Walkthrough Part I - Exploring Mercay Island and Obtaining the First Sea Chart - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough
Part One: Exploring Mercay and Obtaining the First Sea Chart

This is the very first start of Phantom Hourglass where you get your first 
weapon and where you get to learn using Link, because this is the very first 
Zelda game for the DS. You may be a quick learner, or a newborn that will die 
several times in the first few seconds of the game. Don’t worry though! If you 
listen to the walkthrough, you should be just fine! Let’s get started!

1)Oshus’s Sword
2)Red Rupee
3)Small Key
4)Red Rupee
5)Small Key
6)Power Gem #1
7)Wooden Shield
9)Big Green Rupee
2)Small Key
3)Sea Chart #1
10)Wisdom Gem #1

After the cut scene explaining everything that happened in Wind Waker, you will 
be awakened on a beach shore with a fairy flying around you trying to get your 
attention. After you wake up, Link silently (as always!) explains to the small 
fairy about Tetra and the Ghost Ship. The fairy, named Ciela, wants you to go 
meet her grandpa, since he might know about this mysterious Ghost Ship. As soon 
as you can take control of our washed up little hero, feel free to walk around 
this section of the island. Move the stylus farther away from Link to have him 
run, and closer to him to make him slower. You can also make small circles to 
make him roll. Go over to the far west side and talk to the fellow by touching 
him. He tells you about picking up rocks. Give it a try by tapping the rock, 
then tapping the spot you want to throw it. If there is ever anything 
important, as in Ocarina of Time Ciela will go over to it and circle it. Next 
to the guys house that you just talked to are two barrels. Pick them up and 
smash them to possibly find a Rupee and a Heart. You can also walk into the 
guys house if you want, but if not, go over to the east some and walk up the 
stairs and enter the house of Ciela’s grandpa. If you take the path to the 
north, Ciela will stop you because of the monsters. If you take the east path, 
an earthquake will occur and break the bridge, so you have no choice but to 
enter the house. Walk up and talk to the old guy. His name is Oshus and he 
suggests if you want to find the Ghost Ship, you might want to find a guy named 
Linebeck. He points out the dock on your map and warns you of the monsters. If 
you haven’t already tried the path to the east, do it because you need the 
earthquake to happen. After the earthquake, go back to the man’s house to the 
west and clean up the rocks in the fenced area and he gives you a Rupee. One 
Rupee. But he does give you a tip about a nice little something in a tree to 
the north and he marks it on your map. You can press B to have the map drop 
down where you can draw on it. Why don’t you mark the location on the map where 
the man points out for future reference. Now if you also haven’t tried the 
north path, do it. You will be stopped because you need a weapon. If you look 
on your very useful map, you will notice houses, different levels of elevation, 
and small holes that represent caverns. Neat huh? I know. Now enter the small 
cavern right next to Oshus’s house by moving away the rock from the entrance. 
Walk inside straight ahead and touch the blank sign. It says to speak with 
Oshus before meddling around in there. Ok! Go talk to Oshus! Unfortunately he 
just tells you to wait for the bridge to be repaired to the east. But no! Ciela 
wants to do it now! So go back into the cavern and touch the sign again. This 
time Ciela remembers a secret to opening the door. She says that the door will 
only open when the number of palm trees on the beach is written on the sign. 
What? Are you that lazy? I know you expect me to tell you. Just go down there 
and count them like all the others did. But I’m a nice guy. Draw a “7” on the 
sign in one stroke to have the door open. Walk straight ahead and touch the 
chest to open it and find you first item and weapon, OSHUS’S SWORD! You can 
optionally use the sword to break pots to find some cash in them! Now go back 
to Oshus’s house and right away he notices you have his sword. This sword is 
just like the Hero’s Sword from Wind Waker except the color of the hilt is blue 
instead of yellow. Oshus teaches you how to use the sword much like Orca from 
Wind Waker did. Even though Link is already a good sword fighter (I mean he did 
defeat Ganondorf), he has to be taught again. Here’s how to use the sword on a 
touch screen! The first move is to just tap the item you want to break. Tap all 
four of the wooden dummies and then Oshus will teach you another move. Now draw 
a horizontal line between you and the dummy to do a horizontal attack. Now draw 
a vertical line between you and the dummy to do a thrust attack. The final 
attack is and original. The Spin Attack. Draw a circle around yourself to 
perform a Spin Attack. Be careful though because you can do too many and get 
dizzy. Same with rolling. Now that you have Oshus’s Sword you can go to the 
north path. Defeat the three Chu Jellies and continue east. You can also slash 
the weird little stone which much resembles a Gossip Stone from Ocarina of Time 
to have him give you some good info which I have already given you. You can 
also roll into the tree next to the statue to knock a RED RUPEE out of it! 
Pretty neat. Now cut the trees down and enter the Mountain Passage.
As you enter the Mountain Passage, go to the right since you probably notice 
the locked door to the north. As you go to the right you will spot a chest, but 
some Chu Jellies will pop up. Defeat them and then open the chest which 
contains a SMALL KEY. Now use the Small Key on the door by touching the door. 
This triggers a cut scene of the door opening which allows you to continue 
north. This room has four levers to the north with a closed door. There is a 
stone sign near one of the levers telling you that you must pull them in the 
correct order, so if you don’t some enemies will fall from the ceiling, so go 
to the right path and tap the stone block and tap the arrow that appears on 
which way you want to move the block. Push it into another small chamber with a 
few enemies to defeat. It also contains a chest with a RED RUPEE. Now read the 
other stone tablet. It gives you a hint about the levers and which order to 
pull them. It says to pull the first lever on the left second and to pull the 
far-right lever third. Bring your map down by pressing the B Button or pressing 
the map button on the touch screen. Draw down this little hint so you can 
remember it for later. Now go to the left section by pushing the block into the 
chamber and defeat the enemies. Read the other stone tablet that tells you how 
to finish pulling the levers. It says when pulling the levers, first: from the 
left. Remember this by righting it on your map. Now return back to the main 
section of this room and pull the levers in the following order: 2, 1, 4, 3. If 
done right, the door will open up and you can continue up the stairs.
When you arrive on the floor there are several nasty rats. Defeat the ones you 
can and you will notice that one is holding a Small Key. Go over to the left 
side of the chamber and grab the stone block and move it in front of the rat 
hole when the rat leaves it. This makes it unable for the rat to enter the hole 
again obviously. Defeat the rat and grab the SMALL KEY it drops. Use the Small 
Key on the door and follow the path that has a few enemies along the way and 
exit outside to Mercay Island.
When you walk outside on the other side of the island, walk over to the man 
standing on the dock and talk to him. He says that he isn’t Captain Linebeck, 
but he last saw him at the Milk Bar. The man points out the Milk Bar on the 
map. Walk inside the bar and talk to the guy at the counter. They start talking 
about how Linebeck went to the Temple of the Ocean King. They also explain who 
the Ocean King is. They also mark the Temple of the Ocean King on the map. Now 
walk outside and before you go to the Temple, go inside the cone shaped hut. 
These are shops. You can buy anything from here, but I’d buy the POWER GEM and 
the WOODEN SHIELD. The Power Gem costs 500 Rupees which you don’t probably 
have, but its here because it’s the earliest time to get it. I do recommend 
buying the Wooden Shield for 80 Rupees because it helps prevent minor attacks. 
Now exit back outside and grab one of the many Cuccos by touching it. When you 
have it, go to the southern ledge and you shall notice another ledge to the 
west which is unreachable by jumping, and Link cannot swim, so use the Cucco to 
fly over to the ledge. Walk up the stairs and open the chest that contains a 
random TREASURE. These treasures will be useful later on in the game. Now make 
your way to the Temple of the Ocean King. Follow the path to the north and walk 
up the stairs. Remember that guy who gave you the hint about something nice in 
the tree? If you marked it on your map you will know right where this tree is 
at. Roll into the tree and grab the BIG GREEN RUPEE that drops out. This is 
worth 100 Rupees! Now continue around and to the west. You will notice some 
stairs that are blocked by some breakable rocks, so remember this for later. 
Now continue on to the Temple.
When you walk into the Temple you will notice several skeletons. Ciela worries 
that one might be Linebeck, but they’re not. You can walk around the entrance 
and to the north you will notice a strange little hourglass, but for now walk 
into the main part of the Temple.
When you walk straight ahead on the weird floor, you will hear somebody 
calling. It’s Linebeck! He seems to be trapped in the middle of the Temple and 
he hurt his ankle. He suggests that you hit the switch to possibly release the 
spikes. He gives you a hint that the colored zones on the map are called Safe 
Zones. If you are not in a Safe Zone you will gradually lose a heart. You have 
to hurry. Run to the southwest corner Safe Zone then north to the switch. Hit 
it with your sword which allows the spikes to fall. You will notice that there 
is a locked door near the switch. When you release the switch, Linebeck runs 
out of the trap towards the exit. Before you continue, go to the middle right 
Safe Zone to find a large treasure chest. Open it to find NOTHING. Well. Ok. 
Run quickly back to the first Safe Zone in the Temple. Linebeck is standing 
there. Ciela and Linebeck exchange words about the Ghost Ship and Tetra. 
Linebeck shakes Link around a bit and he gives you a SMALL KEY that he found in 
the dungeon. Run back to the Safe Zone where the locked door is to continue in 
the Temple. You should have already noticed the strange door with a symbol from 
Wind Waker on it. Open the door then run over to the northwest Safe Zone. Hit 
the switch and quickly run over the spikes when they drop and run over to the 
northeast Safe Zone and hit the switch to make a door drop. You are timed, so 
you have to hurry. If you are ever low on hearts, most Safe Zones have pots 
with hearts in them. Go over to the newly opened area and open the chest which 
has SEA CHART #1. You can now access your Sea Chart by using the menu on the 
bottom of the touch screen. Walk back out and exit the Temple.
Return back over to the dock to trigger an important cut scene with Linebeck, 
Oshus, and Ciela. He explains about the foolhardy attempt to enter the Temple 
and retrieve the Sea Chart. Linebeck says the chart is no good, but Oshus says 
it is. Only keen eyes can see it’s secret. Rub the map with your stylus to find 
a hidden mark on an island to the south of Mercay. Oshus says that this island 
is the Isle of Ember and Astrid a fortune teller lives on the island and she 
may know the whereabouts of the Ghost Ship. Climb aboard Linebeck’s ship and 
get ready to go to the Isle of Ember. Linebeck will then explain how to use the 
map to navigate. You have to use the pen to draw a route to the Isle of Ember. 
Use the stylus to draw a blue line to the dock at the Isle of Ember. Draw it to 
the anchor symbol on the map and you will be on the way to the Isle of Ember! 
But first you can visit Beedle’s Ship Shop by drawing a route to the symbol of 
Beedle’s head on the map. When you are inside you can buy a Ship Part or a 
Treasure, but I suggest buying the WISDOM GEM for 500 Rupees. Now you can go to 
the Isle of Ember!


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