Walkthrough - Guide for Silent Hill 3

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Current Version: 3.0 beta

THANK YOU. ^___^

This faq is by no means finished at the current time.
I would welcome criticism and especially help with it,
of course you will be credited in full for that.

Ok, the most important content is there. Still needs some proofreading 
and spellchecking and tons of feedback to be perfect, but it's useable
and even playtested. ^^
Hard mode guides to be completed tomorrow (28/05/03).

Things that are still missing:
- Ending Conditions
- Extra Weapon Conditions
- Uses for various Objects (talisman, perfume...)
- The things I'm working on right now
- Stuff I simply forgot

- If you have additional questions for the Q/A-faq, let me have them.
  This thing lives of feedback.

contact me at:
[email protected]

  Usually a walkthrough is something that gets you past an annoying little part 
  in a game, so you can play on happily. Just getting a passcode you need might 
  help you to get on with a game, but I thought it would be a nice thing to have 
  a guide that would help you in the same way a good buddy of yours would do, 
  that has already beaten the same game.

  In short: This Q/A-guide will not just supply you with the solutions but 
  instead get you back on the track with suggestions so you can get them 

       (For those still stuck there's the solutions to all riddles and a regular
       walkthrough, too, of course.)


  Directions given refer to the position of your character, not yours. For 
  example: 'Take the door to your left' means to take the door on the left side 
  of your CHARACTER, not the left side of the screen.

  'Take the door to the north' on the other hand refers (naturally) to the 
  position on the map. All set? Good. ^^


Q:I can't get the Bookstore open.
HINT: It's locked, you'll need a key or Mr. T.
HINT2: Mr. T is not in this game.
HINT3: Check underneath things.
A: The key is underneath a pallet in the far west room on 2F.

Q: There's a key underneath a pallet, but I can't reach it.
HINT: Get something to increase your range.
HINT2: It's not very far form where you are.
A: Get the TONGS from the Bakery.

Q: I can't get the bookstore's back door open.
HINT1: It says employees only.
HINT2: You're not an employee.
A: Refer to the riddle guide (part 5 of this document) for this.

Q: There's a bunch of bloodsucking moths in one of the corridors 
   and no matter how hard I whack them, I can't kill them.
HINT1:  If you can't do it yourself, have something else do it.
HINT2:  How would you get rid of pests in real life?
HINT3:  Got any chemicals?
A:  Use the DETERGENT and the BLEACH with the wastebasket and 
    unleash the power of Agent Orange. ^^

Q: I can't get that ladder down!
HINT1:   Your arms are too short, try to enhance your reach
HINT2:  A hook or something similar might be useful.
HINT3:  You're in a shopping mall
A: Get the HANGER from the Clothes Shop.

Q: There's a door with a crescent and some cryptic
   phrase on it. How can I get it open??
HINT1:   Look for the key.
HINT2:  It seems to fit that indentation on the door...
HINT3:  It should be round.
A: Get the WALNUT on F2. Examine it.

Q: I got a WALNUT, but I can't get that darn thing open.
HINT1:   No nutcracker around...
HINT2:  Look for something that will get it open.
HINT3:  Even if it is unconventional.
A: Stick it in the vise on F2 and crack it open.

Q: I got a moonstone. But it's not really from the moon and 
   it won't turn me into Sailormoon either... What do I do with that?
HINT1:  Remember seeing anything vaguely crescent shaped lately?
HINT2:  It might be a key.
HINT3:  It is a key.
A: Unlock the door on F3 with it.

Q: I found a NUTCRACKER in the Subway Station. What's that supposed to be?
HINT1:  It doesn't crack nuts any more.
HINT2:  Or does it?
HINT3:  Try and find a nut to crack with it.
A:  The NUTCRACKER opens the door to platform.

Q:  There's a door that's locked with a chain and a nut.
    Should I bite my way through?
HINT1:  No, maybe you can find some tool.
HINT2:  Maybe you have to go down a bit to do so.
HINT3:  -insert useful hint here-
A:  Get the NUTCRACKER from the lower platform.

Q: I get pushed onto the rails and a train runs over every time.
   What do I do?
HINT1: Your mommy told not to play near the rails...
HINT2: Don't panic.
A: Just get back onto the platform. Push X to climb back up.

Q: I wanted to open a door. It's the only place I haven't been yet.
   Whenever I try to open it, a subway train runs
   me over. What should I do?
HINT1: Don't panic.
HINT2: Maybe you can evade the train somehow.
A:  Just run back and evade the dogs. Climb back onto the platform
    and you're fine, the train will stop at the station and you can board it.

Q: I know it sounds stupid, but I just can't get away
   from that train fast enough. Any suggestions?
A: That's not stupid at all. Try a simple trick: approach the door
   and turn around before you turn the doorknob. That way all you have
   to do is run forward to reach the rails which will save you the time
   for turning around. You might just have to run a little bit to the
   left so as to evade the first dog.

Q: Yay. I finally managed to catch a subway train without being run over.
   How can I board the damn thing?
HINT1: Look around
HINT2: Maybe there's a door somewhere.
A:  Just run along the platform. go through the door at the end of it and
    you'll be able to hop in.

Q:  Where can I get fuel for that generator?
HINT1: Maybe there is another thing nearby that is driven with fuel.
HINT2: You need something to put it into.
A: Take your WINE BOTTLE and get some fuel out of the kerosene heater.

Q:  How can I find a container for that fuel?
HINT1: Look around in places where people usually put containers.
HINT2: It's not too far away.
A: Get the empty WINE BOTTLE from a wine rack.

Q:  I can't get over that bridge in the sewers.
HINT1: Maybe you can get that thing before it gets you.
HINT2: Check the walls.
HINT3: Never dry your hair in the bathtub.
A: Get the DRYER from a nearby room, plug it in and fry some sewer monster.

Q:  Whenever I jump down that hole to F4, I die. Can I learn to fly somehow?
HINT1: If you do 100 pushups... just kidding.
HINT2: Maybe you can cushion your fall somehow.
A: Push that dirty mattress down the hole to land softly.

Q:  There's a drawer and I feel like whatever is
    inside is very important. But it won't open.
HINT1: Maybe you can find something to force it open.
HINT2: Something that can give you a better leverage.
A:  Get the SCREWDRIVER from the cardboard box on F5.

Q:  How can I get down that elevator shaft??
HINT1: The opening between the doors is too tight.
HINT2: Maybe you can find something to force them apart.
A:  Get the JACK from KMN Auto Parts and use it on the doors.

Q:  The door is open, but how can I get down that shaft?
HINT1: What would Indiana Jones do?
HINT2: Maybe you can climb down somehow.
A: Get the ROPE from the drawer in Monica's Dance Studio and use it to get down.

Q:  I'm stuck in the Alternate Office Building,
    even though I have more items than ever.
HINT1: Check for a painting.
HINT2: Read the title.
HINT3: Take it to heart.
A: You need to combine some items here. Read on if you're lost.

Q:  There's a painting called FLAME PURIFIES ALL.
    I recon, I have to burn it down, but how can I do that?
HINT1: First of all, you'll need something to light it with.
HINT2: Then you need something that will burn.
HINT3: And maybe something to help that thing burn, too.
A: Get the MATCHBOOK, the OXYDOL and the PORK LIVER. Combine these
   items to start a little bonfire in front of that picture.

Q:  I have got a SILVER COIN. Will this improve my end ratings?
HINT1: No, it won't do that.
HINT2: Try it on something that will produce results when you put coins in it.
HINT3: It's not far from here.
A: Use the coin on the vending machine (duh) and get a drink.

Q:  There's a monster blocking the way out. And a damn big one at that.
HINT1: Fighting won't get you anywhere here.
HINT2: There might be a non-violent solution.
HINT3: Check the surroundings.
A: Get the fairy tale from the life insurance company. Tu fui, ego eris.

Q:  There's a key stuck to a wall and I can't get it off.
HINT1: Once again chemistry might be the answer.
HINT2: Can you think of a substance that dissolves almost anything?
HINT3: Many women carry it with them actually...
A: Go to the Women's Dressing Room and get the NAIL POLISH REMOVER.

Q:  There's an attaches case on a bed, how can I get that open?
HINT1: You'll need the right combination.
HINT2: Try and find the guy whom it belonged to.
HINT3: The alarm clock was also one of his belongings.
A: Stop the alarm clock and enter the time into the lock.
   Refer to the riddles' section for further details.

Q:  There's a shelf in the basement,
    but I can't get behind it and it won't budge.
HINT1: Maybe you don't have to get behind there yourself.
HINT2: Get something that will enable you to see behind it.
A: Use the POLAROID CAMERA to get a picture of
   the access code to the door on F3 behind the shelf.

Q:  I went down all the way and I ended up in a crematorium...
    Now I need to open the oven, how do I do it?
HINT1: Look around the room, get the clues.
HINT2: It's all in there.
A: Refer to the riddle section for this one.

Q:  I have found an altar with candles and all. What should I do with it?
HINT1: Examine the surroundings.
HINT2: Read Lost Memories.
HINT3: Do as you're told. ^^
A: Get some blood and follow the instructions given in the book.

Q:  I have found an altar and the
    book next to it says, I need a human sacrifice.
HINT1: Maybe you can find a replacement for that.
HINT2: Maybe there has already a sacrifice been made.
HINT3: Remember what the sacrifice is necessary for.
A: Get the blood from that room on F3
   with the poor guy hanging from the ceiling.

Q:  I need to take some blood to the altar,
    but I haven't got anything to put it into.
HINT1: Look for a container.
HINT2: Look in odd places.
A: Get a PLASTIC BAG from the Women's Locker Room.

Q:  There's that roller coaster and it always runs me over...
HINT1: Try to prevent it.
HINT2: You cannot evade it on the rails.
HINT3: Maybe you can stop the roller coaster running.
A: Get the key from the Souvenir Shop and power the thing down.

Q:  I can't find the key for that cabin next to the roller coaster.
HINT1: Listen closely.
HINT2: You have been to the amusement park before...
HINT3: Has something been different this time?
A: Go to the back of the Souvenir Shop. Some chocolate boxes
   will fall from the shelves and in one you will find the

Q:  I can't get that green gate next to the SWING ROCKET carousel open...
HINT1: Look at the carousel closely.
HINT2: To open that gate, you'd need a lot of force.
HINT3: Maybe you can transfer some force from some source...
A: Use the CHAIN found near the stage on the carousel and then on the gate.

Q:  I connected the chain to the carousel.
    How can I connect it to something else?
A:  It's still in your inventory.
    Go whereever you'd like to use it next and do so.

Q:  I put the DOLL HEAD in Snowhite's hand.
    Now what do I do with Cinderella?
HINT1: Remember the fairy tale?
HINT2: What did Snowhite lose?
A:  Get the RED SHOE from the stage in the Amusement Park.

Q:  What can I do to solve that Cinderella/Snowhite puzzle?
HINT1: Have a look at the photos at the far end of that room.
HINT2: Have a look at your inventory.
HINT3: Combine them.
A: Put the RED SHOE on Cinderella's foot and the DOLL FACE in Snowhite's hand.

Q:  Horses on Merry-Go-Round
HINT1: They look strangely alive
HINT2: You will be saved by the twelfth death.
A:  Get out your favourite melee weapon
    and merrily chop them horses into pieces.

Q:  Oh my god. Claudia has done a terrible thing. Now I'm facing her...
    What should I do??
HINT1: Keep your cool.
HINT2: Violence is not the answer.
HINT3: Sometimes, the solution is closer than you think...
A: Use the NECKLACE. If you have been attentive throughout the game
   or have played SH1 you should know that the thing inside is Aglaophotis.

  Some of the funny puzzles described in this walkthrough will be solved for 
  you, for example: you don't get to gas the moth creatures, don't need to 
  painstakingly search for a screwdriver or have to read any tattoos on sweaty 
  feet. Just ignore the hints for the other modes. ^^

- Items are written in CAPITAL LETTERS when you find and use them.
- Locations also start with capital letters to help find them faster.
- This faq will also cover the amount of items found in the game.
  () stands for normal action mode
  [] stands for hard action mode
  The easy mode is not yet covered, just expect to find the same number
  of items as in normal mode and feel happy when there's more for you. ^^

  Feel free to explore things. Find various weapons in your inventory. 
  Basically, just go straight through the big gate, head for the Mountain 
  Coaster and get up on the rails. Follow them for a while. Watch the

  Once you enter the Lady's Room you can save. Also take a look at the mirror. 
  Then exit through the window. Run down the alley and take the door to your 
  right. Nothing much here, just run down the hall and go on through the far 
  door. You're back inside the Mall. Turn left to see a Clothes Shop. Enter it. 
  Watch the cutscene, then pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS (2x)[1x]. Examine 
  everything, then leave through the back door. You may unlock the door to your 
  left, then go down the hall and get the SHOPPING MALL MAP to your left. Go 
  through the door marked with exit and head up to the second floor.

  Go left and through the door. Follow that direction till you find Helen's 
  Bakery. Get the TONGS from there. Go back where you came from. Take a left and 
  take the last door to your right. There's a savepoint. Get the key from 
  underneath the pallet by using your tongs and also the HEALTH DRINKS (2x) and 
  the HANDGUN BULLETS (1x). Use the KEY TAKEN WITH TONGS to get into the 
  Bookstore. Solve the puzzle and go through the back door. Watch the cutscene. 
  Go down the hallway and board the elevator. Pick up the RADIO.

  Go down the hallway in the direction you are facing till you hit a door. 
  Enter. Get HEALTH DRINKS (3x)[2X] and an AMPOULE (1x)[1x]. Save if you want 
  to. Turn left and pretend not to see those dogs, exit through the far door. Go 
  straight with a light drift to towards the right and down that corridor. Enter 
  the room next to the Ladies' Room. Pick up the OFFICIAL SILENT LIGHT 
  FLASHLIGHT, FIRST AID KIT(1x)[0x] and HANDGUN BULLETS (2x)[0x]. Leave.

  Enter the Ladies' Room next door. Do whatever you see fit and take the BLEACH. 
  Leave. Turn left. Go down all the way until you come upon a bent fire door. Go 
  through it. Enter the Clothes Shop on the other side of the hall. Pick up the 
  BULLETPROOF VEST and the HANGER. Go back through the bent door, run all the 
  way down the corridor. At the fork, turn right and enter the last door to the 
  right. Use the HANGER to get the ladder down. Up up and away. 
  Go straight and watch the TV. Turn left and go through that door. Don't let go 
  of that square button. Run through that room. Take a right go all the way down 
  the hall and enter the Jewelers Shop. Get the WALNUT. Leave through the great 
  doors. There's a savepoint on a TV to your right. Go up the escalators. Turn 
  right at once and go through the door that is a crack open. Get the HEALTH 
  DRINK (1x)[0x], FIRST AID KIT (1x)[0x] and the COOKED KEY.

  Descend again and enter the room you found the WALNUT in. Go left down the 
  hallway and take the first right there is. Use the COOKED KEY on the door. Get 
  the HEALTH DRINKS (2x)[2x] and the STEEL PIPE. Leave. Take a right and enter 
  the orange doors. Get the DETERGENT. Leave. Go down the hallway. Turn off that 
  fan. Go through the door on your left. Don't bother smacking those mothlike 
  creatures with the pipe. Use Agent Orange on them. Combine BLEACH and 
  DETERGENT in the wastebasket. Turn the fan back on. If the sound gets on your 
  nerves, you can switch it off again. Moths dead, here we go. (down the 
  hallway) Enter the second door on your right, get HANDGUN BULLETS (3x)[3x] and 
  BEEF JERKY (1x)[1x]. Leave. Go further down the hallway, take a right and go 
  through the door on your left. Go straight through that room, exit and run 

  Cross to the other side and enter that door. Use the WALNUT with the vise. Get 
  the MOONSTONE. Save if you want. Take a right and unlock that door. Go through 
  it. Run around that circular place till you hit some bluish doors, go through 
  them. Make your way back to the escalators and go up. You might want to save 
  before this. Unlock the door with the MOONSTONE. Go through it.

  Go down the ladder in the center of the room.


   Get out of the Shopping Mall.
   Watch the cutscene.

  Go down the hallway. Take a right, go through the fire door. Head past the 
  ticket booth and turn right. Get the SUBWAY MAP. Also get HANDGUN BULLETS 
  (0x)[2x] from the trashbin at the far end of the room. Go straight and descend 
  the stairs (located on the east side of the room). Go left and down some more 
  stairs to Platform 1. Cross to the other side of the room and go down one more 
  flight of steps. Get the NUTCRACKER. Go back up and run to the other side of 
  the room. Descend once more and get HEALTH DRINKS (2x)[1x] and HANDGUN AMMO 
  Go back up all the way.
  Take a right and open the door (the door to Platform 2) locked with a chain 
  and nut with the NUTCRACKER. Spanking good pun, huh? Go through it, down the 
  stairs and enter the subway train. Get the SHOTGUN and SHOTGUN SHELLS 
  (2x)[2x]. Go down one more flight of steps. Run along the hallway and go down 
  to Platform 3 (Bergen Street). If you are a person that prefers safety, go 
  right, unlock the door and shoot all the dogs there. If you're the sort that 
  never buckles up when driving, go to the end of the platform.

  You'll see a door from there. Approach it, turn the door knob and be quick 
  about getting away again. Climb back up on the platform. Go straight down the 
  platform all the way and board the subway. Don't forget to pick up that HEALTH 
  DRINK (1x)[1x] before you leave. Aloha cutscene.

  Easy. Just go straight. Shoot the enemies if you are bored, otherwise better 
  evade them. Pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS (1x)[1x] and a FIRST AID KIT(1x)[0x] on 
  the fourth cart and the HANDGUN BULLETS (2x)[2x] on the fifth one. Oh yeah, 
  one more thing. Don't try and go back into a car you have already been in. ^^

  Save if you need to. There won't be a map, so better follow those instructions 
  closely so as not to get lost.

  Go straight. When the staircase turns alternate, still go straight and through 
  that door on your right. Now run like hell all the way straight down the hall. 
  Head straight for the wall opposite and turn left till you hit a blue door on 
  your right. Go through it. Take the first door to your right. Go down that 
  hallway, take the first left you can and enter that room. Get the UNDERPASS 
  MAP. phew. While you're at it, you can also get the MAUL.

  Go down that hallway and take the first door to your right. Get BEEF 
  JERKY(1x)[1x], HEALTH DRINKS(0x)[2x] and an empty WINE BOTTLE. If you want to 
  get one more box of SHOTGUN SHELLS (1x)[1x], go down further and enter the 
  dead end. Then go north again and turn right. Go on and take the first door to 
  your left. Follow that long narrow passage. Turn right, go down all the way 
  and take the door at the end of that corridor. Take the second door to your 
  right. Fill your wine bottle with some of the KEROSENE from the heater and get 
  the HANDGUN BULLETS (1x)[1x] SHOTGUN SHELLS(1x)[0x] and HEALTH DRINKS(1x)[2x]. 
  Save if you feel like it.

  Go to the room left from that you just left and refill the tank with the 
  KEROSENE. Just switch that thing on and we're ready to go. (down the ladder) 
  Go straight all the way and through that door.

  Take a right and go down all the way, enter that door. Go up the stairs, take 
  the AMPOULE (1x)[1x] and the DRYER. Go through the door on the opposite side 
  and take a left. Save, if you want to. Get the HEALTH DRINK (1x). Leave. Check 
  the walls. There's an outlet. Yes, you're thinking the right thing. Plug that 
  damn DRYER in and have some roasted sewer monster. Exit. Take a right and go 
  all the way down. Cross the channel go a bit left, go down that path and take 
  a right. Go through that door. Just head straight from here on and it's bye 
  bye sewers.

  Go straight. There's a savepoint on the barrel drum. Use it if you have to. Go 
  inside, collect the HEALTH DRINKS (0x)[2x] and proceed through the far door. 
  Climb up all the way to the 5th floor. Go straight till you reach a pretty 
  messy room. Gather up the HANDGUN BULLETS (1x)[1x] and the HEALTH DRINK 
  (1x)[1x]. Push the mattress into the hole and jump after it. Leave that room 
  through the hole next to the window. Go left until you come to an open window 
  at the building next door. Enter.

  Leave the room and go ALL the way down the hall till you hit a door. Go 
  inside, take a look around and gather up HANDGUN BULLETS (1x)[1x] and SHOTGUN 
  SHELLS (1x)[1x]. Go back down the hallway and take the second door to your 
  right (there is 'Front Poseables' written in violet letters on it). Go through 
  it and take a left, pass the elevators and take the staircase door to the 
  right. (it has EXIT written in red letters over it.) Go up to the fifth floor.

  Turn left, walk down the hallway and take another left. Go through the door on 
  your left side. Take a look at the pictures and go through the far door on the 
  east side of the room. Go left and get the SCREWDRIVER from a cardboard box. 
  Go down the hallway in the other direction and take the door on the right 
  side. Find the KATANA. Go back through the Art Gallery and hit the door on the 
  wall opposite that reads 'KMN Auto Parts'. Go down the hallway and take a 
  right. Go through the first door on your left. Get the JACK and HEALTH DRINK 
  (1x)[1x]. Hit the door on the opposite side and find yourself back in the main 
  corridor. Business on this floor is finished, let's head back to F3. ^^

  Turn left, walk along the hallway and take the first left. Then enter the door 
  to 'Monica's Dance Studio'. Without further ado, go through the door on the 
  wall opposite. Collect your OFFICE BUILDING MAP, open that drawer with the 
  SCREWDRIVER from F5 and get a length of ROPE. Save if you need to. Leave. Take 
  a left and take the second door on the east side. Get a FIRST AID KIT (1x)[2x] 
  and an AMPOULE (1x)[0x] from the locker. Leave and head for the elevator with 
  the half-open doors. Feel like Indiana Jones? Good. Use the JACK and the ROPE 
  to get down to F2.

  To your left there is a savepoint stuck to a vending machine. Use it, if you 
  feel like saving. Turn around, go down the hallway and turn right again. Go 
  straight and enter that door. Get a pack of excellent BEEF JERKY (1x). Leave 
  the room. Go through the other rooms (there's not much choice) until you come 
  unto one with a single bathtub. Turn the taps. Watch the disturbing cutscene.

  Go straight. Get HANDGUN BULLETS (1x). Take the other door. Turn left and hit 
  the door you are facing. Examine the photo and save, if you deem it necessary. 
  Go through the door that is not locked. Watch the cutscene. Pick up the 
  OXYDOL, FIRST AID KITS (2x) and HEALTH DRINK (1x). Leave. Head for the eastern 
  elevator. Go down to F1.

  Turn left, then go right and check out the book and what is blocking the 
  exit.. Do a 180 and go straight, then left. Take the door on the lefthand 
  side. Get the PORK LIVER and if you dare, SHOTGUN SHELLS (1x). Head for the 
  elevator. Watch a beautiful loading screen. Go up to F5.

  Turn left and head for the door of 'KMN Auto Parts'. Go to the left, then take 
  a right and enter. Get the MATCHBOOK and HANDGUN BULLETS (2x). Leave. Go 
  straight down the hallway till you come upon a door with blue neon lights. Go 
  through it and head into the room on the other side. Save, if you feel tense. 
  Time for an act of cultural vandalism. Combine the PORK LIVER with the OXYDOL 
  and the MATCHBOOK. Burn, baby, burn.

  Go downstairs and read up on the rest of the fairy tale. Go through the door. 
  Run down the corridor and unlock the door with the blue neon sign above it. Go 
  on in that direction and take the second next door on the left. Get HANDGUN 
  BULLETS (1x) and FIRST AID KIT (1x). Leave. Just go on straight and through 
  the door. Best unlock the second blue neon door, too and go on till the end of 
  the hallway. Go through that door. Take a SILVER COIN from the desk and use it 
  on the vending machine. Receive the LIFE INSURANCE KEY.

  With this thing in our possession, we head down to F1 once more. Use the LIFE 
  INSURANCE KEY on the locked southeastern door. Go in, turn left and all the 
  way down till you reach the last door to the left. This is surely not the new 
  IKEA program... Read the end of the fairy tale. Head back to the monster. 
  (marked on your map in red monster ink with a monster icon.) Leave this 
  ghastly place.

  Head back home. (Turn left and keep going till you find a side alley on the 
  left. Follow it and you're finally home.) Better use that savepoint. Check 
  your mailbox. Enter your apartment.


 Go to Heather's Room. Pick up the STUN GUN and STUN GUN BATTERIES (2x). Leave. 
 Longest and coolest video sequence ahead.

  Note: the notepad on the desk. Save if you need to. The map will tell you how 
  to get to Brookhaven Hospital. Don't forget to visit Heaven's Night Bar. Pick 
  up SHOTGUN SHELLS (1x), BEEF JERKY (1x) and FIRST AID KIT (1x). ^^

  Enter the Reception Room. Get the HOSPITAL MAP and a HEALTH DRINK (1x). Save 
  if you want to. Leave. Enter the Doctor's lounge. Get a HEALTH DRINK (1x) and 
  read up on the patients. Go to the Visiting Room, read Coleman's Diary. Enter 
  room C4. Surprise, Coleman proves to be a real Heather fan. Go to the elevator 
  and go up to F2.

  Pay a visit to the Women's Locker Room. Get NAIL POLISH REMOVER and some 
  PERFUME, if you like... If you examine the magazine, you might find something 
  nice, too. Read Coleman's Diary in front of the East Wing door. Solve the 
  riddle posted next to the door. Go right into Examination Room 3. Read the 
  tattoo on that poor dead guys arm and foot. Read the medical record. Go to 
  room M4. Turn off the alarm. Set the dials on the attache case right and open 
  it. Get the POLAROID CAMERA. Read one more volume of Mr. Coleman's fascinating 
  Diarys. Enter room M5 and pick up FIRST AID KIT (1x). Beware of the nurses. 
  Take the elevator and return to F1.

  Go to room C4 and use the NAIL POLISH REMOVER on the wall. Get the STAIRWELL 
  KEY. Unlock the door to the staircase.

  Go down to the basement. Pick up the SUBMACHINE GUN. Enter the eastern 
  Storeroom. Use the camera to see what is behind the shelf... if you dare. If 
  you feel you have far too little ammo for your newfound beauty of an automatic 
  weapon, head to the roof for two more clips. Since our trip into the basement 
  (and maybe the roof, too) was definitely fun, why don't we explore the 3rd 
  floor for a change? Head up to F3.

  Enter the Special Treatment Room. No, that room is not used for what you think 
  it is. Enter the westmost cell and read Coleman's Diary. Now go to the 
  Storeroom. Collect HEALTH DRINKS (2x) and STUN GUN BATTERY (1x). Save, if you 
  want to. Now punch the code you photographed behind the shelf in the basement 
  into the keypad. Go to room S1, get the HEALTH DRINKS (2x) and read the mag on 
  the bed. Also pick up BEEF JERKY (1x) from one of the banks in the hallway. 
  Enter room S7 and rejoice, it seems Coleman has written his last Diary. Enter 
  room S12. Get the phone. Watch the cutscene. Head to the end of the hall on 
  the 2nd floor.

  This is some sort of labyrinth for beginners. Some of the fences blocking your 
  path will stay the way they are, others will come out of the ceiling and the 
  third kind will go back into it.

  Here is a brief description of the way. 
  1st labyrinthian room: 
  straight. right. right. left. straight, left.
  2nd labyrinthian room: 
  straight, right, left, turn around, straight.

  Just run straight from now on. Take a glance at that large red mark on the 
  wall. Climb up the ladder. Pretend you didn't see all that and stay cool. 
  Welcome to hell. Enter room S3. Gather up HAND GUN BULLETS (2x) and save if 
  you feel like doing it. Go through the Day Room. Enter the Storeroom. Take the 
  elevator down to B3. Solve the puzzle and open the crematorium door. Get the 
  CREMATED KEY. Take the elevator up to F2.

  Go to the Men's Locker Room to receive another phone call. Go to the Women's 
  Locker Room and get HEALTH DRINK (1x) and PLASTIC BAG. As much as you may 
  detest it, you must go back to F3 one more time. Get to Examining Room 4 and 
  fill that PLASTIC BAG with blood. Take the elevator down to F1.

  Go to the Examination Room. Get an AMPOULE (1x), Save if you need to. Take a 
  trip to the Day Room through the northern door and read the book. Use the 
  CREMATED KEY on the Day Room's eastern entrance. Read the writing on the wall 
  and enter Room C1. Pick up HEALTH DRINKS (2x) and your birthday card. Enter 
  room. Read the book and look at the altar. Better save here. Use the PLASTIC 
  BAG filled with BLOOD on the altar. Descend the ladder. Watch a cutscene.


  Get a nifty TALISMAN Leonard was holding onto. Watch another cutscene.

  Head back to Motel Room 106. Watch some more cutscenes. Follow Nathan Avenue 
  in north-eastern direction. If you are disappointed that SH3 doesn't offer you 
  more possibilities to actually explore Silent Hill, I know what you're 

  Having a deja  vu? This is indeed the Amusement Park from earlier. Not much 
  has changed aside from the fact that it is now crawling with monsters worse 
  than ever. So don't waste time, go directly to the Souvenir Shop. Gather up 
  the items there. Get a shock and turn around to find that some chocolate boxes 
  have fallen from the shelves. Get the ROLLER COASTER KEY from one of the boxes 
  and save, if you feel like it. Proceed as before to the Mountain coaster, 
  don't bother with the enemies. Unlock the door on the roller coaster control 
  cabin and turn off the power. Also take those two HEALTH DRINKS at the far end 
  of the room with you Head down the roller coaster track. Now you know why your 
  mommy always warned you of doing stuff like that. 

  Watch the cutscene, then head inside the Haunted Mansion. Enjoy the scenery. 
  Take the bullet vest off before you go through the door marked with 'exit'. 
  Run like hell. Run past the first door, (it's locked) until you arrive at one 
  with a couple of steps in front of it. Be quick with that doorknob. It's not 
  yet time to take a breather. Run on some more. The hallways layout is almost 
  the same as the prior one, so no need to worry.
  Hooray, you're out again.

  And there's a great flock of monsters to welcome you, too. Head straight and 
  then left towards that green fence. Take that passage. Head straight again and 
  take the first left there is. Go through that greenish gate. Once again, avoid 
  all monsters and just run straight and through that gate. Get one health drink 
  and SHOTGUN SHELLS (1x) to your left, don't forget the red shoe that lies on 
  top of the stage. Also take the chain with you. Read the mascot signs on the 
  walls for a good laugh. Head back through the greenish gate, go straight and 
  then right onto that SWING ROCKET-spaceship-go-round platform. Connect the 
  chain to the pipe sticking out from the center column, then go over to the 
  gate and connect it there, too. (In case you're wondering, it is still in your 
  inventory.) Go inside the control booth, pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS (1x) and 
  turn the power on.
  You should be able to do that with more than just one door. ^^

  Watch the cutscene. Go through the gate and then right into the Fortune house. 
  Get Douglas' notebook. Pick up the DOLL HEAD. Save if you need to. Head into 
  the Maerchen Travel building. Look at the statues.
  Give Snowhite the DOLL HEAD and Cinderella the RED SHOE.

Prepare to fight the lv. 78 PROP DRAGON OF DOOM.

  Just kidding. Go through the door on the lefthand side. Start running. Run 
  straight, then take a left, turn right again and examine the notepad on the 
  ice cream wagon. Get the stun GUN BATTERIES (2X) and turn left again. Run on 
  till you reach a ticket booth, turn left and go through that gate. Pick up 
  that precious FIRST AID KIT (1x) to your left. Go onto the carousel. Read the 
  note pinned to the horse. Start slashing the horses with your favorite melee 
  weapon and prepare for a boss fight.


  After the fight, get off the carousel and go straight. Read the prayer on the 
  walls, if you like. Watch the cutscene.


  Get the EYE OF THE NIGHT TAROT CARD. Save if you need to. Prepare for the most 
  disturbing level in the entire game. Head right to get the map hanging on the 
  wall. Enter the confession box. You'll have to make a choice here. 
       a - Forgive Claudia 
       b - Say nothing

  The choice you make here will influence your endings. Go down the hallway. The 
  far door is locked, so take the other one to the east, go through that room. 
  Try to avoid the two Insane Cancers in front of the doors and go through the 
  northern one first. Head all the way down the hallway. In the middle, you'll 
  hear crying and footsteps. Look around and follow the footsteps on the floor, 
  then push that painting aside. Don't go inside yet. That's the biggest 
  savepoint you'll ever find. Save if you need to, look at the pictures and go 
  back. Look at the wheelchair, then go through the door that was hidden behind 
  the painting.

  Head down the hallway. Got to the far end of it. You'll find yourself in a 
  library. Read the books in there if you're interested in some background. Get 
  THE MOON TAROT CARD from the desk at the end of the room. Watch the cutscene. 
  Get back out and take the elevator downstairs (right opposite of the door you 
  came into this room the first time.)

  Go right and take that door, then go all the way straight. You'll be in a sort 
  of human wastedump. Get THE HANGED MAN TAROT CARD. Also get the two packs of 
  SHOTSHELLS(2x). They will come in handy soon. Exit that room and go right. 
  Enter the door at the end of the hallway. You are now in Harry's room... get 
  the STUN GUN BATTERIES (2x) and read the diary on the bed. Back in the 
  elevator room. Head west and enter the second last door. Go down that hallway 
  all the way. You're in a Child's Room. Examine the sketchbook on the bed, the 
  door and the notepad on the table. Then get the BRASS KEY from the wall. Save 
  if you feel like it. Leave this room again and go back to where you came from.

  On your way, enter the last door on the right (the one after you cross that 
  bridge from which you can see bobble head doing something... strange). Let 
  those monsters play with themselves and proceed straight through. Listen to 
  the sounds in the hallway. Follow the footsteps on the floor and open the 
  hidden door. Proceed to the next room. Examine the bed. Get an AMPOULE (1x) 
  HAND GUN AMMO (3x) and THE FOOL TAROT CARD. Leave this ghastly place. Go back 
  up with the elevator.

  Visit the last room on the map you haven't visited (the one with the two 
  insane cancers in front) and get the CASSETTE TAPE and HANDGUN BULLETS (2x). 
  Use the brass key on the door near the Confession Booth that was previously 
  locked. Take the first door on your left. You're in a Classroom. If you have 
  played SH1, check the table. If you haven't, do it anyway. Read K. Gordon's 
  notebook. Another old companion. ^^ Leave the room. Go straight a bit and 
  enter the next door to your right. You're in a Room with a Cassette Deck. Use 
  the CASSETTE TAPE. Read the letters on the table. Leave. Do NOT enter the room 
  you are facing right now unless you are masochistic. Turn right instead and 
  enter the righthand side door. This is Claudia's Room. Read the Diary, the 
  card on the desk and pick up the HIGH PRIESTESS TAROT CARD from the bed. We're 
  all set then, so let's go back to the Child's Room. Solve the Tarot Card 
  Puzzle on the door and proceed down that hallway. Watch the cutscene. I'm not 
  quite sure about some endings, what you can do for certain is use the 
  AGLAOPHOTIS inside your NECKLACE. This will have nasty consequences for all 
  those involved. More to come soon.



  Watch ending cutscenes.

  For Pete's sake do NOT turn off your PSX while the credits are rolling... This 
  is not all and if you leave now you are going to miss things. Please do not 
  send me any more letterbombs for not mentioning this sooner.

  DO NOT LEAVE before the credits have finished. Save your result file.

  This one is meant for printing. If you only want a document that gets you 
  through some way, copy, paste and print this section. Many people will find 
  this especially useful as speed-walkthrough or checklist, once you have 
  completed the game and play through it one more time.

NOTE: This shortened guide will NOT contain all item locations, only those you
      pick up on your way. In order to maintain your health and keep a good 
      stock of ammo, I would advise you to gather up the other items as well.

-still under verification-
-needs yet to be playtested- 

- Leave the Ladies' Bathroom.
- Clothes Shop: get HANDGUN and HANDGUN AMMO (2x)[1x].
- Helen's Bakery: get the TONGS.
- Room with savepoint F2, SW: get KEY TAKEN WITH TONGS, 
  HANDGUN BULLETS (1x)[0x]and HEALTH DRINKS(2x)[1x].
- My Bestsellers Bookstore: get HANDGUN BULLETS(1x)[],open the back door.
  Access Codes: random, (random), [8 3 5 2]
- Hallway: get SHOPPING MALL MAP.
- Elevator: get RADIO.

- Room next to Ladies' Room: get FLASHLIGHT, FIRST AID KITS(1x)[0x] 
  and HANDGUN BULLETS(2x)[0x]
- Ladies' Room: get the BLEACH.
- Clothes Shop: get HANGER and BULLET VEST.
- Room with Ladder: use HANGER, go up.
- Jeweler's Shop: get WALNUT.
- Restaurant F3: get COOKED KEY.
- F2 HALLWAY: use COOKED KEY on the locked door.
- Cafe: get HEALTH DRINKS(2x)[2x] and the STEEL PIPE.
- Room with Sink: get DETERGENT.
- Mothridden Hallway: turn off fan, then combine DETERGENT and BLEACH.
- Fan Hallway: turn the fan back on.
- Torture Chamberlike Room: use WALNUT with vise, get MOONSTONE.
- F3: unlock door with MOONSTONE. Descend the ladder in the center of the room.


- Ticket Booth area: get SUBWAY MAP.
- Platform 1: get the NUTCRACKER.
- Platform 2: 'unlock' the door with the NUTCRACKER
- Platform 2: get the SHOTGUN and SHOTGUN SHELLS(2x)[2x]
- Platform 3: stop the train and board it.

- Room with MAUL: get UNDERPASS MAP and MAUL.
- Cellarlike Corridor: get the empty WINE BOTTLE, HEALTH DRINKS(0x)[2x]
  and BEEF JERKY(1x)[1x].
- Room with Heater: fill BOTTLE with kerosene, get HANDGUN BULLETS(1x)[1x],
  SHOTGUN SHELLS(1x)[0x] and HEALTH DRINKS(1x)[2x].
- Pump Room: refill tank with OILFILLED BOTTLE.

- Trash Collecting Room: get DRYER and an AMPOULE(1x)[1x].
- Sewage Surveillance Room: get HEALTH DRINK. 
  Use DRYER next door (connect to wall outlet).

- Hallway: get HEALTH DRINKS(0x)[2x].
- Messy Room: get HANDGUN BULLETS(1x)[1x], HEALTH DRINKS (1x)[1x] and 
  the SILENCER (optional), push down MATTRESS.

- Corridor, F5: get SCREWDRIVER.
- Canvas Store Room: get KATANA. Take on enemies PULP FICTION style. ^^
- KMN Auto Parts: get JACK and HEALTH DRINKS(1x)[1x].
- Monica's Dance Studio Office: open drawer with SCREWDRIVER, get ROPE.
- Elevator with half-closed doors: use JACK to open it, use the rope to get
  down to F2.
- Room with Bathtub: turn the taps.

- Room next door to Vincent: get OXYDOL, FIRST AID KIT(2x)[] 
  and HEALTH DRINK(1x)[].
- Former Bar: get PORK LIVER and SHOTGUN SHELLS(1x)[].
- KMN Auto Parts: get MATCHBOOK and HANDGUN BULLETS(2x)[].
- Art Gallery: combine OXYDOL, PORK LIVER and MATCHBOOK.
- Room with Vending Machine: get SILVER COIN. Use it on vending machine. 
- Locked door, F1: unlock with LIFE INSURANCE KEY, read fairy tale.
- Leave.
- Bear left and take the first side alley.

- Head for apt. #102.


- Heather's Room: pick up STUN GUN and STUN GUN BATTERIES (2x)[].

- Heaven's Night Bar: get SHOTGUN SHELLS()[], 
  BEEF JERKY(1x)[] and FIRST AID KIT (1x)[].

- Reception Room: get HOSPITAL MAP and HEALTH DRINK(1x)[].
- Women's Locker Room: get NAIL POLISH REMOVER and PERFUME (optional).
- F2 Corridor: solve riddle posted nest to door.
  Access codes: 4 6 3 9, (8 6 3 4), [4 8 9 6].
- Room M4: turn off alarm clock, open attaches case.
  code: random, (random), [random].
- Basement Corridor: don't race in a wheelchair!
- Basement Store Room: use POLAROID CAMERA to get code from behind shelf.
- F3 Corridor: enter access code from photo.
  access codes: random, (random), [random].
- Room S12: get the phone.

- 1st labyrithian Room:
  straight, right, right, left, straight, left. 
- 2nd labyrinthian room: 
  straight, right, left, turn around, straight.
- B3 Crematorium: solve puzzle, get CREMATED KEY.
- Men's Locker Room: get the phone.
- Women's Locker Room: get PLASTIC BAG and HEALTH DRINK (1x)[x]
- Examining Room 4: fill PLASTIC BAG with blood.
- Room XY: use PLASTIC BAG with BLOOD on the altar.



- Get back to apt. #106.
- Head northwest on Nathan Road.

no map here, but you should still have it in mind.
- Souvenir Shop: get ROLLER COASTER KEY, HANDGUN AMMO (2x),
- Roller coaster control cabin: turn off the power. get HEALTH DRINKS (2x)
- Roller coaster rails: go down the tracks. don't fall off.
- Borley Haunted Mansion: enjoy yourself. ^^
- Unequip the Bullet Vest while in here.
- Stage area: get CHAIN and RED SHOE.
- Swing Rocket: attach cain to middle column and gate.
- Control Booth: power up the ride.
- Fortune House: get DOUGLAS' NOTEBOOK and the DOLL HEAD.
- Maerchen Travel Building: use RED SHOE and DOLL HEAD on statues.
- Merry-Go-Round: Slash the horses, then continue with the bosses.

- Confession Booth: choose between revenge and forgiveness.
- Long Hallway: listen to cries, follow footsteps and move painting.
- Library: read the books, get THE MOON TAROT CARD.
- Elevator: go down.
- Human Waste Dump: get THE HANGED MAN TAROT CARD.
- Child's Room: examine Sketchbook and get BRASS KEY.
- Alessa's sickbed Room: get THE FOOL TAROT CARD, HANDGUN BULLETS(3x)[]
  and an AMPOULE(1x)[].
- Room with Blanket: get CASSETTE TAPE, read book on AGLAOPHOTIS.
- First Floor: unlock door with BRASS KEY.
- Claudia's Room: examine card, get HIGH PRIESTESS TAROT CARD.
- Room with Cassette Deck: use CASSETTE TAPE.
- Child's Room: use TAROT CARDS on the door.
- Room with Hole: showdown.

5. Silent Hill 3: Step-By-Step Puzzle Solution Guide.

  How does this work?
 First, there's always the riddle location, items required, if any, where to 
 find the clues and what sort of riddle you are facing. Then there's two pieces 
 of general advice that should give you the right direction to face the puzzle. 
 This will be followed by questions you would ask somebody else when getting 
 stuck. To round the thing up in the end, there will be a complete and 
 (hopefully) comprehensible explanation on the interpretation of the puzzle with 
 its solution.






  Pick up the books.

  First thing: Examine the books.

  Second thing: Where might they have fallen from?

  Put the books back on the shelf. Duh. The code you receive is random, but it's 
  not actually difficult to get it, so who cares.


  Examine the Diary next to the door. Also examine the note on the blackboard.

  Press, move 2 right;
  press, move 1 up;
  press, move 2 down;
  press and the door shall open.

  First thing: You need a 4 digit code.

  Second Thing: Think graphical.

  Well, simple really. (Hence the name EASY mode.) The note gives you directions 
  on how to move on the keypad. If you have to move two numbers to the right, 
  the first number can only be in the leftmost column. (numbers 1,4,7)

  If your next move after that is 1 up, number 1 is out of the running. (4,7)

  If your third move is to go down two more, 7 is out, too.

  Hence, the first number is 4.

  Going on as told in the note, the combination is:

(4 6 3 9)



  Sorry guys, this riddle has been cancelled for easy mode. Just read the number 
  on the face of the alarm clock and enter it into the case.



  I have to disappoint you again, nothing doing.
  Play a higher riddle level if you want any. ^^


TAROT CARD: The High Priestess
TAROT CARD: The Hanged Man
TAROT CARD: The Eye of Darkness

  Read the Sketchbook. Look at the picture.
  Chose normal riddle level next time.

FOOL    ooo     MOON

ooo     EON      MOON

HM      ooo       HP



  Get the books scattered on the floor. Go to the locked door at the northern 
  end of the room and read the note next to it.

  Fair is foul and Foul is Fair, 
  Put these books out of order.

  First thing: You need a code to enter into the keypad.

  Second thing: Examining things closely will lead you to success.

  Keep changing the books' order till you can read a number on their backs. 
  Enter this number into the keypad. Done. One of the numbers is very hard to 
  read as it is on one of the cracks between the books, so please stop mailing 
  me about it. The code has FOUR digits and you can find them ALL if you examine 
  the books closely.



 Read the note next to the door.

  The first is larger than the second.
  The second is twice the third.
  The third is smaller than the fourth.
  The fourth is half the first.

  Four of the numbers are not repeated,
  Three are not in the top row,
  Two are not in the right row.
  One of the numbers is the final key.

  Those of you that have played through Silent Hill 2 may have a déja vu at this 
  place. Or maybe you are just wondering why the hell they always lock that 
  patient wing door so tightly... Surely it must piss off the nurses to solve a 
  riddle every time they have to go in there to change a bedpan. ^^

  This simply is another keypad puzzle. (There must be a shop in Silent Hill 
  that specializes in fitting keypads to doors and writing cryptic riddles as 
  access codes... I think I ran across it somewhere on Sanders/Neely Street... 
  or something like that...).

  First thing: Math lessons do pay off occasionally.

  Second thing: Remember what you want to know.

  Equations - Ok, let's use what we hopefully learned in our invaluable math 
  lessons: variables. Numbers 1 to 4 are now just the letters a to d to avoid
  further confusion.

        a       >       b       ;
        b       =       2xc     ;
        c       <       d       ;
        d       =       a/2     ;

  Positioning - Well, four of the numbers are not repeated, that means there 
  must be at least 4 different keys to be pressed.

1   2   3         1, 2 and 3 form the top row,

4   5   6         3, 6 and 9 the right one.

7   8   9

  If 2a equals d and 2c equals b, thwe have only a few limited possibilities: 12 
  24 36 48 So the solution to this riddle and the passcode that will ensure your 
  journey to continue reads thus:

(8; 6; 3; 4)


  I'm not sure whether this is considered a riddle, anyway, I imagine it must be 
  more than frustrating getting stuck at this place, so here's how to get 
  unstuck. There is a tattooed body on a stretcher in some room, check out his 
  It says something like:
  "The starting time is the key."
  Upon entering room M4 the alarm clock will go off.
  Shut that blasted noisemaker up and read the time.
  rewrite the time in a digital watch format. Enter these four digits into the 
  attaches case. Just try out the a.m. and p.m. times.



 I'd like to thank KATANASOUL for pointing the plate out to me.

  First thing: take a good look around.

Q:   I did, there's nothing but a bunch of beds with numbers
     and some dead people. How am I supposed to open that damn lock?!
A:   Well, you are close. Take a closer look at the numbers.

Q:   Ok, there's total disorder, but who cares. What are you on about?
A:   Actually, there is a system. Try to be more attentive towards things
     as colors and surfaces.

Q:   Enough already. Out with it, what's the answer.
A:   Well, next to the lock there is a plate with the layout of the room on it.
     Roman numerals will show you which digit corresponds to which bed.
     The number is random, so I can't include it here.
     And this all you need to know to open the lock.


  You might remember that door from your first visit on the Hill. And, yes, it's 
  locked again. But instead of getting the five uberholy items, you'll have to 
  gather five Tarot cards this time and then put them into the correct slots on 
  the door. Someone seems to have wanted to make sure that no one snuck out of 
  that room at night. ^^

TAROT CARD: The High Priestess
TAROT CARD: The Hanged Man
TAROT CARD: The Eye of Darkness

Now the first thing you must know,
Is that there's omething in each row.
But that is not the half of it:
Three would be too hard to fit.

The upside-down man under the ground,
to his right, to his left there is no one around
Leave him alone though his tears are profound.

The moon is up, above the sky,
Full or crescent, floating high.
Twinkling light sits like a clown
On the head of a crazy clown.

Your excellency praying to God most high
Do you think you can tell me why
You always look up at the night sky?

Do you have it now? You didn't forget?
One major point you mustn't omit.
And now at the last, before you take a whack
Here's one more hint to help you keep on track.

Scary and hateful that thing in the night
Better be careful - it's not on your right!
Turn to the left and you'll keep it in sight.

First thing: All is here, this should be a piece of cake.

Second thing: Smoking is hazardous to your health.

  Well, what we know is that every row contains AT LEAST one card, but AT MOST 2 

  The upside-down man is the Hanged Man, he is under ground, in other words in 
  the last row. There is no one to his left or his right, so he is in the 

  The Moon is floating high, so it is in the top row. It sits like a clown on 
  the head of some crazy clown. So The Fool must be right underneath it.

  Your Excellency means the High Priestess. She looks up at the night sky, so 
  The Moon must be above her. Since the Hanged Man blocks the entire lower row, 
  the Priestess must be in the middle row.

  The scary and hateful thing in the night is, of course, the EYE OF NIGHT. it's 
  not on the right, but on the left.

  With all these conditions, there is only two possible combinations left. The 
  one that will get you on is this one:

EON     ooo      MOON

HP      ooo      FOOL

ooo      HM       ooo



  Go to the door in the western part of the shop. You'll find it's locked and 
  there's a keypad on it. On the right side of the door, there is a note. Read 

  The full text reads as follows:

In here is a tragedy ---
art thou player or audience?
Be as it may, the end doth remain:
all go on only toward death.

The first word at thy left hand:
a false lunacy, a madly dancing man.
Hearing unhearable words, drawn
to a beloved's grave --- and there,
mayhap, true madness at last.

As did this one playing at death, find true death at last.
Killing a nameless lover, she pierced a heart rent by sorrow.

Doth lie invite truth?
Doth verity but wear the mask of falsehood?
Ah, thou pityful, thou miserable ones.

Still amidst lies, though the end cometh not, wherefore yearn for death?
Will thou attend thy beloved? Truths and lies, life and death:
a game of turning white to black and black to white.

Is not a silence brimming with love more precious than flattery?
A peaceful slumber preferred to a throne besmirched with blood?

One vengeful man spilled blood for two;
Two youths shed tears for three;
Three witches disappeared thusly;
And only the four keys remain.

Ah but veryly...
In here lies a tragedy.
Art thou player or audience?
there is something which cannot become a puppet of fate or an onlooker,
peering into a cage.

  First thing: This riddle gives you the sequence in which to rearrange the 

  Second thing: The roman numerals on the back of the books are the keycode.

  This particular riddle requires a little knowledge on Shakespeare. If you have 
  read one or two of those books and remember vaguely what happened, you should 
  be fine though.

  If you haven't read them but still want to find out without bothering to read 
  several hundred pages worth of text or worse, go to the theatre 5 times, go 

Thanks to POGANIN for correcting my faulty interpretation of this toughy.

  Now, here's how the verses relate to the books, of course this is all just my 
  version, but it works out:

1st VERSE:

   The first word at thy left hand:
                      We start from the left side. ^^

   a false lunacy, a madly dancing man.
                      Queen Gertrud protects Hamlet by stating he is insane.
                      The gravedigger/clown guy hamlet meets on the graveyard.

   Hearing unhearable words, drawn
                      Hamlet, being called by his father's ghost

   to a beloved's grave --- and there,
                      This refers to Ophelia's funeral.

   mayhap, true madness at last.
                      Well, he seemed rather mad in the end.
                      Or it might just refer to things that happen in general,
                       when he battles Laertes, for instance.

   As did this one playing at death,
                      Juliet, trying to feign her own death.

   find true death at the last.
                      As you should know. ^^

   Killing a nameless lover,
   she pierced a heart rent by sorrow.
                      Her own, in fact.

   Doth lie invite truth?
                      This would hold true for most Shakespearean tragedies.

   Doth verity but wear the mask of falsehood?
                      This is supposed to be about Othello,
                      but I can't explain why.

   Ah, thou pityful, thou miserable ones.
                      Othello, too, can't see why though.

   Still amidst lies, though the end cometh not,
   wherefore yearn for death?
                      King Lear yearned for it, but it wouldn't come.
                      Instead he survived his own daughter... poor guy.

   Will thou attend thy beloved? Truths and lies, life and death:
                      The only daughter that was truly loyal to Lear, Cordelia.

   a game of turning white to black and black to white.
                      This would have matched Othello perfectly...
                      ah, well.

   Is not a silence brimming with love more precious than flattery?
   A peaceful slumber preferred to a throne besmirched with blood?
                     Like the throne Macbeth gets by murdering old King Duncan. 
                     As Poganin points out, there is a Kurosawa movie named 
                     'Throne of Blood' which reenacts Shakespeare in feudal 
                     Japan. (It is, like all Kurosawa movies, (my favourite is 
                     'The 7 Samurai') an excellent film and you should watch it 
                     if you have the occasion.)

   One vengeful man spilled blood for two;
                      Anybody out for revenge? Well, Hamlet for one,
                      to avenge his murdered father.

   Two youths shed tears for three;
                      Matches only Romeo and Juliet and perfectly at that.

   Three witches disappeared thusly;
                      You know, those from Macbeth:
                      'By the pricking of my thumbs,
                      something wicked this way comes. '

   And only the four keys remain.
                      Nope, not the great Speare this time. ^^

So, you might wonder, what do those last lines mean?
Obviously they contain several of the aforementioned plays.
Maybe you have to do something with the corresponding numbers.

Q:   I just can't solve it. Give me something to work with.

A:   In detail:
     The solution to this puzzle is:
     Hamlet,Romeo and Juliet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth.
     In Roman numerals IV, I, V, II, III. (Arabic: 4,1,5,2,3)

Q:   Ok, that's the sequence, i'm sure of it. BUT IT WON'T WORK!!

A:   There's one more verse to be taken into consideration...

Q:   Right, you know-it-all... what's with all the bleeding and crying?

A:   Well, since the characters that are described here are from books that
     were already mentioned before, you might have to change their
     corresponding numbers...

Q:   And what bloody characters are those supposed to be?

A:   Think now. Who was out for revenge? Someone who lost a person very close
     to him maybe? Someone who would kill to get his right? Two youths. That
     sound familiar? Two young people? Did they know each other? Did they like
     one another maybe? Three witches. By the pricking of my thumbs,
     something wicked this way comes.

Q:   Right, I get it now. What do I do with the numbers now?

A:   Rather hard to hint at that. The vengeful man spilled blood for two...
     TWICE as much as that for one man. The two youths shed tears for three...
     THREE TIMES as much as one alone would have been able to shed.
     The witches disappeared. There were witches here.
     They are gone now. They left NOTHING behind, absolutely nothing.

Q:  I give up, that riddle is stupid and totally incomprehensible and the
    fact that you wasted precious time and energy with it, fills my heart with

A:   Strange, I felt similar about all of this. ^^
     Here's the full explanation though:

  So the vengeful man spilled blood for two, he should get credit for that. 
  Let's multiply his number with two.

  2x4=8 (8,1,5,2,3)

  Two youths shed tears for three? That's not fair, they should get their value 
  multiplied with three for that, too.

  3x1=3 (8,3,5,2,3)

  The three witches disappear. Well, good riddance. ^^

  Now really only four keys remain:
  8 3 5 2

  Go for it.

III.2 Brookhaven Hospital F2 Puzzle:


The door is locked with one of those unbreakable quality Silent Hill keypad
locks (R) featuring numbers 1 to 9. (Didn't you ever wonder why in most action
movies they just have to shoot those things to get them open?
Well, I tried, but it wouldn't work for me.
Guess those locks are action hero-proof or something. ^^)
Next to the door on the west side wall you will find a long memo, read it.
The text goes as follows:

Pure eyes, blue like a glassy bead---
You are always looking at me
and I am always looking at you.

Ah, you're too meek---
beautiful, unspoiled:
thus I'm so sad, I suffer---
and so happy, it hurts.

I want to hurt you
and destroy myself
What you would think
if you knew how I felt.

Would you simply smile,
not saying a word?
Even curses from your mouth
would be as beautiful as pearls.

I place my left hand on your
face as though we were to kiss.
Then I suddenly shove my thumb
deep into your eyesocket.
Abruptly, decisively,
like drilling a hole.

And what would it feel like?
Like jelly?
Trembling with ecstasy, I obscenely
mix it around and around: I must
taste the warmth of your blood.

How would you scream?
Would you shriek "It hurts!
It hurts!" as cinnabar-red tears
stream from your crushed eye?

You can't know the maddening
hunger I've felt in the midst of
our kisses, so many of them
I've lost count.

As though drinking in your cries,
I bring my hopes to fruition:
biting your tongue, shredding it,
biting at your lips as if tasting
your lipstick.

Oh, what euphoric heights I would
reach, having my desires fulfilled
like a greedy, gluttonous cur.

I longed, too, for your cherry-tinted
cheeks, tasty enough to bewitch my
I would surely be healed,
and would cry like a child.

And how is your tender ear?
It brushes against my cheek;
I want it to creep up to my lips so
I can sink my teeth into its flesh.

Your left ear, always hearing words
whispered sweet as pie---
I want it to hear my true feelings.
I never lied, no...
but I did have my secrets.

Ah, but what must you think of me?
Do you hate me? Are you afraid?
As though inviting you to the agony
at the play's end; if you wish, you
could destroy me--- I wouldn't care.

As you wish, you may destroy me
--- I wouldn't care.

That's it. 15 verses.

First thing: Look for things that could be converted into a keypad code.

Second thing: Hard mode puzzles require a great deal of abstraction.

I admit, this one gave me a hard time myself.
We had some discussions over it on the SHF and when I finally solved it
with my patented doodling method, I was rather unsatisfied with the result.
sin1982cl however came up with a far more logical explanation for this one,
and that's why my credit goes out to him.
I had to edit it his explanation a bit, though. ^^

As often in puzzles that are about abstraction, you have to relate
two things without obvious connection to one another. Same thing here.
As you might have noticed while reading the poem, it deals with facial parts.
Now we can overlay the important areas of a face to a keypad without problems.
It looks like this:

1   2   3               eye         eye

4   5   6               ear   nose  ear

7   8   9             cheek  mouth  cheek

Most of this riddle is simply fillers, what
we have to focus on is the parts of the face
that are connected with the riddlemakers mouth.
He seems to be a little cannibal.

" ...I place my left hand on your
face as though we were to kiss
then I suddenly shove my thumb
deep into your eyesocket,..."

If you were standing face to face to another person,
your left hand would touch his right side.
So this has to be the RIGHT eye.

"...I must
taste the warmth of your blood.

How would you scream?
Would you shriek "It hurts!
It hurts!" as cinnabar-red tears
stream from your crushed eye?..."

"...taste the warmth of our blood..." is the important bit.
                                      The blood is another thing we have to
                                      watch since he has to lick it up to taste
                                      it.Since the bloody tears are streaming
                                      DOWNWARDS, this means we have to go
                                      DOWN from our starting position (on #1)
                                      and move on to #4.

"...I bring my hopes to fruition:
biting your tongue, shredding it,
biting at your lips as if tasting
your lipstick..."

"...biting at your lips..."            is our next point of interest.
                                       This can be clearly placed as the mouth
                                       area and thus #8 on the keypad.

"...I longed, too, for your cherry-tinted
cheeks, tasty enough to bewitch my

the "..cherry-tinted cheeks..."       are what our flesh-loving friend is after
                                      next, which corresponds to either 7 or 9.

"...your left ear, always hearing words
whispered sweet as pie..."            the left ear corresponds with key #6.

  This leaves us with two possibilities for the final combination:

4896 and

  We decided on choosing the left cheek variant, because it is located between 
  the mouth and the left ear, so you might imagine our riddler to first bite the 
  mouth, lick the cheek and then bite the ear.

  The sequence would therefore be (4; 8; 9; 6), which proves to be the final 


'The starting time is the key'
  This is not a riddle to me, so I'll just tell you that the solution is the 
  same as on normal riddle mode.



  Go and read the ten memos that are scattered around the room. Then proceed to 
  read the poem inscribed on the crematorium door. Once you've got all that, you 
  are ready to attack that combination lock.

  The memos read as follows: (the number represents the bed on which it is 
  found, the titles are what the memos are called in the memo-screen):

1. Song of the Sparrow:

Who killed Cock Robin?
"The Sparrow," they said
"He wants them all dead
To him honey-sweet is their sobbin'."

2. Song of the Owl:

The Owl who forgot the sky
Resigned to his poor earthbound state
Hungry of full didn't matter at all,
He ate and he ate and he ate.

3. Song of the Thrush:

The grass the Thrush so loved to eat
Gave him sweet happiness
He sank ever deeper and finally fell
To destruction and fatal distress.

4. Song of the Robin:

Cock Robin, who hid the key away
Is ash in the oven all right.
The place he held is empty now
And the doors remain shut tight.

5. Song of the Lark:
The Lark's child lost all his words
And walled himself up all away.
Heart and mouth both locked up tight
In a cage where no one want to stay.

6. Song of the Dove:
The Dove's hope died, he chose his path
His flapping wings fell still
Drenched in scarlet there he lay
His cheeks pale white an chill.

7. Song of the Linnet:

He seeks out her soul by his own black ambition.
Frightening her out of her wits
Whispering love songs in her ear
What cruel Linnet wants, he gets.

8. Song of the Rook:

The black Rook is the praying sort
Who hears the gods in the skies
His whispered petitions go on without end
And glassy and dim are his eyes.

9. Song of the Wren:

The Wren with pure heart as yet unrefined
Makes us laugh unto his feeble lip-smacking
But still we all know he shall never grow old
And he knows not how much he is lacking.

0. Song of the Kite:

The Kite hot, crazy and panting mad
Sweet shackles that tease and excite
Death itself would drive him wild
Red blood that turns milky white.

Crematorium door:

Burn the one who knows no death
Pure, adored by those above
No prayers within, just simple love

And now the pining hunter
The flames longing for his rebirth
A distant flame within the earth.

Burn up that heavy body of his
Make it wind, dancing in the sky
That bottomless gut now a cloud, now a sigh

The sweet blood on his laughing lips
Now calls him to the gates of hell
There burns evermore that soulless shell.

Four bodies return to ashes
Thus the door is opened
Thus the door is opened

  First thing: There's four numbers on the combination lock.

  Second thing: There's four verses on the crematorium door.

Q:I don't see what the connection between those birds and the numbers for the
  keys should be...

A:Check the environment more closely.
  Especially the beds.

Q:So all I have to do this time is match the memo numbers
  to the verses on the crematorium door?

A:Yes, this one is a piece of cake... though the clues tend
  to be a bit mushy at times.

 As mentioned before, you have to match four of the birds to the four verses of 
 the poem on the crematorium door.

    The first one:
                    "Burn the one who knows no death
                     Pure, adored by those above
                     No prayers within, just simple love.",
  refers to the Wren, as his heart is pure and his lip-smacking for us is a sign 
  of the simple love within him.

    The second verse: "And now the pining hunter
                       The flames longing for his rebirth
                       A distant flame within the earth.",
  refers to the Owl. A hunting bird, but bound to earth,
  this matches exactly the description in the memo.

    Third verse:"Burn up that heavy body of his
                 Make it wind, dancing in the sky
                 That bottomless gut now a cloud, now a sigh",
  refers to the Linnet. Actually I thought this was the perfect match for the 
  owl at first, but then I remembered that Linnet are real gluttons and are 
  known for eating three times their weight in a single day. That is also where 
  he got his name: This peculiar bird tends to eat so much flaxseed, that it 
  cannot fly anymore. The old word for flax was Lin or Linnen. 
  (I'm not making this up, check a dictionary. ^^)

    Fourth verse:"The sweet blood on his laughing lips
                  Now calls him to the gates of hell
                  There burns evermore that soulless shell.",
  refers to the Sparrow. Since he loves to make the robins suffer, there is 
  blood on his lips and he is smiling because he just killed one.

    The final sequence therefore is:
  Wren, Owl, Linnet, Sparrow.
  Or in numbers:
  (9; 2; 7; 1)



On the bed you will find a notebook. Read it. The text says:

ING     WXX      NXA
OEI     III      VII

MOX     NOT      XVH
XON     HNG      III

XAA     CXX      CCX
JII     IEI      IHT

First thing: Examine the cards closely.

Second thing: Note the whole thing down on paper.

Now, if you throw out all of the letters that are not roman numerals or are
too big to refer to tarot card numbers, you'll come up with this.


XX        0      XVIII

XII      XXII    XI

Remember the numerals on the cards.

HP     EON      ooo

ooo   FOOL      MOON

HM    ooo       ooo


The splitworm does not require any sophisticated tactical work.
Equip your bullet vest, keep your distance to the opening he comes out from
and shoot him when he sticks his head out. 1 to 3 clips will do the trick.


There is no elaborated tactic known to me.
Anyway, a basic one will do the trick here, too.
Wait till the monster approaches you to cut you in half,
then run sideways and let him have a full salvo, preferably from the shotgun.
When he is down, give him some more to swallow and he shouldn't be doing much
damage to you.


Don't let go of that search view button. (L2)
Get any gun you like and best equip your bullet vest as well.
Follow him when he submerges and once he pops up again, quickly circle him
and make him eat lead.
There's only one thing you have to look out for: his long arms.
Stay out of his reach and he can't harm you.
One of the many advantages of using firearms.
Sounds simple, smells simple, tastes like chicken.


Well, the first 'Alessa' only brings a knife and a pretty mean punch with her.
Simply outrun her, wait till she tries to stab you and then shoot her
with the hand gun or slice her with the Katana.
The Stun Gun works to great effect also.

The second 'Alessa' packs some artillery, which makes fighting her very similar
to fighting Cibyl. You can hide behind horses and use them same tactics on her
than you did on the previous one.

Third 'Alessa' will attack you with a pipe...
She is consequently rather slow and is easily dealt with, using the evade and
shoot tactic.

Fourth 'Alessa' Packs a submachine gun... better not let her use it.
Although the SMG bursts can be evaded when running or hiding behind horses,
best stay close to her,

Ooh, a god, scary. The bastard sends homing hellfire lv. 7 after you...
No reason to break a sweat though, just stay well out of range of his
enormously long appendages and evade his fire attacks.
Once you've evaded one of the latter, shoot him a couple of times with the
handgun and when he goes down use the biggest piece of artillery you can.
Shouldn't take too long if done correctly.


Upon every consecutive clear, you will be awarded with an extra weapon.
The conditions upon which they are awarded have not yet been cleared yet,
I'll try to add this as soon as I understand them.

Here's how to find them:

BEAM SABER:          The name is the game. Found as a replacement door knob
                     on the far west end of the 2nd floor in the shopping mall.

FLAMETHROWER:        Found in Helen's Bakery, also on the 2nd floor of the
                     shopping mall. Read the note under it. ^^

UNLIMITED SMG AMMO:  Found in the dead end alley, right after you exit
                     the bathroom window. No, it's not a bandana.

HEATHER BEAM:        Yet to come.


Extra costumes can be unlocked at the Extra Costumes screen. (duh.)
They require passwords which can be found throughout the game or are awarded
with game clears. Here's an incomplete list of the costumes available.

NOTE: those passwords are case-sensitive.

HappyBirthDay     : Heather shirt
TOUCH_MY_HEART    : Don't Touch Shirt
LightToFuture     : The Light Shirt
ShogyouMujou      : Transience Shirt
BlueRobbieWin     : Killer Rabbit Shirt
01_03_08_11_12    : Royal Flush Shirt
cockadooodledoo   : Golden Rooster Shirt
GangsterGirl      : God of Thunder Shirt
I_Love_You        : Onsen Shirt
PrincessHeart     : Transform Costume (un- and reequip for some serious fun.)
Shut_your_mouth   : Zipper Shirt
PutHere2FeelJoy   : Block Head Shirt
SH3_Wrestlarn     : Game Reactor Shirt
sLmLdGhSmKfBfH    : Play Shirt

About the shirts:

Heather Shirt       : shirt worn by the creative team when being interviewed.

The Light Shirt     : the picture is from SH1. It can be found on the 3rd floor
                      of Alchemilla Hospital and is titled:
                     'The Light illuminating the Darkness'

Killer Rabbit Shirt : yep, those are the bunnies from the Amusement Park. ^^

God of Thunder Shirt: not 100% sure about that, but I think it shows Raijin,
                      the ancient japanese god of thunder. The tattoos on her
                      arms seem to be japanese or chinese ink drawings.
                      I can't yet give any information about those on her hands
                      because I still haven't seen any screencaps.
                      I'll try and find out, though.

Onsen Shirt         : well, IIRC, onsen means hot springs in japanese.
                      So this must be the fan shirt of some unknown spa. ^^
                      My friend Makube told me that written above the symbol 
                      is the word 'household' and that the symbol on the bottom 
                      stands for some bath... (I thought it was a steaming mug)
                      Is this an advice for hardcore gamers to take baths more
                      often? ^^

Transform Costume   : Hm... I guess this thing should ring a bell with everyone.
                      In case it doesn't: sailor uniform.
                      Un- and reequip it for a cool cutscene. ^^

Royal Flush Shirt   : As from the SHF points out, this thing has 
                      a very interesting history of its own. I hope that,
                      with the help of Skyfox, I can bring it to you.

Game Reactor Shirt  : Game Reactor is free gaming mag in
                      Norway, Denmark and Finland. Not in Germany, though.

Play Shirt          : The shirt from a rather new german game mag 
                      called (can you guess it?)'Play'.
                      url: http://www.playplaystation.com 
                      (It says so on the shirt's back). 
                      The front features the ever so popular winged flaming skull.
                      Heather goes Heavy Metal.



Known to me so far are three endings:

NORMAL   : Heather defeats Claudia, who had tried to give birth to god after
           Heather 'aborted' him. Having killed Claudia, Heather is once more
           overwhelmed by the sadness she feels because of losing her dad,
           Harry. Cut. The Amusement Park. Douglas has managed in spite of his
           broken leg, to find a bank to sit on and has fallen asleep.
           Heather approaches and Douglas wakes with a start.
           On recognizing her, he smiles and asks her whether all is over now.
           Heather, holding the knife in her hand, keeps her stony face.
           She approaches Douglas and says in a tone that sends shivers up your
           spine: 'Not yet... You're still alive.'
           Douglas' face is contorted with panic.
           Heather approaches him and he knows that he cannot escape her.
           Suddenly Heather leaps towards him and shouts: 'Booh.'
           Great relief on Douglas' side here. ^^
           Heather asks Douglas to call her by her real name from now on:
           Douglas inquires whether Heather will also let her hair go back to
           black. She answers: 'Well, I dunno... don't you think blondes have 
more fun?'
           Credit roll. Heather kneels before Harry's grave.

POSSESSED: Heather defeats Claudia, who had tried to give birth to god after
           Heather 'aborted' him. Having killed Claudia, Heather is once more
           overwhelmed by the sadness she feels because of losing her dad,
           Harry. Cut. The Amusement Park. A puddle on the ground. Something
           drips down and into it. Douglas is lying in a pool of blood.
           The influence of Samael seems to have been too much for Heather.
           As the camera pans up, you can see her bloodstained knife,
           Fade to black, credits.

UFO      : Still eluding my capture...

Thanks to an anonymous helper who send me those:
Thanks to Manuel, who pointed out the silencer to me.

After clearing the game once, mark the EXTRA NEW GAME option and enter:
Select the desired difficulty levels.
If done successfully, you'll receive a very... interesting sound.
Watch the cutscenes closely from now on. ^___^

When in the sewers in the room with the monster and the outlet,
go to the edge of the water and press X. Throw in your steel pipe.
Answer all questions truthfullyand you'll get a nifty extra.

When you enter the room with the filthy mattress
(fifth floor on the construction site,) in it,
bear right and examine the walls. Equip the mace and find
something really useful... well, useful for MGS fans, anyway. ^^

MAKUBE -                  for tireless translation efforts.

SIN1982CL -               for coming up with an absolutely comprehensible
                          version of the 2F East Wing Puzzle.

AN ANONYMOUS HELPER -     who supplied me with eastereggs and additional
                          costume passwords.

KATANASOUL -              who helped me simplify the crematorium riddle.

MANUEL -                  for pointing out the silencer easter egg.

POGANIN -                 for correcting my faulty Shakespeare interpretation.

GUNSMITH, -               for some kick'ss SH walkthroughs.

THE SILENT HILL FORUM -   if you're interested in more than just beating the
                          game, visit it, it's worth it.

KONAMI -                  for making this incredible game.

THE BAKERY NEXT DOOR -    who gave me free donuts when seeing
                          what state I was in after playing hard riddle mode.


All characters and game texts in this faq are copyrighted by Konami.
The other stuff is copyrighted by me. ^^
Please ask before you reproduce, copy, etc. any part of this faq,
don't make profit with it, don't eat it in its printed form on paper.
If you want this thing on your site, I can send you updates
or just visit one of the following sites:





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