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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Walkthrough
By Matt 'nofxgamer' Biro - Xbox Live Gamertag: MattTheCommie

Table of Contents

Version History...............................................LP-1
--Mission 01 - A World of Ice...................................LP-5-01
--Mission 02 - Stronghold Assault...............................LP-5-02
--Mission 03 - Crossing the Plains..............................LP-5-03
--Mission 04 - Mountain Route 1.................................LP-5-04
--Mission 05 - Mountain Route 2.................................LP-5-05
--Mission 06 - Green Eye Returns................................LP-5-06
--Mission 07 - Caravan Ambush...................................LP-5-07
--Mission 08 - Volcano Dome Facility............................LP-5-08
--Mission 09 - Thermal Energy Deposit...........................LP-5-09
--Mission 10 - Showdown Below...................................LP-5-10
--Mission 11 - Final Battle.....................................LP-5-11
Vital Suits...................................................LP-6

LP-1 Version History

1.0 January 16th, 2007  - First version, completely done with the walkthrough.
                          I will try to update all the mark locations for each
                          difficulty and possibly update with photographs if I
                          can, if not just expect clear and concise details.

LP-2 Intro

Just a brief introduction, this is probably my second guide, did a full
one for Half Life 2 Episode 1. Please I take criticism very well so if you
have any suggestions please forward them. Same with if I have missed something
or you would like to include a specific tip for me to put on here.

Don't repost this without my explicit consent. I probably won't have an issue
as long as you ask me but please either im me on AIM at fatmikefatty or send me
an email at [email protected] (I also use this email for msn
messenger). I'll respond asap to both but please do ask first and if you do get
the ok to post it, please do not alter the guide in anyway and give me the
right credit. Thanks.

LP-3 Overview

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is a pretty neat game. It takes place on the
planet of E.D.N III, the humans have gone there to colonize the planet, but
after finding an alien race on the planet they had to retreat for lack
of being able to defeat the creatures known as the Akrid. After finding a way
to kill them as well as being aided by their Vital Suits and being able to
harvest the thermal energy from the Akrid they attempt to recolonize the planet
and continue to wage war with the Akrid to survive.

LP-4 Controls

I'm going by the default controls here, but they are pretty basic and easy
to understand within a few minutes of game play.

On Foot:

Jump - A
Action/Melee Attack - B
Anchor - X
Change Weapon - Y
Zoom - Up or Down on Diagonal Pad
Light - Left or Right on Diagonal Pad
Turn 90� left or right - LB or RB
Grenade - LT
Shoot - RT
Move - Left Joystick
Crawl - Click on Left Joystick
Aim - Right Joystick
Reload - Click on Right Joystick
PDA Menu - Back Button
Pause Menu - Start Button

Vital Suit:

Jump - A
Action/Exit/Equip Weapon - B
Special Attack - X
Special Function - Y
Light - Left or Right on Diagonal Pad
Turn 90� left or right - LB or RB
Fire Left or Right Weapon - LT and RT
Move - Left Joystick
Aim - Right Joystick
Reload - Click on Right Joystick
PDA Menu - Back Button
Pause Menu - Start Button



Anchoring is quite easy, aim at a ledge and as long as your crosshair is green
you can anchor to that location. Press X and it will attach and then throw
you up onto the ledge.


Evading can be useful, possibly more in multiplayer then single, and is quite
easy. Click and hold the left joystick and hold it into any direction and
press A. You will perform an evasive roll.

LP-5 Walkthrough

I will try to include as much information as I can, since I did include the
mark locations in here I just want to say it is on Easy mode. I did this for my
convenience, but I plan to include the mark info for all difficulties so that
if you can't find one, you will be able to.

This really doesn�t fit into the Mission or anything, so I�ll just put it here.
Once you start, follow Gale and fire your anchor towards the edge at the top
to get up onto the catwalk. Keep following Gale and the other guys and then
jump down the hole and kill the Dongo when it comes. Once done, continue out,
activate the data post and meet Green Eye. Head to your left and follow Gale,
head up the stairs and then anchor up the wall and continue down the hallway.
Once you come to the data post, activate it and get into the VS. Head forward
and wait for Green Eye, then shoot the bubble like thing that is green. Once
enough damage is done, you will get to enjoy some cut scenes.

LP-5-01 Walkthrough: Mission 01 - A world of Ice

As the first mission starts, head forward and then to your left, you will see
two large water tank things. These contain Thermal Energy. Destroy them and
grab the T-ENG and get into the VS just ahead. For future reference you can
destroy things like cars, barrels (explosive so watch out) and the water tower
things for T-ENG. Continue along and you will come to a small crevice in the
cave with two hive like things and a bunch of Akrid. Destroy the hives first
and then proceed and destroy the Akrid.

Head forward and you will face a Chryatis. Aim at its lower belly, glowing from
T-ENG to destroy it. Once killed there will be your first mark, these are for
achievements, get the �E� mark at the corner of the building and head forward,
there is a Shotgun that you can grab, or if you want you can take the Gatling
Gun off of the VS and use that. Once you are ready head inside the structure.
Once inside stay back and shoot out the barrels first since this will kill off
a couple of the hives and Akrid. After that just take out the hives and the
remaining Akrid and then collect ammo and T-Eng. Just after the data post, but
before leaving, there will be your 2nd mark of the level, the �A� mark, grab it
and head forward.

Once outside, continue on, you will see something buried under the snow. Unbury
it by going up to the item and pressing B rapidly. It is a Rocket Launcher, it
will help coming up so I would grab it. Once you got that, head forward, but
before heading in, clear the area of the Akrid first. Once you head in a battle
between a Chryatis will ensue. Kill the Akrid and collect ammo in the
warehouse. Before exiting there will be a small room to the left with some
grenades, a Rocket Launcher, and you�re 3rd mark the �R� mark. Grab it and
blast the doors open and continue out.

Once outside you will get to face the Dongo Akrid. It rolls around trying to
hit its target then stops and then proceeds to try and attack and repeat
itself. Just evade the Dongo which is pretty easy and shoot its tail when it
stops rolling. Once they are dead, anchor up to the data post, activate it, and
continue forward. You can shoot the boulders here to make them tumble down and
hit your enemy, though there will be a Dongo here, it just rolled off the cliff
when I played through. Keep heading up and you face another Dongo, take care of
it and continue up. Before you get too close to the cave if you have a Shotgun,
you can get it out and blast the Trilid as they come out and take them all out
at once. Once they are dead, head inside the cave.

Once inside, head forward and grab the Gatling Gun. From here I just took out
the hive in front of me and as many Trilid as I could until I ran out of ammo.
Once don�t with that, head to your right and get the �T� mark. Once you have
that, head forward and there will be a nifty Energy Gun as well as a data post.
Once you got both of those head forward on the walkway, clear any Akrid you
come upon. At the end jump down to the lower ledge and continue. Clear the
hives and the Akrid and get the data post, and the Rocket Launcher if you want
that too. Also, to the left of the data post there will be the 5th mark the �H�
mark. Grab that too and continue on the next ledge.

Once you head in you will come to your first boss battle. Not too tough, this
boss acts just like a Dongo, except tougher, larger, and has spikes. Get into
the VS and grab the Rocket Launcher or Gatling Gun attachment and pound at his
tail. To get around him hold your left joystick either right or left and press
Y to slide. Try to avoid the rocks as he rolls around, just rinse and repeat
and eventually he will be dead. On to Mission 02!

LP-5-02 Walkthrough: Mission 02 - Stronghold Assault

Once the mission starts head forward, grab some ammo and the data post and keep
heading forward, once in the open plains you will have to face several Dongos,
make easy work of them, collect the 2nd data post and any ammo or T-ENG you
need. Also there is a Rocket Launcher under the truck by the data post, once
ready keep heading forward. You will fight a couple more Dongos here, once dead
there will be the first mark of the level, the �S� mark on top of an awning to
your left, grab it and head forward. Fight some more Dongos and a Chryatis and
grab the data post, also by the post there is a downed VS with a Gatling Gun on
it for the taking.

Now head down the road to your left and fight another Chryatis and enter the
mucus door by shooting it, head through the small cave and out and take out as
many Trilid as you can once they appear, keep heading down the road, there�s
also a Shotgun, the large VS one, under one of the cars if you want that.
Continue down clearing any Trilid you come across and the Chryatis, at the end
you will encounter some Snow Pirates and a Chryatis in the distance. Kill the
pirates first, then next to the truck there will be some ammo and the 2nd mark,
the �T� mark. Grab it and go kill the Chryatis.

Up here you can grab the VS and kill off the Chryatis and Snow Pirates and
continue down the road, after clearing them all, grab any ammo you want and get
the third mark of the level, the �O� mark. It is on a small ledge near the
tower. Once you have that, head into the building and begin to anchor your way
up, before you go up you can snipe some of the barrels to kill of the Snow
Pirates above. Continue until you are at the top and then head towards the
downed train, jump over and grab the data post and clear the 3 Snow Pirates and
grab the VS. This VS can be used like a normal VS or a bike which is nifty

Continue forward eliminating any Snow Pirates you come across, you may want to
keep the Rocket Launcher here in case you lose your VS since you will face one
up ahead and it will make easy work of the VS. You will also come across the
Rifle, I would highly suggest keeping it for the next area it comes in very
handy. I would snipe the 5 Snow Pirates before heading across and once you do
you will face a VS, use your Rocket Launcher, or pick the one up and use it,
and kill it quickly. Once done grab ammo and head inside.

Once inside this is where the Rifle comes in handy, scope out and snipe guys as
much as possible, you can get a lot of kills without actually fighting and
makes it a lot easier. I would suggest getting on the highest rail and sniping
and proceeding forward from there. Just keep heading forward killing any Snow
Pirates you come across and keep your eye out for a garbage can like thing on
the left hand side, it contains the 4th mark the �R� mark. Grab it, kill some
more Snow Pirates and keep going forward. Once you are at the end grab any ammo
you need and head through the hallway and down the stairs and outside.

Here you can also make good use of the Rifle, snipe as many guys as you can and
then slowly just clear the area. There will be a VS that will be on the right
plateau you can snipe the guy in with 1-2 hits and take him out and use the VS
for your own use if you want. There are two missile launcher guns on the top of
the building to the right, you can snipe the guys sitting in them if you get a
shot, if not, just get close to them and kill them. Nothing really important
here, just clear the areas, grab the Data Post, the only important thing is the
last mark. It is at the building on the right. Head up the stairs on the right
side and to your left will be a staircase going down into the building, look at
them, but don�t go down, you will see the last mark, the �M� mark there. Grab
it, grab any ammo and head towards the large wall at the front of the area,
head to the door when you are ready.

Here is the boss fight, first you will face two VS�s, you can either be
prepared with a Rocket Launcher or grab the unmanned VS to your left and make
waste of them. Once they are dead you face the actual boss, an advanced VS,
more mobile, able to double jump, long jump and use a smoke screen. Just use
normal tactics, gun it down and finish the mission.

LP-5-03 Walkthrough: Mission 03 - Crossing the Plains

A fun mission ahead, this mission contains the dreaded Giant Worm, the one you
need to defeat for the Worm Hunter achievement. It starts out, head to your
right and clear the hives and the Trilid. Grab some ammo and clear the rest.
There�s an Energy Gun buried around here somewhere, a definite grab in my
opinion. Once you have the Energy Gun head back to where you started, there
will be a hive here on the side of a container, on top of that container is the
first mark the �M� mark. Before you head out, go to the far right steel
divider, the �I� mark will be hovering on the top of it. When ready, head
forward to the VS not too far from you. I took the Energy Gun and the Gatling
Gun since I felt these were the best to handle the Giant Worm with. Once ready
head out onto the plains.

Out here you will face the Giant Worm, somewhat annoying, but not too hard. He
has a few attacks, though nothing really dangerous. This is how I killed him, I
let him come out the first time, dropped my Gatling Gun and just ran around
until he submerged, once he does so, I kill off as many Trilid as I can. Since
the Energy Gun homes on to them you can clear them all in a matter of a minute
or two, once all cleared I focused on the Giant Worm. I grabbed my Gatling Gun
again and proceeded to wait until he emerged, once so if it is his tail I run
to my right or left evading the missiles once they are all gone I take aim at
the green bubble things and pop 1-2 if possible before he submerges. Rinse and
repeat, if his head comes out I run as far away as possible. Eventually it will
die, though you think it won�t be dead because it will come back, don�t be
confused. They respawn you only need to kill one and then go on with the game.

Once you have killed it, or if you just skipped it, grabbed the data posts in
the field, the �R� mark will be on some stairs at a small complex with a bunch
of Trilid hovering around it, a data post, and 2 tanks of T-ENG, grab it and
head for the next mark. The �A� mark is towards the junked up area. It is just
past the 3 T-ENG tanks and the data post. The �G� mark is located at the far
north wall (you can see it pretty much from anywhere) it is on the ledge in the
middle of the wall, scan it closely, grab it and go for the last mark.The �E�
mark is also out here, its on the west edge, so just follow that and avoid the
worm and run and get it (may take a bit of searching its quite far out). Once
you�ve got them all, head back to where you got the A mark by the junked
warehouse, head towards it to meet the next boss.

This boss can be a bit annoying, she has three attacks, her Gatling Gun,
Missiles, and a Laser. The first two are pretty easy to deal with, the third
though can do a ton of damage. To avoid it when you see her gun open (her left
weapon, right hand if you are looking at her) jump and press A mid air to hover
so you avoid the laser. Just keep pounding on her until she dies, pretty easy
and don�t worry, if you die you restart right at the start of the fight.

LP-5-04 Walkthrough: Mission 04 - Mountain Route 1

As you start this mission you will come across a bunch of Akrid and hives, just
take care of them like normal, watch out above though, the Giant Moth drops a
bunch of bombs here and there. Take care of the Dongo who rolls down the hill
and proceed. There will be a ledge to your left with some ammo and the first
mark, grab the �M� mark and proceed. You will come up to a hole in the floor,
inside are a ton of Akrid and several hives. I walked into the hole so that I
anchor onto the ledge and can move up and down, and then I killed all the
nests, and then just killed off the Akrid with grenades and the Shotgun. Once
clear the 2nd mark is in here, the �E� mark is in the corner by a box by the
hallway you will proceed through. Once you have it proceed down the hallway.

There are a ton of Nevec guys in here as well as two VS�s. Proceed down the
hallway, but stop short and kill the guys you can see, then take care of the
first VS. The first one will be to your immediate left when you enter the room.
Take care of some more Nevec soldiers and the second VS should show itself. It
is further back in the room behind the boxes and stuff to the left. Once you go
so far in two Dongos will roll in, kill them and any remaining guys, collect
ammo, the data post, and the third mark. The �T� mark is between two sets of
boxes on your right, right as you enter the room. Once you have that, head to
the door in the top-right corner.

Once you head down the hallway the Giant Moth will fly by and explode the boxes
blocking the path. Jump down, kill the Exploding Akrid, then the Hives, then
kill off the Nevec guys and the Trilid. Once they are all dead grab the 4th
mark, the �E� mark is in the corner right where you jumped down. Grab it, grab
any ammo, and jump on the platform below. Once the platform moves, anchor onto
the ledge where the Nevec guys were asap, the platform will fall off of the
track so don�t fall with it. Jump up and continue on the path up and head into
the building.

Here you get one of the fun VS�s, the one with the awesome jumping
capabilities as well as the Laser Rifle attachment. On the bottom floor you can
also get the �O� mark, as you come in it will be in the top left corner. Grab
it, grab the post, get the VS and start jumping your way to the top. Kill the
Akrid as you go and grab anything you need, once you get to the top you will
jump out onto the snowy ledge. Head to the data post and grab that, there will
be another VS of the same model buried as well as a 2nd Laser Rifle attachment
in case you need either. The last mark is also up here, it is to northeast from
the data post, grab that, grab anything you need and jump on the rock pile that
closed the exit you came from, you may need to Long Jump, using Y, to get up.
Once up prepare for a boss battle.

Once up here you will have plenty of ammo and stuff so need to worry about
that, the boss�s weak spot is the underbelly (like the Chryatis), I took two
Laser Rifles, held down LT and RT to get a full charge, let them go and made
easy work of the boss, only took a few hits. Just avoid its attacks and you
will be fine.

LP-5-05 Walkthrough: Mission 05 - Mountain Route 2

Once you start the mission head forward and start to ascend the area, it will
take a while, there are some good weapons lying around as well as a ton of
Akrid. Kill any hives you can see from the ground first then proceed up. The
first ledge next to the data post contains the first mark and an Energy Gun.
The �A� mark is to the right of the hive on this ledge in the corner. Grab it
and continue up, you will eventually see the Laser Rifle on a ledge, go grab
it, it will be the key to killing Giant Moth, as well as the Laser Rifle, and
right next to it in a corner is the 2nd mark. Grab the �U� Mark and get to the
very top.

The Giant Moth is quite easy, grab the Laser Rifle from the ledge below, make
sure you aim well and fire at the right time, you need to hit it in the belly
area so you may need to fire a second earlier then you would think. 3-4 well
placed shots takes care of the moth easily. Once dead proceed on, before
entering the cave grab the �R� mark. Then head inside.

Once inside you will have to deal with a lot of flying enemies, there�s a Wasp
as well as a bunch of Trilid and their hives. Take out the few hives you can
see and the Wasp. Then drop down to the area below, clear the two nests down
here. There will be a VS Shotgun if you want it, but more importantly next to
it is the �O� mark. Grab it and grab the VS down here. Then head back up to
where the data post was (you will have to jump up a series of steps). Once back
up, follow the ledge up. When you are proceeding through here shoot any
boulders and red stalactites you see so they don�t damage you as you go on.
As you proceed up you will fight a few of the Tentacle Akrid and some more
Wasp, kill them off and keep going on the path.

Once you get to the part where you go inside a smaller cave way there will
be some Trilid and Wasp, kill them and shoot the stalactites and the boulder.
Just behind that boulder will be the �R� mark, grab it and continue on, also
there will be another VS in case you took a lot of damage or need the ammo
from the gun. Grab the data post and hover over to the lower platform on your
right, then continue through the cave, once you come to the room with the big
blue thing in the center get prepared, the rooms on the right and left have
ammo and a VS, the room on the right also has the �A� mark immediately on the
left when you enter it. Once ready, proceed into the next room.

This boss is fairly easy, I found it best to use two Gatling Guns, first aim
for the smaller inner limbs, knock those off, then do equal damage to the
larger legs, once both are red knock them off and pound as much damage into
the gemlike thing in the head (since it will be incapacitated), continue this
and you will be done in no time.

LP-5-06 Walkthrough: Mission 06 - Green Eye Returns

This mission is pretty easy mainly for the fact that you get the awesome Plasma
Rifle. It uses T-ENG to fire, quite strong, and very efficient. At the start,
grab the data post and then get the first mark the �H� mark. There is a small
rock and lamp post to the east of the data post at the start, it is right
behind that. Once you have those head down and kill a few of the guys and you
should be able to get the Plasma Rifle. Once you have it, take your time on
killing people, snipe them from a distance and use it to kill the VS ahead.
Once all is clear, grab the data post and head forward and grab the second data
post, now snipe the turret up ahead, once that is cleared, head down to the
street, snipe anyone you see and the 2nd turret to your left. Once clear, head
to where the 2nd turret was, the �U� mark will be in the corner once you can
jump up to this ledge.

Continue down and there will be a small nook past the bridge leg on your right,
it contains the �T� mark, grab it and continue forward and clear the Nevec guys
and the VS that comes out, before entering the building at the very top
building directly to the east next to the door entrance will be the �N� mark,
grab it and head in. Clear the Nevec guys in here and grab the �D� mark in the
fire, now head forward and out towards the VS. After the cut scene head
forward, before the end of this first hallway on the upper right hand side will
be the �E� mark grab it and continue on. In the room before the Gatling Gun and
Rocket Launcher ammo there is the �R� mark at the top of the wall, grab it,
grab the ammo, head forward and be ready to meet Green Eye again.

Green Eye can be a pain, its like before though, aim for the green bubble
things, take the 4 out on each side and 4 more will appear on the front of
Green Eye�s head., take those four out and a big one will appear there, pound
it from there and you are set. The easiest way to take out Green Eye is to use
the Gatling Gun and the Rocket Launcher, I would reserve the rockets for the
front 4 and last one since they do the job the easiest then. To avoid his
attacks and maneuver around Green Eye press Y to activate your thrusters to
make you quicker.

LP-5-07 Walkthrough: Mission 07 - Caravan Ambush

At the start, hit the data station and then head to your right to get a Rocket
Launcher, pick off the Nevec guys and the smaller of the VS�s, clear the area
and then proceed onwards, there are storage like things around the area. There
is one standing alone by a truck, this has the first mark on it, grab the �T�
mark and head onwards, clear your way up here, but before entering the
location, go on the ledge to your right and get the �O� mark. Once you have
that and any ammo/guns you want, head into the base.

After the cut scene, get the data post first, then just behind it to the south
side of the post is the �N� mark, grab it and any ammo you need and then head
to the VS to the west. Once you have the VS head northeast from your current
location. I pretty much skipped this area because the fights here are just a
hassle and can be skipped over. Once you get to the area with the stairs and
small complex, grab the data post and get the �R� mark from above the door,
then head to the door.

Once inside kill the Nevec guard and go to your right, on the ledge next to you
the �O� mark will be visible, grab it and head down the stairs, as a note, if
you see a Plasma Gun grab it, it makes this part a lot easier. Once you have
gotten to the bottom, start clearing the Probes. They only open their shields
for a few seconds, but if you have the Plasma Gun you can snipe them before the
come attack you, once you�ve cleared it all, drop to the lowest level and
proceed on to where the probes were. There will be a small ditch to your right
which contains the �D� mark, grab it and continue forward. Clear any remaining
guys get the �A� mark which is above the large facility door. Once you have
that go into the left door, grab the data post, some T-ENG and get into the VS
and get ready for the boss fight.

This boss can be a hassle, the first time I fought him, somehow, my VS died in
mere seconds and I barely got him down to 75%. I did have Disc Grenades and the
Plasma Rifle, slowly but surely I did kill him. The second time I went through
I had my VS and survived, I used my Rocket Launcher up as quick as possible
then got the Shotgun and blasted him up close, which does a ton of damage, a
good idea would be to grab 2 Shotguns, get in his face and blast away.

LP-5-08 Walkthrough: Mission 08 - Volcano Dome Facility

At the start, take care of the Trilid and their hives, then head towards the
container object ahead, anchor on top of it and you will be able to view a
Scorpion Akrid. The easiest way I find to take them out is to lob a grenade
towards them and shoot their belly when they are on their back. Once it is
dead, anchor above you to grab the data post, some ammo and the �V� mark. The
�V� mark is on a beam just ahead of the data post, grab it, drop back down and
continue forward. Face another Scorpion and then anchor to the top level of the
next complex, you will face another Scorpion here. Once it is dead head to the
lower level, here you will meet the advanced Walking Akrid, now capable of
shooting projectiles, make easy work of them and continue forward.

Clear out all the Akrid in this room and grab any T-Eng and ammo you need, but
before dropping down to the VS grab the �O� mark which is sitting on one of the
beams, once you have it, grab the VS and head outwards. Kill the two Wasps,
grab the data post and head towards the door at the bottom for the next area.
In here head forward and kill all the Akrid in the next room, once fully clear,
destroy the two T-ENG tanks to the right of the exit of the room and get the
�L� mark in the corner, once you have that head out, head to the southeast to
the other GAB VS, kill any enemies around the are and grab any ammo, data
posts, or T-ENG you need. Once you have it all, head to the top of the
freeway via the onramp to the south. Once you get to the top, look to the left
divider, on top of it will be the �C� mark. Grab it, clear any more Akrid that
come and head to the door to the southeast.

After the cut scene, kill the probes and get into the VS and head forward, kill
the two VS�s that come out and then keep heading forward, clear the Nevec
soldiers and the VS. Once you have cleared all that you can clear some of the
VS�s that are below you, once ready, head down below. If you want you can head
to the northwest and blow open the storage unit to get a better VS with a
Homing Laser and EM Laser. Once you are ready, head to the southeast to the
bridge. On one of the containers blocking the path will be the �A� mark, grab
it and jump up and hover forward. Continue into the facility, kill the VS and
grab the data post, before dropping down turn to your right and get the �N�
mark in the corner and then drop down.

Once at the top, continue forward and kill any VS�s you come across, keep going
forward and grab the data post and finish off any more VS�s. Once you get to
the part with the big fans look to your left, on a part of the steel frame will
be the last mark, grab the �O� mark and then if you can snipe the 3 VS�s below
and head down for the boss.

This boss can be easy or hard, I found him easy but a lot of others found him
quite hard. What I did is get the advanced VS (like the one you used for Green
Eye) and get two EM Lasers, just fully charge them, blast him when he is in his
VS mode and not tank mode. Aim for the center area for maximum damage, a few
hits should do well, to avoid his attacks just hover and use Y to move quickly.
Shouldn�t be too hard as long as you stay out of his fire and pound him full of

LP-5-09 Walkthrough: Mission 09 - Thermal Energy Deposit

At the beginning, head forward and take care of any Nevec soldiers, grab the
data post and if you find one, grab a Plasma Gun. If you got a Plasma Gun, this
next part will be a piece of cake. Stay on top of the freeway and snipe all the
VS�s and Nevec soldiers you can see, also kill off the turrets directly across
from you and since most can�t attack you, you will kill them all off and clear
most, if not all, the lower area. Once you have killed everything, drop down
and grab a VS, there will be one in one of the storage units, grab it and also
grab the �R� mark which is inside the unit in one of the corners. Now head to
the north towards the lava. Once you get up to the lava, approach and look for
a crate, on the corner of the crate will be the �A� mark. Grab it, jump across
and continue on.

Continue forward, grab the data post and enter the building. Kill the VS and
the Akrid in here and continue to the next room, clear it and drop into the
ditch in the middle, you will have to exit your VS to go down the hall.
Once you get to the end, the next room is littered with Akrid. Kill all the
exploding ones first, grab the data post and drop to the bottom. Before getting
into the VS and advance, grab the �I� mark. It is in the northwest corner on
the crate. Grab it, get in the VS and continue on. Drill through the first set
of rubble and clear the Akrid, now go to the left, once you clear the tentacles
you can grab the �N� mark, it will be on the ledge where there are some guns
and it ends.

Drop off the ledge and continue to your left, fight the Dongo and Akrid here
and then continue on, dropping lower and lower, eventually you will come down
and there will be a VS and a Gatling Gun, in the corner here there will be the
�B� mark, grab it and head down the hallway killing all the Tentacle Akrid. At
the end you will see some rubble at the end and a small gap to your left, go
into the gap and jump up. Clear the Akrid and grab �O� mark which is right
behind the light on the right side of the door. Knock down the door and head
in, clear the Akrid and head upwards and get the better style VS out of the
storage unit. Grab some weapons and head into the next room. Kill the Dongo and
the Akrid around here, grab the data post and get the �W� mark, right behind
one of the pillars holding up the small walkway with the data post on it. Once
you are all ready, head through the door where the small Akrid came from and
prepare for the boss.

In here there are tons of ammo and weapons, I suggest using a Gatling Gun and
Rocket Launcher. The key to this boss is it�s limbs. What I did was weaken one
(you can tell it is weaker when it turns dark red compared to orange) and then
shoot one off and then shoot the other limb off. Once this is done, it will
flop onto it�s back and flail around, at this point you can hover above it to
see its weak spot and pound it with rockets and bullets, if you time it all
right you can get 2-3 rockets and a ton of bullets at it, rinse and repeat this
and you will have the boss dead in a few turns. Also, the webbing it spits out
can be destroyed by shooting at it and the little Akrid it spits out, don�t
worry about them. Don�t worry if you lose your VS, there are another 2-3 down
here and you can just grab one and pound at it with that one.

LP-5-10 Walkthrough: Mission 10 - Showdown Below

At the start, grab the VS and the ammo up here then kill off all the Akrid
below as well as the Nevec turrets. Then jump down and look at the rubble on
your left. The �B� mark will be down here. Grab it and the data post as well as
any ammo you need and head to the south. Kill off any Scorpion�s that attack
you and then jump up the mountain side. Once you reach the top a few Wasps
should attack you, kill them and drop down into the hole. Continue forward and
blow up the T-ENG container, behind it is the �L� mark and a VS Rocket
Launcher. Grab them and continue down the hall, in here there will be a bunch
of Wasps and a Chryatis. Kill them all, then there will be a small building to
the northwest of where you entered from, you will need to go in there in order
to proceed, but before doing so, grab the �I� mark, it is behind a light on the
floor by the building I just talked about. Once you have it, head into that

Drop down here and kill all the flying Akrid as you see them, once you get out,
before advancing, there will be the �Z� mark to your left behind one of the
lights, grab it and head forward to the data post, grab it jump up and then
down and fight the first boss. This boss isn�t too hard, you first have to take
out the feelers, I still had a Plasma Gun so I did this on foot, a few shots to
the claw end and it pops, then you follow it into the tunnel, blast the little
limb part in here and then run out when the claw starts coming out. Repeat once
more and that feeler is gone, then do the same to the other side. Once you do
this it is cake, the boss will spit out missiles at you exposing the middle,
get into the VS and launch a rocket at it to do a lot of damage, do this a few
times and it will be dead. Head forward to the door it was blocking and watch
the cut scene.

Once the cut scene is over, head forward and grab the data post and any ammo as
well as the second �Z� mark, which is on a crate above the data post. Head into
the next room and clear it all, there�s a bunch of ammo, a couple VS�s and data
posts, grab what you need and then head upwards and to the north. Once you head
in to the large VS hanger get the �A� mark, it will be on a platform to your
immediate right in plain site. Grab it and drop down and then head to get the
�D� mark, it is in the middle by all the GAB VS�s on the south end. Then go
grab the �R� mark which is on the crates on the right hand side on the end of
them on a corner. Once you have that, grab any ammo and head toward the south
and drop down to face the boss.

Quite easy, though I guess he could be annoying. What I had were two EM Lasers,
easy to work with plus they stun him when you hit, just get semi close, charge
them up, release, rinse and repeat, eventually he will die. Onto the last
mission, aren�t you excited!

LP-5-11 Walkthrough: Mission 11 - Final Battle

Here it is, the final mission, what you�ve been playing for. You get to pilot
the best VS in the game, and when I say best, I really do mean it kicks some
major butt. First start to descend, take out the probes as you can and any VS�s
you come by. Once all clear, head to the very bottom and get the �S� mark. Now
start to slowly ascend, the �T� mark is just under the first platform, grab it
and start to ascend again, the �A� mark is just above the arc of the first
platform. Now ascend some more and before going through the ring get the �R�
mark, it�s on a small platform before you ascend through the ring. Ascend up
and kill all the probes and VS�s, then get the �D� mark which is on the floor
above the first ring.

Once you have that, ascend up and get the �U� and �S� marks, they are just
below the second ring on one of the platforms (one is on the lower part of the
platform, the second above it.) Now ascend up and get the �T� mark, just above
the second ring on the floor. Once you have that, go all the way up and out
and face the final boss.

The final boss, he can be annoying, but easy. Just hold down RT or LT and let
them go when you have a good shot at him. He moves quite a bit, but not too
hard. Just get close, let go of the button and you will hit him with you EMF
blade and do a nice amount of damage, repeat a few times, try to kill him off
asap. He summons 2 laser cannons to his aide, when there is just one, it�s easy
to manage, but two can be annoying and they do a decent amount of damage. Once
you finally get the hang of his timing you will get him easily, once dead enjoy
the ending.

Lp-6 Vital Suits

Vital Suits are mechanized vehicles for the humans which aide them in fighting
the Akrid. They are a great help in the game because they can take a decent
amount of damage before being destroyed, their weaponry gives you a major
advantage and there are a few which have their own awesome capabilities
and on top of that the weapons are customizable on them and you can take
off the weapons and use them without the VS, which is also nice.


Special Function: None.

The early VS developed, quite common, not really special but capable of being
customized with weapons on each arm.


Special Functions: Hover - Press A mid-jump to hover. Press A again to cancel.
                   Sliding Dash - Press Y and move your left joystick in any
                                  direction to slide.

Advanced version of the GTT-01, capable of in air mobility and is widely used
at this time.


Special Functions: Double Jump - Press A mid jump to double jump.
                   Long Jump - Press Y to start a long jump and Y again to
                               cancel it.
                   Smoke Screen - Press X to lay down a smoke screen.

A great VS all around, much quicker and more all around mobility then other
VS's and developed with military use in mind it is a pretty good Vs to use.


Special Functions: Transform - Press Y to transform from VS to Bike.
                               A to accellerate when in bike form, X to brake
                               and reverse and jump boost is LB (gives you a
                               small boost and a small jump).

A weak, but neat VS. Though it can only hold one weapon and isn't very strong
it can change into a bike for a quick getaway.


Special Functions: Transform - Press Y to transform from VS to Tank.
		   Cannon - LT in Tank mode.
                   Drill - RT in Tank mode.
                   Drill Dash - X while in tank mode to perform a Drill Dash.

An upgraded Nevec VS. A quadraped compared to the other VS's which are Bipedial
this VS also can transform into a tank and drill or shoot it's cannon causing
massive damage.


Special Functions: Hover - Press A mid-jump to hover and A again to cancel.
                   Dash - Press Y to activate your dash ability, then move
                          around with the left joystick.
                   VS Saw - Press X to attack with the VS Saw.

This is the first VS you pilot, but comes into play more commonly in the latter
part of the game, though they don't have the saw, but are pretty much the same
all around. They have a lot more maneuverability as well as their jump height
is a bit better then some other VS's


Special Functions: Fly - Has the ability to Fly, Press Y to ascend and again to
                         cancel the ascent. Press A to descend and again to
                         cancel the descent.
                   Laser Vulcan - Press X to fire the Laser Vulcan.
                   EMF Blade - Press RT or LT to attack with the EMF blade.

This is the ultimate VS, the deign allows the person with the correct
harmonizer to use it to it's full potential. It has dual EMF blades which
cause tons of damage as well as a Laser Vulcan, which also does a lot of damage
and it can fly!

LP-7 Weapons

On Foot:

Machine Gun - Quite common throughout the game, pretty much the base weapon.
              Very good damage, easy aim and not too bad of recoil. Ammo
              is plentiful. Very good weapon to keep with you throughout the

Rifle - A nice weapon all around, although ammo isn't as readily available, but
        it is a very nice weapon. Easy to snipe multiple targets and most shots
        are one hit kills, at least to Snow Pirates. A decent main weapon and
        secondary weapon for wide open areas (or areas where there are a mass
        of enemies in the distance.)

Shotgun - Simple weapon, though I really don't like it much because of it not
          being a good range weapon, it does come in handy in smaller areas
          with a lot of enemies and it is a good secondary weapon and ammo
          doesn't seem to be a big issue.

Rocket Launcher - Simple, strong, and most of the time when you find one Rocket
                  Launcher, there will be a few more down the road so ammo
                  doesn't seem to be much of an issue when you find one.
                  I usually will swap it out, blow stuff up, and return to my
                  original weapon.

Energy Gun - A nifty weapon, unlimited ammo, though it does deplete your T-ENG
             every shot, but it does home to an extent as well as offer
             a boosted shot if you hold down RT.

Plasma Gun - Quite a nice weapon, pretty much like the Energy Gun, but more fit
             for long range sniping. Much better then the Rifle and since ammo
             is unlimited, quite better.

Hand Grenade - The base grenade, quite common so very rare you will run short
               and it gets the job done.

Disc Grenade - Quite nifty, thrown like a frisbee and with the ability to throw
               then shoot the grenade it can prove to be a bit more useful.

Gum Grenade - I really don't like these much, they take longer to blow up,
              their range is much shorter, and generally are harder to kill
              enemies with. Though they do prove useful when fighting a VS
              since you can get 3-4 grenades on before they blow up.

Plasma Grenade - Not too powerful, but its like a miniature EMT. Proves
                 to be useful when fighting a VS since it can render it

Dummy Grenade - Though only for online, it proves to be my favorite grenade
                very useful and it takes the shape of a human player and comes
                up on the radar as one too.

Virtual Suit:

Gatling Gun - Pretty much the base weapon for the VS. Powerful, convenient,
              and usually there�s a good amount of ammo lying around.

Rocket Launcher - Quite powerful and useful. Good for generally anything from
                  big to small, though I would say the larger targets deserve
                  the rockets more.

Laser Rifle - Pretty much like a VS version of the Energy Gun, uses T-ENG to
              fire and allows you to build up the shot for maximum damage.

Shotgun -  A nice weapon all around, though again the Shotgun isn't normally
           a long range weapon, it does still do a lot of damage to the
           smaller targets from medium range and up close it packs a punch.

Grenade Launcher - A nifty weapon for destroying groups of targets, launches
                   a grenade which then explodes into multiple grenades making
                   for a nice wide area explosion.

EM Laser - Pretty much the upgrade to the Laser Rifle, high power, nice range
           a slower attack speed but much more worth it. Also renders a VS
           immobale for a second, like a Plasma Grenade.

Homing Laser - Easy to use Homing weapon, able to select up to 4 targets, or
               1 target 4 times for maximum damage.

LP-8 Characters

Wayne - The main character of the game, struck with amnesia after being
        rescued. Unable to remember much of his past other then his name and
        Green Eye. He has a Harmonizer installed on his arm, which keeps him
        in good condition as long as he has an excess of T-ENG.
Gale - Wayne's father, not much is known about him other then he gave Wayne
       his Harmonizer and was working to stop the Frontier Project.

Yuri - The leader of the small trio of snow pirates. A quite level headed man
       who leads his band of pirates to destroy as many Akrid hives as they

Luka - A good spirited Snow Pirate, part of Yuri's gang, she provides support
       for the battle against the Akrid.

Rick - The gadget man of Yuri's group, he seems like he can crack any code
       given enough time.

Basil - A rebel, saved by Gale a long time back, she now seeks revenge against 
        Ivan Solotov for his betrayal against them.

Bandero - Strong enthusiast of the Frontier Project, typical bad guy and has a
          feud with Wayne because of his harmonizer.

Deven Isenberg - Head of Nevec on E.D.N III, seeks to make the Frontier Project
                 happen at all costs.

Joe - A Nevec soldier that gets captured by Wayne, then changes side and helps
      Wayne out with a lot of his inside information.

Snow Pirates - Abandoned Colonists when the colonist abandoned E.D.N. III due
               to the threat of the Akrid

Akrid - Native E.D.N. III creatures, they store T-ENG in their bodies to
        survive the harsh weather.

Nevec - Group who plans to terraform the planet to make it warm enough for the
        humans to live and to eradicate the Akrid.

LP-9 Review

Honestly, this game has received much flak, hype, whatever. I like it, I am not
going to say it's the best game, but I had fun with it. It's not some kind of
common storyline, it has its own depth to it. The music and graphics are great,
I have no idea why they are saying these graphics aren't great. I honestly
think they are really good, sure they aren't as great as like Gears of War, but
honestly, they are still better then your average game.

The multiplayer proved to be fun, yet can be a little laggy for some folks, but
they just need a better connection :P

Overall, I found this game to be worth my $60, sure it is probably a tad short,
but a lot of titles are now, but the replay on it is pretty decent, plus the
multiplayer offers hours of fun.

Honestly, I'd give it maybe a 9/10, great graphics, unique gameplay and style,
has a lot of elements we haven't seen before, or too often. Throw in some fun
multiplayer and music, you have a good game.

LP-10 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I beat the Giant Moth?
A: Read Mission 05, it has the information on how to beat the Giant Moth there.

Q: How do I beat the Giant Worm?
A: Read Mission 03, I gave my information on how to beat it and yes it does
   respawn and no it won't show you get the achievement right away, just kill
   itonce, head to the end of the mission and get the achievement.

Q: Why are the mark's you listed not in the spot on my game?
A: The marks are in different places for different difficulties, I did the
   guide based on the Easy difficulty, but plan to include the rest in another
   section here for people who haven't found certain ones on the certain

LP-11 Credits

First off thanks to all of you who read this, I hope you enjoyed it and it
helped you out!

The guide is purely by me, nofxgamer, some material may have came from the
instruction booklet and directly from the game, any other outside sources
used will be given the deserved credit.

I give thanks to Capcom for making a pretty decent game and hope more great
games keep coming from them. I thank my friends and music to keep me going
through writing this guide since sometimes it gets boring.

My contact info is as follows:

E-Mail: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
AIM: fatmikefatty
Xbox Live Gamertag: mattthecommie

Feel free to contact me about anything you may like to see updated, comments,
or anything else. If you are sending me an email or messaging me about
something incorrect or an update or a tip, please include the name you'd
like me to credit. Thanks!

Copyright 2006 Matthew Biro

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

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