Walkthrough on Adventure - Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Mushroom Kingdom- A basic level. Just run through it. But watch out for the 
Parakoopas, Koopas, and Goombas. When you get to the Yoshi team you best bet is to 
use you charactors up smash attack.

Peach's Castle- Try to beat peach first. Then take on Mario. Throwing works the best.

Congo Jungle- This is simple. Grab, Throw, Repeat.

Jungle Japes- Attack Giant DK fast then use you're smash right or left to knock him 
in the water.

Temple Maze- Just run thruogh and look for the Triforce. If you don't want to fight 
Link's, just don't touch the floor in a room with a master sword.

Temple- NEVER, I MEAN NEVER,LET ZELDA TURN INTO SHEIK! If Zelda turns into Sheik, 
she flow with moves and massacre you. So just attack Zelda nonstop.

Brinstar- Samus is tricky. Watch out when she attacks from under you. Just use Smash 
down attacks.


Green Greens- Just throw Kirby up... alot


Giant Kirby(if Kirby team was beat under 30 sec)- Attack then throw. Repeat.

Cornaria- Smash up attack after you throw Fox up.

Cornaria2- Do the same as Cornaria, unless you fight Falco, Then throw him sidways.

F Zero X- RUN LIKE HECK! Watch out for cars!

Mute City- You have to attack Cpt. Falcon fast or he will take advantage of the 

Pokemon Stadium- You're best bet is to use pokeballs.

Icicle Mountain- Jump up the mountain and then throw the Ice Climbers sideways.

Battlefield(Wireframes)- Use all Smash attacks.

Battlefield(Metal Mario or Mario Bros.)- If you unlocked Luigi, you fight Metal 
MArio Bros. If you didn't, you fight Metal Mario. Just attack frequently, and throw 

Final Destination(Bowser)- All you have to do is to attack fast, and use Smash 
attacks to knock him off.

Final Destination(Giga Bowser)- If you beat the preceding in under 18 minutes in 
Normal or higher, you fight Giga Bowswer. Easiest way to win is to run towards him 
at the begining, jump off his edge, and he should jump and do a Bowser Bomb to his 
demise while you use your jump, mid-air jump and up B move to get back to the 

ENJOY VICTORY!!!!!!!       Peace from Gameace

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