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    |  ____  | |  ____  |  ____  \__   __/|  __  \ |  ____  | \   | |\__   __/
    | |    | | | |      | |         | |   | |  \  || |      |  \  | |   | |
    | |____| | | |__    | |_____    | |   | |   | || |__    |   \ | |   | |
    |     ___| |  __|   |_____  |   | |   | |   | ||  __|   | |\ \| |   | |
    | |\  \    | |            | |   | |   | |   | || |      | | \   |   | |
    | | \  \   | |____   _____| |___| |___| |__/  || |____  | |  \  |   | |
    | |  \  \  |_______  _______|\_______/|______/ |_______ | |   \_|   |_|

     _______          __________                        4444444444444444       
    |  _____  |\    /|\___   ___/| |                   44444444444444444 
    | |       | |  | |    | |    | |                  44444        44444
    | |___    | |  | |    | |    | |                 44444         44444
    |   __|   | |  | |    | |    | |                44444          44444 
    | |       \ \__/ /    | |    | |               44444           44444
    | |____    \    /  ___| |__  | |_____         44444            44444
    |_______    \__/   \_______/ |_______|       44444             44444
                                                44444              44444
                                               44444               44444
                                              44444                44444

|      Table of Contents        |
|1. | Hints & Tips              |
|2. | Controls                  |
|3. | Chapter 1-1               |
|4. | Chapter 1-2               |
|5. | Chapter 1-3               |
|6. | Chapter 2-1               |
|7. | Chapter 2-2               |
|8. | Chapter 2-3               |
|9. | Chapter 3-1               |
|10.| Chapter 3-2               |
|11.| Chapter 3-3               |
|12.| Chapter 4-1               |
|13.| Chapter 4-2               |
|14.| Chapter 4-3               |
|15.| Chapter 5-1               |
|16.| Chapter 5-2               |
|17.| Chapter 5-3               |
|18.| Chapter 5-4               |
|19.| The Final Chapter         |


 - Resident Evil 4 is the newest installment to the RE series, once again they did an
outstanding job with the storyline and graphics. We all remember not too long ago 
when RE Zero was released and recieved awards for the breath-taking graphics and 
gameplay. But for Resident Evil 4, Capcom chose a different approach to many 
different parts of the game. As we all have heard about or noticed, there are no 
longer zombies, etc. but instead are new enemies. Some of the new enemies are Los 
Gandos (the villagers), Plagued Villagers (a.k.a. parasites), chainsaw villagers, 
Colminos (parasite infeted wolf), Moscas Mutantes (giant flies), Arañas Grandes 
(invisible giant spiders), Suits of Armor, two types of Regenerators, El Giagañte, 
and many different bosses. You also have a new way of getting weapons, by purchasing 
them from the merchants. There are quite a few new items introduced in this game 
also, such as the Yellow Herbs, gernades and etc. The only minor set back in this 
game is the weapon selection, all of the guns are very good in their seprate ways 
but there needs to be more guns in my opinion. They left out the old RE tradition, 
the Gernade Launcher and also I think the game is missing a few machine guns, as 
there is only one. If you have any questions, ideas, or need to contact me for some 
other reason my e-mail adress is [email protected] and my AOL Instant 
Messenger screen name is zombiekiller122. Also don't forget about the next upcoming 
RE release, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

                                  *~* EDIT DATES *~*
January 11, 2005     - Began FAQ
January 16-19, 2005  - Added more chapters
January 20, 2005     - Added Hints & Tips
January 29, 2005     - Finished FAQ
January 30, 2005     - Fixed spelling errors
February 1-9, 2005   - Fixed other minor errors
February 11,2005     - Submitted the rest of the guide to Cheatcodes

- 1. Hints & Tips -

- Merchants -

 - Always take advantage of having a merchant nearby. You should spend every bit of
money you have on guns and upgrades from the merchants, it's the only use for money.
If you have a large amount of empty space in your attache case and keep finding ammo
for a certain weapon, buy it from a merchant and make use of that ammo. If you are
ever feeling a little trigger happy and shoot every person in sight be careful around
merchants because once you kill a merchant in a certain area, he will never be there
again. If you have enough money, carry a Rocket Launcher with you at ALL times. 
They are a little expensive considering theyare only a single shot but you never 
know exactly when you might encounter a boss, a large group of people, etc. 

 - And finally, if you have a gun you prefer the most, keep using it and keep 
getting it upgraded. After all of your stats are maxed out for a certain gun, there 
is an option called "Exclusive" which pushes ONE of the guns stats over it's regular 
limit. You don't get to choose which stat, but most of the time it's firepower that 
is pushed over the limit and the stat the is made "Exclusive" will have an orange 

 - NOTE: The best way  to enable and upgrade for a weapon you own is to keep using 
the weapon, the more you use it the more you will be able to upgrade it.

- 180 TURN -

 - Pressing back on the control stick and the B button at the same time will
cause your character to quickly turn 180 degrees and face the opposite direction.
This is invaluable during battles. It allows you to face the other direction and 
gives you a chance to run away from an enemy (works great when you are being 
surrounded by a large group of people, do a 180 and get in front of all of them and 
start firing).


 - While holding R, press the B button to reload the equipped weapon.  You
should try to remain fully loaded at all times when possible. When there are a lot 
of enemies close to you, reloading takes a while sometimes and causes you to get 
attacked. Therefor if you try to stay reloaded, when you stumble upon that big group 
of people you can blow them away and reload when you are finished.


 - Many crates, barrels, boxes, and other items can be destroyed to reveal hidden
things.  It's easy and free to break them with your knife, and that's what you
should do most of the time.  However, some containers do house snakes which
will bite you when you open them. You can discover ammo, money to spend on the


 - You can save your game at a Typewriter.  Typewriters are scattered
through the areas fairly generously, and I suggest you save often.  The game
also keeps a "retry point" save after you enter an area.  You can start over
from that point if you die between Typewriters.

|              Name                |                 Price                   |
| Attache Case M                   | 30,000                                  |
| Attache Case L                   | 40,000                                  |
| Attache Case XL                  | 73,000                                  |
| Blacktail                        | 24,000                                  |
| Broken Butterfly                 | 38,000                                  |
| Chicago Typewriter               | 1,000,000                               |
| First Aid Spray                  | 10,000                                  |
| Handcannon                       | 0                                       |
| Handgun                          | 8000                                    |
| Killer7                          | 77,700                                  |
| Matilda                          | 70,000                                  |
| Mine Thrower                     | 28,000                                  |
| Punisher                         | 20,000                                  |
| Red9                             | 14,000                                  |
| Rifle                            | 12,000                                  |
| Rifle (Semi-Auto)                | 35,000                                  |
| Riot Gun                         | 32,000                                  |
| Rocket Launcher                  | 30,000                                  |
| Rocket Launcher (Infinite)       | 1,000,000                               |
| Scope (Mine Thrower)             | 8000                                    |
| Scope (Rifle)                    | 7000                                    |
| Scope (Rifle Semi-Auto)          | 10,000                                  |
| Shotgun                          | 20,000                                  |
| Stock (Red9)                     | 4000                                    |
| Stock (TMP)                      | 4000                                    |
| Striker                          | 43,000                                  |
| Tactical Vest                    | 60,000                                  |
| TMP                              | 15,000                                  |
| Treasure Map (Castle)            | 10,000                                  |
| Treasure Map (Island)            | 10,000                                  |
| Treasure Map (Village)           | 10,000                                  |



 - This is used to preform special actions. At any point of the game you may
come acrossed things you will be able to check, open, push, etc. and the A
Button will enable you to do those actions. Also, while aiming the
A button is used to shoot your equipped weapon.


 - Holding down this button while moving allows you to run. If you hold down
on the control stick and press B, you will do a 180 degree turn and face the
opposite direction. While aiming, press this button to reload your equipped weapon.  


 - Opens your attache case.


 - Can be used to arrange items in your attache case, and it's also used for telling 
Ashley to wait in a a certain spot or to follow you.


 - This will open your map without having to go to your attache case first.


 - This will pause the game and take you to the options menu.


 - Hold this down to aim your equipped weapon, and press the A button while holding 
the R button down to fire.  Press the B button while holding R to reload.


 - Ready combat knife.


 - This rotates your camera and enables you to see around corners and such.


                               *~* Walkthrough *~*                                  

                     The survival horror begins, can you survive?   

***************     ======================
- Chapter 1-1 -     - Approaching Pueblo -
***************     ======================

Kill the crows, then examine them for some items.
Head to the house on Leon's left. On the left side of the house, you'll
see a wagon with a crate on it. Hold your L button to get your knife
out, then press the A button to swing the knife which will break the crate.
It might drop an item or it might not. Either way, enter the house through
the front.

Head to the back of the house to meet the villager. Once you get control
of Leon again, use your R button to aim for the enemy's head, then press the A
button to fire your handgun. After the enemy's been dealt with, check him
for items, then head up the stairs in the back of the house.  Grab the ammo
from the table, then jump out the window.

Dispose of the three enemies here, then grab their items. Head for the
next shack behind where the truck was at.  Grab all of the items from
inside and save your game using the typewriter.

 - NOTE:  You'll encounter a wolf stuck in a bear trap along the path. You
might just happen to encounter an enemy later requiring assistance and
the wolf might happen to be in the area so think hard before leaving him
stuck in the trap.

Continue down the trail.  You can kill more crows here if you'd like.
Stay on the path, since there are traps in the shrubs. Be especially carefull
not to walk into the tripwires between the trees, since they'll blow up on you.
When you make it past the tripwires, another enemy will attack you.  Kill him,
then head up the hill to continue your way down the path.

When you approach the next cabin, two more enemies will appear.  Take care of
both of them, then enter the cabin to collect all of the items inside.  Head
down the path to cross the rope bridge next.  There's an enemy waiting inside
the cabin on the left, so don't just blindly run inside.  Take care of him,
then grab the items.  Open the gate at the end of the path when you're done.

- Pueblo -

Head into the town, taking a look with your binoculars if you want.  In order
to leave the town, you must kill several groups of villagers.  This isn't hard
to do if you have a fairly good grasp of the controls.  Head up the small path
on the right side of town and enter the shack on the right.  Take the
contents of the crate, then stand in the corner by the window and face the

The villagers will come through the door one by one.  Hit them in the head
with your handgun, and take items from them as they die.  Keep your weapon
loaded at all times, and make sure to heal if you need to.  Once you kill
enough of them, a bell will chime, and all of the villagers will leave.  Take
some time to scour the place for items.

 - NOTE: Because this perticular part of the game is based on killing these 
villagers, don't leave this room unless you have health and plan on using it soon. 
The only reason you have to even move would be to pick up the items they are 
dropping, but if you go outside it's possible you could be swamped by a huge group 
of them and it wouldn't take long to be killed. Another reason not to leave, a man 
with a chainsaw can be pretty convincing wouldn't you say? I have beat the game once 
and started over, the first time I had to kill him and the second he wasn't there so 
it might be random but the villagers with chainsaws are very hard to kill.

There are herbs along the outside of the other side of the village, and
definitely don't miss the shotgun on the wall on the second floor of the large
house.  There's also some ammo for it on the bed, and a grenade in the glass
cabinet (smash the glass first to get it).  Climb the tower too, since there's
some shotgun ammo up there.Once you're sure you've collected all the items you can,
head through the gate near the tower.

- Farm -

There's a typewriter in the hut on the left, so use it immediately.  There are
only a few villagers here, so don't worry too much about causing a scene.
Next to the shack the typewriter is in, you'll see a well, and there's a
necklace dangling above it.  Shoot the poll holding the wooden slab up, then
shoot the necklace where it's hanging from the wood to knock it down.  Grab it,
then turn around to deal with the villagers that will attack you for making

There are items scattered throughout the farm, so start searching the area.
Don't miss the grenade in a barrel behind one of the shacks, and don't miss the
"beerstein" item (you need to jump out the window in the hayloft, then fall to
the lower level on the right side of the walkway to reach the crate where the
beerstein is). Find the barn with a ladder inside and ascend it, and jump out
the window, jump down right acrossed from the window. Push the thing blocking the
door to get out of there.

You'll also want to take the blue paper attached to a tree near the entrance.
Take the paper, then use your map to track down the seven blue jewels in the
farm area.  Shoot them all, then save at the typewriter and exit the area
through the next gate.

- Boobytraps -

Start to run down the hill, and some villagers will have an interesting
surprise for you.  Start jamming your A button as fast as possible, and when
the notice pops up on the screen, jam those buttons (usually R + L) to dodge
the rock.

Head through the tunnel at the bottom of the hill, shooting the two shiny spots
in the ceiling to get two Spinels.  At the end of the tunnel, you'll see
another red sign with skulls attached to it.  That means there are traps in the
area.  In this instance, the traps are bear traps, tripwires, and villagers
armed with bombs.

Pick off the villager standing in the open first, then pick off the one inside
the house in front of you.  Look at the ground and shoot the bear traps to set
them off, then set off the tripwire inside the small shed.  Deal with the
villager on the far side of that shed, then deal with the explosive-throwing
villager inside the house on that end.

Enter the first house through the window in the back, then take all of the
items you can find in it.  Jump back out through the window, then shoot the
nest in the tree between the two houses to collect a Red Catseye.  There's a
crate on the right side of the large house, so go grab its contents, then kick
the locked door to get inside the large house.

Grab the ammo from the table and the money from the cabinet, then save your
game.  Enter the small hallway, stand back, and shoot one of the explosives.
Shoot one of the explosives in the next room too, then grab the money from the
table and the Green Herb from the cabinet.  Push the bookshelf away from the
next doorway, then enter the next area and open the cabinet.


***************     ===============
- Chapter 1-2 -     - Valley Camp -
***************     ===============

Press the buttons shown on the screen to avoid the villager's axe (usually
R + L but not always).  Grab the ammo from the nearby shelf once you get control
of Leon, then head around the corner, grab the ammo, and use the typewriter to save.

Exit the house and take a left, working your way behind the building to where
the merchant is.  What you buy/upgrade is really just a matter of how you
like to play and how much money you have, but either way, sell all of your
Spinels and your Pearl Necklace to get some extra money.  Personally, I upgraded
my shotgun's firepower and ammo capacity, then upgraded my handgun's firepower and
ammo capacity. If you have the money I HIGHLY recomend you buy a Rifle and a scope
(if you do not have the money for both the gun and scope, then don't buy
either of them because the Rifle is useless without a scope). The upcoming part
will be a little more challenging without the Rifle but not too hard.

Once you're done shopping, continue down the path behind the weapon seller to
find some crates, smash them, and take their items.  Head back around the
buidling to the doors leading to the main camp.  Get your shotgun out and
prepare to waste a ton of enemies.  Stay where you are at first, blasting them
as they come up the ramp.  When you get an openning, run down the ramp, then
head up the next ramp on the right.

Kill the guy up here, then open the chest and get the items from the barrels.
Turn to face the ramp again, since there's likely to be a hoard of enemies
coming up it.  Blast them until they all stop coming, grab their items, and go
back down the ramp.

Enter the shack across the bridge and grab the ammo, then open the next door.
There're three guys in there, so kill them all.  Take the ladder to the roof
and grab the item from the treasure box, then jump down.  Finish scouring the
area for guys and items, then head for the gate leading out of the area.  (Make
sure you don't miss the Yellow Herb in the cabinet inside the shack close to
the gate.)

Approach the gate and press A.  You'll find yourself inside your items menu.
Select one of the two artifact pieces you just picked up, then select the
Combine option in its submenu.  Combine it with the other half of the artifact,
then select the completed artifact and chose the Use option.  You'll be able to
open the gate, so go ahead.

- Water Works -

Destroy the three barrels in this area and grab their items before openning the
double doors.  There's another barrel in the first room of the structure, so
take its item as well.  When you go through the next door, you'll be spotted by
several enemies.  Eliminate them, take their items, and work your way around
to the other end of the path.

When you enter the next door, there will be several enemies behind a sandbag
wall, two of which are armed with explosives.  Blast them before they get the
chance to throw, but if they do, run behind the brown dumbpster and press the A
button to use the crouch option.

Once the guards are dealt with, use your handgun to disarm those pesky bear
traps, then make your way to the door behind the sandbags.  Two more enemies
will come out of the door, so make sure you don't let your guard down.  Also
note that there are more bear traps on that side of the sandbags.

The next room contains a boarded-up window.  Break the boards and jump through.
Grab the Mask from the wall, then go back through the window.  Grab the herb
from the barrel in the corner, then head down the long ramp.  There's one more
guard down here, then you can climb the ladder to safety.  But first, jump down
into the water on the left.  There are some items in it, and you can also kill
the fish if you need some energy.

- Chief's House -

Use your handgun to kill the first crow, then use another shot to set off the
bomb on the trees ahead.  That will kill the other two crows, so shoot the
three bear traps on the ground, then collect the crows' items.  Near the hole
you just crawled out of, you'll find another necklace dangling over a well.
Shoot the stick holding the lid up, then shoot the necklace down to retrieve
it.  Destroy the crate and barrel in the small shack to look for items, then
run to the door of the house.

The door on the upper level has a blue herb.  Rotate it once up, then once
left to open the door.  Grab the key from the table in front of you, the money
from the cabinet between the two doors, and the note off of the bed, then open
the next door.


***************     =================
- Chapter 1-3 -     - Chief's House -
***************     =================

If you want to see an interesting scene, step back into the previous room.
When you're done, open the cabinet at the end of this hallway to find an herb,
then head downstairs.  You can blast the guy in the bathroom under the stairs
if you'd like, then search the rest of this area for items and use the
typewriter.  Head out the next door when you're ready.

You'll immediately attract the attention of a villager armed with a chainsaw,
and at least two other villagers in the area.  Use the shotgun to deal with
them, but keep in mind that it takes a minimum of six shells to the head to
kill the chainsaw guy.

Continue down the path once you've collected all their items, and slaugher any
other villagers you encounter along the way.  There's a crate in the small
shack, and there are two bird nests along the path.  Make sure you destroy them
all to collect their items.  Unlock the double doors at the end of the path to
enter Pueblo again.

- Pueblo -

You'll start right next to the hut I suggested you use to defend against the
villagers the first time you were here.  It will work well again this time, so
I suggest you duck in there quickly and waste the enemies as they walk in.
Grab their items, then head to the main part of town.

Enter any buildings you might've missed earlier, but keep your eyes peeled for
villagers on the rooftops.  They'll throw hatchets at you, but you can usually
knock them off with a handgun shot or two.  When you're ready, approach the
door on the building where the villagers all vanished earlier.  You can use the
key in your inventory to open it.

- Tunnel -

Grab the ammo from the shelf, then use the typewriter to save your game.  Open
the next door, stand back, and shoot the lantern on the ceiling to get a Spinel
from it.  Open the hatch on the ground and jump down.  When you get to an open
area in the tunnel, shoot the lantern, then shoot the three shining areas on
the ceiling to find two Spinels and an Elegant Headress.

Continue down the tunnel, and you will eventually find yourself in front of a
merchant.  Sell all of your Spinels, the Watch, the Ruby, and the Elegant
Headress (NOT the Elegant Mask, it will have a better use later).  If you want,
you can buy the next size Attache Case.  Other than that, there's nothing of
much interest unless you failed to upgrade your weapons last time.  Open the
door near the guy and head up the ladder to continue.

- Cemetary -

Head up the trail, blasting a nest on a tree branch along the way.  When you
reach the cemetary, take a right.  One enemy will attack from the shack, and
another will attack from the cemetary.  Eliminate them both, raid the shack,
then start picking off the crows nearby for some items.

Start searching the area for the rest of the blue pendants, three of which are
in the main cemetary area.  There's another one on the left side of the church,
one behind the church, and three along the wooden path near the water.  Kill
all of the enemies that you find, and be careful when you open the box in the
shack near the water.  There's a snake inside it, and if you kill the snake, it
should drop an egg for you.  Take the document from that room, then backtrack
to the weapon seller in the previous area (after you've destroyed the blue

The weapon seller will let you buy the Punisher for free, so do so now.  If you
bought the larger Attache Case earlier, you shouldn't have any problem fitting
it in your inventory without selling anything, so don't.  Head back to the
pedestal behind the church now.

Rotate the thing on the pedestal seven times using the 3 option, then another
five times with the 4 option, then one more time with the 3 option to collect
the Green Catseye.  Head down the wooden path towards the water and open the
door there when you're ready.

- Storage Area -

Approach the gathering of crows and toss a grenade at them, then collect their
items.  If you missed some of them, exit the room and use another grenade to
get the rest of them.  Search the shacks and the rest of the area for some
items, including two Spinels.  Head for the lower set of double doors when
you're ready.

Grab the ammo down here and destroy the barrels, then talk to the weapon seller
if necessary.  There's not much you can do with him for now, but you can get
an ammunition capacity upgrade on the Punisher if you'd like.  Use the
typewriter to save, then head back out the door, then through the second set of
doors nearby.

- Dock -

Grab the items from the shack near your position, then start down the hill.
You'll have to avoid another rolling rock, so get ready to press whatever
buttons pop up on your screen.  When you're safely at the bottom, turn around
(press the B button and Back on the control stick to do a quick-turn).  You
should be able to see a shiny spot on the cliff, so shoot it, then collect the
Spinel that drops.

Continue down to the docks.  The place will soon be swarming with enemies, so I
suggest getting your shotgun out.  Enter the first shack you come to, but be
careful of the crate on the shelf, since it contains a snake.  Jump into the
water  on the right side and work your way to the other end of the area,
blasting enemies as you go.  Watch out for tripwires and snakes in the water.

When you get to the ramp leading back onto the second part of the dock, grab
the grenade from the bench, then shoot the nest in the tree above you.  Run to
the spot where the item falls to collect the Antique Pipe, then get back on the
dock.  Run to the end, and you'll see a shack.  Eliminate the two enemies near
it, then kill the snake inside the crate in the shack.  Head up the path and go
through the door when you're ready.

- Lake -

Head all the way up the hill and approach the cliff to the right to witness a
rather interesting scene.  When it's done, grab the Red Herb from the ground
near the large tree, then head back down the path.  Take a left when you can,
and knock the nest out of the large tree on the left just before the first
shack to get the Gold Bangle item.

Grab all items from both shacks, then use the typewriter in the second shack.
Head for the Lake and enter the motor boat.  Drive around the Lake until a
scene occurs, then be prepared for a fun little fight.

As you're dragged along, avoid the debris in the water.  When you get an
oportunity, hold your R button, aim, and press the A button to throw a harpoon.
If you score a hit, immediately hold left or right on the control stick to
avoid ramming the thing.  When the boat stands still, it means you're going to
get rushed.  Keep your eyes peeled, and when it approaches, hit it in the face
with a harpoon.

Continue this process until it runs away.  When it does, press the button
displayed on the screen as fast as you can until you accomplish your task.  If
you get knocked out of the boat at any time, press the A button as fast as
possible to get back in.  Note that it does hurt you to get knocked out of the
boat, so make sure you heal yourself if necessary.


***************     ========
- Chapter 2-1 -     - Lake -
***************     ========

Raid the cabin for items, including a letter on the bed.  Use the typewriter,
then exit the cabin. If necessary, you can fish for some Bass to use as
recovery items. Get in the boat when you're ready and head back to the dock
where you were earlier. The items in those two sheds will have regenerated, so
grab them again, then get back on the boat. Head for the cave on the left side
of the Lake.

Inside, you'll find a merchant.  Explore the area thoroughly before you do
anything else.  A large crate on the left platform can by pushed out of your
way, which reveals a ladder heading to the roof of the hut.  Get up there,
push the rest of the boxes, and collect any items you find along the way,
including a Green Gem.  Remember to destroy all of the red lanterns you see,
too, since one of them will cause a Spinel to drop to the right side of the

Jump down and talk to the merchant.  You can sell any Spinels you have, sell
the Antique Pipe, and sell the Gold Bangle with Pearls.  Several new upgrades
are available for your weapons now, too.  Personally, I updgraded my shotgun's
firepower and ammunition capacity.  Get back on the boat when you're done.

Drive back to the cabin on the far side of the lake and use the typewriter if
you want. After that, head through the gate near the cabin.

- Waterfall -

Kill both of the enemies, grab their items (including a whopping five thousand
pesetas from one guy), then jump across the dam to the other side of the river.
Head for the next set of jumps, jump across, then use the rope to go down the

There's a guy on a high platform near you, so take care of him first. There's
a Spinel on the wall by the rope, and there's handgun ammo and a barrel on the
platform where you shot the guy.  Next on the agenda is shooting the chains on
thee crates above the water. This will make a series of platforms for you to
jump across, so go ahead and do so. Don't bother heading right yet, since
you'll have to do that later anyway.

Climb the ladder and use the lever up there, then head back to the boxes on the
water.  When you get to the middle, you'll be in for a bad surprise. Jump back
the way you came as fast as possible, or you're pretty much guaranteed to get
hit from one side or the other (or both). Deal with all of the townspeople,
then head for the waterfall.

Blast all of the torches and barrels in the area, and don't miss the shiny spot
between the two torches for an Amber Ring. Head through the waterfall when
you're ready. At the end of the tunnel, you'll find a large set of doors.
Take the item off of it, then head out the next set of doors.

- Storage Area -

Turn around and destroy the torch near the door for a Spinel, then destroy any
barrels you can find.  Get on the boat, then exit it. Talk to the Merchant
here if you want, then use the typewriter to save your game.  Head up the
ladder and out the door when you're ready.

Smash the two barrels and take their items, then head to the left where the
main part of the room is. You're in for another surprise, and this one's even
better than the last one. I suggest getting whatever weapon you're most
comfortable with (I used my trusty shotgun, obviously) and blasting the thing
in the face as fast as possible.

When you do enough damage, it'll fall down.  Run to it and press the A button
then continue pressing the button displayed on the screen as fast as possibel.
You have to do this pattern a minimum of three times before the battle will
finish.  If he tries any special attacks on you, press the appropriate buttons
displayed on the screen to avoid them.

(NOTE:  Want to make this a really easy fight?  Use Flash grenades.  It'll
stun the thing just long enough for you to dump the appropriate amount of
shotgun shells into it.  If you have three Flash grenades, this will be an
extremely easy fight.)

After the battle, search the area for items.  There's a lot of ammo, a red and
a yellow herb, a Spinel, and a pile of pesetas from the monster, among other
things.  Head through the gate to return to the Cemetary.

- Cemetary -

Take the items from the shack on the right side of the path, then head into the
main part of the cemetary.  Three wolves will greet you right in front of the
church.  Blast them quickly with a grenade or your shotgun, then take their
items.  Raid the shack in the main part of the cemetary for items, and take the
items from the two nests in the trees on the far side of the cemetary.  Open
the main door of the church when you're ready.

- Church -

Take the money off of the table on the left side of the alter, then smash the
barrel in the hallway on the right.  Take the ladder to the upper level, then
swing across the chandelier.  Smash the barrels up here for some more items,
then head for the console thing to control the lights.

Rotate red twice, green three times, blue once, then choose Combine.  The gates
on the side of the room will go up, so head over there and open the door.

Smash all of the barrels in here to get items, then open the door to leave.
Head for the ladder on the right side of the area and jump down, then approach
the ladder and press the A button to have Ashley jump.  Enter the main part of
the church to finish this section of the chapter.


***************     ============
- Chapter 2-2 -     - Cemetary -
***************     ============

Destroy all of the barrels and take their items, then open the door to exit.
Run towards the main part of the cemetary, then take Ashley's advice and shoot
the barrels on the wagon.  Take care of any survivors, then take all of the
items they dropped.

Head down the trail to the shack with the tunnel entrance in it and head down.

- Tunnel -

Sell your Spinels and the Amber Ring to the merchant, then get some upgrades if
you want. (I upgraded the Punisher's firepower and ammunition capacity. You
could probably go ahead and sell either your initial handgun or the Punisher if
you need money and/or space. Keep whichever one you prefer.)

Head up the tunnel and exit it at the end. Make sure you destroy the barrel
and crate in the house, and don't forget to shoot the lantern for another
Spinel. Save your game with the typewriter, then exit the house.

- Pueblo -

There are at least eight villagers around the town, so keep your eyes open at
all times.  Grab all of the new items around town, including a Spinel on the
top of the tower. Make your way to the doors leading to the Farm, but watch
out for villagers and bear traps on the ground. Head through the doors as soon
as you're ready.

- Farm -

Run to the dumpster on the right and use your X button to have Ashley hide in
it. Enter the small shack on the left to grab some items, including a file.
Save with the typewriter, then enter the main part of the Farm.

There are at least another eight villagers scattered around here, so start
hunting them down and eliminating them.  earch the structures thoroughly,
since many of them have new items. The two-story barn is especially full of
items, so make sure you raid it. Just be careful of the bear traps on the

Climb the ladder in there, take a left, and run straight forward to the ladder.
Jump down and remove the bear traps in the area, then press X to whistle for
Ashley (only do that if you're sure you've cleared the Farm of villagers).

Approach the double doors here with Ashley following you, then press the A
button to initiate the Piggyback option.

- Fortified House -

Grab the ammo and the yellow and red herbs from the lower level, then start
shoving shelves in front of the windows.  Once you've got them in place, go
stand on the stairs and wait for enemies.  Simply blast anything and everything
that approaches, and don't worry about Luis.  Remember to try and avoid hitting
villagers in the head, since that causes the parasites to appear.

After a while, enemies will start coming in from the windows on the second
floor.  Luis will join you up there, so let him fire at the enemies comind up
the stairs.  Concentrate your own efforts on the windows, knocking down ladders
whenever possible.  Help Luis every time you get a break, and try to collect as
many items as you can durring the fight before they vanish.

After a while, the villagers will cease their attack.


***************     ===================
- Chapter 2-3 -     - Fortified House -
***************     ===================

Make another qick sweep of the house for items, then head outside.  Pick up any
items you see out here, then enter the small shack to find a document and a
typewriter.  The merchant is just outside the shack, so talk to him if you want
to.  When you read the document (Two Paths), you can decide which path you
wish to take.  Head for the lever near the merchant and open whichever path
you want.

Head out of the little spot where the level is and enter the gates of the path
you chose.  I will give directions for the Left path first, then I will include
directions for the Right bath in the indented section after the Left path.  If
you take the Right path, scroll down to the indented text below.  If you take
the Left path, skip the indented section when you encounter it.

- Left Path -

- Camp -

Use your handgun to shoot one of the barrels in the wagon in front of you,
which should eliminate several villagers.  Finish off the survivors, then work
your way around the path to the ladder on the right.  Climb it, deal with the
first villager, and then hide Ashley in the dumpster here.  Eliminate the other
three villagers on the upper level, then look around the area for items.

Don't jump down into the middle pit area until you've jumped down to the small
area on the side of the fort.  Look down before you jump, and if you don't see
a cart full of coal, don't jump.  Grab the ammo and the items in the barrels,
then climb back up.  Get your shotgun out if it's not already, THEN jump down
into the middle pit area to start a fight.

You'll have to fire quickly.  Concentrate on the two chainsaw ladies first,
keeping them knoecked down at all times.  You'll probably kill the other guys
just from the spread of the shotgun while you're firing at the chainsaw ladies.
If not, finish them off.  Take every item they dropped, including a key and a
Ruby.  Use your handgun to pick off the two axe-throwing guys up on the
platforms, then whistel for Ashley when it's clear.

Use the Camp Key to open the door down here.  Turn right, break the crate on
the ground in front of the sandbags, then open the door to the right of the
crate.  Drop down to the lower level, grab the ammo and grenade, then exit the
small hut thing.  Proceed down the path to the right.  Quickly hide Ashley in
the next dumpster, then concentrate on the fort area.

Tons of villagers are going to pour our of it.  Use some grenades at first (NOT
your flash grenades, you'll want those later), then switch to shotgun when you
run out of grenades or an enemy gets too close.  Gather all the items when the
fight is finished, then head for the door on the other side of the fort area.
Smash the barrels nearby, whistle for Ashley, and head through the gate.

- Right Path -

- El Gigante's Path -

There are so many easy ways to beat this guy, it's not even funny.  By far
the easiest way is with Flash grenades, so if you have a few, equip them
right now. Run to the opposite side of the area, making sure Ashley
follows you. A scene will occur, and after that, you can start fighting
El Gigante.

Toss Flash grenades at him, then blast him with your shotgun until he
falls down.  Run to him and press A to climb up, then press the button
displayed on the screen as fast as possible to damage the parasite.
Repeat this process with additional grenades and shotgun rounds until he
dies.  Don't forget to dodge his falling body, either.

You can also wait for him to walk under that large boulder Ashley points
out, then shoot the poll holding the platform up to make the boulder fall.
If you leave Ashley alone, and El Gigante gets close to her, he'll grab
her.  Don't let that happen, since it hurts her quite badly.

Kick down the gate when the battle is over (after you pick up the money
from El Gigante's corpse). The next area has two shacks, both of which
are filled with good items, including Spinels, ammo, money, and grenades.
A few more items can be found along the edge of the canyon.  Other than
that, head for the second chained door, break the chains, then use the old
key (found in one of the sheds) to open the gate.

- Gondola -

Search in and around the house on the right for a few items, including a file.
Use the typewriter, then talk to the merchant if necessary and smash the barrel
near him for an item.  Head to up the hill on the other side of the area to
find the Gondola.  Smash the barrel on the right side of it for an item, then
get on it.

Use your hand gun to pick off the enemies in the gondola cars heading up the
wires.  Also make sure you take care of the two guys on the wooden platforms to
the left, or they'll jump on the top of your gondola and cut it down.  When you
reach the bottom, run around and jump through the open window of the small
control room.  Open the lockers for some items, then head down the stairs near
the gondola.

Take the left path and have Ashley wait there.  Peek around the corner into the
cave to deal with two villagers standing behind the sandbags.  Jump the bags
and take the ladder up, kill the last villager, and open the large treasure
chest to get the Yellow Catseye.  Run back to Ashley and take the path down.

Save your game and head out the next set of double doors.

- Shed of Enlightenment -

Approach the structure at the end of the path.  Watch the scene that occurs,
and be prepared to press the buttons displayed on the screen to dodge an
attack.  When the battle starts, shoot the center of the creature as it walks
towards you.  When it makes it to your part of the room, quickly run around it
to the center of the back part of the shed where the ladder is.

Turn around and continue shooting the thing, but when it gets to the middle
part of the area, turn a little to your right and shoot the red barrel on the
ground.  The explosion will be enough to break the creature in half if you've
been hitting it a lot  already.  If not, finish shooting it in the middle of
its body until it breaks in half.

Now that the upper-body is swinging from the rafters, climb up one of the
ladders in the room.  Get to one side of the upper area and take a few shots at
the enemy, but when it gets fairly close to you, run to the other side of the
rafters.  Keep shooting it and running, shooting it and running, and so forth
until it dies.

The upper level is littered with items, including some all-important Herbs.
Grab all of the items in the upper area, then jump down below.  There's more
ammo and another herb spread around the lower part of the shed, so grab it all.
There will also be a Spinel if you destroyed the red barrel, and a large pile
of money where the enemy's corpse is sitting.  Grab all that stuff as well as
the False Eye, then examine the new hole in the shed to exit.

Run up the hill and go through the double doors again to leave.

- Gondola -

Save at the typewriter, then head back to the gondola and hop on it.  Continue
to the large double doors near the bridge, then use the Village Chief's eye to
open the gate.

- Drawbridge -

Grab the ammo to your right, then head up the road.  I truck will approach, and
you need to pick off the driver before it gets close to you.  Immediately run
up the hill after that, then turn around and fight off the hoard of villagers.
Grab all of their items and proceed up the hill.

There's an alcove on the left side of the road with two barrels.  Break them
both and take the items (including a Velvet Blue), then go all the way to the
end of the road.


***************     ===================
- Chapter 3-1 -     - Castle Entrance -
***************     ===================

Explore the area and destroy the barrels/crates, taking all of the items from
them.  Don't miss the treasure box full of money, either.  Open your menu and
choose the Combine option on each of the three Catseye gems with the Beerstein.
Head for the merchant and choose the Sell option.  Sell any Spinels you have,
sell the Ruby you got from the chainsaw lady, sell the fully-upgraded Beerstein
(for a whopping 20000), and sell the Velvet Blue you just picked up outside.
Sell your standard Handgun and the Punisher now too, as well as your shotgun.

Buy the Blacktail and the Riot Gun.  I also suggest you purchase the next size
of Attache Case.  Tthe Semi-Automatic Rifle and its scope are also a good idea
right now, so grab both of them as well.  Definitely make sure you purchase
every upgrade for the Riot Gun, Blacktail, and the Semi-Automatic Rifle.
(Check the Riot Gun twice:  I'm fairly sure you can update the firepower two
times in a row, but I don't remember for sure.)

Once you're done with the merchant, save with the typewriter, then exit the
door at the top of the stairs.

- Castle - Front Gate -

Grab the rifle ammo from the crate you encounter around the first corner, then
use your new Rifle to kill both of the guys on the ledge in front of you.  Run
up the stairs, and a scene will eventually stop you from going any farter.  The
first two shots will miss you as long as you stand still, so wait for that to
happen, then sprint to the left and down the next set of stairs.

Raid the barrels in the cannon's room for some items, then head back up the
stairs and take a left.  Stop under the bridge and look up to snipe a barrel
near that catapult.  Continue up the stairs, turning to the right when you get
to the small crevice in the castle wall.  Use that hole to snipe the next red
barrel by another catapult, then step up to the top of the area.

Use your scope to see across to the small shed with a door and a window.  Snipe
the guy in there, then make a mad dash for the entrance.  Look out the large
window to snipe another red barrel by a third catapult, then leave Ashley in
this room.  Exit the room and sprint across the small bridge thing to the tower
on the other side.  Use the window in the tower to snipe the castle dweller
that's manning the fourth (and last) catapult.

There's a crank on the wall by the circular hole in the ground outside the
tower you're in, so use the crank to raise the cannon, then fire it.  Run back
to the shack where Ashley is waiting and check the left side of it for a Gold
Bangle in a treasure chest.  Take the Herb and other items from the shack, then
have Ashley follow you through the newly-destroyed castle gate.

Nothing new with the merchant, so just head through the next door.

- Castle - Foyer -

Take the ammo off of the table, then take the sword off of the wall.  Head up
the stairs just far enough to get the three dudes to notice you, then go back
down.  Use your Blacktail to kill them, then run up the stairs.  Raid the
shelves, table, and cabinet for items, and take the second sword from the wall.
Tons of cult guys are going to come up the stairs, so be prepared to deal with

Once they're all dead, sweep the room one more time to make sure you didn't
miss any items, then make sure the red cult guy is dead in the lower area.
Stick the Gold sword back on the lower wall and stick the Platinum sword in the
upper wall.  Head through that door to continue.

- Castle - Main Gate -

Go around the next corner and deal with the clueless guy there, then head
forward and open the next door.  When you shoot the visible guy, several more
will approach, so don't look away.  Have your shotgun ready and start blasting
them all.  Enter the door and take a right when you're ready.

Kill the solitary guy inside the next door, then raid the room.  Take a look
out the window for a guy on the ledge above.  He's got a flaming crossbow, so
take him down before he tags you.  Run out and to the next door.

Grab all of the items here, openning the treasure chest last.  A large group
of castle guys will rush in through the door, so make sure your shotgun is
still ready.  Once you've killed them all and taken their items, head all the
way back to the beginning of this area and unlock the gate with your new key.

- Castle - Prison -

Run to the stairs to start a little scene.  Smash all of the pots in the area
to collect some items, shoot a shiny spot high on the archway to get a Green
Gem, then use the typewriter to save your game.  Open the door to the right of
the typewriter.  Head down it along the right side, picking up the ammo from
the chair and moving the painting to find some money.  Continue through the
smaller hallway, destroy the barrels for some items, and read the note on the
wall.  Examine the painting in the next area to get the Prison key, then head
all the way back to the door right before the typewriter.

Turn right and unlock the prison door. Leave Ashley at the top of the stairs,
then head down.  Shoot the Shotgun ammo off of the rafters and collect it, then
pick up the Green Herb from the ground near the bell on the left of the cell.
Approach the cell and kick down the gate.

There's a reason they showed you a close-up of this creature's eyes;  The thing
is blind, so if you walk around quitely, it won't be able to do much to you.
As soon as you open the gate, run to one of the bells, do a quick 180 degree
turn, and shoot the other bell. The enemy will turn towards it and prepare to
attack it.  Shoot the parasite on it's back when it does so, and then walk away
from the area.

Keep using the bells to distract the enemy, but he will destroy them if he gets
too close.  If that happens, just keep quietly walking around the area and
hitting his parasite when you get the chance.  Once he's down, take his money
and flip the switch in his cell.  Go collect Ashley and take a left to where
the horse things were.

You'll have to stop several more castle dwellers, but you will eventually come
to another set of red doors.  Take the ammo from the thing in the middle of the
room, then get your shotgun ready and enter the next area.

- Castle - Reflecting Pools -


Start blasting them as soon as you enter the room.  Try to keep your shotgun
shells for the shielded ones, and switch to the Blacktail for the others.
Collect as many items from the guys and from around the room as possible.
A second wave will arive after you kill most of the first one, so deal with
them too.

Head down the stairs next, and several more guys will attack.  Deal with all of
them, smash the pots in the area, then enter the small room through the door
down here. Grab both items, then leave Ashley on one of the two yellow
platforms. Run Leon to the second one, then immediately order Ashley to follow
you again. Quickly exit this area and make it back to the main upper part of
the room, where it's more open to finish of the rest of the cult guys.

Use the thing that raised in the middle of the room to drop the stairs, then
head up.  Enter both small rooms for some items, then break the two pots near
the water for some shotgun and rifle shells.  Approach either of the two murals
and use the piggyback option to send Ashley up.

She'll crank the two wheels for you, but you have to defend her.  More
importantly, you have to defend yourself.  Keep your shotgun ready and blast
the guys that attack Leon.  When Ashley screams, it means a guy is trying to
steal her.  If he makes it to a door, you lose.  Use your rifle to pick their
feet off as they try to run, which kills them instantly.

Ashley doesn't take damage from being picked up, so your priority should always
be Leon.  Only turn to defend Ashley if she's screaming or if you're totally
sure there aren't any guys anywhere near Leon.  Once both cranks are turned,
run to the edge and catch Ashley, then jump over the platforms and head through
the large doors.

- Castle - Balcony -

There's a box of handgun ammo on a shelf on the left, a grenade in the treasure
box on the right, several pots to destroy, and two Spinels;  one on the back
eye of the first upside down statue and one in the cabinet on the same side of
the room as the treasure chest.  Grab all that stuff, then talk to the merchant
on the left.

Sell any Spinels you have, any Velvet Blue you have, and the Gold Bangle you
found a few rooms back.  Upgrade both parts of your Semi-Automatic Rifle and
both parts of your Riot Gun, then use the typewriter to save.  Head down the
central hallway to complete this section of Chapter Three.

NOTE:  The door near the merchant leads to the shooting range area.  More
       information on that will be found later in this guide.


***************     ==================
- Chapter 3-2 -     - Castle - Sewer -
***************     ==================

Turn around and take the door on your left to enter the sewer area.  Take the
items from the barrels on the right, then head down the hallway.  You're about
to meet the things you heard about in your last radio conversation, so have
your rifle ready.  When you turn right and see a long hallway, use your scope
to see down it.  You'll notice some odd steam and some dangling goo.  Blast
the source of that with your rifle, and you'll kill a nasty little bug.

Grab the item it dropped and proceed down the hallway.  When you get to an area
full of water, don't jump in.  Use your scope first to see the steam and goo
coming out of the middle of the water.  Blast it to kill another bug, then
switch to your shotgun and jump in the water.  Another one will materialize
once you do, so rush for the ladder as fast as you can and climb up.  Blast the
thing until it dies, then grab all of the items from the water.

Open the next door and turn to the right.  Two more bugs will attack, so have
the shotgun ready.  Explore the cells nearby for some items, then continue down
the other open hallway.  Kill the bug that's stuck in the cell, then enter it,
grab its item, and proceed to the water control room.  Drain the water, then
raid the room for items, including the Butterfly Lamp and an herb.

When you exit the water control room, two more bugs will be waiting for you.
Kill them both and take their items, then head back to the main part of the
sewer where the cells are.  Another bug will come out of one of the jammed cell
doors, and another one will come from the drained area to the left.  Blast them
both, take their items, and jump down to the newly drained area.

As soon as you kick the grate down, run forward and turn around.  A bug will
appear behind you, so blast it, take its item, then search the corner by the
drain for some Velvet Blue.  Smash the barrels up the stairs, then open the
door to reach the pendulum room.

This isn't as hard to get through as it may look.  You can see the shadow of
each pendulum on the platform as you approach it, so just don't get too close.
After one swings in front of you, run past it, then wait for a chance to jump
or run between the next ones.  Grab the shiny Velvet Blue to the right on the
other side, then turn to the left and take the ladder up.  Smash the barrels
for some items, then open the door.

- Castle - Balcony -

Take a right and get close to the edge to observe the gathering of cult guys.
Ready a Flash grenade and toss it into the middle of the pile, then immediately
toss two handgrenades down there to wipe out as many of them as you can.  All
survivors will exit out of the room.  If you failed to kill the red guy, you
might want to try again, since he has a valuable Illuminados Pendant on him.

Raid the lower area for all the items dropped by the grenade victims, then
climb the ladder to get back to the balcony.  Use the first chandelier to jump
across, then turn left and smash some barrels for a few items.  Use the second
chandelier to get back to the other side, and turn left again to find a
treasure chest with an Elegant Mask in it.  Pull the lever at the end of this
side of the balcony to raise the gates, then use the typewriter in the middle
of the lower area if you want.

Climb the stairs and talk to the merchant if necessary, then leave through the
door he's next to.

- Castle - Gallery -

Take the Red Herb from the corner across from you, then head up the stairs.
Take the file on the middle table and the handgun ammo on the chair, then open
the next door and immediately run to the left.  Take cover in the corner so the
crossbow guys can't hit you, then blast the two guys on the lower level with
your shotgun.  Use the window nearby to snipe the two crossbow guys, then walk
around the corner and open the door.

Turn to the left and smash the barrels, then kill the guy at the top of the
stairs.  Open the next door and turn left to grab some rifle ammo off of the
table, then work your way around to the other end of the balcony.  When you
reach the large steel door, and the red carpet area is below you to the left,
snipe the two guards in black robes until they die or run out of your view,
then jump down to the red carpet.

Finish off the two guys in black if necessary, then run into the small room and
grab the shotgun shells and money.  Follow the guy in red around the balcony.
When you get to the door, don't run through it.  There's a guy on the other
side with a shield, so open the door slowly, let him see you, then blast him.
Run all the way down and open the door at the bottom of the room.

The guy in red will man a machine gun in the middle of the Gallery.  Retreat
back into the room you're in immediately and head for the top door again.
Just barely open it and peer down to the middle.  You can line up a rifle shot
to where you can just barely see the guy in red, and his machine gun bullets
won't be able to hit you.  Shoot him in the head a few times to down him, then
run to the gap in the balcony and jump down.

Grab the Gallery Key that the machine gunner dropped, then raid the lower area
for items hidden inside the pots.  Head back up to the balcony and unlock the
door in the red carpet area when you're ready.

Shoot the shiny eye of the animal head for a piece of Velvet Blue, then break
the pots in the room.  Operate the controls for the paintings when you're
ready.  There are tons of combinations that make this thing work.  Choose 1, 2,
3, 4, and OK in that order, or 4, 3, 2, 1, and OK.  It doesn't really matter,
as long as the paintings are lined up with one death, two deaths, one death,
and two deaths.  Exit the door when it opens.

Turn right and go through the door before the cult guys get the chance to
attack you.  Blast them as they come through the lower door, then turn to take
care of the second wave that comes through the upper door.  Grab the Yellow
Herb in the corner of the stairwell, then exit to the top of the area.

Chase down the crossbow enemies and deal with any other survivors.  When two
dudes pop out with rocket launchers, get behind a wall as quickly as possible.
Once you've cleared the area of enemies, drop down to the lower area and break
all of the pots for some items, then go back to the upper area and press the
red switch by one of the barred doors.

Enter the other door in this area now and press the switch under the pot.  Two
idiots with rocket launchers will appear outside the door, but luckily, they
only take one hit each to kill.  Once they're dead, grab the item from the
treasure chest and use it to open the newly-unbarred door on the upper level.
(Make sure you've searched the upper level for items first.)

- Castle - Roof -

Use the typewriter, then follow the hallway to a pot.  Smash it for some
handgun ammo, then exit through the left door.  Look up to the top of the wall
across from you and shoot the shiny thing, then shoot any crows you can while
making your way to the door.

Open the door, then head around the outside area until you see a fountain on
the left.  Pick off the crows with your handgun from far away, then grab the
loads of items around the fountain.  Proceed down the path, destroying the
barrels as you go, and enter the next set if double doors.

- Castle - Hedge Maze -

Walk along this path until you get to the stairs, then enter the hedge maze
through the main gate.  Smash the barrels, then carefully move forward up the
left side of the maze.  A wolf thing will attack, so blast it twice with the
shotgun to kill it.  Head behind the stone thing in front of you and get the
Green Herb from the barrel, then open the gate on the right.

Turn right at the next split and follow it to the end to find a Spinel.  Head
back the way you came, and snipe the wolf thing in the cage in front of you.
Take its item if it drops one, then smash the nearby barrel for another item.
Take the Second path on the left first to find a can of First Aid Spray, then
take the other path.

When you see the stone bridge thing, be careful.  Another wolf is going to jump
out of the bush in front of you, so be ready to blast it with the shotgun.
Turn around the corner, then take the first left to find a Red Gem.  Skip the
second path on the left for now, and instead, take the path to the right at the
end of the maze.  Head up the stairs and take the Moonstone chunk from the
fountain, then turn around and head back down.  Two more wolves will attack you
on the way to the next path to the right (the second path to the left you just
skipped a few seconds ago.)

Go down that path, and another wolf will attack you.  Continue forward to find
a cage with several of them locked in.  Toss a grenade in the cage to kill them
all, then take their stuff.

Head all the way down the path and take the last left.  Open the treasure chest
at the end for some shotgun shells, then immediately do a 180 degree turn to
face the direction you came from.  One wolf thing will come from the path on
the right, and then a second one will jump over the bushes in front of you.
Kill them both, then exit that part of the hedges and take a right as soon as
you get the chance to cross a bridge.

Take a right at the end of the bridge and grab the second half of the Moonstone
on the fountain.  Turn around to go back to the bridge, but be prepared to
deal with three more wolves at the front of the bridge.  Take the little gap to
the right of the bridge to find a treasure chest will some ammo, then go get on
the bridge again.  Jump off of the left side, go through the double gates,
climb the stairs on the right, and open the locked door on the left using the
(combined) Moonstone pieces.


***************     =======================
- Chapter 3-3 -     - Castle - Hedge Maze -
***************     =======================

Raid the various shelves, pots, and cabinets in the room for a grenade, some
ammo, a Spinel, and the Mirror.  Grab the file off of the table in the room
with the merchant, then sell your Spinels, Velvet Blues, Mirror with Pearls and
Rubies, and your Illuminados Pendant to the merchant.  Buy all available
upgrades on the Blacktail and Riot Gun if you'd like, then use the typewriter
to save.  Open the door near the typewriter when you're ready to continue.

- Castle - Dining Hall -

Raid the place for items, taking everything you find.  Head to the small bell
in the corner to the right of the barred door and ring it.  Use your rifle to
shoot the wine bottle.  The bars will go up, but don't go through there quite
yet.  Instead, go down the hallway nearby, break the pots to get some items,
and go through the door there.

- Castle - Roof -

This is the other side of the locked door you went passed a few minutes ago
right before entering the Hedge Maze.  Search the place for all items, and be
careful with one of the boxes, since it contains a snake.  Smash the lock off
of the door for later, then head back into the Dining Hall.

- Castle - Dining Hall -

Run to the door you unbarred a few minutes ago and enter the room.  Make sure
you have your shotgun ready, and as soon as you get control of Leon, blow the
lock off of the nearest door and exit the cage.  Kill all of the cult guys
around the outside of the cage, then kill the big guy.  Collect all items,
including the hour glass from the treausre box, the flash grenade from the
shelf, and the magnum ammo from the area behind the bell, which you can reach
by going through the middle door in the cage room.  Head out the closed door in
the cage room to continue.

- Castle - Mural Room -

Turn left and smash the pot for some rifle ammo, then kill all of the cult guys
in this area.  Jump down to the lower part, collect all the items from the dead
guys and the pots, then use the lever.  Climb the ladder and walk to the middle
of the new bridge.  Turn around immediately after guys show up in front of you
and blast the guy trying to attack you from behind, then turn back to the door
and blast the rest of them.

Head to the left at the end of the bridge.  Take care of the crossbow guy
before he hits you, then grab the money from the table.  Deal with any cult
guys still in the area, then jump down.  The center thing is loaded with items,
and you won't (or shouldn't, anyway) be able to fit all of it in your attache
case.  Leave it all sitting here for now.

Run up the stairs and break the lock off of the door, then run to the left over
the bridge and go through that door.  Break both pots in the large hallway,
then turn right at the end and talk to the merchant.  Sell your Spinels, Velvet
Blues, and the Hourglass, then buy the new Attache Case XL.  Head back to that
pedestal with all the items and take them, including the Rocket Launcher.  Then
head back to the door next to the merchant and head through.


***************     ==========================
- Chapter 3-4 -     - Castle - Ashley's Cell -
***************     ==========================

Run around the room collecting items from the shelves and pots, and don't miss
the money behind the painting directly above Ashley.  Once you're ready, stand
on the little platform across from Ashley and use your rifle to shoot the three
strap shackles holding her in.  When she's free, kill the three guys that enter
the room.

She'll try to leave, only to find out that she can't.  More guys will enter the
room.  Deal with the ones that have crossbows first, then take care of the rest
of them.  Once the guy in red goes down, Ashley will be able to use the key to

- Castle - Butler's Quarters -

Turn left to grab a Spinel off of the ground, then continue farther to the left
to find a Yellow Herb on the ground.  Use the Typewriter, then head down the
hall.  Ashley doesn't have any weapons to defend herself with, so you either
have to run from all encounters or toss the yellow lanterns scattered around
the rooms at the enemies.  Problem is, it takes three lanterns to kill a cult
guy, and there are only three lanterns in each room, so if you miss, you're
pretty well screwed.

Run to the right past the first guy, stopping in the middle of the table to
grab the Green Herb.  Crawl under the table in the back-right, then crawl
through the hole in the wall to get to the next room.  Open the drawer right in
front of you for a Spinel, then grab the first lantern a little farther in
front of you to toss it at the cult guy.

Turn left and run to the corner, then turn to face the cult guy.  Wait until he
gets up, then toss this lantern at him.  Run to the back of the room and crawl
under the table there to find a third lantern, but wait until the cult guy is
pacing around aimlessly by the fireplace before you throw it to make sure you
don't miss.

Crawl out from under the table and open the hutch for some money, then use both
of the cranks to open the gates to the hallway, then go down it.  Grab the Red
Herb from the table on the right and go through the door.  Turn right to open a
drawer for some Velvet Blue, then continue to the back-right corner for another

Grab the ammo from the cabinet on the right of the lower level and the Butler's
Memo from the table on the left.  Head back out the door and take the hallway
to the next door.

- Castle - Armor Storage -

Take the Green Herb from the table in the back of the room, then crawl under
the table near the door.  Press the red switch on the far wall, then grab the
Stone Tablet from the fireplace.  Press the next switch to raise the gate on
the right of the fireplace, then push the bookshelf to find a third switch.
Press it and head for the back door, grabbing the money and Velvet Blue on each
side of the door.

Continue down the dark hallway and grab the Spinel from the corner along the
way.  Eventually, you'll find yourself in a room with some old armor and a
pedestal in the middle.  If you examine the door in this area, you'll note that
it has a picture on it.  You must rearrange the tiles on that center pedestal
to form the picture on that door in order to continue.

This puzzle is pretty easy, but here's the fastest method I've found to
complete it if you don't want to do it yourself or if you're having trouble:

 - NOTE: The XX indicates the center box is empty in diagram 1, it's hard to 

    1              2              3            4             5             6
 __ __ __       __ __ __      __ __ __      __ __ __      __ __ __      __ __ __
|  |  |  |     |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |
|  |  |  |     |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |
|¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|      ¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯
|  |XX|  |        |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  
|¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|     |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|     ¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯     |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|
|  |  |  |     |  |  |  |       |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |       |  |  |  |
 ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯       ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯         ¯¯ ¯¯      ¯¯    ¯¯      ¯¯ ¯¯         ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯
Middle-left   Lower-left    Middle-bottom  Lower-right   Middle-right   Upper-right
tile right.    tile up       tile left.    tile left.    tile down.     tile down.

   7              8              9            10            11           12
 __ __         __    __         __ __      __ __ __      __ __ __      __ __ __
|  |  |       |  |  |  |       |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |
|  |  |       |  |  |  |       |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |
|¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|     ¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|
|  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |       |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |
|¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|     ¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|    |¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|
|  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |    |  |  |  |       |  |  |    |  |  |  |
 ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯      ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯      ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯      ¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯         ¯¯ ¯¯      ¯¯    ¯¯
Top-middle    Top-left      Middle-left   Lower-left   Middle-bottom  Lower-right
tile right.   tile right.   tile up.      tile up.      tile left.     tile left.

 __ __ __
|  |  |  |
|  |  |  |
|¯¯|¯¯|¯¯|   Insert the stone tablet you have here.
|  |  |  |   
|  |  |
 ¯¯ ¯¯

1.) Middle-left tile to the right.

2.) Lower-left tile up.

3.) Middle-bottom tile to the left.

4.) Lower-right tile left.

5.) Middle-right tile down.

6.) Upper-right tile down.

7.) Top-middle tile to the right.

8.) Top-left tile to the right.

9.) Middle-left tile up.

10.) Lower-left tile up.

11.) Middle-bottom tile to the left.

12.) Lower-right tile to the left.

Completion of this puzzle will open the sealed door.  Head through it, grab
the Gold Bangle from the treasure box and the spinel from the cabinet, then grab
the Salazar Family Insignia from the middle of the wall.  The wall will rotate
to reveal a treasure box.  Take the Serpent Ornament from it.

Immediately turn around.  Four suits of armor will rush through the door.  Get
on the right side of the table and wait for them to work their way around, then
quickly sprint around the right side and out the door to avoid them.  Run
through the hallways back the way you came, and be prepared to press the
buttons displayed on the screen to dodge the attacking armor.

Break through the next door and enter the place with all the old furniture and
bars.  Press the first switch you get to so the bars drop, sealing the
attacking armor in the back.  One more suit will attack you as you approach the
exit, so be ready to dodge it.  Exit through the door after that.

- Castle - Butler's Quarters -

Turn right and enter the door at the turn in the hallway.  Run down to the
thing in the middle of the room and use the Salazar Family Insignia to open a
path to a ladder.  Climb the ladder, grab the money to the right, then head
down the corridor until you reach the door.


***************     ==========================
- Chapter 4-1 -     - Castle - Ashley's Cell -
***************     ==========================

Time to collect a few free items.  Exit the room through the only open small
door, not the large doors down the hallway.

- Castle - Mural Room -

Run down the hallway past the merchant, open the door, cross the bridge, and
exit through the door on the other side.

- Castle - Dining Hall -

There will be several cult guys near the cage, so deal with them first.  Two
more are waiting in the main part of the dining room, and a third is by the
door leading to the roof.  Take care of all three of them, then exit the door
near the bell that leads to the roof area.

- Castle - Roof -

The storage room has two of those invisible spiders in it, so be prepared to
blast them with your shotgun.  Open the door on the other side of the room,
take a right, and head through the next area.  When you get outside, take
another right and head for the door by the fountain.

Examine the door if you didn't do so earlier, then examine the area to the left
of it for the piggyback option to appear.  Have Ashley unlock the door, then
enter that room.  Open all four treasure chests in there for a Broken
Butterfly, Elegant Perfume Bottle, Gold Bangle, and a Red Herb.

Backtrack the way you came through the storage room and re-enter the Dining

- Castle - Dining Hall -

There shouldn't be anything new here for you to deal with. Take a right and
go through the door at the end of the cage room.

- Castle - Mural Room -

Cross the bridge, go through the door, and follow the hallway to the merchant.
Don't bother saving unless you're extra paranoid, since there will be another
typewriter closer to your next destination anyway.

- Castle - Ashley's Cell -

Take a left and go down the short hallway to enter the double doors.

- Castle - Transport Room -

Grab the ammo from the right, then smash the pots on the left. Use the
typewriter, then have Leon board the thing on the upper level. Go through the
doors on the other side.

- Castle - Hall of Fire -

Walk towards the steps to cause a man to get in one of the dragon tanks. Pick
him off with your rifle (also a Mine Thrower works great for these) before he
gets to use that thing, then run down thestairs. Grab the money from the treasure
chest, then jump into the rotatingcircle cage. Snipe two guys on the walkway on the
other side, then jump through the next gap.

Run all the way to the far side of the area on the left, and stay behind the
wall there so you don't catch flames. Turn around and watch to your right for
the next dragon tank to approach.  When it gets close to you, run back to the
metal cage, then snipe the dragon tank's operator. Now stand where you are and
slaughter the hoard of cult guys coming out of that tower until no more come
out of it.  Grab the Illuminados Pendant from the treasure chest.

Run to one of the far corners by the last dragon tank, and right before it
fires at you, run across to the other corner. Snipe the driver, grab the
Lion Ornament from the treasure chest, and go back to Ashley.

From where she isstanding, turn right and go down the stairs. That train looks
like it was made for you, get inside.

- Castle - Train Room -

There are some vases in here, break them and collect the items if you want to.
When you are finished, unlock the door and head through it.

- Castle - Main Hall -

Now that you have the peices to open the wall and gain access to the door, go
use those peices.

 - NOTE: Before you use them, if you are facing the wall where you insert them make
a 180 degree turn (Down + B) and aim upwards. You will seem something shiny, shoot it
and it wall fall. Go pick it up to discover it's a green gem (combine 3 with the 
beerstein to make it worth 44,000 when you sell it to a merchant).

There are also some vases containing items in here, break them if you want and save 
your game with the typewriter. Finally use the peices if you haven't already and 
enter the door.

- Castle - Train Room II -

This room is completely empty except for the train car directly in front of you, get 
on it.

When you arrive, there are more vases nearby on the other side of the train car. 
Exit this room via the big double doors. Move forward to find a Flash Gernade on a 
chair and then turn around, enter the gold door on Leon's right.

- Castle - Statue Room -

Push these two statues in the center of the room on two of these squares in the 
corners. For the two empty squares, walk onto one so Ashley follows and press the X 
button so she stays on it. Then move over to the last empty square and stand on it, 
which will open the door. Enter the room to see a _cutscene_

Uh oh so the ceiling is falling... hey wait a second, what do those dots do? Shoot 
the four red dots on the ceiling to stop the ceiling from moving any further. Enter 
the hallway in the North-West corner of the room and continue until you see yet 


Ashley is stuck and that thing will kill her if it runs into her,aim for the driver 
(the guy on the right, you have to just keep firing at him and he will die 

 - NOTE: This is a little hard and may require more than one try. Once you kill the 
guy driving it the gate will open. Just back up (hold down until you run into the 
wall and can't back up anymore) and Ashley should come running towards you. Now as 
long as you stay back it will wreck into the door and stop, you're safe.

Go to the right of the room and break the boxes/barrels if you want, open the 
treasure chest. Inside you will find the (very important I might add) Queen's Grail. 
You can shoot the lock on the door, if you are low on ammo you can also use your 
knife or kick it. Either way, go through that door and you will be back where it all 
started. Exit the room via the North-Eastern most door.

- Castle - Armor Room -

When you leave the room, run directly forward and grab the yellow herb from the 
table. You probably know by now but mix a yellow herb with a green herb to raise 
your maximum health. After you take the yellow herb enter the double doors on the 
other side of the table it was on.

Move forward to find handgun bullets on the statue, turn left and begin heading down 
the armor-filled hallway and you will encounter two of them that aren't very 
friendly. Usually R + L are the dodge buttons but sometimes A + B. Even if you don't 
dodge them they won't kill you, but their swords will hurt you none the less. If you 
have one certain gun with more ammo than all of your other guns, I suggest you equip 
it (preferably not a handgun, it has to be something powerful like the Shotgun, Riot 
Gun, Striker, Broken Butterfly, etc. and if you happen to be carrying a Rocket 
Launcher let's just say congratulations.

Some of the guns I named you may not have been able to purchase from the merchants 
yet, but you get the point you just need a powerful weapon. Oh yeah by the way... 
you might want to make sure you have a few health items, if not you better turn 
around and leave this room. Go look around for any boxes/barrels you haven't broken 
yet or if you can spare the money go to a merchant and buy as many First Aid Sprays 
as you can (at least 3 or 4). 

Ok so from the warnings you can probably guess you are about to be attacked and it 
will be hard. Keep going to the end of this armor-filled hall and enter the big dome 
shaped room. Walk around and pick up any items you see, I highly suggest you ignore 
the item in the center of the room for the time being. When you are finished getting 
things, tell Ashley to wait up against any wall somewhere in this dome. Grab the 
King's Grail from the center of the room, at least it warned you first...


OK now that these things are chasing you, stay away from Ashley where ever you made 
her wait so she doesn't get hurt just for being near you. Suits of Armor can be very 
difficult to kill, keep firing a few shots and running to a new location. They are 
fairly slow, but if you stand still they will surround you and kill you so keep 
moving every so often. Now, it will be a lot easier if you have a Rocket Launcher 
for this, they are single shot so stand still and wait for all of these guys to 
surround you and fire at one of them (they have to all be close to each other or it 
won't kill them all at the same time) and your problem is solved. If you don't have 
a Rocket Launcher then just keep moving and firing like I said, when they are all 
dead and you think you are safe you will see another


These guys weren't invited... well even if you did have a Rocket Launcher you should 
have used it on the first 4, so you will have to kill these 2 with a shotgun or any 
other powerful gun just like everybody else. After you dispose of these worthless 
piles of tin press the X button again to get Ashley to follow you. Exit via the 
doors you came in and go back down the armor-filled hall and through the double 
doors you entered.

- Castle - Royal Hall -

Go forward and turn right, there will be a Flash Gernade on the chair if you haven't 
already got it (I suggest you do now). Keep going around the corners until you see a 
large group of people waiting for you, if you have a Rifle with a scope shoot as 
many as you can before they come towards you. Once they get close use the Flash 
Gernade you just found and don't stop shooting until they are all dead. If you have 
some ammo to spare and want money, there are 4 statues all with a shiny object on 
them. Shoot the 4 shiny things down, sometimes they are spinels, green gems, velvet 
blues, etc. which can all be sold to the merchant.

When you are done go to the locked doors all those men were gaurding and place the 
King's Grail in his hands, and the Queen's Grail in her hands to unlock the doors. 
Enter. Nothing much in here except a few vases and the double doors at the end of 
the hall, go inside. Move forward to see a 


You can either kill these giant flies or run from them, either way run to the 
Northwest corner of the room and pull the lever. You will see the bridge gets stuck, 
shoot the chains connected to the wall to lower it the remainder of the way. Go 
acrossed into the doors. You will find a box of handgun bullets on the chair in 
front of you, a merchant to the left and a typewriter near him, save your game. Head 
down the hall to the door at the end, go in.

There are barrels containing items in front of you, go down the steps to see a 
_cutscene_. He has Ashley now... go forward towards the building. You will see 
another _cutscene_. The front door is boarded shut so go to the left and up the 
stairs. There are men on both sides of you now, use a gernade if you have one or 
just use a powerful weapon to kill them quick. Go around either side of this balcony 
until you come to a door on the back wall, enter.

- Castle - Gear Tower -

Once inside, immediately aim your gun up at the gears in front of you (use a handgun 
so you don't waste important ammo like shotgun shells) you will see two peices of 
wood wedged in the gears. Shoot them both so they break, walk forward and a little 
right to find a ladder leading to the next floor. Ascend it, if you didn't shoot 
both peices of wood on the first floor try to shoot the second one now. When you are 
finished there is a box usually containing ammo near the ladder you just came up. Go 
all the way around to the other side, you will see handgun bullets on a crate and a 
ladder. Climb the ladder to the third floor.

Walk around and up the small set of steps to find a green herb and a memo. Grab them 
and go towards the lever to the right of the table you just found the items on, 
don't try to turn it yet though. When you are standing up against the lever (make 
sure you are facing it too) aim your gun right (again preferably a handgun so you 
don't waste ammo) and shoot the third and final peice of wood. Pull the lever, if 
you missed any peices of wood you need to go find them (there is one peice on every 
one of the 3 floors, but I told you to shoot two of them on the bottom floor if you 
can see it so you won't see one on the second floor if you shoot it while on the 
first floor). You will be able to tell if you missed one of them because Leon will 
say "Damn! Something is jammed in the gears.". Once you pull it you will see a 

Go back down all of the ladders, once you get to the floor you started on find the 
ladder leading to the floor below that you just unlocked with the lever. Kill all of 
these men and grab anything they drop along the way. Go down the small set of stairs 
and turn left, keep going until you pass the boarded doors and come to an open set 
of doors, exit. Look in front of you to see some un-friendly looking guys marching 
towards you, since they are far away you can use any gun you want (I suggest using a 
handgun while they are far away to save other ammo, but if at least two of them get 
close to you get out the shotgun and kill them before they get a chance to injure 
you). After killing these guys head acrossed the bridge until you get surrounded, 
they are in front of you and behind you.....

 - NOTE: My advice is use the shotgun to shoot the guys in front of you, run forward 
and turn right. Now keep your back up against this side railing since it's a dead 
end and they can't get behind you anymore. Now that your back is safe you only have 
to worry about one side, just keep firing until they are dead (if you have a gernade 
or two, use them here to save ammo!)

Take all of the items they drop, one will most likely drop a Gold Bangle. When you 
are finished head through the double doors they were gaurding.

- Castle - Bell Hall -

When you enter, I suggest using a whole lot of shotgun shells and gernades. If you 
carry a Rocket Launcher like I have in my hints & tips section, kill the two "Edward 
Scissor Hands" guys with it when they get close to eachother (one shot will kill 
them both if they get side-by-side). This part is a little challenging and not much 
I can say to help, just keep shooting and pray you live. When you are done head up 
the steps to the double doors at the end of this hall. Grab the spinels off of the 
two statues here and continues forward towards the next set of double doors and 
enter to see a _cutscene_.

Press the dodge buttons displayed (usually R + L but not always) so Leon saves 
himself. Watch the conversation between Leon and Salazar to hear one of Leon's bad 

- Castle - Trap Hole -

You can see the dead bodies on the spikes. There is a merchant down here and a lot 
of items. Near the merchant on the rocks you can find Handgun Ammo, TMP Ammo, Yellow 
Herb, and on the desk on the opposite side of the merchant you can find an 
Incendiary Gernade and a typewriter. Save your game.

Sell all of your spinels and treasures, but not the crown. If you have a Riot Gun, 
sell it and replace it with the Striker. Like I have said over and over, always 
carry a Rocket Launcher. If you don't have one, I suggest making inventory room and 
buying one from this merchant. Climb the ladder beside the typewriter and follow 
this drain.

There's a velvet blue in the first drain on the left and some ammo on the right. 
There's also a spinel in the last drain on the left. Open the door at the end to 

- Control Tunnel -

Run all the way down this tunnel (dont stop along the way for one of the side paths) 
and head through the door at the end. Be alert, this monster will try to smack you 
so be prepared to dodge and avoid damage. When you get in the door take a left and 
grab the shotgun shells then take a right, then another right to find a control 
panel.  Flip the lever, then turn around and grab the Green Herb.  Make your way 
back to the door you entered the room through and attempt to open it.  The enemy 
will approach you, but all you can do is dodge its attacks for now.

Dodge its first attack, then run around it and take a right.  Examine the red
tube of liquid Nitrogen to knock it over when the enemy is close.  This will
freeze the enemy.  If you took my advice earlier and got another Rocket Launcher, 
this will be easy.  Simply run to the far wall, aim the rocket at the frozen enemy,
and destroy it in a single blast.

If you were an idiot and didn't get another rocket, you'll have to blast
away at it with shotgun shells for a while (or Blacktail rapid-fire, which you
can do by holding down the A button while aiming).  Once it regains mobility,
run out the shuttered door and make your way to the next Nitrogen tank on the

When the enemy approaches, knock the tank over and blast it while it's frozen.
Repeat this process using the third Nitrogen tank in the room to the right
(which also contains TMP ammo), and using the fourth one in the last room down
the tunnel if necessary.

Take the ammo and First Aid Spray from the elevator room, and don't forget to
take the Crown Jewel from the enemy's dead body.  Board the elevator when
you're ready.

***************      =================
- Chapter 4-2 -      - Mine Entrance - 
***************      =================

Grab the Green Herb across from the elevator, then destroy the three barrels to
the right of the merchant for three items.  Grab the ammo and Luis's Memo 2
from the tables near the typewriter, then use it.  Exit the door to the main
part of the mine.

- Mine -

Grab the Velvet Blue, ammo, and Green Herb as you deal with the villagers, then
go to the end of the tunnel.  Kill the scattered villagers in the main mine
area, then raid the place for items.  There's a piece of Velvet Blue inside a
mine car near the trolley controls, a crate towards the ramp heading to the
circuit breaker, and a pile of money behind the circuit breaker.

Flip the trolley switch first, then head up to the circuit breaker and flip it.
Immediately run back towards the trolley switch.  Several angry villagers, one
of which is armed with a chainsaw, will attack you.  Run into the caged area
to the left of the trolley switch to defend yourself, since all enemies will be
forced to come in the only entrance.  Shotgun them, then use your rifle to aim
head shots on the chainsaw guy while he's down.  He drops a pile of money when
he dies.

Flip the trolley lever again, then grab the dynamite from it.  Examine the
boulder to the right of the trolley switch, place the dynamite in it, and run
away.  Head for the double doors after the rock is removed, smashing the
barrels on the left along the way.

- Furnace -

Grab the Flash grenade, First Aid Spray, and shotgun shells from around the
room, then try to leave through the second set of double doors.  While killing
both of these guys might be worth a pretty penny, it'll cost you way too much
ammo unless you use the a rocket.  But if you use a rocket, you're paying more
than the second kill is worth, so I suggest only fighting one of them, and
using the hole in the middle of the room to take care of the second one.

Start right away by climbing the ladder.  Use the rope thing to slide over to
the lever, then pull the lever once one of the two guys is standing on the
circular part of the floor in the middle of the room.  Now just run in circles
to avoid the second one while the hole in the floor closes.

Once it's closed, use the classic Flash grenade trick to get rid of the second
one.  Use Magnum bullets to do fast damage if you don't have any Flash grenades
available.  Just keep running around, or running between his legs, firing when
you get the chance.

Grab the money it drops when it's dead, then head through where the gate was to
smash some barrels for a grenade and some shotgun shells.  Open the next set of
double doors to move on.

- Lower Hive -

Grab the Green Herb in the light on the left once you enter the main cavern
area, then turn to deal with the flying enemies in the area.  Once they're
taken care of, head up the path on the right, grabbing the Flash grenade along
the way.  Grab the ammo on the ground at the next intersection, then take the
path to the right, entering the cave on the left of it.

Grab the Green Herb from the left corner of the cave, then press the switch.  A
large group of those insects is going to attack you, so stay where you are and
shotgun them all.  Gather their items and exit the cave when they stop coming.
Take a right and head up the ramp, grab the Red Herb on the left side of the
blocked door, then head across the cavern where more bugs can be seen flying.

Blast the flying enemies, grab the ammo on the right side of the cave entrance,
then go inside.  There's another green herb on the left, so take it, then press
the switch.  Prepare to defend against another flood of flying insects, then
run to the newly-openned door, dealing with the enemies around it if you want.

Run through this tunnel, being careful not to get smashed while you do so.
After you jump down the second time, pull the lever on the left, then head up
the hill.  Grab the Royal Insignia from the pedestal, then examine it again to
ride up.

***************     =======================
- Chapter 4-3 -     - Cathedral Courtyard -
***************     =======================

Smash the barrels to the left of the merchant's place for some items, then take
the Letter From Ada off of the right side of the merchant's place.  Combine
your Crown, Royal Insignia, and Crown Jewel, then sell the crown along with any
Velvet Blue and Spinels you have and the Gold Bangle.

Upgrade your Striker as much as you can, and upgrade the Blacktail and
Semi-Automatic Rifle too.  You can upgrade the Broken Butterfly if you want,
but it's quite expensive, and there aren't too many uses for it.  Head out of
the merchant's place and continue down the path after you use the typewriter.

Pick off the first two guys in the ruined courtyard area, then raid the place
for Velvet Blue and money.  Toss a grenade at the gathering of villagers by the
fire if you have one, or just hose them with the Striker if you don't.  There's
more money and Velvet Blue in the structure on the right, as well as a barrel
on the upper part.

Head behind the other structure to find a Flash grenade, then jump through the
window in the back.  Smash the crate for an item, then turn the crank and jump
down the hole.

- Underground Ruins -

Break a crate on the left near the entrance and one on the right near the main
room for some items, then use your rifle to pick off the villagers roaming
around in the main area.  Watch out for bear traps as you move through the
area, and make your way to the stairs leading down near the entrance of the
room.  Open the tomb for the Staff of Royalty, then head back to the main area.

Keep watching for bear traps.  There are two pieces of Velvet Blue on the
ground, and there's a Red Herb on the left of the large metal door.  Enter the
wooden door on the side of the structure and have the Striker ready.  There are
two chainsaw guys in there waiting for you, one on each level.  To make matters
worse, a flood of villagers will rush the structure once you enter it.

Step inside, knock the first chainsay guy down, then watch the stairs for the
second one.  Make sure they're both knocked down, then run up the stairs and
defend in the corner by the barrel (which contains a yellow herb).  Keep your
eyes on the stairs, but don't forget about the windows;  villagers will  pour
in from a ladder there.  Once you've killed everyone, take their items and take
the key off of the pedestal in the upper area of that structure, then head
through the giant metal door that was locked before.

Head down the hallway and smash the box on the left, then open the door at the
end.  When you enter the next room, the ceiling is going to start falling.
There are also two parasites on the ground, so you'll have to move fast.  Kill
both parasites, then shoot the four shiny spots in the ceiling to stop it.

Collect the handgun ammo from the corner and the money from the tomb, then go
through the door and head down the spiral.  Smash the barrels for some more
items, then open the door.

- Minecar Tracks -

Smash the barrels on the right, then grab the green herb from the left.  Board
the minecart train when you're ready, shooting the terminal on the left to
make it start moving.  Get in the rear cart as fast as possible, and be
prepared to blast villagers as they attempt to board your carts.

The cars will go down the tracks, and villagers will jump down every minute or
so.  Blast them as they do, and try to pick up as much of what they drop as you
can, since you won't be able to recover it once the cars stop.  Be ready to
press the buttons displayed on the screen to dodge various obstacles.

At the end of the track, open the door and grab the Stone of Sacrifice from the
pedestal.  Head through the new passage and climb the ladder.

- Cathedral Courtyard -

Approach the large metal door by the fire and use the Stone of Sacrifice on it,
then activate the elevator.

***************       =============
- Chapter 4-4 -       - Cathedral -
***************       =============

Take the ammo from the table on the right near the typewriter, then continue
down the hall.  Smash the pots on the right for some more items, then go down
the stairs and take a left.  Several cult guys will appear, so be prepared.
You can pick four of them off with your rifle from where you're standing, but
watch out for the one that will approach from the stairs you just came down.

Climb the ladder in the area beside the statue.  Kill the guy up there and take
the items from the pots, then climb on the moving hand of the statue.  Turn
around and get off on the next level above you, blasting the cult guys when you
do.  Take all of the items from up here, then pull the lever on the wall.  Go
to the ledge near the statue and look for a lever on its back.  Shoot that
lever to alter the motion of the hands, then jump onto the closest hand.

Wait until both hands go as high as they can and meet in the middle, then jump
to the second hand.  Grab all of the items from up here, and don't miss the pot
on the ledge behind the big statue.  When ready, get back on the closest hand
and get off on the floor below you.  Grab any items from here, but watch out
for the guy in red, since he tends to climb the ladder to get you.

Once you've gotten everything from that floor, drop down the ladder to the area
behind the bars.  Flip the last switch, and have your shotgun ready to blast at
least four more guys that materialize out of nowhere.  Once they're dead, head
out of the Cathedral over the platforms in the water that you just raised.

An interesting surprise awaits you.  Rapidly press your A button, and be
prepared to press L, R, or both at once to dodge pillars.  Blast the lock and
exit the door at the end, then continue jamming your A button.  Be ready to
press the buttons displayed on the screen at the end of the open area, then jam
the A button again to climb.  Open the doors in front of you.

- Ritual Tower -

Don't set the controller down during the scene, since you'll need to dodge an
attack from the body guard by pressing the buttons shown on the screen.  When
you have control of Leon again, take a left and grab the ammo, then continue to
the far back-left area to find a Yellow Herb inside a treasure chest.  Start
running up the spiral after that.

Eventually, barrels will start coming down the spiral at you.  Two handgun
bullets or a shotgun shell will destroy them, or you can just duck in the small
indentions to dodge them.  Kill the guys operating the barrel lever when you
make it up there, then immediately turn and snipe the guy to the left of there
up high.  He throws dynamite at you from there, and it's quite unpleasant.

Continue up the ramp to find a green herb, then go deal with the hoard coming
up from below.  Some will take the ramp, others will take the ladder near the
barrel lever.  While using the barrels might seem like a good way to deal with
the ones coming up the ramp, you have to keep two things in mind:  First, guys
can easily surprise you up the ladder while you're busy with the lever, and
second, it's quite easy to accidentally hit yourself with a barrel.  Either
way, eliminate them all, grab their items, and drop down below to kill the
leader if you want.  Check behind the lift area for some items, then get on the

Push both crates off of it, then press the button to make it go up.  Hoards of
cult guys will drop in from above, and the elevator won't move if there are too
many of them on it at once.  Let the shotgun shells fly, and make sure you also
take care of the two archers around the outside of the lift.  Exit the lift
when it stops.

Collect the items from the upper area as you work your way around the outside,
making sure you don't miss the Red Herb and Gold Bangle.  Ride the lift to the
top of the tower, then collect the pile of items by the typewriter.  Sell your
Spinels, Velvet Blues, Gold Bangle, and Staff of Royalty to the merchant, and
purchase the upgrades for the Semi-Automatic Rifle if you want.  Save at the
typewriter, then enter the door.

- Salzar's Den -

When the battle starts, run to the right and stay on that side of the upper
area for the entire battle.  Fire some shotgun shells at the tentacle on that
side to make it retract, then use your rifle to hit the yellowish eye in the
central tentacle thing.  You'll see Salazar's shell open, so shoot him in the
head a few times before the shell closes again.  If you have a rocket launcer,
you can finish him in a single shot. Just shoot Salazar when you see his head 
in the shell after it opens.

If not, stun the tentacle again, then shoot the center eye some more.  Keep
hitting Salazar when the shell opens, but be careful:  As the battle moves on,
he'll start having the central tentacle do an instant-kill move.  If you're far
enough to the right on the platform, that attack won't be able to hit you.  But
if you're a little too far to the left, you'll have to start the battle over

After the battle, raid the upper area you're on for a green herb and some ammo,
then jump down to the lower area.  Destroy four pairs of barrels for some more
items, then climb the center ladder, grab the money, and exit.

- Ritual Tower Exit -

Smash the barrels for some items, then use the rope in the back to repel down
the cliff.  Destroy some more boxes at the bottom (one of which has a snake in
it), then operate the elevator.

- Ritual Tower Dock -

Collect all of the items scattered around the merchant, then buy the upgrades
for the Striker and Blacktail if you'd like.  Note that the "Exclusive" upgrade
will now be available for the Blacktail if you've already gotten all of the
other upgrades.  The Exclusive upgrade costs a fortune though, so you may or
may not opt to get that.  Open the door when you're ready to continue to
chapter five.

***************     ========================
- Chapter 5-1 -     - Island cliff - lower -
***************     ========================

Head down the path and jump down when you're given the option, then continue on
the left path until you get to some rocks.  Climb them, then grab the items
from the boxes on top, one of which is an Emerald.  Head back to the wooden
bridge, cross it, then turn right and jump over the next gap.

Four guys will attack you, so have the Striker ready.  Once they're dealt with,
try to go around the wall on the left side.  A dude with a really big machine
gun will jump down, so immediately get behind the wall on the right and wait
for him to stop firing.  When he does, peek through the gap in the wall and hit
him in the head with rifle shots until he dies.

Approaching his corpse causes a large group of guys to attack from the tower
and the right side of the area.  Stand back and blast them all, and be
especially careful of ones that have things to throw and bows to shoot.  When
you think they've stopped coming, walk forward to collect any items, but stay
alert, since a second group usually comes after that.

There's a green herb in the bottom of that structure where the machine gun guy
jumped out of, so grab it.  Head for the door you saw in the scene a few
minutes ago and activate it to cause a laser to emit.  Look on the tops of the
structures around here for two mirrors.  Climb the one in the corner and aim
the mirror at the other mirror to the right, then climb the other structure,
grab the ammo from the top, and rotate the mirror to point the laser at the
little yellow spot on the right side of the door.

Head through it now that it's open.  Grab the ammo behind the sandbags, then
continue down the path.  When you get to the cave entrance, be prepared to
press the buttons displayed on the screen to dodge an attack by some guys.
Smash the barrels inside the cave, then head into the second section of cave.
There are two guys in there, so take care of them, then grab the shotgun shells
from the back.  Climb the ladder when you're ready to continue.

- Island Cliffs - Upper -

Take the Emerald from the top of the crate nearby, then take a left out of the
exit.  Kill that guard, take the item behind him, then turn around and jump
across the gap to the other side.  Jump through the window on the right and
have your Striker ready.  There are several guards in this room armed with
shock sticks, and they hurt quite badly if you're careless enough to let some
of them hit you.

Once you've killed the guards, explore the cave area for ammo, a Red Herb, and
the Golden Lynx (you'll have to shoot a red barrel and climb a ledge for that).
Exit the cave and turn right.  Don't step out from behind the small section of
wall, since there are several archers, a bazooka guy, and a dynamite thrower
around the corner.

Pick off the archers first, then the bazooka guy, and then the dynamite guy.
Take care of any loose ends, then head up the cave on the left side of the
road.  There will be a guy waiting in it, so blast him with your shotgun.  That
causes several more to come in from the bottom of the cliff, and there are also
several waiting at the top.  Deal with the upper ones first, then run into the
cave behind them.

Grab the items from the cave, then turn around to deal with the incoming guys.
Take their items and head back down the cliff.  There'll be another guy at the
bottom, and a new dynamite thrower will have appeared up high.  Just ignore him
and run to the top of the hill.

Take care of the last guy at the top of the hill, but be careful not to hit the
wagon with barrels in it.  Step out of the way, THEN shoot the wagon.  Examine
the cliff walls where it blows up to find some stuff, then press the red button
on the right side of the next door.

Turn right and head down the hallway.  Sell any Spinels and Emeralds you have
to the merchant.  You'll note that he's now offering the Killer 7 for sale.
Whether you buy it or not is entirely up to you.  Personally, I didn't bother.
You have so little magnum ammo throughout the game that it's not really worth
wasting money on it, especially if you still have the Broken Butterfly that you
got for free earlier.

Purchase the new upgrades for the Striker, then save your game at the
typewriter.  Use your rifle to pick off the guy on the ledge on the right side
of the path when you continue, then deal with the other guys.  Open the door at
the end of the path when you're done.

- Base - Entrance -

Grab the money from the locker in front of you, then head down the hall.  Grab
the Incendiary Grenade from the dumpster on the right, then continue down the
hallway until you come to the door.  When you enter it, be prepared to blast a
guy hiding on the left side, since he'll jump out at you.  Enter the area where
he jumped from to find a Green Herb and some shotgun shells, then continue down
the hallway.

Enter the kitchen for another little surprise, grab the grenade from the sink,
then continue to the next room.

- Base - Surveillance Room -

Take care of the big guy up top first, then use your rifle to snipe the two
guys in the lower level.  Go down to the lower level after that, but be
prepared to take out two more guys that come down the stairs after you.  Grab
the Red Stone of Faith from the case in the corner, then enter the smaller room
in the back for a Yellow Herb and some money.

Go back up the stairs and head through the door on your left.  Grab the ammo in
front of you, then walk farther into the room to start a scene.  Grab the money
from the locker in the corner once the scene is done and head out the next

- Base - Garage Area -

Take the shotgun shells from the filing cabinet on the left, then take a right
and go into the merchant's area.  Take the shotgun shells from the box on the
left and the rifle ammo from the glass case, then talk to the merchant.  He's
offering a Tactical Vest now.  It's expensive, and if you're anything like me,
you're not taking much damage anyway.  Personally, I went without the vest and
spent my money upgrading the Striker again.  If you have enough to max it out,
the Exclusive upgrade will become available, which gives you a one hundred
shell capacity.  O_o

Move towards the open area with the garage door in it.  When you step out in
view of the door, it will open, and several guys will appear.  Try to knock as
many as possible over, especially since they'll be chucking dynamite at you
whenever they get the chance.  Once you get the chance, enter the area they're
in and deal with any stragglers.

Take the red herb and ammo from that area, then go open the drawer in the
second set of filing cabinets to find an Emerald.  Go through the door inside
the garage area to continue.

- Base - Cryogenic Lab Access -

Take a right when you get the chance.  Head left down the dead-end hallway to
find an Emerald in a case, then take the ammo from the red box on the wall in
the left hallway.  Both doors in this area are sealed, so go through the gate
and take the left hallway.  Grab the Incendiary Grenade from the red cabinet on
the wall, then go down the hall and exit the door there.

- Base - Autopsy Lab -

Take a look around if you want.  When ready, examine the security panel with
the nine colored traingles on it.  Seriously, just about any series of buttons
you push will open it, but here's one that works ever time:

Blue, Yellow, Green, Green, Red, Red, Red.

Enter that autopsy area and take Luis's Memo 3 from the desk on the left as
well as the ammo from the ground on the right.  Take the keycard for the
freezer from the dead guy in the back of the room, then get your rifle out.
Approach the door you entered the autopsy room until you hear a crash outside,
then back all the way to the back of the autopsy room.

A "Regenerator" enemy will attack.  If you read that memo you just picked up,
you'll know that you can't kill Regenerators without some sort of heat sensor.
So, blast a leg off of it as it attacks you, then run the hell away back to the
door you entered the lab from.

- Base - Cryogenic Lab Access -

Look left around the corners slowly.  There's another Regenerator waiting near
the central gate area, but you can pick off one of his legs before he sees you
if you do it right.  Run past him while he's down and enter the cold door.

- Base - Cryogenic Lab -

Grab the Green Herb from the case in the back-left, then enter the small room
next to the door.  Alter your keycard with the device on the table, then use
the controls in there to open the door to the small freezer unit.  Take the
Infrared Scope from that freezer, then immediately run to the right side of the
entry door, grabbing the rifle ammo there.

Turn around and target the Regenerator making its way toward you.  Shoot the
little red/dark orange spots on it until the thing explodes.  Grab its money
and exit the Cryonenics Lab.

- Base - Cryogenic Lab Access -

There will suddenly be two Regenerators in this hallway.  Take care of the one
on your right first, then take care of the one on the left.  Regenerators tend
to drop five thousand pesetas each, so don't forget to kill them and pick up
their money.  Use your re-written access card to open the door to the garbage

- Base - Garbage Disposal Area -

Run forward and grab the ammo from the boxes, then open the door to the control
area.  Grab the hand grenade from the middle of the floor, then take control of
the crane with the levers.  Use it to pick up the cluster of two guys first,
then pick up the other two one at a time.  You only get three uses from the
crain before the idiots decide crouching in the open isn't going to help them,
so if you don't manage to catch all four, be prepared to deal with the
survivors.  Grab the green herb and Emerald from the dumpsters in the main part
of the room, then open the door.

Grab the TMP ammo and go up there stairs.  Take the shotgun shells from the
table, the Yellow Herb from the counter, and check the lockers in the corner,
then open the next door.

- Base - Ashley's Cell -

Head down the hallway, stopping to grab the ammo from the red box on the right
wall.  Blast the two dudes guarding the cell door, then open the other door
nearby to continue.

- Base - X-Ray Lab -

Grab the shotgun shells from the ground on the left, then open the next door.
Several enemies, including an archer, are waiting in the X-Ray Lab.  Take care
of all of them, then raid the place for items.  There's some ammo in a cabinet
on one side of the room and a grenade of the other.  Check the cabinet under
the stairs for a box of Magnum ammo, then open the door.

Run to the end of the hall and open the door.  Grab the Green Herb from the
table, then use the typewriter.

- Base - Research Lab -

Go through the first part and open the door.  Immediately turn to the right and
use your infrared rifle to pick off the Plagas on the spiky Regenerator that'll
come in the room.  Grab the rifle ammo on the cart next to you when he's down,
then grab the rifle ammo from the case on the right in the next area.  Jump
through the window to the large lab area.

The wall with the glass shelved area has a Red and a Green Herb, and the other
wall has two boxes of ammo, one on a shelf and one in a crank door.  Grab all
of that stuff, then exit the lab door.  Head through the door right by it to

- Base - Radio Terminal -

Use your Blacktail to pick off the six crows on the upper part of the bridge,
then break the barrels by the merchant.  Not much else to do with him at the
moment, unless you didn't have the money to upgrade everything you wanted to
earlier.  Ride the elevator to the upper area.

Enter the radio control room to see a scene, then grab the shotgun shells from
the corner.  Go back to the elevator, take the Green Herb from the end of the
walkway, then get back on it.  Go back into the lab as soon as you get back to
the bottom area.

- Base - Research Lab -

Nothing new here, creepily enough.  Just head to the right and go through the
door in the smaller lab area.

- Base - X-Ray Lab -

Use the typewriter in the small room on the left if you want, then go enter the
main X-Ray chamber again.  Several guys will gather at the top of the steps, so
don't hesitate to start firing shotgun shells when you get in there.  Be
especially sure you knock the archers down, since they tend to be quite
accurate now for some reason.

Head all the way out of this area to get back to the room with Ashley's cell.

***************       ========================
- Chapter 5-2 -       - Base - Ashley's Cell -
***************       ========================

Take the shotgun shells from the thing on your left, then take the Paper
Airplane.  Exit the cell and be prepared to blast some guards around the left
corner.  Head out of this area through the door down the left hallway.

- Base - Garbage Disposal Area -

Several more guys are in here, including an archer.  Take them all out, then
go press the security button to open the door.  A few more guys will come in,
so either turn around as fast as possible and blast them or run to the other
side.  Either way, kill them and make your way to the room with the crane.

Approach the side of the garbage dump to continue.

- Base - Dump -

Flip the closest lever, then turn and use your infrared rifle to blast the
Regenerator that was in the garbage pile.  Exit into the open area and take the
rifle ammo, then flip go to the large red thing and have Ashley help you push
it into the water.  Before you cross over to the other side, go look through
the fence wall on the left to see another Regenerator.

Shoot one of the Plagas while it's just standing there, then pick off the rest
as it moves towards you, backing up all the way to where you started if
necessary.  Grab the green herb and rifle ammo, then push the second red crate
out of the way and open the next door.

- Base - Wrecking Arena -

Take care of the three guys near the entrance, then pick up the shotgun shells
and Green Herb on your way to the furnace area with the wrecking ball.  Enemies
will pour into that room as soon as you enter it, so be ready for a long and
tedious round of blasting them.  Take all of their stuff, then go to the corner
area and grab the ammo and Red Herb on the ground.  Use the wrecking ball three
times to break the junk away from the door.

More guys will enter the room once you do that, so either deal with them or
make a run for the door.

- Base - Elevator -

Enter the room on the right and take the grenade from the thing on the right
and the rifle ammo from the cabinet in the back-left.  Go back to the main
hallway and pull the lever in front of the gate, but be ready to immediately
turn around and run back to the end of the hallway.  Snipe the Plagas off of
the Regenerator from there.

Carefully work your way down the hallway, and when you see the second
Regenerator, retreat to the end of the hallway to take out its Plagas.  Enter
the little conference room on the left side of the hallway to find a Green Herb
and some shotgun shells.  Press the switch in the back-right corner to activate
the power to the next door.

Go to that door and pull the lever near it.  Send Ashley under it, then grab
the Yellow Herb from the end of the hallway.  Enter the right door to find a
Red Herb.  Purchase any upgrades for the Striker or other weapons if you don't
already have them, then save with the typewriter.

Exit the merchant's area and have Ashley stand by one of the levers on the
sides of the elevator door.  Take Leon to the other lever to get the chance to
operate the levers.  Wait for the lights on the top to flash down to the center
and press the A button.  If you do it at the right time, you'll be granted
access to the elevator.

- Base - Bulldozer Path -

Grab the shotgun shells, rifle ammo, and First Aid spray from the left, then
raid the crates on the right.  Jump in the back of the bulldozer thing to start
the next part of the game.

Stand right next to Ashley in the front part of the truck's bed and blast any
guys that try to board the truck.  Eventually, another truck will come down the
path, so blast the front of it to temporarily stop it.  Continue halting the
guys as they try to climb.  Don't worry when that same truck comes back;  it'll
get caught on a low piece of metal.

When the dozer stops and Ashley points to a lever, jump out of the truck and go
up the right ladder.  Grab the Green Herb, then turn right and start blasting
your way through the guys.  Don't waste any time standing around, or Ashley
will get killed before you make it back down.  Get into the middle part, blast
the guys there, then pull the lever.

Run out the other side of the lever area.  Several guys are most likely already
in the back of the truck or close to it.  Pick them off with your rifle.  Once
the room is secure, board the truck again.  Be ready to defend against a bunch
more guys trying to get on, and keep your ears peeled for the sound of an
approaching truck.  Make sure you're standing as close to Ashley as possible,
and when you hear the truck, turn around to face the direction you're driving
in to shoot its engine.  The truck should ram you and flip over, but you should
be fine.

Grab the handgun ammo from the left corner, then open the next door.  You can
pick up a grendade, some shotgun shells, and the Green Stone of Judgement in
this room.  The merchant doesn't have anything new, but you can pick up stuff
if you failed to get it earlier.  Save at the typewriter and head through the
door across from the merchant.

***************      ======================
- Chapter 5-3 -      - Base - Boiler Area -
***************      ======================

Take the money from the left side of the stairs, then take the Our Plan file
from the table in the middle of the elevated area.  Open the door to see a
short scene, then run to the end of the platforms for some shotgun shells.  Go
down the metal stairs and deal with the two guys there, then take the Green
Herb and head through the door.

Another set of guys is on the lower level of the boiler room, including one
archer.  Take care of them, then deal with the other two on the top level.
Take the shotgun shells and money from that small room, then raid the other
small room on the right side of the lower level for money and a Flash grenade.
Open the last door in the boiler room to continue.

Grab the shotgun shells from the floor and take the lift to the upper level.
If you've struggled with the whole pressing buttons to avoid cutscene deaths
thing, you're about to be thoroughly frustrated.  You have a series of about
six or so to dodge during the next scene, and the game tries to trick you into
second-guessing when they're going to happen.  All you can do is try to stay
focussed on the buttons instead of the entertaining scene.

When it's over, jump down from the current level to find a new door and head
through it.

- Base - Laser Grid -

You'll have to time the first two runs through the lasers.  The other sets will
have to be dodged by pressing the approapriate buttons on the screen as they
come towards you.  Take the Emerald from the chair in the next room, then turn
around and knock the Elegant Headress off of the upper area.  Take the lift
behind the chair to continue.

Go down the stairs at the end of the tunnel, then check behind them at the
bottom for a Green Herb and an Emerald.  Go down the other section of tunnel
and take Luis's Memo 4 from the box to the left of the merchant.  Upgrade any
weapons you want, then save your game with the typewriter.  Go through the
doors and prepare for yet another interesting fight.

- Chasm -

Head up the hill on your left and grab the Yellow Herb from the cage.  Continue
to the main area and head up the hill on the left to start the battle.  When
you find yourself in the caged areas, don't panic.  Press the displayed buttons
to dodge attacks when necessary, and if the thing lands without any buttons
being displayed, blast it in the face with a shotgun shell to make it retreat.

Your goal in each of the three cage sections is to press two red security
buttons, which unlocks the red metal doors to the next section.  It also causes
the section you're in to fall after thirty seconds, so a good plan is to find
the red metal door before you press the second switch.  That way, you won't
have to panic when you start looking for it.  Note that all of the cages
require you to open smaller gates inside them by shooting small green lights
near each gate.

Repeat the process through the second cage.  The third cage is a tad more
tricky.  One of the green lights can only be hit from the back side of the
gate, so you'll have to go around, shoot it, then go back to the front to press
the button.  When you open the last red metal door, jump on the swinging wire
to escape.

After jumping out of the third crate:

Take a few steps and you'll encounter the thing again.  If you've still got a
magnum with ten or so bullets, this battle is simple and fast.  Just stand
where you are and shoot the thing in the face, one bullet at a time, nice and
carefully.  Every hit stuns it, so there's no need to risk a miss because
you're firing too fast.

After it takes about six hits from a magnum, it'll dive underground.  Start
running around the area looking for items, but be prepared to press the buttons
on your screen to dodge attacks.  When it surfaces again, hit it in the face
with a few more magnum shots to finish the battle.  It really is quite an easy
battle thanks to that stunning... If you don't have a magnum or enough bullets,
the shotgun will work just as well, but you'll have to do it from closer range
to make it as effective.

Finish searching the area when it's dead, then open the door near the hanging
wire you used to escape the caged crates.  Grab the green herb from behind the
stairs, then go up the ladder.  (The button on the nearby lift will take you to
the other side of the chasm, but there's no need for that right now.)

- Camp -

Climb the ladder, then take the shotgun shells from the table and the handgun
ammo from the cabinet.  Open the door and quietly destroy the barrel for an
item, then peek over the edge of the cliff on the left.  Snipe the red barrel,
then pick off the lone guy on the right that isn't close enough to the barrel
to be killed by it.  Jump down, raid the place for items (including a Yellow
Herb), then jump down the hole inside the tent.

Take a right as soon as you can to find the Blue Stone of Treason, then get
back on the main path and head for the merchant.  Grab Krauser's Note from the
left side of the typewriter, then combine the Golden Lynx with the Blue Stone
of Treason, the Red Stone of Faith, and the Green Stone of Judgement.  Sell the
Lunx to the merchant after that along with any Emeralds you have and the
Elegant Headress.

Save at the typewriter, then Climb the ladder.  Smash the barrel behind you for
an item, then enter the large door.

- Ancient Fortress -

Take the Green Herb from the barrel on the left, then jump down and work your
way through the pillars on the left.  Throughout the entire encounter with
Krauser, be prepared to press buttons as they show up on your screen.  When you
have control of Leon again, wait for Krauser to reload, then dash up the stairs
and enter the small room.

Grab the items, then turn around and face the door you just came through.  By
far the easiest and most ammo-efficient way to deal with Krauser during this
encounter is by using your knife as much as possible.  Krauser will jump around
and eventually get close to you, so just stand there with your knife out and
slice him every time he gets close enough.  He'll throw a flash grenade and
escape after you do that.

If he ever pulls out his gun, you'll have to either duck behind some cover or
shoot him until he stops using it.  Open the gate in the room you're in and
proceed forward.  Krauser will jump out, so be prepared to knife him again.
Take a right and then another right at the next junction, and you'll be heading
across the spot where Krauser started this scene.  He'll probably be standing
on the top of the building in the distance, so be ready to either blast him
down or run to him while he's reloading.

He'll attack again when you get close to the structure.  Jump in through the
window and get in the corner by the ladder to defend against him.  A few robots
will start flying around after a while, but they're easily brought down with a
single shotgun shell.

Exit the structure when you're ready and head through the area behind it.  Grab
the herb, then head around to the stairs and enter the side area.  Prepare to
blast Krauser with something to knock him off the roof, then knife him again.
Grab the Red Herb and ammo from this area, then push the statue onto the square
thing to unlock the bars on the door's lever.  Pull the lever, then backtrack
to that structure from earlier.

Krauser will be waiting near the front of the structure.  Knife him again, then
use the lever and jump down the later.  Pick up the items, then turn to the
left and blast the machines.  Walk to the left around that section of wall, and
you'll be forced to deal with two more machines.  Now go down the hallway on
the right, and guess what?  Two more machines...  Destroy the ones Krauser
sends at you, then grab the Yellow Herb and go up the stairs.

Climb the ladder and turn left.  Pick up the items here, then go back to the
ladder area, turn to your left to see the wooden planks, and turn right to find
the second Piece of the Beast.  Krauser will attack again, only this time, you
won't particularly feel like using your knife.  If you have some magnum shells
to spare, get that out.  If not, use your trusty shotgun.

Shoot him in the legs to knock him down, then blast him as fast as possible
before he stands up.  As long as you don't let him get too close, this battle
won't take long.  Just make sure you don't waste ammo trying to shoot him high,
since that arm thing is invincible.

Grab the third Piece of the Beast that he drops, then jump back down the ladder
nearby.  Jump off of the wooden planks near the bottom of the ladder, and
you'll discover that you're right next to the gate you need to go through.  Use
all three Pieces of the Beast to open it, then head through.

***************     ================
- Chapter 5-4 -     - Chopper Zone -
***************     ================

Mike the chopper guy will help you out through this area.  Let him take care of
business, then run for cover in the tent or behind a wall until Mike takes out
the machine gun nest.  You'll know when he's about to blast something when he
talks.  If he says anything about getting out of the way, it means you're too
close to the taget, and you should get away before he blasts you.

Take a left at the first split and wait for Mike to destroy the tower above
the gate.  Deal with any stray guys that Mike misses, the run across the
bridge.  Another machine gun guy is in the upper part of the next structure, so
don't linger around in front of it.  Deal with the two guys in the windows,
enter the structure, and open the door on the left inside it.

Things get complicated down here.  Try to stay under cover as much as you can,
but you'll have to make a run for it eventually.  Run up the wooden plans when
you get the chance, grab the rope thing at the top, and slide to the other side
where the machine gun guy is standing.  Take him out, grab his money, and drop
down to the level below where he was standing to flip the lever that opens the
next gate.

Enter than gate and take a left to find a small tunnel.  Guys will enter it, so
deal with them and climb the ladder.  Your next goal is to find the two levers
that activate the final gate in this area.  There's no direct way from one
lever to the other, so you'll have to drop down to the middle to find a ladder
to get to the second lever.  Drop down and enter the door when you've pulled
both levers.

- Chopper Zone 2 -

Mike will take care of everyone in this area for you.  Search the place for
items when he's done, including a Green Herb in a barrel and two Emeralds on
the tops of two pillars (one near the entrance and one near the exit).  Go
through the next gate to continue.

- Torture Cells Access -

Take the Pearl Pendant from the table behind you, then enter the next room.
Take the handgun ammo from the table, then exit the door.  Enter the next door
to continue.

- Torture Cells -

Take the Flash grenade from the left, the magnum ammo from the drawer by the
typewriter, and the shotgun shells from the green box on the wall, then enter
the small room near the green box to find a Yellow Herb.  Use the typewriter,
then get your rifle (and infrared scope) ready.  The last cell on the left
has a Regenerator in it, so run to the Red Herb, take it, then turn around and
run all the way back to the typewriter.

Turn around and snipe the Regenerator, and note that it has a plaga on its
back.  Shoot through it's chest to take care of it.  After it explodes, raid
the first cell on the right for some rifle ammo, then climb the ledge near the
door and exit.

- Security Station -

Take the Green Herb and smash the crate, then head around the corner.  You can
easily pick off three or four guys with the rifle before they even notice you,
but then you'll have a hoard to deal with, so get your shotgun ready.  Stay in
the walled area to avoid the machine gun guy, but clear the place of all
enemies before you continue.

Enter the door on the structure and climb the ladder.  Raid the upper area for
items, then go outside and jump off the ledge to your left.  Raid the locker in
the next room, then attempt to press the button on the console.  Run back to
the lockers and face the catwalk to defend against a large group of guys.  When
they're dead, take the keycard from one of them. climb the ladder, and go use
it on the security access thing.

Backtrack to that console and press the button, then walk across the catwalk to
the second small room with another console in it.  Two guys will be hiding in
there, so don't let your guard down.  Once both buttons are pressed, head down
to the lowest level, walk past where the gate used to be, and enter the door.
Deal with the two shielded guys, then exit into the next area.

- Saddler's Experiment -

Watch the scene.  When you have control of Leon, check behind the rocks on the
left to find some money, then pick up the ammo, herb, and another note from
Luis.  use the merchant if you want, then open the next door.

- Radiation Lab -

Deal with four guys around the first corner to the right, then go down the
right hallway to re-enter Saddler's Experiment chamber.  Take the shotgun ammo,
then go down the other part of the hall to find the radiation lab area.

*********************    =================
- The Final Chapter -    - Radiation Lab -
*********************    =================

Exit the door in the back of the lab, run up the stairs, and take the shotgun
shells, Yellow Herb, and Our Mission file.  Exit the door after that.

- Final Battle Arena -

Take the herb and smash the crates near the merchant, then use the typewriter.
Head down the stairs to start the final battle.

This isn't a tough fight if you know what you're doing, and it's even easier if
you have several regular hand grenades.  Toss a grenade at it, then run to it
and press the A button to climb on it, just like you would to fight El Gigante.
If you run out of hand grenades, start shooting the yellow eyes on it's legs to
knock it down, then use your A button to climb on it.

After six or seven sucessful climbs, a rocket launcher will show up on the
far side of the area.  Cross the bridge while the light is green, pick up the
launcher, and hit the enemy with it to finish the battle.

A timer starts.  Run to the elevator, but don't forget to take the money the
enemy dropped.  Head down the tunnel, jump down the ledge, then catch Ashley.
Use the key to get on the jet ski.

The jet ski part only takes about thirty seconds, so don't worry about time at
first.  However, once the game tells you how to accelerate, you MUST accelerate
to keep from losing the mission.  After it tells you to accelerate, keep the
jet ski on the left side of the water to avoid shallow water and falling rocks.
When the path turns left, run into the left part of the obstruction to ramp
over it, then the right side of the next one.  Dodge a few more fairly easy
rock formations, and you're home free.

Make sure you watch the credits and save your game afterwards. You will unklock some 
extra things like two mini games, and a couple other extras but you will find out 
for yourself. 

Hopefully Capcom will continue the strategy they have set up right now. They are 
producing newer improved types of RE games (RE 4) and still producing older style RE 
games with zombies and containing online play (RE Outbreak File #2). It's a good 
idea if you ask me, the RE series could use some changes to improve it and make it 
more interesting after being the same for years, but then again they shouldnt 
totally get rid of zombies. So they found a way to make everybody happy, make an 
online play RE game with the older enemies and newer improved RE games with new 
stroylines and excellent graphics.

If you don't have a Gamecube, I suggest getting one if at all possible just to play 
RE games on it. I purchased mine about 2 years ago for Resident Evil 0 and Resident 
Evil Remake, but RE 4 is by far worth buying a Gamecube alone. RE 4 was sceduled to 
come out for PS2 sometime in 2006, I'm not totally positive if it's still sceduled 
for the same date or anything so chances are I could be wrong. Resident Evil 
Outbreak File #2 is sceduled for early March 2005, the date can be found up above in 
the begining of my walkthrough. 

If you have any suggestions, corrections, or POSITIVE feedback about my walkthrough 
I would appreciate hearing from you, especially if you notice spelling errors or any 
other minor error I need to correct. E-mail me with the subject something about RE 4 
(DO NOT put attachments, viruses, trojans, or anything else in the e-mails please).

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