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Date: sat, 10 may 2003 15:30:20 

                       Final Fantasy VII Weapon FAQ
                        by [email protected]

	This FAQ will focus on the Weapons you will find during the game.

Diamond Weapon

	This is by far the easiest weapon to beat. He is the one that comes
out of the water and starts advancing toward Midgar. Basically, all you  
have to do is use Knights of the Round to win!but with you don't have the 
Knights of the Round you just have to do is to pummel him until he's dead 
by attacking with summons and maybe magic, I forget. Remember that he is 
invulnerable to physical attacks until after he does Diamond Flash. Anyway,
 cure yourself when you're low onHP and that's how to beat Weapon. You can 
also steal a Rising Sun from him.

Ultima Weapon

	This is by far the most annoying weapon. The first time you fight
him, all you have to do is survive his attacks and attack back for a couple
of rounds. The next time you fight him, I forget but here's how to beat
him. When you can, take the Highwind over Lake Junon (waterfall, deep pool,
near Junon). If you see a large black monster over it, that's Ultima
Weapon. If not, try again later. When you fight him the first time, any
attacks that are long range will hit him. When he's taken enough damage, he
will fly away. Now, you have to chase him in the Highwind until he stops
moving. Then you'll have to fight him again. When he makes his final stop
at Cosmo Canyon, beat him and he will explode in the canyon creating
passage for the ancient forest. You can get the Ultima Weapon after you
beat him. But with you don't have the patient to do this just use 
Knights of the Round and he is going to stop in cosmo canyon tnem use it again

Emerald Weapon

	There are 2 ways to prepare to battle Emerald Weapon. The fast and
easy way is to equip underwater materia, knights of the round, final
attack, phoenix and 2 mimes. Equip underwater to whoever, Knights of the
round to anyone, the 2 mimes to your two other character and the final
attack and phoenix to whoever as long as they are linked. The long, hard
but most beneficial way is to attach Master Command, 2 Quadra Magics, 
Master magic, Double cut, Master summon, W-Magic, W-Summon, W-Item, Final 
Attack, Phoenix and Underwater. With the long way, fire 4x Demi twice, and
mime. When needed, restore health. Then repeat. With the short way, Knights
of the round and mime. When need, restore health. When you defeat him, you
will get Earth Harp. A challenge, Try to morph him. Emerald can be found
underwater next to Junon. He is the big swimming thing. Use the sub to bump
into him.

Ruby Weapon

	The way I used to beat Ruby is very unorthodox. First I equipped
W-Summon, MP Turbo linked to Master Summon, Master Command, Elemental on 
the armor, Fire linked to it and Ribbon to any character with their
ultimate weapon. Then I went and fought at another battle near Ruby. I am
not insane, but I killed the other characters who I did not equip the
materia on. I went on to fight Ruby. First when he extended the tentacles,
I cast Hades on the tentacles and Hades on Ruby. When they were stopped, I
used Knights of the Round on Ruby twice until he began moving. Then I used
Hades again to freeze both of them. I did this until he retracted his arms.
Then I kept doing Knights of the Round until I beat him. He gives you
Desert Rose. A challenge, try to morph him. Ruby can be found in the desert
surrounding the Golden Saucer. You can get to him by Highwind or Gold
Chocobo. He is the little red person in the desert.

If anyone needs hints or strategies, just e-mail me at 
[email protected] .

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