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Doom 3 Walkthrough for Xbox
by kingkamikazeXXI

------------------------T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S------------------------


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-Table of Contents.........................................................T001
-Basic Tips................................................................B004
    -Mars City.............................................................MC01
    -Mars City Underground.................................................MC02
    -Mars City Underground: Service Passage................................MC03
    -Mars City: South Side.................................................MC04
    -Mars City: North Side.................................................MC05
    -Alpha Labs: Sector 1 East.............................................AL07
    -Alpha Labs: Sector 1 West.............................................AL08
    -Alpha Labs: Sector 2 East.............................................AL09
    -Alpha Labs: Sector 2 West.............................................AL10
    -Alpha Labs: Sector 3..................................................AL11
    -Enpro Plant: Sector 1.................................................EP12
    -Enpro Plant: Sector 2.................................................EP13
    -Communications Transfer: Sector 1.....................................CT14
    -Communications Transfer: Sector 2.....................................CT15
    -Communications: Sector 1..............................................CM16
    -Communications: Sector 2..............................................CM17
    -Monorail Skybridge....................................................MS18
    -Recycling: Sector 2...................................................RC19
    -Recycling: Sector 3...................................................RC20
    -Monorail: Delta Station...............................................MD22
    -Delta Labs: Level 1 East..............................................DE23
    -Delta Labs: Level 1 West..............................................DW24
    -Delta Labs: Level 2 North.............................................DN25
    -Delta Labs: Level 2 South.............................................DS26
    -Delta Labs: Level 3 South.............................................DS27
    -Delta Labs: Level 3 North.............................................DN28
    -Delta Labs: Level 4...................................................DL29
    -Hell 1................................................................HL30
    -Hell 2................................................................HL31
    -Hell 3................................................................HL32
    -Delta Complex.........................................................DC33
    -Central Processing....................................................CP34
    -Central Server Banks..................................................CB35
    -Site 3................................................................ST36
    -Caverns: Area 1.......................................................CA37
    -Caverns: Area 1 Sublevel..............................................CS38
    -Caverns: Area 2.......................................................CA39
    -Primary Excavation....................................................PE40
-Security Codes............................................................S006
-Other Items...............................................................I008
-Version History...........................................................V011
-Thanks To.................................................................T012
-Legal Crap................................................................L013

----------------------------I N T R O D U C T I O N----------------------------


Welcome to my Doom 3 FAQ! This is my first attempt at a walkthrough for any
game, so let me know if there's something I should add or change. Anyway, this
came about because of the sorry amount of FAQs for Doom 3 on Xbox: none. The
only other one is for PC! And for a great game from a great series, that just
won't do. :P I've tried to keep it fairly spoiler-free, but I can't hide 
everything! Remember that you can use Ctrl+F to find what you need.

If you need to contact me about the guide, e-mail me at [email protected]

-----------------------------------S T O R Y-----------------------------------


(The story of Doom 3 takes place without the previous two ever happening.)

You are a Marine working for the United Aerospace Corporation (UAC) who has
been stationed on Mars. The UAC is at the forefront of modern technology,
opening up new worlds of possibility. Recently the UAC has been working on new
teleportation technology, with Dr. Betruger at the head of the project. But the
doctor has been acting strange lately, and there are some strange things going

------------------------------B A S I C  T I P S-------------------------------


-The flashlight is your friend!
-Always be ready for an enemy to pounce at you.
-Pay attention to the PDAs, which can have valuable info for you.
-Keep and eye open for any missable items or areas.
-Strafing is an important skill in any FPS.
-Be careful of explosive red and yellow barrels, and remember they can hurt you
AND your enemy...
-Always reload before you get into a fight.
-Zombies and sometimes other enemies may come out of compartments in the wall;
check these for items (after the enemy is dead, of course).
-A tactic you can use for rooms with several enemies, especially if it's dark,
is to wait at the door for them to come to you.
-SAVE OFTEN! Unless you are low on health.
-If an enemy comes out from the wall or the floor, check the spot it came out
of; there may be items.
-Plasma can be great for deterring enemy fire, particularly rockets.
-In Hell, you have unlimited adrenaline, so run as much as you want.

-----------------------------W A L K T H R O U G H-----------------------------


Ah, the reason this FAQ is here. It'll go step by step through each area. While
this may not get you every item in the game, I've tried to put as much as I can
into it. I will be assuming you can find items that are in plain sight.

NOTE: This walkthrough was written playing on Marine difficulty.

Mars City----------------------------------------------------------------------

Head through the door ahead. The receptionist will give you your PDA.

Objective: Speak with Sergeant Kelly at Marine HQ

Pick up the video disk behind the receptionist. Go through the open door to
the right, and go down the hallway.


Go to the open door on the left. There's a PDA (Adam Berneche) in this hallway.
Continue until you reach a Marine that directs you to Kelly. Go to the right
and up the stairs (grab the video disk) into Marine HQ.


Objective: Follow the sentry bot to the elevator to Lower Maintenance Levels

Follow the sentry bot (the little spiderlike robot) to the elevator. Before you
go into the elevator, open the security locker for ammo. The code is 396.

Mars City Underground----------------------------------------------------------

When you get down here, you'll be instructed to grab armor and a pistol in the
locker to the right. Once you're cleared, head through the door.

Objective: Find the missing scientist in Communications

Now go down the stairs here, leading to a hallway with two arguing workers, a
storage cabinet (code 531), and a PDA (Grant Baston). Keep going down this
path, passing the scientist at the bridge controls. The elevator you're looking
for is at the top of the dark stairwell. Take it to Communications.


The no-longer-missing scientist will be possessed, so feel free to kill him
before he does. A Z-Sec will come in the door. Pick up the bullets in the lower
part of the room and head back up the elevator.

Mars City Underground: Service Passage-----------------------------------------

There'll be a zombie in the stairwell and in the next room. Before you extend 
the bridge, carefully climb down the ladder next to where you came in. 
There's a shotgun down here; pick it up, and you'll be dropped to three more 
zombies. Kill them and climb all the way back up. Extend the service
bridge the scientist was working at earlier, and go across it, killing the
Z-Sec at the end of it. Through this door is another Z-Sec. Go down the stairs
here and get the PDA (Frank Delahue). Use it to open the locked door. There'll
be a zombie here, and a Z-Sec with a shotgun in the next room. :D Continue past
the flashlight-wielding zombie. Here there'll be a short cutscene where you'll
be introduced to your first imp. Kill it and grab the goodies under the fire.
Keep going for a zombie and another imp. In the next room is a zombie and an
imp. Go through the next two doors and use the health station if needed.

Go through here, killing the imp and zombie. Recognize this room? Go down the
stairs as before. At the end of the hallway there'll be a PDA (Mark Ryan). Head
back until an imp comes out from behind the stairs. Go right, and take the left
door. There's a Z-Sec here as well as a health station and a computer you need
to activate. Press "security checkpoint", then "Mars City sublevel access",
and "Locker 1". Go back and take the door on the right this time. Kill the imp
and grab the items in the now-open glass locker. As you go into the elevator,
kill the Z-Sec in it.

Mars City: South Side----------------------------------------------------------

As soon as you step out of the elevator, a Z-Sec will shoot at you. Return the

Objective: Go to Command Message Center for status update from Sarge

The stairs are broken, so go to the service ladder near the security cabinet.
It will be lowered for you. Once up the ladder, head into the ventilation
shaft and crawl through it. When you drop out of the shaft, start to move
towards the desk. A zombie compartment will open behind you. There's a zombie
and a PDA (Marcus Stanton) in this room. Go through the door. Two Z-Secs will
run out of the door on the right. Kill them and go into the room they came out
of to pick up the keycard in there. Now open the other door with the keycard,
and get out of the doorway, pronto; there'll be a Z-Sec waiting for you. The
next room is dark with three zombies. Here's a spot where you may want to try
the door-hunting tactic. Grab the ammo in here and go through the next door.
The flaming zombie is in this hallway.

In the next room there are two Z-Secs (next to one is a lone armor shard; don't
pick it up, an Imp will jump at you, making the shard useless). Kill the imp
that jumps down at the end of the room and go into the infirmary. Pick up the
PDA (Mark Caseon). The security cabinet code is 347. Kill the zombie in the
next room, and leave the infirmary. In this hallway, there'll be a Z-Sec, a
zombie, another Z-Sec, and a PDA (Bill Tyson). Now you're back at HQ. First go
into Combat Prep, kill the Z-Sec, and grab the supplies (door code 584). Go to
the Communications terminal, and Sarge will update your PDA and give you new

Objective: Go through Administration to Alpha Labs, meet up with Bravo Team

Go down the hallway to the right. In the next room, an imp will break down a
door; kill it. There's also a zombie guarding a health pack. Go through the
broken-down door for a health pack and a Z-Sec. Then come back and go through
the other door.

Mars City: North Side----------------------------------------------------------

Kill the two Z-Secs in this hallway and go into the next room, where you were
introduced to Betruger and Swann. There's a Z-Sec in here, and another will
come out of the door to the left. Go through the other door to the reception
room, where there's a fat zombie and a sentry bot waiting.

Follow the sentry bot. You can either let it do your dirty work for you, or
help with the demon-killing. Grab the items on the way, including those in the
kitchen, which is on a left the bot doesn't take (there's a Z-Sec in the
kitchen). When you reach the room with the elevator, the sentry bot will turn
itself off. Instead of taking the elevator just yet, duck into the shaft on the
right hand corner of the room. Grab the shells and go up the ladder. There'll
be a zombie up there, along with some equipment and a PDA (Duncan Mathews). An
imp will have appeared, so be careful when you go back down. Now, retrace your
steps until you reach a door needing PDA clearance (you passed it with the
sentry bot). Inside, there's a zombie, a couple items, and a health station.
Now head back to the elevator.



After the cutscene, you be assaulted by a Z-Sec and a zombie from the left. Go
through the door on the left. There's an imp in here, take him out. You'll
find a mortally wounded marine, his shotgun, and a locked door.

Objective: Find PDA of William Banks for Alpha Labs clearance

Go back to the first room, and two imps will bust down a door. Kill them, then
go through said door and the next. You'll immediately be shot at by a Z-Sec.
Kill him, then pick up the stuff in the windowed room. An imp will come in;
take care of it, and continue to the next door, killing the Z-Sec. Hehe...the
next room is interesting.

Go into the small windowed room and pick up the items. Activate the computer,
and you'll meet your first Pinky Demon! Watch the glass, that's where it'll
come in. Put it down with a couple of shotgun shells. Step through the
now-broken window, kill the imp that appears, and go through the next door. Be
on your guard here; there's a Pinky, a Z-Sec, an imp, AND a zombie. Go through
the next three doors. An imp will try to surprise you here; kill it and head
through another door. There's a bridge with PDA (Paul Simons) on it. Swann and
Campbell are talking below you. In the next room, there's a zombie and an item
or two to the left and right. Go into the freaky room with the sigil and
candles, and pick up the PDA (William Banks).

Three imps will appear, and another will jump at you as you leave the room.
Retrace your steps to the Pinky room (as I affectionately call it :P) and
*gasp* another Pinky will appear! Go back to where the wounded Marine was, kill
the imp and Z-Sec, and use the PDA to enter Alpha Labs.

Alpha Labs: Sector 1 East------------------------------------------------------

Open the door with the computer panel. It's dark in here, so take out your
flashlight and beat down the three zombies in here. Then activate the computer
so the lights will come on. In the next room, kill the two Z-Secs and the
zombie. Continue through the room, kill the other zombie, and kill the imp
that appears when you approach the doorway. Enter said doorway, and a Z-Sec
will come in. If you can, catch him with the red barrel. Leave this little
hallway and take the door to the right, where there will be a Z-Sec to deal
with. In this room, two imps will appear in opposite corners, and then a Z-Sec
from the door you didn't come in. Do not step in front of the particle beam!
Crawl under the steps where you came in for a health pack and shells. Go to
where the Z-Sec came in. There will be a Z-Sec and a zombie in here; the screen
will turn red and objects will start moving around. When it stops, a Z-Sec will
come in. Kill him, then grab the video disk and PDA (Kyle Berger) on the desk.

Now open the security cabinet you passed with code 752. Go through the room you
were just in; when you step out, an imp will attack. Don't pick up the armor
here; a pipe will burst and hurt you if you do. Now activate the computer to
the left, and go back and stand next to the beam, killing a guard on the way.
When the beam stops for a moment, run into the corridor it's firing into. At
the end of it, a small door will open to your right, so crawl in. There'll be
a guard at the end of this shaft, take him out. Continue along this path and
two zombies will attack. Kill them and go through the door. There's a health
pack hidden on your left. Keep going and an imp will jump out at you. It'll get
dark, and two zombies will show up. Kill them while heading to the door on the
right. You'll find yourself in a dark room with three zombies; let them come to
you. There's two more in the zombie compartments. Go up the small stairs, kill
the zombie on the left, and pick up the PDA (Jack Smith) on the desk.

Activate the computer, and an imp will appear next to you. Head back out of
this room, kill the two imps, and go through the other door (which used to be
blocked by fire). Turn the corner, and you'll be attacked by a Z-Sec, and then
an imp with another Z-Sec. Go through the next door, where you'll be attacked
by five maggots after a short cutscene. In the next room, pick up the shotgun
in the hole in the floor, and go into the transfer bay.

Alpha Labs: Sector 1 West------------------------------------------------------

Objective: Find personnel elevator to Alpha Labs level 2

Go down this hallway and kill the Z-Sec in the next room. Go across the bridge
and through the door. There'll be a Z-Sec at the top of the stairs here. Kill
him, and a maggot and another Z-Sec will come at you. Go through the next door,
kill the two imps, and head into the next room. When you turn the corner, two
imps will appear. Send them back to where they came from (although that would
be hell, and hell's coming here...). Now, on the first of the two columns,
there is a small computer panel that reads, "open security hatch". Activate it,
and grab the shells in said hatch. Move on to the next room. There's a zombie
and a video disk in here, along with a locked door that needs a PDA.

Go through the other door. Kill the maggot, zombie, and imp. There's a ladder
in the compartment where the imp was, so climb. Follow this path, and kill the
scientist for his PDA (George Krietman...well, you don't really need it). Time
your run under the machine so that you aren't crushed. The PDA (Bernie Lipsitz)
that you need is to the right. Don't jump down the hole yet; grab the armor
past it, then jump down. Viola! Here's the locked door.

Head through the door and you'll be greeted by a zombie and a Z-Sec. On through
the next door; you can see Swann and Campbell running behind the glass, but
they're not the problem; the two maggots in here are! Through the next door is
a small room with a maggot, a couple items, and a health station. In the next
room, there's two doors. The one in front of you has two imps and some shells.
After you've dealt with (or not dealt with) that go through the door on the
left, and the one after that. Kill the maggot in here, pick up the dead
Marine's ammo, and the stuff in the hole. In the next room, there's another
dead Marine and six maggots. After they're gone, pick up the PDA (Michael
Abrams) on the floor. This guy is from Delta Labs...remember that. :o Now take
the elevator to sector 2.

Alpha Labs: Sector 2 East------------------------------------------------------

In this first room, two imps will appear when you walk up the small stairs, one
in front of you, the other behind. There's a health pack hidden near the door.
Go through the door, kill the imp that appears, and go into the bathroom. There
are two zombies in here, one in the shadows next to the door, as well as a
maggot at the far end of the room. One of the stalls has some grenades...an odd
place for explosives. :P Head up the ladder where the maggot was. Crawl into
the shaft; when you turn the corner, go straight, where there's a couple items
and a maggot waiting in the shadows. Get back into the shaft and continue along
it. When you fall out of it, an imp will be waiting for you. Go to the left; an
imp will appear, and then a maggot from behind. First go into the small door
marked "CP-01", kill the two zombies, use the health station if needed, and 
grab the PDA (Andrew Chin).

Go through the next two doors. Kill the maggot and imp, and head through the
next door. An imp will appear across the seemingly bottomless chasm, and then
another will appear behind you. Go through the next door. Kill the Z-Sec, and
go through the next two doors. In this room, a maggot will appear. Kill it,
then click "open security hatch" on the computer, and two Z-Secs will come in.
Now go up the ladder and into the shaft which is now open (straight ahead of
where you came in). There's a PDA (Walter Connors) in here. At the end of the
shaft there are some items. Now head back out of the shaft. Jump across the
machine transporting the hydrocon units and open the security cabinet with code

Now leave this room through the next door, and the next. This room is dark and
has two Z-Secs, an imp and a maggot, so try the door-hunting techique. Once
they're gone, use the lift in the corner. Down here, kill the two imps that
appear, and the Z-Sec next to the crates. Then head into the transfer bay.

Alpha Labs: Sector 2 West------------------------------------------------------

In here there's a scientist with a lantern. He wants you to escort him through
the next area, and it's dark in there. Grab the items in the office and follow
him through the door.

At first he'll go to the left; go to the right instead for some items. Then 
continue following him. After a little while, an imp will attack; try to
prevent the scientist's death. If he does kick the bucket, you'll have to go
on without him. Continue along this path; there'll be an imp to the right when
you turn the corner. Keep going, killing the next imp, shortly after which 
there will be some shells and a health pack next to a column. When you reach
the ladder, if the scientist is still alive, he will be killed and you'll have
an enemy to deal with (confirmation?). At the top of the ladder, open the
security cabinet with code 102, and go through the door.

Jump over the pipes and crawl into the shaft. At the end of it, you'll be
attacked by a trite. Use the computer panel to extend the ladder, and you'll be
attacked by around 15 more trites, coming in waves of three or four. Use the
health station and climb up the ladder. After a few more trites attack, head
into the transfer bay.

Alpha Labs: Sector 3-----------------------------------------------------------

You'll immediately encounter a Z-Sec in this first room. Turn the corner, and
there's another Z-Sec and imp waiting. Walk up the stairs. To the left is a
locked door needing a keycard, so go straight. A maggot and two trites will
appear. Kill them and head up the next steps.

Objective: Remove barrels leaking toxic gases in the chamber

Looks like you can't go in here just yet. Retrace your steps, stopping at the
first door you come to. There's a PDA (Mark Lamia) in here. Access the computer
and remove the toxic barrels. Now go back to the previously locked door, on the
way opening the security cabinet with code 123. In this room, the keycard you
need is on the floor, as well as a PDA (George Poota).

Make your way to the door needing the keycard, killing three Z-Secs along the
way. When you approach the door, a maggot and six trites will attack. Unlock
and go through the door. You'll see one Z-Sec immediately, and another down the
hall. When you reach where the second Z-Sec was, three trites will come at you
from behind. Then an imp will appear, and three more trites will come. Grab the
video disk and armor at the desk, open the security cabinet with code 123, and
go up the stairs. In the next room, there'll be an imp and two Z-Secs. Once
they're dead, an imp will appear, followed by four trites, followed by another
Z-Sec. Head through the next door, where two zombies are waiting. At the
computer, click on "open access grate 3", then head down the long hallway to
the left of where you came in. At the end there's a chaingun with some ammo. A
compartment will open with some armor. Pick it up and the compartment will
close temporarily. When it opens, kill the imp waiting and the one that
appears. Three zombies will come down the hall for you. Head back down the
hall, killing the imp, two zombies, and two Z-Secs while picking up the now-
exposed items. Go through the next door, killing the Z-Sec, and head through
the next door, where an imp will jump at you. Go through yet another door.
There's an imp and a trite around the corner. Go down the steps, pick up the
ammo and armor, and use the health station. Can you think of a reason they'd
give you all these in one room?

Boss: Vagary

This spider-demon is a bitch. In addition to her melee attack, she can throw
objects at you via telekinesis and will have a bunch of trites attack you.
Dodge her attacks and mow her down with your chaingun before the trites come.
After the little guys are gone, head into the transfer bay.

Enpro Plant: Sector 1----------------------------------------------------------

Bravo Team is down, so you're the only hope for reinforcements...no problem. :P
Head through the door and down the stairs. There's an imp, a zombie, and some
items in the storage room down here; after that situation is taken care of,
follow the sentry bot. The first red barrels you pass are hiding a clip. On
your way there's a PDA (Paul Road...oh, look I rhymed, how witty) at a desk.
Near the desk, on the wall, is a computer panel needed to stop a gas leak/fire.
Continue following the bot; when you reach a fork where the bot heads left, go
right for a room with an imp and a couple of items. Then continue with the
following. You'll immediately come to another (less obvious) fork. Take the
easier-to-miss left path to two health packs, a maggot, an imp, and a plasma
gun! :D Keep following the bot until it stops and turns itself off.

To the left is a broken lift, some armor shards, and a health pack. To the
right is a ladder; climb it. Go down this path; the bridge isn't extended, so
go through the door next to you. After a brief cutscene, you'll have to deal
with a lost soul. Pick up the woman's PDA (Theresa Chasar). Open the security
cabinet with code 972, then activate the computer so the bridge will extend.
Six lost souls will then appear outside the door. When they're gone, go across
the bridge (it will extend as you approach) and through the door. Deal with the
two maggots here and head into the transfer bay.

Enpro Plant: Sector 2----------------------------------------------------------


Kill the two imps here, and use the computer to unlock the door. In the next
room, you'll be attacked by two maggots. There are also two imps here. Pick up
the items to the left, then head to the right. Careful of the yellow barrels;
you may want to detonate them before you go down. A maggot will come from the
left when you do go down the stairs; there's shards and another maggot where
that came from. When you go to the right, you'll be attacked by two maggots and
an imp. Under the platform the stairs lead to, there's an alcove with a health
pack and some ammo. Grab them and go through the door. There's a zombie in
here; when he's dead, an imp will appear at the other end of the room. Head
through the next door. The flashing lights in here almost hurt my eyes. :P An
imp will attack immediately; kill it and go up the stairs. A maggot will attack
after the second set; kill it and go through the next door. A total of three
imps will appear in here. Pick up the armor shards underneath where you came
in, and note the location of the door marked "Plasma Storage". Pass the
barrels, then go through the next door and down this small hallway.


You now have the transmission card; five wraiths will attack. Next to the
stairs leading to the airlock is a PDA (Steve Hammer).

If you aren't a very good fighter, or if you're on a high difficulty, you may
want to skip this paragraph. Head back to the door marked "Plasma Storage".
Open it with code 734. Pick up all the ammo, then kill the zombie hiding in
here. Go back to the doorway and wait for a total of seven wraiths to come to
you (and your shotgun). Then two imps will come in either door into the room.
Use the same tactic as with the wraiths, while avoiding any fireballs.

Go back to where you found the PDA, and go up the stairs to the airlock,
killing the maggot that comes from behind. Cycle the airlock and leave the
Enpro Facility.

Communications Transfer: Sector 1----------------------------------------------

When you're ready, cycle the airlock and step out into the Martian air. You've
got a limited oxygen supply out here, so be quick, and pick up any air
canisters you see. Pick up the stuff in front of you, kill the Cacodemon flying
around, and run into the next airlock. Kill the zombie and Z-Sec here, and the
imp that spawns in the airlock. There'll be a short delay, and another imp will
appear, possibly as you leave the room. Go through the door. In here, just
before you go down the stairs, there's a computer panel hidden high up behind
an open wall panel that opens up an ammo cache downstairs. When you get down
there, you'll have a Z-Sec and two imps to deal with, pick up the armor under
the stairs, and the shells next to the bloodstained door, where you'll get a
little surprise (you'll take a couple points of damage if you do). Continue
through the room, killing the imp and taking the stuff in the ammo cache. Go
through the small steel door into a shaft. At the end of it there's a zombie
and a ladder. Go down the ladder to another open-air area.

There's a lot of trites here, and I think there's a tick or two, I may be
wrong. Waste no time getting through them. At the end of the path you'll need
to call a lift; when it comes, go up right away. When the lift stops, a zombie
will come at you; a compartment on the left will open with an imp. There's a
Z-Sec in the room ahead. You may want to shoot all the barrels before heading
into the room. When you do enter, an imp will shoot fireballs from above and 
behind you. You can take a ladder up there for some armor, and a Cacodemon will
appear when you pick it up. Take anything lying on the ground and head into
the next room.

Crawl under the busted door to the right for a couple of armor shards. Move
down the room a bit and you'll see a truck drive off; you'll then have to deal
with three Cacodemons, two ahead and one behind. When you turn the corner and
come to a door, go in, plasma gun at the ready. A door will open, revealing a
chainsaw zombie. Mow him down with plasma before he can react. Another door
will open, revealing an imp. Kill it, then quickly grab everything in here,
including the chaisaw (mwahaha!) and a PDA (James Holiday).

A line of zombies will come in; feel free to try your new toy out on them. :)
Leave the chainsaw room, pick up the power cell among the boxes, and the
bullets and shards in the small wall compartment. Unlock the transfer bay and
go through.

Communications Transfer: Sector 2----------------------------------------------

As you head down this hallway, the lights will go out, and there'll be two
zombies to kill. Keep going; an imp will attack when you go around the corner.
As you approach the shorted-out elevator, the lights will come back on and a
Pinky will appear behind you. The locked door you passed is unlocked now.
Again, an imp is around the corner; kill it and head through the door. There'll
be an imp waiting. Take care of it and go through the next door. This room is
a mess; don't fall in the cracks! Kill the Cacodemon, then go around the room
in a clockwise fashion, picking up the items and climbing up the ladder.

Objective: Take service lift to the Control Room and unlock Maint. Area Doors

Up here, do not step on the track! Go up the stairs in front of you and around
to the left for some shells and armor. An imp will appear when you pick them
up. Since you can't use the transfer station yet, use the door near it. Take
care of the imp and two wraiths in here. Go to the left for a couple of items
and a Pinky. Then go to the right; kill the imp that jumps through the door,
then go through it yourself. Here you'll find a PDA (Ron Ridge).

Now you can use the transfer station. Call the lift to your current station.
Take the lift down this path to a fork. A door will open revealing a Z-Sec and
some items. Turn the lift to have the steps face the items and pick them up.
Now get back on the lift and raise it. Go through the door behind you. You'll
see another lift; ride it down for a couple of items, come back up, and
continue along this path. Kill the imp that appears when you approach the door,
then go through it and the next one. You have an imp and a Z-Sec to kill. First
go to the right. There's a health pack and cells here, and a Pinky and a health
station across the bridge. Now go back and take the left path; kill the
chainsaw zombie and activate the computer. Head back to the service lift. Take
it to station 3, where there'll be an imp and a Cacodemon. Before you leave,
move the lift to where the imp was and face the steps towards it. Climb down
the ladder, grab the armor and clip on the cart, then climb back up. Jump back
on the lift, using the rail attached to the ladder as a stepping stone. Now
head through the door next to the lift station.

When you approach the door at the end of this hallway, the floor will collapse.
There's a Berserk powerup behind you. Pick it up, and beat the nonliving shit
out of the zombies that appear. When they're dead, steps will have appeared
leading to the door. Go through the door, and kill the chaisaw zombie in here.
After it's gone, head into the airlock. When it opens again, kill the Cacodemon
to the right and the one ahead, run down the bridge, take a left, and then a
right to the airlock.

Communications: Sector 1-------------------------------------------------------

Cycle the airlock, step out, and kill the two Cacodemons that will appear.

Objective: Locate the Main Communications Room

Grab the items next to the crate, then go into the alcove in the wall. After
searching that for items, head back into the room proper and kill the two imps
waiting for you. Go up the stairs, use the health station and get in the
elevator. Go up to Communications (you can't go to Maintenance anyway). When 
you step out of the elevator, a wall panel will fall and a Z-Sec will shoot
from behind it; make him pay. Then click on the small computer panel next to
the elevator door. Now you can get into where the Z-Sec was, although you'll
have to deal with a wraith and a Z-Sec going in, and an imp coming out. After
that, head through the red door, and the next one. There'll be two Z-Secs in
here. Go to the computer and unlock Communications (can't unlock Monorail
Access), kill the Cacodemon that appears, and go through the next door into a
small room with two Z-Secs. Leave this room into a hallway. Kill the Z-Sec at
the end and step through the door. The first door is locked and needs a PDA, so
go down into the main communications room. Looks like Swann and Campbell really
wrecked the place. Pick up the PDA (Seamus Blake).

Objective: Make your way through Engineering & locate Satellite Control Center

Head back up the stairs, and kill the Z-Sec. When you approach the locked door,
a zombie and an imp will attack; kill them, and go through the door. In here,
a zombie will crawl out of a low alcove. Continue down and out of the hallway;
there'll be an imp, a Z-Sec, a health pack, and a lift. Use the latter, and
kill the imp and zombie when you get down. Pick up the items next to the lift
and go through the door in here. An imp and a guard will appear, both at long
range. Further down the hall there'll be another Z-Sec; when he's gone, head 
through the door. Kill the zombie to your right and the imp that appears, then
go down the stairs. Three wraiths will appear. As you leave the room, kill the
imp and zombie. When you reach the health pack here, an imp will appear (I'm a
poet and didn't know it :P). Go to the door the imp came in (ignore the other
door, unless you think two health packs, some armor, and a clip is worth four
zombies and an imp in a small, dark room). As you approach it, another imp will
appear behind you; kill it and move on. In the next room, kill the imp, then
crawl under the stairs for some shards and a health pack. Kill the Z-Sec that
comesto meet you. Go up the steps, down the walkway (don't touch the machine!)
and through the door. Kill the two Z-Secs here, pick up any items, and enter
the transfer bay.

Communications: Sector 2-------------------------------------------------------

Objective: Locate the Satellite Control Center

After the body flies out at you in here (crazy stuff) get the health pack from
where the corpse came from, then call the lift and ride it. When it stops, kill
the imp and head through the door. Kill the Z-Sec in here, crawl under the
walkway for a couple items, then go down the walkway, killing a Z-Sec on the
way. Crawl under the walkway again for a couple of shards and a health pack,
then grab the PDA on the floor (Ben Wolfe).

Head through the door, where you'll be attacked by two Z-Secs, and then a
Cacodemon. Go through the unlocked door, kill the Z-Sec, and use the health
station. Open the security cabinet with code 246. Activate the computer, and
you'll have a sentry bot to escort you through the next area (if the bot is
destroyed, come back for another.

There won't be any sidetracking this time; just keep an eye out for items, and
you'll probably need to help fight this time. The sentry will take you through
three locked doors to an elevator; step in and go to Satellite Control. There's
armor and a PDA (Rob Finch) here. Now you have a choice to make; do you follow
Sarge's orders and send the distress signal, or follow Swann's advice against
it? Go up to the computer and choose to transmit or cancel the transmission.
Don't worry about your decision, it'll only change some dialogue.

Objective: Make your way through Maintenance & head for the Monorail Station

Regardless of your choice, head back to the elevator and down to Maintenance.
When you get down there, kill the Z-Sec and imp, then kill the Z-Sec in the
doorway and go through. Another Z-Sec will come to meet you. Go through the red
double doors and an imp will appear behind you. Grab the shells, use the health
station, and activate the computer. Leave this room and pick up the stuff in
the now-open alcove, then head into the transfer bay.

Monorail Skybridge-------------------------------------------------------------

As you walk out of the transfer bay, the windows above will break, and air will 
start leaking out. Naturally, that's a bad thing. Get down the hall, killing an
imp along the way. When the Pinky appears, you'll be able to breathe again. A
maggot and a zombie will be right behind him, as well as a fat zombie and
another maggot at the end of the hall. 

In the next room, Storage1, you'll be acquainted with revenants. Lucky you! I
strongly suggest using plasma, as it can stop rockets. Grab the medkit in the
southeast corner of the room and head up the ramp next to the stairs. In a 
small storage room you'll find an imp and some ammo. Go back down, go up the
stairs, and head into Storage2. Kill the Pinky, imp, and fat zombie, then head
into the next room. Kill the imp and maggot (there's security armor near the 
yellow barrel) and call the lift. There's two maggots to kill down here, and
a revenant and an imp at the small flight of stairs. Two Pinky Demons await you
in the Main Tank and Pump room. As you head into the Secondary Pump Room, be
ready for almost ten zombies, as well as a fat zombie and an imp at the top of
the stairs. Head through the next room (imp here) into Toxic Waste Processing,
where a maggot is waiting.

DON'T JUMP IN THE GREEN STUFF. Jump across the gap to the right. There'll be a
couple imps through this door, and an imp and maggot near the red barrels. At
the top of the stairs, there's a weapon rack with a rocket launcher. Kill the
oh-so-sneaky imp as you go through the next door. Here, there's some goodies,
including a PDA (Nick Sadowayj). Activate the computer, jump down the broken
stairs, and go into Toxic Waste Processing again. There's an imp at the door
and across the room, which is now devoid of green stuff. Go across the room, up
the ramp, kill the imps, up the stairs, and through the door. Grab the ammo to
the right and open the bay door.

Recycling: Sector 2------------------------------------------------------------

Head into the windowed room on the right; grab the armor and PDA (Jeffery Moen)
as you walk in. Use the med station if needed and activate the computer
terminal. After Betruger finishes talking, be ready for an imp at the door, and
another to the left as you walk out. See the pistons moving? Get on the one 
nearest to the bay door. Follow this catwalk. There's two imps and two lost 
souls waiting in Hallway 1B. In the next rooms (Monrail Access and Gaspump 1),
be ready for three imps, a fat zombie, two lost souls, and a revenant. Luckily,
there's a med station in the corner (next to vents pumping out green gas o.O).
Go through Storagehall 1 (imp here) into Pipe Maintenance1, where there's
another imp (and a revenant will show up behind you). There'll be a revenant at
the bottom of the stairs, and some ammo under the stairs. When you get to the 
corner the revenant came from, an imp will come out of a room behind you; grab
the rockets and medkit in said room. As you continue to the Central Pipes
Junction, beware of a few zombies, an imp, and a revenant. If you head to the 
left, you'll find a locked door.

Objective: Vent lethal gas

Go back and head right. In Storage Room 1, kill the imp, and be wary of the
barrels. There's a lost soul, another imp, and a revenant here. Head through
Hazard Room Maintenance, killing the imp and fat zombie as you enter Hazardous
Material. THere's a nearly used up med station as well as the computer terminal
you need. When you activate it to vent the gas, three imps will basically line
up to die to your right. Head back through the Central Pipes Junction to the 
previously locked door, killing a zombie, lost soul, revenant, and an imp along
the way. The bay door is just ahead, but be careful; a revenant and zombie will
come up from behind.

Recycling: Sector 3------------------------------------------------------------

Fo to the left, and you'll be attacked by eight cherubs. At the end of the hall
there'll be an imp and a med station. Go into Lower Level Access. There's an 
imp to kill on the stairs (one will also appear behind you). Be ready for a 
revenant at the top of the stairs. In the next room, call the lift and head 
down. A door will open to the left and two cherubs will pop out. When you go
down the ramp to the right, there'll be a cherub and an ammo belt to the left.
Continue down this path, making sure to grab the armor shards under the broken
stairs. No, you're not imagining the growling. ;) Grab the shells and a med
kit, quicksave, and go into the next room.

Boss: Mancubus x3

These fatasses have huge cannons on their arms. Strafing is your friend!
Strategy here just involves strafing to avoid their attacks while firing a
strong weapon, probably the rocket launcher (6 hits to kill) or the chaingun.

Some cherubs will attack after the Mancubi are dead. Kill them, search the room
for items, then go up the ramp, at the top of which some more cherubs will 
attack. Pick up the armor shards, use the med station, and head through the 
door into Underground Upper. Guess what? Two more cherubs! :D Call the lift and
go up.

Objective: Reactivate Air Filtration System to gain access to the Monorail

As you can probably tell, the air here is not good for your health. Grab the
things on the rack. Along the railing are three computer terminals. Activate
them. When you can breathe again, a revenant will appear. Kill it, grab the PDA
(Scott Johnson), and go through the door. Kill the revenant here, then open the
security cabinet with code 483. Head through the bay door.



Go through the door and to the right for some items and a PDA (Sam Harding).
Get on the train, and start it up at the front.

Objective: Manually override the monorail airlock systems

When your ride is over, go through the door ahead and meet your first Commando!
How exciting! :D There's also a Z-Sec behind some boxes. WHen you step out of
the room, there'll be an imp to the right and behind you, as well as two
trites. To the left is a locked door, so go down the stairs to the right. 
Continue through the room, and pick up the keycard where the imps appear. Head
back to the locked door (killing a couple imps). Unlock it, and let the enemies
come to you: three Z-Secs, an imp, and a Commando. When you enter the room,
there'll be another imp and another Commando. Grab the med kits and go up the

Go through the left door, and kill the few trites in here. Next room, there's
three imps, a Z-Sec, and two trites. Grab the PDA (Gary Ross), backtrack, and
take the right hand path, killing the Commando. Go up the next flight of stairs
and kill the imp. Head up another set of stairs to Monorail System Control.
Here, there's a Commando, a med station, a PDA (Charles L. Hollies), and a
security cabinet that opens with the code 142. On the computer console, click
"Open Airlock Junction 05", and enter the code 826.

Leave the room and kill the two Z-Secs. Down the stairs, and you'll have two 
imps and a Commando to deal with. Backtrack to the train (an imp, a Commando,
and three trites when you get there) and activate it.

Monorail: Delta Station--------------------------------------------------------

After a very bumpy ride, grab the security armor and climb the ladder. Go 
straight for a charging Commando and a med kit, then go through the door near
the ladder. Go through Engineering Access, killing nine trites. At Delta 
Complex Boarding, kill the Commando and Z-Secs and head through the next door.
Kill the zombies and imp in the waiting area (were they expecting a ride?).
Continue through Monorail Security, killing two Commandos, a Z-Sec, and a 
zombie. Pick up the PDA (Karl Cullen) and med kit, then go through the next 

Pass through Delta Approach and Delta Complex Walkway, killing an imp and 
Commando. THen there's yet another hallway with another imp and Commando. In
Delta Security Checkpoint, quickly unlock and enter the door across from you.
Kill the imp in here. Three more will appear, but the turrets should kill two.
Head to the computer and offline the turrets. YOu can poen the security 
cabinets with code 364. Pass through the checkpoint and through the bay door.

Delta Labs: Level 1 East-------------------------------------------------------

Simply pass through this room, picking up the PDA (Robert Price). Jump through
the broken glass and follow this corridor to Delta Systems Control. Activate
the computer terminal. You need to replace the missing data linker. Leave the 
room, and some floor panels in front of you will pop out. Crawl through the
hole. Continue through the Delta Lobby Corridor into Delta 1 Access Lobby, and
grab the data linker. Head back to Delta Systems Control to turn the power back

Leave the room, kill the imp, and go back to Delta Main Lobby. There'll be an 
imp and a Pinky there. Pass through Delta 1 Access Lobby (killing a Commando,
two zombies, and two imps) and through the newly unlocked door. An imp will
immediately attack. Pass by the hanging body. Kill four imps and the Commando
in this room to unlock the door (don't forget the security armor). Kill the
Pinky, use the med station hidden in the corner, and go through the bay door
(after a dirty trick involving a Commando and two imps, that is).

Delta Labs: Level 1 West-------------------------------------------------------

In this first room, an imp will come out from under a floor panel; kill it, and
crawl through the hole. Kill theimp when you come out, and open the security
cabinet with code 298. Enter the next room (Delta Service Tunnel 2), and kill
the imp to the right, and the Cacodemon that spawns behind you. Go down the 
tunnel to a flight of stairs, killing a revenant and Cacodemon. In Delta 
Reactor Support, climb down the ladder and kill the zombie. Pass through
Reactor Maintenance (one zombie) into the Reactor Room.

After a warm welcome from four lost souls, go down this walkway, killing 
another soul. Jump onto the fallen boxes, and follow the pipe to the upper
walkway. There'll be a Cacodemon and two lost souls up here. Go to the left for
some items, then kill another Cacodemon and two lost souls. At the other end of
the walkway is a door to Reactor Maintenace. Kill the revenant, then initialize
reactor power.

An imp will come out of a small maintenance door; go through it
and climb the ladder. Head through the next door to the upper level of the 
Reactor Room, and kill the two Cacodemons. Grab the PDA (Brian Mora) at the 
right end of the walkway. Kill the two lost souls that appear, then head back
to Delta Reactor Control. Kill the Commando and unlock the door. An imp will
immediately attack you. Enter Delta Service Tunnel 1. Pass through the tunnel
(killing three Cacodemons and a Commando) into Lift Access and Storage. Call 
the lift and head down. Kill the two imps as you go through the door. Grab the
couple of items, climb the stairs, and kill the Commando. In this next room,
kill the xombie and go up the elevator. There'll be a Pinky to the right, and
an imp behind the elevator. Quicksave, then enter the door, and meet your first
Arch-Vile. Kill him, then take the elevator.

Delta Labs: Level 2 North------------------------------------------------------

Go through the door ahead, and get past the mess in here.


Since the teleporter isn't working yet, you need to go back to find the plasma
inducer. Go back to the first room (Central Corridor), kill the revenant and 
imp, and enter the now-unlocked door on the left. Go through the East Hallway,
and kill the three zombies in the East Lobby. Near the end of the room is a 
small computer panel. Click it for items and two imps. Continue on to Hazardous

Kill the two zombies and imp. Now go to the computer panel and click 3, then
jump on the cardboard box. Container 3 will be brought to you. Click 3 again
and quicky jump on the container. When the machine lifts you up, jump to the
ledge on the right and crawl through the maintenance duct here. When you drop
down, kill the two imps and open Abrams's office with code 931. Click on the
computer panel on the wall and pick up your very own BFG 9000. :D Unfortunately
it only has 4 rounds in it. >.>

Continue into Delta Security. Open the security cabinet with code 972. Activate
the computer to unlock the door. Go through it, kill the two zombies, then grab
the plasma inducer on the right.

Go through the door on the left to the East Lobby and kill the imp. Now, go
to the left back to the Teleporter Control Lab, killing two imps on the way.
Give the guy the plasma inducer. Go through this room and the Decon Test 
Chamber into the Teleporter Chamber, and activate the teleporter. When you get
across, grab the med kit and armor, then go through the bay door.

Delta Labs: Level 2 South------------------------------------------------------

Kill the imp as you walk down this short hall, then kill a Commando, Arch-Vile,
and another Commando in here. Go into the next room, the Stasis Chamber. You
can download e-mails on each of the specimens. Go through the door in the back
of the room. You should be able to hear someone calling for help. Go up the 
stairs and through the small maintenance door on the right. Go down the ladder
and follow this path to find and imp, the body of the guy who was calling for 
help, and his PDA (Jacob Stemmons). Climb up the ladder next to him for a 
couple fo items. Go back to the Stasis Control Junction and go through the 
other door to Stasis Transfer.

Activate the conveyor; follow the stasis container as it goes down its track to
the next door, killing five imps on the way. When you get to Stasis Transfer
Control, open the security cabinet with code 371. Go through the next door into
another part of Stasis Transfer, and kill the imp here. Go down the stairs,
then kill the imp that appears behind you. Follow the track (the stasis 
container should show up) to the next door, killing two imps on the way.

Go through this door into Lift Access, where there's two imps and a video disk.
Ride the lift, kill the imp up here, and continue into Analysis Control. Pick
up the PDA (Larry Bullman). Next to the video disk in the corner is a computer
panel that will reveal a med station. Continue on through the door at the back
of the room and kill the imp and a Commando. Follow this walkway to an elevator
and get on.

Delta Labs: Level 3 South------------------------------------------------------

Through the door in front of you, kill the Z-Sec, Commando, and two more Z-Secs
that attack. Enter the door marked "Security Station". Use the computer to 
unlock the door, go through it and kill the imp. Go into the bathroom for a 
Z-Sec and some items (check out the mirror). Leave the bathroom and continue
into the Lower Terminal Office. Kill the imp that appears, then get the PDA
(Frank Cerano) and Commando on the right side of the room. Go through the door
on this side to see another survivor die. Depressing. :/

Return the favor by killing the Z-Sec, imp and Commando. Enter the door in 
front of you (Chamber 1 Control), go to the computer, and click "Cycle 
Chamber". Kill the imp as you exit and enter the door marked "Chamber 1". After
being decontaminated, go through the next door and kill the two imps. Enter the
right-hand door. Kill the Commando, then go through the next door for a PDA
(Han Lee) and an imp. Go back and open the security cabinets with code 836. Now
take the left door. Kill the chaingunner up above, and the Commando on the 
ground, then go to the computer.

Activate the computer, then click "Scan for Active Pads" on the other screen.
Choose Pad 1, then use the teleporter. When you arrive, kill the imp and help
yourself to the items (cabinet code 841). Exit the room; you should recognize
where you're at now. Follow the same path as before to the teleporter room.
Choose Pad 2, and teleport. Pass through the decon chamber ahead, and the next
door, going straight. The bay door is locked, so enter the security station to
the right. Kill the imp and use the computer. When you exit the security 
station, be ready for a revenant and Commando from the front, and another 
revenant from behind. Kill them and enter the bay door.

Delta Labs: Level 3 North------------------------------------------------------

Pass through this first hallway, killing the two imps, then go to the left. In 
the Level 3 Common Area you'll be attacked by a revenant, a Commando, two imps,
and a chaingun Commando. After dealing with that, go through the door on the 
left side of the room. You'll meet an imp and a decidedly broken bridge.

Go around to the right, killing a revenant, until you get to the Chamber 3
Terminal. Go to the left out of the room, then down the ladder at this walkway.
There'll be an imp down there. Enter Chamber 3 Control, and activate the 
computer. Head back to Chamber 3 Terminal, killing a few imps, and take the
right door into the decon chamber. Enter the teleport station and you'll be
attacked by a commando and chaingunner; further into the room will be a
revenant and two imps.

Go to the computer and choose Pad 2 for some ammo and a PDA (Marten Shultz).
Walk back to the teleporter chamber and choose Pad 3 for some more items and
an imp. Head back again and choose Pad 1 (Pad 4 is a waste of time). Now you're
across the bridge. Head straight for the bay door; to the left is a little
chaingun ammo, two imps, and a bunch of trites.

Delta Labs: Level 4------------------------------------------------------------

Welcome to what I affectionately call the "Mess Hall". :) I love what the 
demons have done with the place!

Follow the hall, killing a chainsaw zombie, into the Ready Room, which has 
another chainsaw zombie. Go through the door on the left first. Heal up, and 
open the security cabinet with code 579. Save and head through the door on the

Boss: Hell Knights

These mountains of muscle can kill you quickly, so you should kill them 
quicker. They're tougher than normal Hell Knights, so I suggest a fully charged
BFG shot for the first and rockets or chaingun for the second. Evading them is
easy enough; they're like slow imps.

Hell 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Welcome to Hell. ;) You'll notice you're unarmed, so grab the items to the 
right, then head up the stairs in front of you and enter the pretty light.
When you land, kill four imps and a path will appear in front of you. Follow 
this path until you meet a Hell Knight. Kill him and then a couple of cherubs.
Get the chainsaw, med kit, and imp on the right side of the room, then pass
through the wall the Knight came from.

There's a chaingun and a couple of med kits to the left. Go to the right; a
door will open and two imps will appear. Kill them and two lost souls as you 
leave the room. There's four souls in this next area, which needs some new
flooring. >.> A couple of souls will also attack as you hop across, and two 
more will appear when you get across and head inside.

There'll be two lost souls, a Hell Knight, and three imps in here. Enter the 
fenced area, and five cherubs and a Hell Knight will show up. Continue out of
the room to a pentagram with a plasma gun on it. Grab the other items on the
floow, then the gun. You'll be brought downwards.

Pick up the Berserk powerup and kill anything you can find in this room. Pick
off any stragglers, and find the cache of items (lying on the floor next to a
wall). Find the portal (a small trail of runes on the floor leads to it), and
step in.

Hell 2-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Grab all the items where you appear, including a PDA (Simon Garlick). You may
want to quicksave. Dash across the bridge without getting crushed on the 
pentagram, or falling in lava. You don't need to bother with the Mancubi. 

Follow this path; after a small flight of stairs there'll be an imp and a bunch
of ammo. Continue along this path, killing three imps, and a lost soul when
you get to a door. There'll be an imp on either side of the door. In the next
room (filled with lava), kill two lost souls, then go down the ramp to the left
for some items. Cross the bridge to a path with two lost souls, a door, and 
five hell zombies. Step through the door for two souls, a Hell Knight, and two
more lost souls.

Continue along this path, killing an imp on the way, to a cliff. On the cliff
are two imps and some ammo; a Hell Knight will appear when you pick up the 
ammo. Down the next hall is a Hell Knight and four cherubs.

When you reach a room with a large pillar in the center, you'll get to fight a
Mancubus. :D Grab the items on the floor, then go to the door, where there's
another Mancubus! :D Step through the door for four cherubs and...wait for 
it...ANOTHER MANCUBUS! :D Anyways, continue on through the door on the left.
Kill the Hell Knight and watch the magic. :)

Hell 3-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Simply follow this path while Betruger taunts you. Make sure to grab the items
near the portal. Hmm...long, ominous path, with nothing but items and a portal
at the end. It almost feels like something big is going to happen! ;) Save and
step through the portal.

Boss: Guardian of Hell

Aww, ain't it cute? No, you say? Fine then. >.> Get out your chaingun, and run.
Shoot the Seekers (little flying things). When you kill two, the Guardian will
stop; a ball of energy will appear over it and produce two more Seekers. Shoot
the ball of energy until it disappears, the kill the Seekers. Rinse and repeat.
When the Guardian falls, grab any items in the area, then walk up to the Soul
Cube and take it. Enter the portal, then use the teleporter ahead. Keep in mind
the last thing the Cube says: "We are the only way to defeat Hell's mightiest

Delta Complex------------------------------------------------------------------

Welcome back to...ah, who am I kidding, this place has gone to hell. Grab the 
weapons on the right, then go down the stairs to an open vent in the floor.
Crawl through the shaft. Be ready for a tough fight when you drop down. I 
suggest using a grenade on the chaingunner (before you even drop down, if you
want), then taking his weapon. Kill four Commandos with the chaingun and 
machine gun, then kill the Arch-Vile with the Soul Cube.

After they're dead, grab the shotgun in a crate near where you dropped in, and
the plasma gun at the end of the service tunnel. Then enter the door across
from where you dropped down and call the lift. Go down and kill the chaingun
Commando. Go through the door into Delta Authority Systems, where a revenant
will attack from the left. Head up the stairs and through the door to a med
station and an elevator. Ride the elevator up to the Delta Authority Junction,
then go through the door behind the elevator. Here you'll find Counselor Swann,
who'll give you some disturbing info and his PDA.

Objective: Using Swann's PDA gain entrance into the CPU Complex

Go through the door behind Swann. The hallway is blocked by that wierd growth,
but there's a vent you can crawl through. Follow the shaft to a ladder, where
there's a higher shaft to follow. At the end of it, grab the items, then extend
a service ladder using the computer panel on the wall. You'll get a warm 
welcome when you climb down: two Arch-Viles in a row.

Get the PDA in the corner of the lobby (Bruce Jackson). Open the door to CPU
Access, head through it and kill the Commando. There's also a revenant around
the corner. You can get an interesting e-mail at the terminal here, then open
the bay door.

Central Processing-------------------------------------------------------------


At the end of this hall, the glass will break and two imps will appear. Kill
them and step through the broken glass. Click on the computer on the far right
to reveal some armor, then open the security cabinet with code 571. Go through
the door to the Main Entrance Hall, where a wraith will immediately attack.
Walk up to the door in front of you (next to the growth).

Objective: Find replacement door panel in Lab A to gain access to Delta Library

For health and a security code you'll need shortly, go through the door on the
right to Security Monitoring. When you're done in there and reenter the Main
Entrance Hall, four trites will attack. Now take the left path. Enter the first
door you see for a PDA (Tony Bates). An imp will appear when you take it. Head
back out into the hall to catch a glimpse of Campbell through the glass. The
room across from the glass holds some ammo. Turn the corner and kill the 

Objective: Obtain access codes for Lab A

If you went to Security Monitoring and checked the computer, you might already
know that the access code is 627. Go through the door and to the right; jump
across the chasm that appears, then continue into the Lab A Lower Floor. Go
to the right, killing the three cherubs that appear.

Pass up the elevator for now, and continue through the room. There'll be an imp
and a wraith as you turn the corner, and when you reach the door, an imp, a
wraith, and two cherubs will appear behind you. Grab all the items, including
a PDA (Charlie Haskell), then go through the door to another fiery chasm; grab
the items on the third stone.

Now backtrack a little to the elevator you passed, killing an imp, a Commando,
and two cherubs on the way, and ride it up to Lab A Upper Floors. Kill the 
wraith in front of you, then turn the corner for an Arch-Vile and a cherub.
Go through the small corridor next to the Arch-Vile, and two wraiths will
attack in the next room. Keep walking to another elevator and ride it up.

Four cherubs will attack right away. Go straight and to the right for a 
Commando and a door to Lab A Upper Floors Offices. After two imps attack, go 
around the spikes in the floor, grabbing the ammo, and killing two imps and 
three cherubs that appear. Continue on past the spikes and through the door out
of the offices. Go to the left, where you'll find an imp. In the open security
cabinet is the replacement door panel you need. When you pick it up, an imp and
about seven trites will attack. Open the other locker with code 468.

Now you need to go back to the door to the Delta Library. You'll fight a 
Commando and three cherubs in the offices, five wraiths on Level 2, and an imp
when you get back to the Main Entrance Lobby. Simply walk up to the door to
replace the panel, then go through. Go down this corridor and through the door
to find Campbell, who isn't in the best shape. Go ahead and ride the elevator
to the left.

Central Server Banks-----------------------------------------------------------

Just ahead of you and a little to the left is a vent you can crawl through for
some ammo, then crawl back through and keep going. When you reach a fork, six
enemies will take turns going after you: an imp, a revenant, two chaingun
Commandos, then another imp and another revenant. Kill them to unlock the doors
on either side of the room. Go through either door to the next room.

Kill seven trites, an imp, two wraiths, and an Arch-Vile in here to unlock the
next door. Go through this corridor, where Sarge will taunt you some more. The
next room is small, with a bunch of ammo. Grab the items, SAVE, and step 
through the next door.

Boss: Sabaoth

Sergeant Kelly has put on some serious weight! O.O He has a couple of attacks
at his disposal: he can charge at you, which isn't too hard to avoid if you 
move fast, and the BFG he took from Campbell. The BFG, as you might know from
using it, does damage in two ways: an energy beam from the projectile as it
slowly moves through the air, and the actual explosion. The latter is easy to
avoid, but because of the beam, you may want to shoot the projectile in the air
to make it explode prematurely. As for what weapon to use, just pick a powerful
one; I've killed him with the plasma gun, the chaingun (great for ruining his
BFG shot), rockets, and grenades. I suggest the chaingun. And if the soul cube
is charged, feel free to use it.

After Sarge kicks the bucket, grab his BFG, then enter his "Garage" behind him.
Crawl through the vent in the left wall, jump down and take the elevator.

Site 3-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Use the med station if you need to, then go forward and a Hell Knight will
appear. Kill it, then the imp and two wraiths that appear.

Objective: Gain Security clearance for all Site 3 areas

Go through the door on the left to Site 3 Hub, and kill the imp that appears.
Being wary of all the explosives, go to the middle of the room, kill the imp,
and enter the door marked "Garage". There's two imps and a Hell Knight in the 
Freight Cart Terminal. Kill them, grab the items on the wall, and go through
the door on the right. 

Kill the Arch-Vile, then continue into Lab Section 1, where there's a revenant
to kill, and a wraith right after. Grab the ammo at the bottom of the stairs,
then climb them and enter the door to Lab Section 2. Kill the wraith and climb
down the ladder. Down here you'll have a wraith and three imps to deal with.
Kill them, then go around the room to a door. Follow this corridor to a 
revenant, a wraith, and two imps. Take the left fork, climb the ladder and
follow the shaft to Artifact Research.

Kill the Hell Knight and wraiths, then go through the door next to the tablets
to find an actual, living human that won't die in front of you! Take his PDA
(Pierce Rogers) and the video disk. You now have the security clearance you 
need. Leave the archaeologist, kill the five wraiths and imp in Artifact 
Research, then open the door next to where you dropped in.

Kill the revenant, then continue on to another locked door. Open it, and voila,
you're back in the entrance hall. Kill the imp, and enter the Site 3 Hub again.
Kill the imp and revenant, then go through the door marked "Garage". Kill the 
imp that appears behind you, then go over to the freight cart and get on. 
There'll be three imps waiting when you get off. Get the stuff behind the 
elevator, then ride it.

Caverns: Area 1----------------------------------------------------------------

Step out of the elevator and you'll be attacked by twelve trites. Get the 
machinegun in front of the elevator. Behind the elevator is a set of stairs;
go under the open floor panel under the stairs for some grenades. Using the
crates as stepping stones, get on and climb the stairs, then follow this path
to a door, killing an imp and two wraiths. Go through this door to a locker
room, and then a similar room with an imp and med station.

Go through the next door to Base 1 Junction 1, and kill the chaingunner. You'll
come to a fork with four wraiths. The right is blocked, so go to the left and
through the door, and then another door to Containment Monitoring. Go forward
and an Arch-Vile will appear. Kill it and anything it summons, then the 
chaingun Commando that comes from behind. Pass through this room to Base 1, 
Junction 3, and an imp, eight trites, and a tick. Pass through the door to 
Heavy Transfer Lift 1.

Objective: Activate the Service Lift to reach the lower levels of the Caverns

Go past the lift to the back of the room and a ladder. Climb it, and kill the
two Cacodemons that appear. Jump across the gap and enter Heavy Lift Control.
Activate the computer nearest to where you came in. Get the med kit near one
of the computers, then go through the door. Call the lift and go down to Living
Quarters 1A. Grab the rockets by the bunk, and kill the nine trites that 
appear. Go through the door out to the Heavy Transfer lift, and kill the Hell
Knight and four imps that appear.

Activate the lift and save. Grab the BFG cells as you go down if you can. At 
the bottom you'll face three Hell Knights. Make short work of them using the
Soul Cube and BFG. Grab the chainsaw among the crates, then go through the bay

Caverns: Area 1 Sublevel-------------------------------------------------------

Go through the door in front of you and turn to the left. Go down the stairs
and kill the wraith that jumps down. Be careful of the hole in the floor; 
that'd be a nasty fall. Go down the path to the right, killing three imps and
a chaingunner. There'll be another chaingunner at the corner. Open the large
door to the Material Transfer Lift. Kill the imp behind the boxes, then move
towards the ladder.

Objective: Swing the crane over the drop and extend the load to cross the chasm

Kill the five Cacodemons that appear. Now climb the ladder and use the computer
to swing the load to the right, and extend it (large arrow on the right, then
the small one in the top left corner). Use the ladder on the right and jump on
top on the crane. Walk to the end, then jump down, using the crane's load and
the pipes as stepping stones.

Kill the imp and Cacodemon down here, then enter the small room on the right.
Kill the imp, then go through the next door into B1 Sub Junction 2. Follow this
short path to Personnel Transfer. Go down to the lower part of this room. Crawl
behind some boxes to find some armoer shards and rockets. Open the door here,
and three imps and two wraiths will appear. Call the lift, and it'll come with
a Hell Knight. Kill it and use the lift.

Checking for items among the crates, go down to the lower part of the room and 
kill the Arch-Vile that appears. Kill the imp and wraith in the small tunnels,
then go through the next door to B2 Material Transfer Lift. Kill the Cacodemon
and chaingun Commando, then use the crates to cross the pit. Enter the door on
the other side to Sub Station 3 Transfer. Grab all the ammo, then use the lift.

Caverns: Area 2----------------------------------------------------------------

Go around behind the lift, and two Hell Knights and then an Arch-Vile will 
appear. Kill them, then go through the unlocked door to the Main Dig Junction.
Follow this path. When you get to a pillar, six wraiths will attack. Continue
into the Main Excavation. Go down the ramp and you'll find a keycard on a table
and some rockets on some crates.

Head back to the lift at Sub Station 3, killing an imp and two wraiths on the 
way. Open the other door for some ammo and a med station. When you step out of
the storage room, ten trites will attack. Head back to the Main Excavation, 
killing five more trites in the Dig Junction. Once in the excavation, don't try
to turn on the lights in the tunnel wil the small computer in front of the 
entrance; that'll summon two Hell Knights and two Cacodemons. The real light
switch is just inside the tunnel on the left.

Go down this tunnel, killing four trites at the second corner, and avoiding the
falling blocks at the third. When you get to the Levitation Site at the end of
the tunnel, three wraiths and two imps will attack. Get any items on the table,
then go down Chamber Junction 2. In the Room of Stars, you'll have a Hell 
Knight, five trites and two imps to deal with. There's another light switch in
the corner of the room.

Continue on through Chamber Junction 3. Quicksave before you get to the large
chamber at the end of this path. In here you get to fight two Vagarys! Or is it
Vagaries...anyway, throw whatever you've got at them (BFG, anyone?) then finish
off any trites. Grab the med kit behind an upturned table, then go up the 
stairsthat have appeared. Grab the BFG cell on the right and go through the 
fancy stone door. Grab all the ammo in here (there is a light switch), then use
the lift.

Primary Excavation-------------------------------------------------------------

O.O Look at all the beautiful ammunition down here! :D You think they're trying
to prepare you for something? Go forward and down the steps to find the 
Chamber of the Hero. Grab the med kit on the table, then go behind the
sarcophagus. Pick up the backpack of ammo, and the wall will tear away, 
revealing a new path. Go down this ramp to another wall, which will open for
you. Step inside and the floor will descend. When you reach the bottom, step
out and follow this rather ominous path, which basically screams "SAVE SOON!".

The path will become narrower and narrower; when you suddenly reach a larger
room divided in two by a wall, go to the left. A brick on the wall has the id
logo on it. Activate it like you would a computer, and part of the wall will
open, revealing another room. There's a PDA in here: thank yous from id. Now
save, and walk over to the wall on the right side of the room.

Final Boss: Cyberdemon

Ah...here is "Hell's mightiest warrior". This guy is HUGE. He can damage you
two ways: his arm cannon, and stepping on you, the latter of which can be 
incredibly lethal if it does happen. Make use of your unlimited adrenaline down
here to avoid him. You have but one option here; the Soul Cube is the only 
thing that will damage him. Kill the imps and maggots climbing out of the
Hellgate to charge the Cube, then let it fly four times to kill the Cyberdemon.

Once the Cyberdemon falls, the Hellgate will close, the invasion will end, and
the credits will roll.

Congratulations on beating Doom 3!

---------------------------S E C U R I T Y  C O D E S--------------------------


Here is a list of the security codes you'll need in the game. Security cabinets
are listed by their number. All cabinets and doors are listed in the order that
you find them in the game.

Format: cabinet #/door---code

Weapons Storage, Marine Command---584
Plasma Storage---734
1st 054---246
2nd 054---142
Site 2 Airlock---826
Michael Abram's Office---931
Lab A---627

---------------------------------W E A P O N S---------------------------------


How are you going to fight the demons of hell without kickass weapons? Here's a
description of each weapon that will be at your disposal:

Ammo: N/A
Magazine: N/A
Do yourself a favor, and don't bother punching anyone without a Berserk power-
up. It's basically screaming, "HEY, LOOK AT ME! I'VE GOT A DEATH WISH!"
Recommended against: Nothing. Just don't.

Ammo: N/A
Magazine: N/A
Yes, you can use a flashlight as a weapon; it's stronger than punching. O.o
Recommended against: Zombies, Fat Zombies

Ammo: Bullets
Magazine: 12 rounds
The pistol is a weak but very accurate weapon; as far as I can tell, the most
accurate in the game (sort of, I'll explain in a bit). However, it's always
overshadowed by better options.
Recommended against: Zombies, Fat Zombies

Ammo: Shells
Magazine: 8 rounds
This thing is awesome! Although you have to be at close range for it to work,
it will kill almost anything fairly quickly. Don't be shy with it; there's
plenty of ammo. Note that you can fire while reloading.
Recommended against: All zombies, Z-Secs, Imps, Maggots, Trites, Lost Souls,
Pinky Demons, Cherubs

-Machine Gun
Ammo: Clips
Magazine: 60 rounds
Of course every FPS needs one. :P This particular machine gun is surprisingly
accurate, and can be used for longer-than-shotgun-range combat.
Recommended against: Regular and Fat Zombies, Z-Secs, Imps, Trites

Ammo: Ammo Belts
Magazine: 60 rounds
Think of this as an upgraded machine gun with more power and rarer ammo. Use
this when the regular machine gun won't cut it.
Recommended against: Pinky Demons, Commandos, Arch-Viles, Hell Knights, Vagary,
Mancubus, Chainsaw Zombie, Guardian

Ammo: ...
Magazine: N/A
(thanks to Aaron Burns for this info)
"The grenades explode on impact in case you didn't know and they work
wonderfully against just about everything. It may take several throws but they
are awesome the longer you hold down the trigger button the less time you have
before it goes off so don't hold it down for to long unless you want to die."
Recommended against: Anything

-Plasma Gun
Ammo: Plasma Cells
Magazine: 50 rounds
A automatic gun that fires plasma (naturally). Although it can be harder to aim
than other weapons, it is powerful. And it can easily stop enemy projectiles!
Recommended against: Arch-Viles, Hell Knights, Revenants, Cacodemons, Sabaoth,
Chainsaw Zombie, Guardian

-Rocket Launcher
Ammo: Rockets
Magazine: 5 rounds
It's a rocket launcher, what do you want me to say? Just don't hurt yourself
(don't use it at close range!).
Recommended against: Commandos, Arch-Viles, Hell Knights, Mancubus, Sabaoth

-BFG 9000
Ammo: BFG Cells
Magazine: 4 rounds
The mother of all powerful weapons. Used properly, this thing spells doom
(aren't I witty?) for just about anything. When fired, it will home in on the
target, causing damage even before the projectile hits, then BOOM!! No more
enemy. :D To further ensure your enemy's demise, you can CHARGE the sucker!
There are four levels of charge; the fourth level will probably kill whatever
you shoot (with two exceptions). Don't charge it too long, or it will go
critical, and you can kiss your ass goodbye. Note that the BFG no longer uses
the same ammo as the Plasma Gun.
Recommended against: Arch-Viles, Hell Knights, Mancubi, Vagary, Sabaoth
(although you could use it on a weaker enemy once, just for kicks :P)

-Soul Cube
Ammo: N/A
Magazine: N/A
The Soul Cube is a very interesting and powerful weapon. You can't just use it
whenever; you have to charge it with five souls (kill five enemies with any
other weapon). Once it's charged and used, it will fly at the enemy and proceed
to make mincemeat out of them. It will kill all but the most powerful demons
in one fell swoop. And, as an added bonus, it will heal you as it kills the
Recommended against: Everything, although you may want to save it for stronger

Ammo: N/A
Magazine: N/A
The chainsaw makes a triumphant return in Doom 3! Hold the trigger to use the
chainsaw and pulverize whatever unlucky enemy you stick it into. It will kill
most demons fairly easily, but you may take quite a bit of damage in the 
process in some cases.
Recommended against: Regular and Fat Zombies, Z-Secs, Imps, Maggots, Lost Souls

-----------------------------O T H E R  I T E M S------------------------------


These are extremely important, giving you access to locked doors, security
cabinets, etc.

-Health Packs
These restore your health, naturally; they come in three sizes and degrees of
healing: small, medium and large.

-Security Armor and Armor Shards
These increase your Armor Rating (max 125), which protects from some damage.
Security Armor increases it by 50, shards by 5.

-Health Stations: Unlike the other items, this isn't a pickup. Simply activate
it to restore health (each click gives 10 units). The maximum units for a
health station is 100, which is how much health it can restore.

-Berserk Powerup
You may remember this from the original Doom. It's even better this time; punch
anything after picking it up, and it dies instantly. Sadly, there are only two
in the game.

These are sometimes needed to open a locked door; just find the keycard and you
can open the door.

-Video Disks
They let you download videos you can view on your PDA

-Air Canisters
These replenish your oxygen supply when outside, on the Martian landscape.

These restore your adrenaline, which allows you to run longer.

---------------------------------E N E M I E S---------------------------------


These are the guys that you'll be fighting through the game; give 'em hell. No
pun intended. :P

Pics of most enemies can be found here:

The classic undead human. There are several types.
 -Normal Zombie: Just a run-of-the mill zombie. They're slow and can't take
  much punishment. They will occasionally carry tools as weapons.
 -Fat Zombie: An overweight zombie. >.> These are essentially the same as
  normal zombies but they can dish out and take more punishment.
 -Flaming Zombie: There's only one of these in the game. He's a lot faster, so
  kill him quickly.
 -Hell Zombie: These are only found in the Hell level. They somewhat resemble
  mummies, and can take more damage than a normal zombie.
 -Chainsaw Zombie: A big, burly zombie wielding a chainsaw. Not a good thing.
  And he's pretty fast to boot. Shoot while walking backwards away from him.
 -Z-Secs: Zombies with combat training...definitely not good. They don't have
  any problem with movement. They can wield a pistol, a shotgun, or a machine
  gun (machine gunners will always have a helmet). In many cases, you can be 
  warned of their presence by incomprehensible radio chatter.

 -Commando: These guys are a pain. They are much faster than the other zombies,
  and pack quite a punch. Either they will rush you with their tentacle arm,
  or shoot you with a chaingun. Either way, don't get hit!

-Imp: You'll see tons of these guys throughout the game; they're essentially
cannon fodder. They have a humanoid appearance, and love to jump at you and
scare the crap out of you. They can also throw fireballs, but they're easy to

-Maggot: These are similar to imps, but have two heads and usually walk on all
fours, except when they're charging you. The shotgun is perfect for them.

-Pinky Demon: These are also called Bull Demons, although their Doom and
Doom II appearance better suits it. They walk on all fours and have mechanical
hind legs. If you have space, move backwards while firing at it.

-Trite: Small, spider-like demons that travel in packs. The shotgun works
nicely on these guys.

-Tick: These are very similar to Trites, but they explode. o.o Don't worry,
they're much less common.

-Lost Souls: Essentially, they're flying heads. :P They don't have any other
attack than charging, so whip out the shotgun.

-Mancubus (plural: Mancubi): The most noticeable feature of these guys is that
they're fat. :P Their faces resemble Lovecraft's Cthulhu, or Dr. Zoidberg from
Futurama. Your pick. They have a cannon on each arm. The best thing to do is
to strafe and fire.

-Cherub: These things look like half-baby, half-insect hybrids. All they can do
is come at you to use their melee attack, so take out your shotgun. They appear
in groups, and sometimes with Mancubi.

-Revenant: A humanoid demon with transparent skin, so it looks like a skeleton.
It has two rocket launchers on its shoulders; the plasma gun is the weapon of
choice here.

-Hell Knight: You can think of these as oversized imps. They also have
fireballs in addition to their melee attack. Make sure to kill them quickly!

-Cacodemon: A floating, round demon with a huge mouth. They do have a melee
attack, but they can also fire projectiles; the plasma gun is your best bet.

-Vagary: A female spider demon. In addition to just hitting you, they can throw
objects at you via telekinesis. There will also be plenty of Trites with it.
Thankfully, there are only three in the game.

-Guardian of Hell: This gigantic demon guards the Soul Cube in Hell. Since it
is blind, it relies on its Seekers to find its prey. Kill the Seekers, and the
Guardian will be vulnerable for a moment.

-Sabaoth: Part Sargeant Kelly, part tank, part demon. And he's got a BFG to
boot. Not good. You can shoot the BFG projectile to avoid being killed.

-Cyberdemon: According to the Soul Cube, this is "Hell's mightiest warrior".
And I see why it would earn that title. It has a cannon on its arm, which you
really don't want to be hit by, and can step on you for MASSIVE DAMAGE. He can
only be damaged by the Soul Cube.

-----------------------------------F. A. Q.------------------------------------


Q: Is this game scary?

A: It can be, that's what the developers intended. If you scare easily, just
play in a lit room, sit away from the screen, and have someone else around if

Q: Will this be a problem with my beliefs, what with the pentagrams and all

A: It's just a game. Think of it this way; you're trying to save mankind from

Q: How do I beat [insert part of game or enemy here]?

A: Scroll up the page. If the FAQ really doesn't help for some odd reason, you
can e-mail me as a LAST RESORT.

Q: Is there split-screen multiplayer?

A: No. You need to system link or go online.

Q: Are there cheats?

A: There are two.
Invincibility: Hold the left trigger and press X, Y, B, A. You'll need to 
activate this every level.
Level Skip: Go to the Objectives screen on the PDA, hold the left trigger and
press B, A, X, Y.

Q: Why write a FAQ for a linear game like this?

A: Because people may want to know where to find something, how to beat an
enemy, or how to get past a certain part in the game (there are a couple spots
where it's fairly easy to get stuck).

Q: L0lz liek th15 g4me iz teh suxx0rs!!!11!!1111!!

A: That's not a question.

Q: liek wy iz th15 g4me teh suxx0rs???!!1!

A: Because you touch yourself at night.

-------------------------V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y--------------------------


Version 0.5: 17 out of 40 areas completed in walkthrough, weapons, enemies,
story, tips, items covered.

Version 0.51: Neoseeker & Super Cheats added to allowed sites; "Thanks To"
section is less crappy now; web page w/ pics of enemies added.

Version 0.61: Added F.A.Q.; added info about grenades; added Cheat Happens to
allowed sites.

Version 0.71: Cleaned up the FAQ a bit, fixed some spelling mistakes, changed
order of the sections, added search codes.

Version 1.00: Completed walkthrough, general cleanup of the FAQ, added security
codes, updated Thanks To section, added I few small things I forgot.

-------------------------------T H A N K S  T O--------------------------------


Gamefaqs, for existing, and therefore allowing this to exist.
id, for making Doom 3.
Microsoft, for the Xbox.
kaptainkrunk, for suggesting a walkthrough be written.
Aaron B., for a little explanation on the grenades.
David B., for pointing out a early weapon that I somehow missed.
Mike, for suggesting that I include names of rooms and areas in the 
My friend's Xbox, which didn't die like my Xbox and Xbox 360 did so I could
finish the FAQ.

------------------------------L E G A L  C R A P-------------------------------


This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
website or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited and a violation
of copyright.

Sites this guide may be hosted on:


All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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