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Welcome to my first walkthrough. If you have any questions, please ask me. I 
will talk about the way to the star. Occasionally, I will let you know where a 
hidden life is.

1.Good Egg Galaxy


1. Good Egg Galaxy

Dino Piranha

Mario lands on his first galaxy!!! You see 2 electrogoombas and a small 
cottage. But right now fall over the edge of the planet. You stay on the 
planet because gravity is pulling to the center. If you go over the edge on a 
sharp edge then you fall. Anyway, on the bottom there is a orange warp pipe. 
Go into it and grab the giant coin. Get all the musical notes before time runs 
out and quickly get the 1-up. Go up the piliar with the Goomba and talk to the 
Luma. It transforms into a sling star that leads you up to a Launch Star. 
Shake the Wii-mote quickly and go to the next planet. You land on a peanut 
shaped planet. You must collect 5 star chips to create a Launch Star while 
avoiding the mud which slows you and rocks. A lone pirahna plant stands on the 
plant with a giant coin on the bottom. Kill the pirahna plant. A sprout comes 
out and extends to the next planet. Continuously shake the Wii-mote until you 
get to the end. Thenextplanet has a rock creator which continuously spits out 
rocks. It can't be stopped. Anyway, destroy the toothy purple pirahna plant by 
either hitting it with a bulb when you spin or jump on it when it lunges. By 
the way, watch out for the black hole! Blast off to the next planet. Strange 
footprints appear in the sand. They're not yours so spin and it reveals a bag. 
Kill it and 25 star bits appear. Go to the top of the planet and you see a big 
tower with 3 electrogoombas. Get to the top of the tower and break the ice. 
Blast off one last time. You land on a giant egg. It starts moving. Spin on 
its tail to reveal Dino Pirahna. You must hit the tail 3 more times to win and 
get your second star. 2 down, 118 stars to go. 

A snack of Cosmic Proportions

In this episode, you will need 100 star bits if you want that star. Start this 
mission of same as the first, but this time go to the little tower with the 
electrogoomba on it on the bottom of the planet. Talk to the luma and it 
transforms into a pull star. You should know how a pull star works by now. 
Press and hold A to pull you. Blast of to the next planet collecting all the 
star bits you see.(Note:You see a Launch Star in the middle of space and pass 
through it. Ignore it unless you have 100 star bits already) The next planet 
has rocks on it. If your lucky, hit the red circle in the middle and many star 
bits appear. The next planet has more star bits and another Launch Star stuck 
in the ice. Shatter it to go to the planet with the hungry Luma on it. Talk to 
the Luma. It says it wants 100 star bits. Don't move Mario and aim the cursor 
over the Luma and shoot 100 star bits at it. It transforms into a big tower 
planet leaving behind a pink Launch Star.(Note: There is a yellow Launch Star 
here. Use it only if ou have less than 100 star bits.) The new planet is a big 
tower with goombas and spiky plants. Get to the top and blast off! This next 
planet is shaped like a pill. Find the enterance to it on the bottom which is 
stuck in ice. The inside has different gravity changes. Be cautious and get to 
the top. Use the Launch Star to break the glass to the final planet. You land 
on a star-shaped planet. There are 5 BLUE star chips. Collect all 5 to get 5 
pull stars. Now stand in between any 2 edges of the star and pull yourself to 
the star. 

King Kaliente's Battle Fleet

Again, you land on the planet with the cottage. The Launch Star is on top of 
the cottage. Back to the bottom of the planet and use the orange warp pipe. 
Use the Launch Star to blast off. The next planet is filled with coconuts. 
There are no Sling,Launch,or Sproutles here. Bring a coconut to the top and a 
pokey appears. Line yourself up with the coconut and the pokey and spin to 
slam the coconut into the pokey. Then quickly jump on its head. A LAUNCH 
STAR!!! You land on an asteroid with a pipe,Chomp ball,and a Launch Star. The 
pipe has many Goombas with a giant coin that makes you invincible. After 
getting the invincbility use the Launch Star. The planet's bottom doesn't look 
so bad but the top is mad! The top has two Chomp ball creators and bullet bill 
cannons that hone in on you. Climb the stairs and spin on the ice to reveal a 
Launch Star(What's with all these Launch Stars?! The next planet is... A 
SHIP?! 2 armored Goombas guard the bridge. They spit fire and coconuts. The 
fire will hurt you but if you spin at the coconuts then they go back to them 
and kill 'em. There is a Life Mushroom on one of the ships. Anyway, use the 
Launch Star for the final planet. Go to the top of the final planet and you 
are greeted by King Kalinite. He spits out fire and coconuts(Like those 
armored Goombas,hint,hint.). When he spits out the coconut spin and it goes 
right back to him. STRIKE 1! The next coconut may be a problem. After you hit 
it,he returns it. But hit it again and that's STRIKE 2. A third time he will 
spit out a coconut hit it back. He deflects it. Hit again but he deflects it 
again. Do it one more time and that's STRIKE 3! HE'S OUTTA THERE! 

Dino Pirahna Speed Run

A Speedy Comethas arrived giving Mario only 4 minutes to find and finish Dino 
Pirahna. Do everything the same the first time you did it except for all the 
shortcuts because they will waste your time. By the time you get to Dino 
Pirahna, you will only have 1-1:30 minutes left. Quickly finish him off for 
the power star.

Luigi On the Roof

If you haven't resuced Luigi from the Ghostly Ghost Galaxy then DON"T READ 
THIS!. Luigi went to search for his second power star. Apparently, he's stuck 
on the roof of the cottage. A quick triple jump will get you up there but take 
the orange warp pipe on the bottom of the planet for an extra life. He will be 
anxious to see his brother here to rescue him.


Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. Please do NOT copy this. I will try to 
continuously make Walkthroughs. Please, let me know if you liked it. Thank you 
for reading.

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