AH-64 Apache Helicopter
Origin: U.S.A.
Weapons: 16x Hellfire anti-tank missiles M230 30mm Chain Gun
Max Speed: 155 knots


Name: Mil MI-24 "Hind" Gunship
Origin: Russia
Weapons: 2x UV-32-57 rocket pods 12.7mm cannon
Max Speed: 159 knots

Transpot Helicoptors

Name: CH-47 Chinook Helicoptor
Origin: U.S.A.
Max Speed: 138 knots


Name: UH60 Blackhawk
Origin: U.S.A.
Max Speed: 100 knots

Ground Attack Aircraft

Name: Panavia Tornado GR.MK1
Origin: UK
Weapons: Paveway laser-guided missiles
Combat Radius: 1390km


Name: MIG-27 "Flogger-J" 
Origin: Russia
Weapons: 2-4 air-to-air missiles
Combat Radius: 390km


Name: A10 Thunderbolt
Origin: U.S.A.
Weapons: 30-mm cannon
Combat Radius: 463km


Name: F117A 'Nighthawk'
Origin: U.S.A.
Weapons: No Information Available
Combat Radius: No Information Available


Name: MIG29 "Fulcrum"
Origin: Russia
Weapons: 4-6 air-to-air missiles
Combat Radius: 2300km


Name: F15 'Eagle'
Origin: U.S.A.
Weapons: 8 air-to-air missiles
Combat Radius: 5750km

Training Mode 1

Objective: Follow your Drill Sergeant's instructions.

In this training mode, you will learn the basic stuff, like moving and firing 
an object called a gun. 

Your instructor will tell you to do stuff, so do whatever he says. You will 
need to strafe, turn, crouch, and go prone. Once you do each of these, a door
ahead of you will be opened, allowing you to practice firing.

When you get in, listen to the instructor and get moving. In the first part, 
you will have to crawl. Run forward, go prone, and move forward all the way.
You will be able to get past the obstacles. Go over the bridge and run to the
wooden planking. Don't use strafe, just turn. Climb the tower. Once you get 
there, you're done. Well at least with this section.

Now one last thing. Run into the building ahead and pick up your first pistol,
assault rifle, and the deadly sniper rifle. Face the firing arnge, and follow
the instructor's commands. You will master the art of firing a deadly gun, 
including how to fire, target, and switch weapons. When you fire, practice
moving around smoothly. You will be done with the first training once you take
out the last target. There. Wasn't that easy?

Training Mode 2

Objective: Follow your Drill Sergeant's instructions.

In this training mode, you wil be practicing with the weapons again, driving, 
and artillery and air strikes. Have fun!

First, you will be sent to man a gun emplacement and give you some targets to
shoot. Remember to use the target lock to switch targets quickly. This should
be easy.

Next, you will use heavy weapons, such as anti-tank rockets. This portion of 
the training is extremely important so pay attention and work hard. Tanks are
the deadliest of all deadly weapons. They have a hard armor, so they are hard
to destroy. The best way to destroy a tank is to hit it from the rear with 
the big missiles.

Now for the driving part. Head down the corridor and hop into the truck. Here
practice and get use to the controls for driving, because you will be doing
this a lot. When you get to the end of the road, get out of the truck and move
into the bunker. 

Now you will play with explosives. You will get access to both the artillery 
communication set and the air strike laser designator. What does that mean? 
More toys to play with! They are both deadly, but you will only get to use them
for key targets only, not general use.

After you finish the strikes, you're done. Now you only have one training left!

Training Mode 3

Objective: Follow your Drill Sergeant's instructions. 

In this training, you will have to control other soldiers. You are a leader and
you will have to give orders to complete missions.

Follow the instructor's orders. Go into the training area and walk up the 
station with the blue flag. Issue a Group Follow so the other two soldiers come
to the flag. Then issue a Group Halt and walk over to the red flag station.
Once you arrive at the red flag, issue a single Follow command to just one of 
your soldiers, then a single Hold Position, and finally, a Move Out command to
send one man over to the green flag. Once you do that, go over to the yellow 
flag. Whew lots of work.

Now to learn how to use medikits on yourself and sharing with others to save 
them. This is very important. Once you finish everything here, move to the
final area for some group target practice.

The instructor will teach you how to switch between your men, so you'll get a
chance to try out each weapon type. They are a regular assault rifle, a heavy
machine gun, a sniper rifle, and a close quarters submachine gun. 

The final practice will involve isssuing a Group Open Fire command to destroy
any target that pops up. The soldiers are very good with their own weapons, so
this shouldn't be too hard. Once all the targets are gone, the mission is over.

Mission 1: The Invasion of Kuwait

Objectives: Rescue Foley
            Locate the C4
            Demolish the Bridge
            Reach the extractino point with both men alive

This is your first mission, and it is quite simple. All you have to do is get
someone out of the area. After you rescue Foley, get to the bridge and destroy 
it with some C4s. Then head for the LZ to get out. 

There will be some light resistance unless you approach the bridge from the
front. This mission is kind of like a training, because you practice throwing
grenades, firing your assault rifle, using medikits, and giving orders to your
teammate once you've rescued him. 

Go up the path ahead and to the right, then go straight up to the edge and you
will see an A10 strafing the trucks moving down the trail, and a few soldiers
guarding the small bridge. No problem, right? All you have to do is shoot the
soldiers, head down, and enter the hut by the destroyed trucks to find a 

Go over the small bridge, then follow the path on the right. If you want to die
a painful death, go left. Otherwise, go right. Follow the canyon and eliminate
the pair of soldiers in your way to reach the dry riverbed below the bridge. 

Now that you're in the riverbed, go across the northern edge, then go west. If
you want to take a few shots at the guards up near the bridge, you can, because
the alarm is going to go off soon anyway, because the BMP patrolling the river-
bed. Take it out with a single shot from your LAW and exit the riverbed. Now
run up the ramp and check the northwest corner on your map. There will be a
small encampment with a single guard, an AK-47, and another Medikit. Well you
know what to do. BANG BANG BANG!!

Now go the the east where you will see the road heading south toward the bridge
along with a ramp up to a ledge overlooking the bridge which will come in handy
in a bit. Well for now, just go east. Shoot the one guard behind a boulder, and
attack the small compund near Foley. There is one guard in the building, one on
the left and another on the right. You can try for stealth by chucking a smoke
grenade and using cover, but you can just shoot the enemy from a distance. Now
that everyone is dead, go inside the building and free Foley. They key will be 
on a table with his weapons. Once you free Foley, head back to the ledge that
was mentioned before to check things out on the bridge. 

First, take out anyone that sticks their head up using the sniper. Head down 
the road south toward the bridge and enter the building on the north side. The
C4 required to destroy the bridge is in there. There is also a gun emplacement
next to it, just like the one used in the training mission. Place one of your
men on the gun, then send another with the C4 to the center of the bridge to 
plant the big bomb. 

Guards will be running at you while you plant the C4, but as long as you have
the big emplacement gun manned, you will survive. Destroy the enemy as they
emerge. Once everything is destroyed, you will be able to go home. Just go to 
the extraction point with both men.

Mission 2: Safe Passage

Objectives: Rescue the Emir
            Destroy all Armor
            Rendezvous with Connors
            Reach the extraction point.

Unfortunately, the Emir of Kuwait was ambushed when he was trying to escape 
from the city. You and Foley must rendezvous with Connors, the guy with the big
guns, and escort Emir out of the city SAFELY. You can use medikits on him, but
you want to try your best to keep him out of the line of fire. You can use the
Hold command to keep him where you want. 

Run south along the street with Foley following you. You will encounter the
devastated motorcade, along with Emir. Destroy the enemies and pick up the Emir
befor you go down the street.

Now, you will want to go north, but first check the buildings around the square
one in the southeast corner of the square and another on the west. You will 
find an AK-47, some ammo, two Medikits, two more RPG-7s, and a Dragunov sniper
rifle, which should be given to Foley. Now lets get Connors.

Go east along the street, shot the infantry, and go south along the road. You
will eventually reach Connors.

Once you rendezvous with Connors, destroy anyone that opposes you, and listen
to his warning about the T-62 ahead. A nice shot to the armor on the back will
destroy it, or you can just keep shooting it if you have enough ammo.

Go down the street, destroying the enemies. Watch out because there is a sniper
on the building straight ahead. 

Send one man up the steps to the overpass armed with some kind of heavy weapon,
and destroy the T-62. By sending just one man, your entire squad won't be 
destroyed in case the tank gets a luckey shot in.

After the tank is blown to pieces, run down the overpass. Watch out for snipers
to the left of you. When you get to the broken bridge, run left toward the
extraction point.

You will find more enemies, so destroy them. This will be easy because you 
have Connors on your side. When the helicoptor arrives, you're home free.

Mission 3: Special Delivery

Objectives: Neutralize enemy camp
            Destroy SAM sites
            Locate the SCUD data
            Destroy enemy MiG fighters
            Reach the extraction point

In this mission, you will get Jones in your team, who is the medic of the group
and the combat engineer. In this mission, you have to assault a MiG base and
destroy some SAM sites, and aquire data on the location of the SCUD launchers.

The first part of the mission is quite simple. All you have to do is go to the
base. There will be light resistance but should be no problem. Once you get to
the base, take the rear entrance and you should be able to complete the 
objectives easily.

In the begining, there is a goat herder near your starting point. If you alert
him, he will call for guards and make the mission harder. You can either kill
him or sneak past him. 

Beyond the goat herder is a camp you need to destroy. Split your team members
up and use the crossfire to take out any guards. Manually control Foley to 
snipe the men manning the big gun emplacements. Once everyone is dead, look 
around for an RPK-74, ammo, and a Medikit.

Now that you cleared the camp, you can go through the valleys. You will meet up
with some guards but they should be easy to kill. A small truck is the site of
a minor ambush by some enemy troops, but it should be quite easy to destroy.

You will get to the front of the base, which has a pair of bunkers and some 
soldiers that will attack you. Use the rocks near you for cover. Kill the
soldiers and snipe the bunkers with Foley.

Now you can sneak into the base using the back exit. Head east, follow the 
narrow walkway along the cliff edge far north, then west to the back of the
base. There are guards so be on the alert. Snipe the tower lookouts to avoid
enemy fire.

Enter the base and go into the northeast building. Retrieve the SCUD location 
files. They are on the second floor. Search around a bit to get a Medikit.

Keep going west past two buildings to reach the first Mig. Open the door and
destroy the fuel tank inside to blow up the entire building. Keep your men
away from the entrance to the hangar or they will all die in the explosion and
that's not a good thing.

The power for the SAM is located one building over to the west. Send Jones in 
to set some C4s. You can detonate them right now to let the air strikes come in
or you can wait and set more C4s at the fueling station in the south of the 

The last MiG is in a hangar on the south set of buildings. It is in the 
furtheset to the west. Destroy it the same way you destroyed the first one. 
Now just one thing left to do.

Now place C4s at the fueling station and detonate it. Once it's destroyed, you
can head to the extraction point.

Reaching the extraction point is simple. Just head to the main gates and open
them. Then run straight across the field toward the helicopter. 

Mission 4: Desert Watch

Objectives: Destroy all SCUD launchers
            Destroy all SCUD support vehicles
            Destroy all Anti-aricraft vehicles
            Destroy signal booster sytem
            Reach extraction point

This is a special forces demolitons mission. You have to destroy a lot of 
things. You need to go through the desert and wipe out lots of vehicles. Well
you might think this is hard, but you have the tools to do it so it will be a
lot easier than you think.

Basically, you will want to go from west to east. You will have to destroy any
vehicle that gets in your way. There are lots of weapons around so you won't
run out. 

Your first target is located in this long valley up toward the north. If you
head raound the rocks you will encounter some soldiers from the nearby infantry
which you can eliminate before attacking the SCUD.

When you get near the northern part of the valley, go to the right side to a 
ledge overlooking the northern area. Now you can spot a mobile AA gun which you 
can take out with Foley's sniper rifle. Aim for the radar dish on the back and
hit a couple of times to destroy the vehicle.

Before you destroy the SCUD, you have to destroy the BMP with a missile. Then
run Jones quickly to destroy the SCUD before it launches.

Now that the western valley is clear, go east into the central canyon area.
You should find an Ak-47 and a pair of RPG-7s along the way.

First take the southern route because you need to intercept a pair of SCUD 
launchers being escorted by a BMP from the southern central tunnel. Destroy
the BMP with a missile, freezing the SCUDs in place. Station 3 of your men on
defense watching the northern approaches while you send in Jones to plant C4s.

After you destroy the convoy, you have to go to the communications array in the
center of the center valley and wreak havoc. Run up to it from the left and 
kill the guard inside. Pick up the RPG-7s and the Medikit that rests outside.

Now look at the edge of the railing by the RPGs to the east. You will be able 
to see another AA gun. Take it out.

Now look over the edge with Foley and snipe the guard on the building on the
northern side of the valley. You can blow up the gas tank next to him if you

Now destroy the communications center. You can either use a grenade or a C4. 

Go around the road east of the communications center and look east off the
ledge. You can see the last AA gun. Destroy with the rocket launcher before
you go north.

Go to the northern section of the valley along the road and destroy the tank. 
The best way is to send a single man armed with some missiles.

Check inside the building near the vehile to get some stuff. You can get an
AKSU SMG and a Pk Light Machine Gun. Now look on top for another pair of 

Your last target is in the eastern part of the valley. Go east into the valley,
then head south to the final SCUD missile. You will run into some soldiers but
without the vehicles backing them up, this won't be much of a problem.

Pick up the RPG-7 right before the SCUD launcher if you need it. Then destroy
the last target. Now that all vehicles are destroyed and the communication 
center is down, all you need to do is go to the extraction point.

Head north a short distance. A helicopter will be there to pick you and your
men up. Good job soldier!

Mission 5: SCUD Boulevard

Objectives: Destroy all SCUD launcheres
            Reach exit point to SCUD Alley.

You are in a desert, and a sandstorm hides your location, making your life 
easier. Go up and to the right side, then down and left will destroy all the
targets. You will be able to proceed to the SCUD Alley once they are all 

Go north up the road. You will see some soldirs on a ridge to your left. If you
keep going, you will see a burned out bridge, but don't worry because you don't
have to cross that. 

When the road splits, take the right path. You will spot your first target.
Kill the guards behind the sangbags on the left. now run up to the right and
destroy the soldiers in the base camp. There is a BMP nearby, but if it hits
the SCUD launcher while you're close, your team will sustain a lot of damage.

After you kill everyone, look around the base camp for an RPG-7, a pair of 
Medikits, and a pair of AK-47s. After that go to the BMP just ahead and 
destroy it with the RPG-7.

You can destroy the SCUD here with a gun because it is immobile. Connors' 
heavy machine gun will take care of it easily.

Keep going north along the path. You will run into some soldiers but they 
shouldn't be much of a problem Go around the large hill to find the second
SCUD launcher.

You can either destroy the second SCUD with a C4 or Connors' machine gun.

Go to the exit point from the map. Kill the guards you run into before going
south for the small village.

When you get to the village, there will be a BMP guarding it so destroy it. Now
check the northeastern building for the third SCUD. Destroy the fuel tank, and
destroy the SCUD with Connors' gun.

Move around the village to kill any soldiers. Then check the southeast building
which is a small armory. There are lots and lots of weapons and supplies there.

Inside the armory you will find an AKSU, a PK Light Machine Gun, two RPG-7s, 
two AK-47s, and a Dragunov sniper rifle. Pick up the Medikits as well.

Head south of the village to get to the final SCUD launcher. It is just around
a rocky outcropping, but it is being guarded by some soldiers on the valley 
floor, and a pair of elevated troops, one on the east above the outcropping and
another west up on the rocks. Kill them both using Foley before you go to the

Destroy the last SCUD launcher and you can go to the SCUD Alley. That's it!
Good job!

Mission 6: SCUD Alley

Objectives: Destroy all SCUD launchers
            Reach evacuation point

The second half of your SCUD continues through the storm. You only have the
supplies you finished with last time so becareful. If you conserved in the last
mission, you will be fine. 

Most of the SCUD launchers are located along the western half of this valley,
but along side of it are T-62s and T-72s. You can either shoot the rear end 
(recommended) or you can make Connors a "sacrificial lamb" and charge at the 
tank with C4s. 

When you start a level there is a tank. You can destroy the gunner with Foley.
Quickly run Jones up to th tank and plant the C4 right next to it.

The first SCUD is past the tank, but you need to kill some soldiers before you
can reach it. There is an enemy stationed on top of the hill just west of a gun
turret. Let Foley take care of that.

Head into the camp behind the tank to grab some supplies. There are two 
Medikits, an AK-47, two SA-7 Grail rocketlaunchers and two RPG-7s. Lots of 
things for you to pick up.

There will be lots of enemies running at you so position your men wisely. When
the soldiers are killed, go to the SCUD and destroy it.Go northwest to find
the second SCUD. There is a tank nearby so watch out. You might want to just
send one man to destroy it. Once it's destroyed, go to the SCUD and destroy it.
Now go south.

You will encounter the Hind at this point, so destroy it with the Grai. Now
continue a little bit south to find the third SCUD.

Destroy the third SCUD and continue south until you reach a rise that you can 
plant your men on. From here you should be able to see the fourth SCUD to the
south. There is also another T-72 tank. There will also be a lot of soldiers so
be prepared. 

Position your men to cover your back as you take Connors out to destroy the 
last SCUD. Destroy it with your machine gun and head southeast toward the
extraction point. 

Mission 7: Crash and Burn

Objectives: Defend plateau
            Protect copilot and gunner
            Do not allow helicopter to be destroyed.

This mission is quite simple but it is very dangerous. The helicopter you were 
in crash landed. You must defend the site until an extraction pickup arrives to
your location.

You will face several waves of soldiers comingfrom the north, but if you 
position your men well and use the fourth plug holes and heal your men, this 
mission will be quite easy.

Set your men immediately. Get Foley in the center, Connors on the left, and
Bradley on the right. Get Jones to pick up all of the LAW rocket launchers near
the starting point and wait for the soldiers to arrive.

Once the soldiers arrive, listen to your men carefully. You know where to put
them so you will know which canyon the enemy is coming out of, and you can also
move your reserve around to support as needed. If someone gets hurt, run over 
and heal them after you stop the immediate threat. 

When the tank comes in, destroy it immediately before it can move up to you and
your soldiers. Use Jones with the rocket launchers to stop them, or Connors 
because he has two weapons from the start.

More soldiers will arrive, but with your men positioned at the right place, you
won't have much problem. Just watch out for another tank. Destroy it when it
shows up. Check your map when one of your men calls an alert to figure out what
it is.

You will get attacked by a Hind twice so be ready with the Stingers. 

After the second Hind arrives, your evacuation helicopter will arrive, but so 
will enemy tanks. Go back a few feet if you don't have enough ammo. After 
everyone is safely int he chopper, you will be finished.

Mission 8: Patriotic Defense

Objectives: Destroy all Infantry
            Destroy all Armor

In this mission, you must destroy some soldiers and a lot of tanks scattered 
around the streets of Al-Khafji. You will get attacked by some MRLS.

Use the narrow streets to your advantage. There are many tunnels and buildings
which can hide you from tanks. 

When the mission begins, use Connors. Get out your LAW and run to the small
plaza you're in and to the northwest. Destroy the BMP that is coming toward

Once the BMP is destroyed, call your men over and set them up well to fight off
the advancing soldiers.

After everyone is killed, run Jones ahead with some C4s to destroy a tank. It
is northwest past the wrecked BMP. If you move quickly, it won't be able to 
shoot. Destroy the tank.

Go down the street behind the tank and kill the soldiers.There are some stairs
heading up to the east to another plaza. You will go there later.

For now, go back to your starting position and go east on the street. Destroy
the BMP there with anohter LAQ. Now go into the building beside it to the 
rooftop. Kill the guard there and pick up the Grenades, a Medikit, and an 
AK-47. Now look look down the alley north. You can snipe some soldiesr there.

Go back down the stairs. Go north. There are two snipers on the balcony so take
them out. Now head up the stairs to the alley where you killed the two snipers.
At the end of it, just before the plaza, you will find an RPG-7.

Enter the plaza with Bradley. Go left and kill the soldier. Now check north and
to the right. There is a BMP there so destroy it. 

When the BMP is destroyed, head north. Bring your men with you and set them up
well. The T intersection at the north edge of the map is your gaol. Wait there
until the enemy soldiers stop coming. Then send a single man with a missile
because there is a BMP to the left. There is also a soldier manning a gun 
emplacement near it.

Go to the gun emplacement. There is a Medikit and an RPG-7. If you go back to 
the plaza and check near the stairs leading down to the western street, you 
will find a second RPG-7.

Enter the hotel just east of the center plaza and go up the steps. When you 
get to the ledge overlooking the eastern plaza, pick up the AK-47, ammo, and a
Medikit, and kill the snipers on the building to the east.

You can take one of three exits from the ledge, the north where you came from,
a western, and a southern. If you take the western, you will go to the balcony
where the snipers were. You will find the Dragunov, Grenades, and an RPG-7.

Now take the southern exit. Go down the stairs and you will be at an archway
that goes out into the eastern plaza, and a hall west. Take the western hall,
and follow it. You will be at the small ledge overlooking a BMP on the far
southern end of the eastern street. Destroy it with a rocket launcher, and then
go back to the eastern plaza.

Leave your men in the hotel halls. Send Bradley out with his artillery comm 
unit and call strikes on the tanks and the T-72 in the northwest of the plaza

Now to clear the enemy soldiers from the northeastern and eastern parts of the
plaza. Bring everyone and set up firing lines to take them out. If you killed
everyone, you will be done with the level. If it still isn't finished, go 
around and make sure you destroyed the two BMPs and a tank near the beginning.
Also another two BMPs in the center area and five tanks in the east. 

Mission 9: No Retreat

Objectives: Destroy all SAM sites
            Destroy all Anti-aircraft vehicles
            Destroy all Armor
            Detonate the bridge
            Escape north across the bridge

This is the first vehicle mission. You drive an Armored 4x4 with a .50 cal.
heavy machine gun and a TWO anti-tank rocket launcher. If you use it well, this
level will be quite easy. If you lose your vehicle, it's not the end of the 
world, but try to keep it so you can use the TWO. The more vehicles you 
destroy, the easier this mission will be.

In this mission, you have togo to the east under the bridge, then south to the
base in the southeast corner of the map, west to a smaller base camp in the 
southwest corner, and then up the middle to cross the bridge and destroy it.
If you can reach the base with the vehicle, then you will be able to finish the
rest of the mission on foot.

In the beginning, you can wait for the Hind and the BMP to come around the 
corner, but the BMP can get some clean shots. If you want some action, get on 
the 4x4 and head out immediately.

Drive east through the canyon. Some soldiers will attack so run over them, 
shoot them, or ignore them because they don't pose much of a threat. There will
be a BMP and a SAM so you will need to destroy them.

When you get to the eastern edge of the canyon, destroy the BMP to the south
and the SAM on a ledge to the east.

There are two routes you can take to go south. Either left or right. Go right
to get to the base. Bring Foley and snipe the gun emplacement on the ledge, and
also the two other gun emplacements southwest of the ledge. Also kill any 
soldiers that attacks you.

If you see the SAMs from the ledge, destroy them. Rifles will work here.

If your vehicle is still alive, drive south toward the base and take out the 
T-62 in your way. When you get to the front gate, get out of the vehicle and
fire at the guards.

Destroy the AA vehicle near the gate and head into the base camp.

There are three SAM sites in the base. Destroy all three and the control 
trailer. Now go to the garage. You will find a key to the locked barracks. 
There are lots of Medikits as well so don't hesitate to take them.

Enter the barracks. There will be guards so kill them. Get the two RPG-7s,
eight Grenades, two AK-74s, a PK Light Machine Gun, and a whole mess of ammo.

When you finish everything in the base, go west to the smaller camp. Shoot any
soldiers from a safe distance and destroy the SAM sites and the trailer once
everyone is killed. Go inside the camp to find an RPG-7, an AK-74, and a 

Go north and briefly west. You will find another BMP and SAM so destroy them.
Then head east toward the center where you can destroy the final SAM site.

Cross the bridge and destroy the final tank. Then laser designate the bridge
for a big Tornado strike. Once it's destroyed, you can head north into the 
desert and you will be done with the mission.

Mission 10: Cavalry Charge

Objectives: Destroy all armor
            Destroy all AA vehicles
            Clear all tank traps

This is a pretty hard vehicle mission. The good thing is you get to drive an 
armored M2 Bradley. Unfortunately, you will be up against AA guns, T-72 battle
tanks, mine fields, soldiers, and blocked roads. Lots and lots of obstacles.

If you can get half way through the mission, you can finish the last half on 
foot. Remember to use Grenades to destroy mine fields with Grenades. Using 
heavy machine guns or sniper rifles will destroy AA vehicles. You will most 
likely use Jones as a "sacrificial lamb" again, but that all depends on how
long your vehicle stays alive.

The beginning of the mission is a little bit...ugly. Drive forward a bit to 
find yourself in a tank trap. Park far away from them. Get out of the car and
send Foley up the ledge on the right. Now you can snipe the soldiers ahead, and
if you look far up on the northeastern part of the ledge, you can just barely
see an AA vehicle far to the northeast. Just snipe the radar dish and it's 
blown to bits.

Now drive forward on your vehicle. You will get to a tank trap. Get out early 
and send Foley forward with your other men covering him. You can see an AA
vehicle, but barely, so snipe the radar dish to destroy it.

Take your men and go up on the plateau to the east, overlooking the northern 
plain. Kill the guards and get the RPG-7 and the PK Light Machine Gun. There is
a tank on the northern edge of the plateau so send someone with some heavy 
weapons to destroy it.

Get back on your vehicle and send Jones forward to lay a C4 on the tank trap.
There will still be soldiers shooting at you so keep the other soldiers near by
so Jones doesn't dies. 

Drive east across the plain. Go south along the road. You will see a ramp onto 
the cliff to the east, overlooking the central valley. Get Foley and go up to 
snipe and destroy the AA vehicle. THen return to Bradley and drive south.

Do not drive around the edge of the southern road to go east. Send Jones near
the T-72. Plany some C4s and crawl away. Demolish the tank.

Now drive up through the central valley, but be on the alert. Part of the road
is mined. Send any man out to destroy them all with the Grenades. Then have
Jones C4 the final two tank traps to complete the objective. Check the bunker
in the northwest of the valley. You will find an AK-74, a Medikit, and an

Drive up out of the central valley to the eastern canyons. There are several
minefields that you must destroy. Drive east through the narrow valley that is
north of the last eastern plain. There is a HUGE minefield in the middle of it,
but one or two grenades will most likely destroy the whole thing. Once you get
through, there will be another AA vehicle so destroy that.

Now that you can do air strikes, you can destroy that last few vehicles on the
eastern plain. Drive or walk around and target the vehicle you want to destroy.
There are a pair of them on the western part of the plain. You can enter the 
trench for more supplies. There are some medikits, but there isn't much need
for them unless it's an emergency.

Mission 11: Human Shield

Objectives: Infiltrate prison camp
            Rescue POWs
            Escape with POWs

This is an infiltrate and rescue mission. The easy way to beat this mission is
to go in and go out. 

If you kill every soldier you see, it will be easier to retrieve the POWs. Take
your time in each area. Remember to kill everyone. 

In the beginning, head beneath the overpass and destroy three AA turrets you 
see. There are two on the left and one on the right.

Once the guards are killed, send Foley up on the overpass to snipe the single
soldier above. He is armed with an RPG. You don't want that kind of weapon
shooting at you. Then go where he was to pick up the extra RPG-7.

Now run down the street going north. Kill the guards you see and snipe the 
third AA turret on the left. When you get near it, get Jones to man the turret
while you put Connors and Bradley by him.

There will be a lot of soldiers running out of the building on the east side so
kill them all. Run south with Foley to find an RPG-7 and a Medikit next to a 
van. Return to the squad.

Now go east and up the stairs where the soldiesr appeared. Enter the building 
and follow the hall until it breaks. Use Foley to snipe the two guards and go
into the room.

From here, send Foley up to the second floor. There will be a break in the wall
allowing you to snipe both guard towers in the complex to the east, and the 
guard station on the ground as well. Look around for any other targets you can
shoot. Return to the first floor.

After the guards outside are killed, go south through the building. Destroy any
soldiers you see. A small outside area leads you to a hall that exits into the
yard. Send out someone with a missile to destroy the BMP.

Go north through the courtyard. Destroy the second BMP. It is near the guard

The tunnel goes around some more fields. You will run into some more guards.
You will eventually get to the eastern entrance to the complex. Destroy the
guards with the AA turret to your left, then man it and kill any soldiers that
comes running at you from the north. 

Now check the far north in the complex for a narrow passage heading east. This
is the back entrance to the complex. It is heavily mined so proceed carefully.
You can destroy them all with a grenade, making your life easier.

Now have Foley go around to the north to destroy the second AA turret. Look at
your map. There are three POW buildings set in a triangle in the southwest 
corner of the base.

Go to the northern most of the three POW buildings. It is a three story tower
and you will have to kill some soldiers to reach the top. You will find an
AKSU-74, ammo, and a Medikit.

Free the POW and follow him out. He will run all the way out through the 
southern exit and wait in a shadowed alcove for you to get the other two POWs.

After the first POW is safe and secure, go east of the southern exit from the
bank and clear out the barracks. Check inside the barracks for another AKSU-74
and some ammo.

Enter the eastern of the two remaining POW buildings. Take out the guard and
get the AKSU-74, ammo, and a Medikit. Free the POW and escort him out. 

There is one other guard in the final POW building. Go north to a window you
can shoot through. After the guard is killed, pick another AKSU-74, ammo,
and a Midikit. Escort the final POW.

When all three POWs are together, they will run for the escape truck, so you
must follow them. When you get near the stairs to the overpass, some guards
will strike. They emerge from the west of the stairs. Once they are all dead,
you can finish the mission. 

Mission 12: On The Brink

Objectives: Find the entrance to the sewers
            Protect Dr. Franklin

The war is almost over, but Intelligence found evidence that Iraq produced a
weapon of mass destruction. A missile is being prepared for launch inside a 
factory outside of Baghdad. The factory exterior was sealed off by Iraqi troops
but there is a sewer system that can be used. Take Dr. Franklin, an expert in 
warhead technology, break into the factory, and defuse the weapon.

There will be a lot of soldiers. You are entering a city complex with many
snipers. You also have to protect Dr. Franklin who is unarmed and defenseless.
Watch out!

Send Foley ahead past the corner to snipe the soldiers guarding the streets. 
Once everyone is dead, equip Connors with a LAQ and destroy the tank at the end
of the road. Behind and above the tank is a sniper. Shoot him before he fires
first. Call the squad together once the tank and sniper are both destroyed and
go ahead. Go right into a small area.

Here you will find an RPG-7 and a precious Medikit. Take them and go back out
to the main street. You will run into a lot of soldiers as you go around each
corner so be prepared. The next right will lead to an alleyway. Stay low and go
forward along the road.

Once the soldiers are killed, take Foley and go around the second left you come
to and kill the two guards on the buildings in front of him. Once they are both
killed, get him to rejoin the squad. Keep going down the alley parallel to the
main street.

Keep going down the alley and kill any soldiers you see. Get to the southeast 
corner and heal anyone that needs a Medikit.

Go through the back streets, staying off the main road. Keep going until you 
get to a bright green dumpster.

Halt your men. Have a man run up to get the soldiers. Run back and start firing
at him. Once the last soldier is down, have Connors run around the corner and 
destroy the tank.

Move down the alley until you get to a staircase. Stay at the bottom and kill
the soldiers as they come down.

Send a man with a rocket launcher up and destroy the tank. Call the rest of the

When you go ahead, you will find more guards so be ready. Follow the walkway
through the building until you get to a set of stairs heading down.

Send Foley ahead and have him kill the guard on the top of the stairs. There 
are snipers on tops of the nearby buildings so watch out.

Once everyone is killed, take the squad down the stairs and to the right. Kill
the guards in front of you and go on the building ahead. Take the AK-74 on the
ground and move into the alleyway to your left.

When you get through the alleyway, have Connors go up with a LAQ and destroy 
the tank that appears. 

Kill any other soldiers and follow the road forward. Take a right into yet 
another alleyway and go back until you see your goal, which is the entrance to 
the sewers. This mission isn't over yet so be ready to defuse the warhead.

Mission 13: Ground Zero

Objectives: Locate ICBM
            Protect Dr. Franklin
            Locate and remove plutonium
            Retreat to extraction point

Well your squad finally got out of the sewers and into the factory complex. 
There are a whole mess of guards. You must find the entrance to the factory and
stay alive at the same time- not an easy task. You also have to keep Dr. Frank-
-lin alive. When you get in, defuse the missile, get the plutonium, and run...
FAST to the extraction point. Not a problem!

Well there are many areas where guards just swarm in like killer bees. Well 
luckily, there are ways of dealing with these situations. Be stealthy in the 
first area. Then go slowly as you get closer to the center of the big factory.
Remember to keep Dr. Franklin out of the battle field.

In the beginning, have your group halt in a safe place while Bradley takes on
the single soldier. Use the silenced pistol. There is a guard on the left.

Go into the storage unit right next to you and grab the Fragmentation Grenades,
Ak-74s, and ammo. 

Go southeast toward the stacked crates. Kill the guard. Keep going past and
move down the narrow passage ahead.

There is a guard in the tower in front of you so zoom in and pop his head off.
Call your men to you and charge out into the center of the area. 

Move toward the bunker just south of the center QUICKLY. There will be guards
so be ready. Kill them all. There is also a sniper on a building to the west so
destroy him.

Go inside the bunker. Take the Medikits here. Go out of the bunker and kill the
guard in the tower to your north.

Now head northeast to the building with an open door. Check the west wall for
the switch that opens the gates to the factory. Press the switch. 

Move your men into the newly opened tunnel. Keep going. Right before you get to 
the other side, halt Dr. Franklin. Go ahead with the soldiers and kill the
soldiers. Have Dr. Franklin follow you once everyone is dead.

Position Connors at the southwest fence and have him stand his ground. By
doing this, you will stop the flooding guards from attacking you from the rear
as you go east.

Have Dr. Franklin wait again. Give Foley one of the AK-74s you got. You will be
in a close range combat so a sniper won't do much good. Go around the corner 
and burn the soldiers behind the sandbags.

Call Franklin back and get some smoke grenades out. There is a tank past the
tanker truck. Throw the grenades past the tank. The tank won't be able to see
you so it won't fire.

Run through the smoke until you get past the tank. In front of you and to the 
left is the entrance to the weapons plant. As the door opens, kneel and shoot 
at the mess of soldiers.

When you get inside the plant, shoot the guards on your west and south. Head
back east and take the Fragmentation Grenades on a crate.

Go to the western doors. Always be prepared for enemy strikes. Kill the guards
in the room to the north and get the Medikits, AK-74, and some ammo on the 
table behind you.

Turn around and head through the corridors. There will be some resisitance. 
When you get to a small staircase, go left and take a right off a metal 
platform. You should see a computer equipment.

On the desk to your right is the Plutonium. Take it and go up the stairs. Then
take a right.

Go down the hallway until you come to a garage area. Nearby you will find some
Medikits, an AK-47, and valuable ammo.

When you find the warheads in storage, an explosion will rock the room. Dr.
Franklin must move fast to disarm the missile while you kill any soldier that
strikes. Position your men just inside the open plant doors. A lot of guards
will attack. Stay low to stay alive.

Once Franklin finishes the disarming, order the squad to retreat through the 
tunnel used earlier. 

While you wait for the chopper at the extraction point, shoot anyone that
attacks. When the chopper arrives, get your butt outta there!

Mission 14: Counter Attack

Objective: Infiltrate the enemy fortress

The war is almost over, but General Aziz will continue to fight until the last
Iraqi soldier drops. You will have to go for one final mission: eliminate 
General Aziz so the fighting can end.

This is a 2 part mission. You will not be able to re-supply. Be ready to fight
a hard battle.

You will be dropped off in front of a large bridge. As you proceed forward, you
will fall under enemy attack. There are snipers on the right and left side of
the bridge.

When you get to the bridge, be prepared. There are many soldiers charging at
you. There are also 3 armored vehicle ahead. Set your men up well so you can
stay alive in this attack.

Send Bradley up to the truck parked on your right. Grab the RPG-7s, Grail, and
Medikits. Arm yourself with the RPG and destroy two tanks ahead. Get Connrs to
finish off the third one that is a little further back.

Head toward the southeast corridor with the whole squad. Toss a grenade ahead
because there are mines ready to strike. Follow the passage. You will reach an
opening soon.

Go forward. Cross the trench to reach the right side. You will be under LOTS of
fire here. Use Foley to kill the gunners manning the bunkers to the west and
south while your other men lay down, safe from the battle.

Keep going west until you reacah the bunker, then toss another grenade to your
right because this is another mine field. Make sure you're not too close 
because you can wipe out the entire squad in the explosion. Arm Bradley with an
RPG-7 and run up behind the bunker. Destroy the tank.

Head into the bunker you just passed. Pick up an RPG-7 and a Medikit. Go back
outside and call your men together.

Follow the ledge heading east that is by the cliff wall. Soon you will arrive
at the bridge you went under at the beginning of the mission. There will be 
a lot of soldiers so be prepared.

Go forward under the bridge when you kill most of the soldiers. There will be
some more so be ready. Some Grails are ahead and to the south west. Grab them

Now a Hind will come in from behind. Destroy it with the Grails. Now send Jones
over to the sewer gate and set some C4s.

Destroy the door and go into the swers. You have successfully gotten into the

Mission 15: Lights Out

Objectives: Destroy the SAM sites
            Eliminate General Aziz
            Reach the extraction point.

Finally. You have gotten into the fortress where General Aziz is hiding. You 
must complete this mission to end the war. 

This last mission will put you in a fight against a lot of tanks and armored
vehicles. You will also run into some heavily armed soldiers. Take it slow and
listen to everything.

The beginning of the mission is quite easy. Run around the ring to kill the
first soldier.

Now go down the hall behind him and take out the two guards.

Send one man to shoot the gunner behind the sandbags. Foley is excellent here.

Now gather your men and go to the room the gunner was covering. You will find
a lot of things that will help you. Three Medikits, a PK Light Machine Gun,
two RPG-7s, two AK-74s, a Dragunov, and ammo for all of the guns. Great, huh?

Nw go into the area with the gun emplacement. Kill the guards on the left and 

Run up to the gun and turn right. There will be a guard in a small circular 
room with the cool spiraling steps.

Kill the guards in the room. Then grap the Grenades and the RPG-7. 

Go up the stairs and send foley to kill the guards in the hall. Make sure you
kill the soldier manning the gun emplacement.

Beyond the gun emplacement is the exit from the sewers. Be ready. You will now
enter the fortress.

To get past this first area, turn off Fire At Will, and run straight across to 
the tunnel on the opposite side. Then go up the steps slowly and shoot the 
gunner on the T-72 tank.

Once the gunner is gone, throw a smoke grenade and send Jones up to plant C4s
beneath the tank. If you covered the area well enough with smoke, no one will
fire at you. If people are shooting at you, toss a smoke grenade and kill the

Go back down the steps and run forward. Turn east to go up the ramp that leads
to the two SAM sites in this area. You might come under fire from the guards up 
on the battlements, above where the tanks were. If you do, kill them now. Once
they are killed, move on.

Go south and up the steps. Kill any guards. Station your men to watch the door
to the south.

Take Foley and someone covering him to snipe the SAM missiles. A few shots will
destroy them

After the first two SAMs are gone, go south through the tunnel to the central
area. When you emerge, a T-72 will be firing at you so duck into the alleys 
quickly. Send one man up with the RPGs and destroy the tank from behind. You 
can destroy it with a rocket launcher.

Run out into the street and shoot the guard in the tower to the southeast. When
he is dead, you can shoot both SAM sites that you can see.

Continue south a bit. Then go east. You will find the last SAM. Destroy it with
any guards near the truck. Go to the truck and check the sandbags. You will 
find more RPG-7s. 

Go back to the street with the big tank and check the western all for a door.
It will take you through the short hallway. At the exit there will be a BMP. 
Annihalate it with an RPG when it shows up. Then exit the hall.

Climb up the steps to the west and destroy the two SAM sites on the rooftop. 

Go west a bit and go into the buildings on the top to find two Medikits and 
even more RPG-7s. 

Now to destroy another SAM. It is on top of General Aziz's bunker. Send one man
to look down and to the left. A T-72 tank is guarding the street so destroy it
with some of the RPGs. Aim for the rear.

Send Foley down to the street and behind the bunker. Snipe the two guards and 
destroy the final, yes final, SAM site. 

Designate the bunker for destruction. Wait for the air raid sirens to go off.

General Aziz and his guards will try to run. Since you have the entrance 
covered up, he won't gete too far. The bunker will blow up and you will be able
to go home. 

Return to the area where you destroyed the first tank. The helicopter will take
you home. Good job soldier! You beat the game!


Cheat *Directly from GameFAQs*

Cheat Menu 
At the main menu enter this button sequence: 

Square, square, circle, circle, L1, L1, R1, R1, L2, L2, R2, R2. 

You can toggle your player experience and/or your enemy's experience. 
  Contributed By: cubemaniac, Source: www.conflict.com 

Code Breaker *Directly from http://www.cmgsccc.com/ps2/index.php?game=281*

1E Enable Code (Must Be On)      FA7A006E 32AD7611 

1  Enable Bar Graphs Display     2A63100D 00000001 

2  Enable Grunt State Info       2A6F100E 00000001 

3  Enable Vehicle State Info     2A6B100E 00000001 

4  Enable Quad Tree Display      2A57100E 00000001 

5  Enable Debug Mappings         2AD31001 00000001 

6  Infinite Ammo                 2A5B3A97 00000000 

7  Extra Ammo                    1AA2C44A 00000001 

8  Never Reload                  2AA73A90 00000000 

9  Infinite Medi-Kits            2A1B3A5D 00000000 

10 Extra Medi-Kits               2A1F3A5D 00451021 

11 Infinite Grenades             2A773A9B 00000000 

12 Extra Grenades                1A76C456 00000001 

13 Infinite Health               2AACC91F 3C024316
                                 2AA8C91F 03E00008
                                 2A94C91F AE020060
                                 2AC33ACE 0C030088
                                 2ACF3ACE 4600B034 

Official Pro Action Replay Codes (EU)

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE826506 BCA99C80

Display Debug Pos. 

Amazing Sky/No Texture 
FEA26411 BCA99B84

Skip Level - R1+R2+L1+L2+Sel 
0EA17138 BCA98B81
FEA26415 BCA99B84
0EA17138 BCA99A82
FEA26415 BCA99B83

Hyper Mode Anims - Sel+Up 
0EA17138 BCA99A71

Ultra Speed Anims - Sel+Down 
0EA17138 BCA99A41

Slow Motion Anims - Sel+Right 
0EA17138 BCA99A61

Normal Speed Anims - Sel+Left 
0EA17138 BCA99A01

Inf Ammo 
DE8471E2 E0EB9B84

Disable Damage - R1+R2+L1+L2 
0EA17138 BCA98B82
0EA17138 BCA98B82
0EA17138 BCA99A82
0EA17138 BCA99A82

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to the Brady Guide for helping me write this FAQ and go through
the game.

Special Thanks to ASC GEN for creating the ASCIIs.

Special Thanks to cubemaniac and www.conflict.com for the cheat.

Special Thanks to http://www.cmgsccc.com/ps2/index.php?game=281 for CodeBreaker

Special Thanks to me for working my butt off on this guide.

Special Thanks to http://www.codejunkies.com/codes_show.asp?c=GB&cr=GBP&cs
=%20&r=1&l=1&g=322&p=1 for the Official Pro Action Replay Codes.

Contact Me


E-Mail: [email protected]

AIM: Adudefaraway

YIM: Newyorkcoolboy624

Websites: www.geocities.com/newyorkcoolboy624


   . .77                                                                       
   .   r                                                                       
       MM   .                      ..  ..                                      
    :  MMM           .:                .:. ,ZMaS7i::...                        
    iM:  0:   ,rZB82r,                 :::2BXi ::,                             
     i   MMMW      :2ZB022X:          ,;rB82;i,    .                           
          BMMW [email protected]  rS0WMMMWSi      aBSi                         .          
    .       ZMMMMMa              :2;MMMi   .;7XXXSSSXXXXX;;;;r,,,,,,           
      :MMMZ.   ;MM     ,i. .78iri.r;8Ma    ,72000BWWBWBBBZZZZ888888Z802,       
                 ;[email protected] iB720SX.                       .   ..      
  .:,,:ii:..   i;  ZMMMX7X8W2  ,@MB2MMMZ8MMSMM                       .,::      
   .    .:raBMM0aar   WMMMMMi ,[email protected]                              
   [email protected]     ...    MM.i2;;[email protected]@[email protected]  ,.                     
     :.     ..:i:.        7 i  .   :[email protected] ,@W,  :rZ:                          
       ri::,,,          MM07SMM; ,   aa. 7rr0MM7iiBMr                          
                      8MMi   7MMMMZ  . :[email protected]@MMMMMMM7  .:                   
                    SMMMMM.     MMMMMM  i  ZBMMWBMMMZWMMM   ;;                 
                    [email protected]             iMMMMM:rS    M8;[email protected]                     
                              .        :[email protected]  [email protected]:                 
                                                7MMMMMXSMW8MMMMB  .            
         .                                           ,8MMMZ8  MMi              
   ..    . .  .    .                                      :SaS28  .            

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