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       Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
     Walkthrough/Strategy Guide 
       written exclusively for 
        *Cheat Code Central*

           Matthew Veide
       ([email protected])

WAREHOUSE @ Woodland Hills

Level Type: Multi-Mission Based Stage (A) 
<1> Earn 5000 Points 
<2> Earn 15000 Points 
<3> Spell S - K - A - T - E 
<4> Find Hidden VHS VCR Tape 
<5> Knock Down 5 Sets of Stacked Boxes 
Location of Letters S - K - A - T - E 
[T] This letter lies along a straight position in
front of the glass frame facing your right. Crash
through this right-angled glass frame. Descend a
sloping path while lining yourself up with the letter
'T' that looms over the halfpipe. Acceleration you've
worked up, along with an ollie at the edge, should
launch you right into the letter. 
[A] Think fast! The 'A' is right in directly in front
of on top of a boarded in Taxi Cab. Just ride up the
boards to grab it. 
[K] Slightly to your skater's left, at leaping
distance above the quarterpipe that spans this stage's
entire back wall. Grabbing letter 'A' might have
slowed you down from a little hop that cab gives you.
Still, try to go right up this ramp and Nollie or
Fastplant to reach it. If you miss, just circle around
with greater acceleration and try again. 
[E] Coming down the quarterpipe from letter 'K' should
have you facing a solo rail located slightly to the
right. Pass by on its left to the ramp right behind
the rail. Hold up to hop this ramp's lip while lining
up with the letter 'E' that is sitting on the floor
closer to the right wall. Just hopping the lip should
throw you into the letter so try not to provoke your
[S] Turn yourself completely around. Either using a
sharp turn or the upper level ramp that is right
behind letter 'E'. Skate close to the left wall,
falling down the ramp level you are on, and proceed up
ahead to the letter 'S' that should be in close sight.
Use the ramp that is placed on both side of the letter
meant to guide you into it. 
Location of Stacked Boxes 
[1] Before leaving the room you start in, look on the
wall at your immediate right side. Knock down the set
of boxes which is there next to a glass frame. 
[2] This second set can be tricky to grab on your
first attempt. Crash through the glass frame next to
the first set of boxes you just grabbed. As you skate
downwards heading to a halfpipe, angle yourself so
you'll jump through a transparent room that hangs over
the halfpipe. Keep your sights fixated on the elevated
rail located on the full right side of the overhead
room and halfpipe. Try to land on it when you jump the
halfpipe using an Ollie, Nollie, or Fastplant. If you
succeed, knock down the boxes that are on this
platform. If you miss, then make your way to this
platform, hopping up on it with a Fastplant. 
[3] Turn facing the room so that you see the Taxi Cab
first, then the solo rail further up from it. When
facing this direction you should also be able to see
windows high up with light shining through them. This
will assure you're facing correctly. Follow your eyes
along with the long scaling wall quarterpipe. Look on
the top of it for a set of boxes that are sitting
somewhere up there. When you spot these boxes, skate
towards them and hold up to hop over the lip to smack
them down. Drop off the other side of this thumb
looking quarterpipe section. 
[4] Follow along the wall ramp till it cuts off into
the wall that has those overhead windows with lights
shining through. Follow this wall to the small
elevated section that is attached to it. Fastplant to
jump onto this section and knock off the boxes on it. 
[5] Drop off the elevated platform. But keep following
the same wall you used to get to this platform. Now it
should lead you to a ramp that is adjacent from a
rail. Hop up onto the floor atop this ramp to reach
and knock down the final set of boxes. They'll be
closest to the right wall. 

Location of Videotape 
[~] You'll be facing a glass frame, but need to go
into the glass frame facing your skater's right. Crash
through it and position yourself to a diagonal right
angle. You'll be heading towards a halfpipe. Look
above it and concentrate on a hanging miniature room.
Slightly on the left side is the hidden videotape you
seek. Ollie at the lip of the halfpipe to reach this
room and tape. If you miss, you might want to try over
at the starting point again. As it is the easiest way
to reach this tape due to vastly given acceleration. 


Level Type: Multi-Mission Based Stage (A) 
<1> Earn 7000 Points 
<2> Earn 25000 Points 
<3> Spell S - K - A - T - E 
<4> Find Hidden VHS VCR Tape 
<5> Grind 5 School Lunch Tables 
Location of Letters S - K - A - T - E 
[S] Follow the slope, leaping off it. Continue forth
in your current facing direction. Keep yours eyes
concentrated on the left for a long flight of steps
going down. When you reach it, look for the rail that
divides these steps. Grind it most of the way and it
will pass your skater through letter 'S'. 
[K] Quickly turn yourself slightly to the left and go
up the first mini ramp you see. Use an Ollie to boost
over the gap and grab letter 'K'. 
[A] Afterwards, you'll encounter an obstructing piece
of concrete that is meant for railing on. If you
follow alongside it it ends with another identical
looking trail of concrete. Grind this second one all
the way down to grab the 'A'. 
[T] Skate straight ahead following a semi-long path
that is guarded by quarterpipes on both sides of your
skater. As you travel, you should follow close to the
quarterpipe on your right. Look along the top of it
for letter 'T'. When you spot it, use this pipe
section to reach it. An Ollie should more than be
enough air support to reach it. 
[E] On your way down the quarterpipe from grabbing
letter 'T' you need to head in the direction to your
right. Skate up to a rail that should be easy to spot.
It is located between two empty swimming pools. Grind
this small length of rail to grab letter 'E'. 
Location of School Lunch Tables 
[1] From your high up starting position, do not follow
the slope! Instead, turn yourself completely facing
your left and drop down from there. Hold back to brake
yourself from skating anywhere when you drop. From
this stopped position, turn completely to your right,
and grind a table that is now in front of you. 
[2] Head up till you reach a stairway on your left,
just before a wall. Go down these steps. Precisely
upon reaching the bottom, turn a sharp left and follow
an elevated brick section that leads you to the next
table to be grinded. 
[3] Keep following this elevated brick section as it
leads you into a ditch, back up out of it again, and
to another table. Grind it. 
[4] Face diagonally to your right and advance in that
direction. There may be a 4 sided ramp blocking your
field of vision but when you pass it up you will see a
table to grind. 
[5] Turn yourself back around so your facing the path
that has quarterpipes on both sides of it. Skate on
while hugging the left side. When this left side turns
into a corner, follow around it and keep on the left
of the empty swimming pool. In view is the last table
to grind. 
Location of Videotape 
[~] Do not follow the slope down. Rather, drop down to
the right. When you land head diagonally left to a
steep road that leads on top of the school's gym. Once
one top you'll have to follow around to the left. Try
to face the center of this rooftop. Notice the sunroof
with an open pane? From where you should be facing, on
the left of it is an elevated platform. You need to
get up there. You can use the ramp in front of it, but
it's easiest to just skate up a side of it while
holding up to hop over the edge. If you got up to this
platform from the angle you should've been facing then
on the left corner closest to you is a board. If you
don't notice it then examine all 4 corners. Carefully
grind this board to another roofing. Follow this roof
to its end, doing an Ollie to reach the tape. Don't

  MALL @ New York

Level Type: Multi-Mission Based Stage (B) 
<1> Earn 10000 Points 
<2> Earn 30000 Points 
<3> Spell S - K - A - T - E 
<4> Find Hidden VHS VCR Tape 
<5> Destroy 5 Mall Directories 
Location of Letters S - K - A - T - E 
[S] Skate down two levels, having to turn left twice
to do so. When you can actually see inside the mall
area, and are about to crash into the glass doors,
look at the wall on your left for a tiny handrail.
Grind it to help reach the letter 'S'. 
[K] Crash through the glass, then skate alongside the
right wall. Proceed along this path till coming upon a
structure on the right of a fountain that has plants
growing in it. Grind the left side of this structure
as it takes you letter 'K'. 
[A] Aim for the center of the mall where a narrow path
falls downward. Go down this path and grind the left
concrete structure located left of a tiny mall pool.
This will take you to letter 'A'. 
[K] Follow this stage straight. Using any means
desired since it eventually merges together again.
When it does, look for a tiny island area in the
center that has two cement structures identical to the
one's you saw earlier for letter 'A'. Once again,
grind the left one to get letter 'K' this time. 
[E] If you pursue on, you will eventually come to the
letter 'E' which is in plain sight, just before
another body of water, and can be reached using an
Ollie off the ramp which preceeds this letter. 
Location of Mall Directories 
[1] Follow downwards till you crash through the mall
entrance. Then go up an operating escalator. At the
top will be the first directory to break through. 
[2] This next part is kind've rough, but do not be
bothered if you miss. Jump onto the higher platform
ahead. Proceed in the direction of a fountain while
avoiding a gap in between platforms. Attempt to
situate yourself on the narrow slope and leap into the
fountain. Come out the other side with an Ollie.
Follow the narrow path located on the other side of
this fountain up to a platform you need to Ollie onto.
Break the directory now in front of you. If you missed
this fountain jump. Simply take the next upwards
escalator on your left. At top, follow around to your
right and break the directory which will be behind
you. Turn back around so your facing the direction
your intended to travel in this stage. 
[3] Skate up and Ollie over the ending edge. When you
fall you'll notice a small body of water. Pass by on
the left of it. Look for the next directory that will
be coming up shortly before you reach two escalators
that go down. 
[4] Keep going straight till you come across a tiny
island with two cement structures on it. The directory
is in plain sight before these structures so be sure
to break it. 
[5] If you just push on, following the path as you go
it will easily take you right into another directory.
Just past a small body of water. 
Location of Videotape 
[~] Follow down till you crash into the entrance
windows. Skate alongside the right side of the mall.
Pass up a fountain that will be on your left and keep
right heading in the direction of a parked car. Gain
as much speed as you can. Pass up the car on your way
to a drop-off. Notice a small ramp decorated with
arrows? Try doing a fastplant on the right side of the
very left arrow. Hopefully you got enough distance and
are positioned correctly to grind one of the cement
structures high above. If you missed, go back up and
try again. If you got it, keep your balance near to
its end, and Ollie to the opposite structure of
whichever you are currently grinding to grab the


Level Type: Tournament Stage 
A Few Pointers 
There isn't really much to passing this competition.
Yet, it has an awesome skate hot spot! 
· Do 720 spins for all 8 moves. 
· Take advantage of the rail structure in front of
your starting position. Try to mix up two grinds at
the fall point. 
· You can never go wrong with a halfpipe! 
· When you're powered up, max out your acceleration
and fastplant off an edge behind the halfpipe. Do it
right and you'll be transported high up to a seriously
long rail that can be grinded all the way to the pool.
You can even drop off this rail by the pool and keep
the combo going by grinding the pool lip. Don't do
this for too long due to a lack of strong balance at
this point. 

DOWNTOWN @ Minneapolis

Level Type: Multi-Mission Based Stage (A) 
<1> Earn 15000 Points 
<2> Earn 40000 Points 
<3> Spell S - K - A - T - E 
<4> Find Hidden VHS VCR Tape 
<5> Break 5 No Skating Signs 
Location of Letters S - K - A - T - E 
[S] In front of your skater is a small ramp. Use it
for jumping up to the elevated wall on your right. As
you speed quickly forward, look for a rail that is
elevated even higher than you already are on the right
side. Ollie into a grind onto this rail. Be sure to
Ollie off the rail, instead of falling off to reach
letter 'S.' 
[K] Quickly move diagonally left and venture forth to
the center of this large square area with a fountain
in the center. Hop this fountain with an Ollie to
reach letter 'K'. 
[E] Skate past the other side of the fountain till
your back on the street again. Take a left and follow
the street down. You'll pass by a parked car on your
right and bus wait bench on your left before reaching
a semi-high ramp located immediately right of a street
lamp. Try to Fastplant off this ramp moving from right
to left, and grind the rail this should take you to.
If successful you will acquire letter 'E'. If you
miss, get yourself back up on that road. If you have
trouble getting letter 'E' this way, do not worry, I
will explain another way later on. 
[A] Proceed up the street till it bends left. Look
letter 'A' located at the first corner you'll notice
to your left. Use the curved ramp that scales this
building to aid you to the 'A' with an Ollie. 
[T] On your way down the ramp, to your diagonal left
is a semi-large ramp near a parked truck. You can
attempt to use this ramp to crash through the out of
reach area above and grab the letter 'T' like this.
Although a fast method, it is fairly difficult. Read
on if you want an alternative... 
[T] After grabbing the letter 'A', you need to look to
the skater's very left to see a parked truck. This
truck has a vehicle loading ramp. Use it to jump into
the room it's parked by. Follow this room up and up
and up. You will eventually reach the letter 'T' this
longer yet easier way. 
[E] If you couldn't quite get the letter 'E' from the
first suggestion.... try this one instead. After
grabbing letter 'T', you should still be in a narrow
walkway the letter was found. Ride this walkway till
it takes you on top of a building. As soon as you're
completely out of that glass decorated walkway, turn
to your immediate left. Go past the miniature
greenhouse on its left and stop just before reaching
the end of the building. Close to the left corner, is
the rail with letter 'E' on it. Line yourself up with
it and fall off the building on it with a grind. Aim
correctly and you'll have your letter! 
Location of Street Signs 
[1] Skate straight ahead, looking to your diagonal
left. You will see the first sign needed to be broken
about the same time a Taxi Cab tries to hit you. Oh
yeah, look out for that cab by the way. Break the
[2] You'll now be skating towards a fountain. Turn
diagonally left before reaching the fountain. This
should take you towards the street and another sign
located in the center of two rails like the first one
was. Skate up and break it. 
[3] After you're on the street again, follow it going
left and proceed down just a short, very short ways.
You should see a large curved ramp to your left and a
tiny curved ramp to your right that has a rail too. At
this point, go up the bigger ramp on your left but hop
the lip. You'll see the 3rd sign. Jump back onto the
street you were just on, venturing in the same
direction you were heading. 
[4] Follow this street. Concentrate on the right wall
as you do. First you'll pass up a parked car on your
right, then a ramp behind that car before seeing the
next sign to break also on the right. 
[5] Take the street till it forces you to turn left.
Do so and skate a little ways while looking all the
way to the right. You should see a square area
decorated with street lamps and your final street sign
to break right in the center. 

Location of Videotape 
[~] Skate up a little bit and then turn completely
around. Now facing a dead end wall, skate towards it
using any ramp to jump over it and onto a street. Make
a left turn. Follow straight till you notice a parked
truck with a vehicle ramp. Use this ramp to enter the
room next to it. Once inside the room, follow it all
the way up. Pass through a walkway surrounded by glass
and go up onto the roof. Now look for a small opening
that is the only available means for getting onto the
next door building. Go through this opening. Notice
the building is surrounded by a curved ramp except for
a small portion? You'll have to jump through that
portion and over the large gap in between. It's best
to power up, use the ramp to jump on to get speed, and
incorporate a Fastplant for the big leaping finish.
Travel far enough in your jump and you'll grab the
hidden videotape. And yes, it is possible to reach the
building located on the other side of this big jump.
It is easier to reach when you have higher Ollie and
Air stats. 


Level Type: Multi-Mission Based Stage (B) 
<1> Earn 20000 Points 
<2> Earn 40000 Points 
<3> Spell S - K - A - T - E 
<4> Find Hidden VHS VCR Tape 
<5> Open 5 Valves 
Location of Letters S - K - A - T - E 
[S] Skate down the slope while trying to stay in the
center of the path. If you're centered correctly,
you'll pass between a four-sided ramp on your left and
a long piece of concrete meant for grinding on. If you
notice these things, then the next ramp in front of
you will give you letter 'S' if using an Ollie off it
diagonally left from the corner. 
[K] This next letter is easy to overlook, so be
cautious. After grabbing letter 'S', skate down the
path but stay very close to the right. You should try
to pass through not by a rock formation that creates a
brief cave effect (very brief!) Here is where the easy
to pass up part comes along. Your camera angle at this
moment gives you a blind spot to the ramp that will be
on your right just after this rock formation. If you
notice this ramp, Ollie off it to reach letter 'K'
with use of a grind. You need to grind the left rail. 
[A] Here is another letter that can inadvertently be
passed up. When you drop off of the rail from grabbing
letter 'K', do not go down the path any further.
Instead, turn yourself around and go up the pathway
that will now be facing your right and is on the
opposite side of the rail you were just on. When you
reach its limit for guidance, you'll need to Ollie off
of it onto the rail that spans across the halfpipe.
When you've done so, the letter 'A' can be seen on
your diagonal right side. Just use the curved ramp
along the edge to reach this letter with an Ollie.
Beware of falling off the other side! 
[T] Drop down back onto the path and follow it back
downwards. Keep trailing down until you notice a large
rock in the center with a sign on its face. Just after
this rock is an opening in the ground, if you go into
this opening it excels you down faster and ends with
you leaping high into the air and likely grabbing the
letter 'T' first thing. Try aiming for a ramp like
ground area just in front of the Mountain Dew sign. If
you hit it right you'll be launched on top of the rock
where you can skate down the other side into the
opening. If you miss this opening, you can grab letter
'T' from higher ground with aid of a bump in front of
it. Just Ollie off this bump. 
[E] Yet another well placed letter that can be easily
passed up! Immediately after you grab letter 'T' is a
small body of water in the center of the path.
Diagonally right of this water is an elevated level
that is not too visible from this perspective.
Nevertheless, you are required to get up there. So,
use the curved wall to your left and just past the
body of water to Ollie up on and gain speed. When you
land from this it will have you facing the opposite
side wall. Head towards this opposite side wall,
Fastplant up it near the very left where the wall
ends, and hold the grind button to starting grinding a
rail that is actually within reach now. This rail will
take you all the way to letter 'E'. 
Location of Pipe Valves 
[1] Before skating down the slope. Take notice of the
high up rail on your right. That is your first
destination. Go down the slope lining yourself up with
either side of the rail. It doesn't look like it, but
using an Ollie at that spot in front of the rail where
it ramps up, will give you enough air to reach the
rail. Grind this rail to open a valve. 
[2] Okay, try not to pass this next one up. It is kind
of concealed from direct vision. When you land from
the first valve grind, you will see two rails on your
diagonal right that lead downward and a ramp to the
left of these rails. Behind this ramp is another ramp
you can't see from this point. So slowly move behind
this ramp and skate up the one behind it. There is a
valve knob on it. 
[3] Make your skater almost hug the left wall. This
wall will lead you to a portion of road that goes
upwards. Follow this road. Grind the pipe that
stretches across the halfpipe to open its valve. 
[4] Drop down from this pipe and continue down the
path again. Look for a large rock in the center that
has a sign advertising Mountain Dew. Center yourself
with this rock as you quickly accelerate towards it.
With good aim, you'll be shot up to the top of this
rock. This will trigger a valve to open from the knob
situated on top. 
[5] Fall from this rock and stay close to the left
wall. Just after you pass up a small body of water,
you'll encounter a portion of road that slopes down.
Now, this sloping area is extremely small, and like
halfway down it on the right is a valve knob sticking
out. This is so easy to overlook and is difficult to
hit on your way down. You basically need to Ollie
while touching to the right of this little slope that
leads you to the finish line. If you skate down it and
didn't catch the valve in that abrupt moment. Turn
yourself around, now looking to your left and slowly
skate up the slope halfway. Ollie at it like that. It
should work. 
Location of Videotape 
[~] I wouldn't say the problem with this videotape is
so much figuring out where it is located as getting it
once you know! This will take practice. Go down the
slope and follow closely to the left wall. Proceed
with this action, passing up everything in your path
until the road near the wall your trailing moves
upwards. Skate up this road and grind the long pipe
that stretches over a halfpipe. Now at the other side
of this pipe, skate up looking diagonally left for
another pipe that takes you back to the left side.
Grind this pipe. You should notice a rather large gap
between the piece of land your on now, and the
neighboring land. You'll need to use wall ride on the
left wall to reach the other side safely. Now your
trail comes to a rock ledge. You'll need to use a
Fastplant to jump onto this ledge. This ledge will
proceed to your right. So follow it down till
happening upon another gap in your way. Using the same
technique for the first gap, wall ride the left wall
to get past it. This wall is easier to grind its
surface when you start scaling up the wall to pass up
this gap. Finally on the other side comes your
greatest feat yet! At the end of this road is long gap
to a rock that has the tape on it. You need to take 4
things into consideration before making your jump. 
(1) It helps to be powered up. If your not, then stand
still while doing Fastplants into quick move trick
combos. This should power you up. 
(2) Start as far away from your jump as possible
before skating ahead. I know this forces you to
envision where the tape is instead of it being in
plain sight. But that is best way of reaching it when
you leap. 
(3) Line yourself up to leap to your diagonal right
almost at the corner of your jump. 
(4) Insist yourself to doing a Fastplant when you do
leap. Grind when you reach the tape spot. Good luck. 

BURNSIDE @ Portland

Level Type: Tournament Stage 
A Few Pointers 
· Do 720 spins for all 8 moves. 
· Try for the miniature pool that will be on your
diagonal right soon after you start. If you manage to
jump out of this pool in the direction of a concrete
sign that says "SKATEBOARDING" on it you'll get a nice
stage facet. 
· Other than the first point. Stick with the wall! It
has two edges to rail when you get up to it allowing
to force out some nasty combos! Notice the arrows on
pointing up on the wall itself? Aim for those. They
show you where you can safely leap up the wall and
grind without getting stuck in one of those grooves
along the higher wall. 

STREETS @ San Francisco

Level Type: Multi-Mission Based Stage (A) 
<1> Earn 25000 Points 
<2> Earn 50000 Points 
<3> Spell S - K - A - T - E 
<4> Find Hidden VHS VCR Tape 
<5> Wreck 5 Cop Cars 

Location of Letters S - K - A - T - E 
These letters take awhile to collect so make haste! 
[K] Skate up the path on your right. Drop down three
times while careful not to gain too much speed doing
so. When you make your 3rd drop, to your right will be
the letter 'K' encased in a small glass room. Grab it.

[A] Drop down on and head up the street in the right
direction from Lombard Street. Continue till the
meeting a crossroad. Go right on this street. Follow
straight upwards to what looks like the remains of
Chinatown I guess? The letter 'A' can be found at the
end and requires you do a ramp to ramp jump to reach
[T] You should be heading down the street again and be
sure to keep following it. Careful not to hit by any
cable cars or a van that looks like it was bought in
the '70s. Look for trees on your right. When you see
them, leap up the structure they're planted in and
attempt to Fastplant into the elevated window. You can
aim for the edge too, skating along it into the room.
However you choose. Grab letter 'T' inside this room
by doing an Ollie underneath it. 
[E] Take the caged exit on your left which will open
as you approach it. Leap off of the spiriling tower
back onto the street. Go up a little ways and look for
a building on your right side that has water in front
of it, rails around it, and large windows for a face.
Skate up the little path between the rails of this
building and Fastplant to reach your jump inside of
this room. You can now see the letter 'E' above an
empty tiny pool. You'll have to use this pool to reach
the letter. This can quite a pain at times if you
miss. It isn't easy trying to control yourself in a
small pool. When you grab the letter, exit the room
and proceed back on the street going to your right. 
[S] Follow the street as it curves around to your
left. Proceed while looking at your right for a large
structure of small stairways. In any manner, make your
way up short flights of steps till you reach the
center of the top. There you'll find letter 'S'. 
Location Cop Cars 
[1] Don't go far! Its directly to your left. Grind it.

[2] Skate straight down Lombard Street (pun intended)
until reaching its bottom. Take a right U-turn around
to a (stereotype alert) donut shop where you'll find a
cop car to grind. 
[3] & [4] Get back on your regular direction of travel
heading down the street. Look to your diagonal right.
As the road blends into a crossroad you'll see to cop
cars. That is convenient! You'll notice an outline
drawing on the floor of a man and a gun. For some
reason there are no cops to be seen, just the cars.
Perhaps the donut shop? 
[5] Retreat the way you came. Back down the street in
the direction of where you started. Except don't go
back up Lombard Street. Pass it by and follow the
street your on as it turns right. Look to your
immediate left as you travel along to see a cop car
parked by the wall. 
Location of Videotape 
There are two ways to get to the halfway point of
reaching this videotape 
[1] Skate down Lombard Street. Make a right turn when
you its bottom. Skate till you pass a donut shop on
your right while looking to your left. Notice the
building on the left? There is a curved portion of
this building near the corner you can use to get onto
the second level with. Start by the two cop cars
located diagonally from this building. Speedily move
forward aiming for the portion of ramp that the
leftmost plant is by. Fastplant off of it in an
up-left like angle to get up there. This method is
quicker than the second one, but it is also a little
[2] Skate down Lombard Street. Take a left and follow
this road as it turns to the right. proceed on it
looking for a strange looking fountain structure on
your right. When you see it you'll have to head up
till the street curves to the right again and make a
right U-turn. This should line you up facing the
fountain. Notice a lowered portion of the fountain
where you can leap up onto? It is a path to the
building ahead. Fastplant onto this path and follow it
till it ends, leaping with a Fastplant to reach the
building across from this fountain. Follow this
building around to the left and Fastplant leap to the
next building. 
[~] From this position, work your way up to the top of
the building using the narrow path it gives you. When
you reach the top, you'll notice an extremely high
ramp. Skate up this ramp and follow it as it launches
you upward. Use a Fastplant at the peak of your jump.
This should throw you far enough into a pagoda that
has the tape on top. You'll land right on it. Believe
or not, Impossibles and 360 Flips boost you a little
bit while your flying. 

ROSWELL @ New Mexico

Level Type: Tournament Stage 
A Few Pointers 
· Do 720 spins for all 8 moves. 
· Take advantage of all the halfpipes. 
· There is a structure in the center of this level
that lets you grind twice. Use it to your advantage. 
· Do Fastplants with any aerial special moves you

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