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                              WEAPON GUIDE
                              By JustinCase  Last updated 4/5/03

   INTRO- In this guide I will explain every gun in the game. Its power, modes, 
where and when its best used ect.
   PP7- This is one of the weakest pistols in the game. It holds 7 bullets and has 
silencer attachment. This is much more powerful when you have unlocked gold PP7. 
Never a good choice if you have other weapons.
   P2K- This holds 16 bullets and fires fast. Of course it is probably one of the 
best pistols when its golden. It has a silencer and kills guards in one unsilened 
shot or two silenced shots.
   Raptor- Its 2 modes are almost the same. It is pretty weak and holds 7 bullets. 
It also fires slow, DON'T USE THIS GUN unless your very good.
   Rapter .44- My personnal favorite, it holds 7 bullets and kills in pretty much 1 
or two shots. It doesn't shoot fast, but packs a punch.
   Kowloon .40- This is decent. Don't use this on semi becayse it does very little 
damage. It is very unaccurate, but burst will defeat at close rang. You can get two 
at once if your phoenix character in mult.
   Kowloon .80- The better version of the .40. This looks the same but is a fully 
automatic machine gun. It is very usefull. It is small, so you can run faster.
   Golden Gun- This is only playable in mult. It has only a single shot. On the 
side it kills in one shot. It is faily accurate. Keep moving when reloading.  
   Oddjob's hat- This is the classic bowler that you can throw while being Oddjob 
mult. mode. This is one of the best weapons. It kills in one hit, is completely 
silent and comes back after a few seconds.
   Samurai- This infinite ammo rifle/laser gun is among one of the most popular 
in the game. It kills in two to three shots and when its ammo count reaches 1 
hundred, you need to let it charge down. Its alternate fire (overcharge) kills in a 
single hit but needs to charge first. Try sniping on overcharge. 
   Delta repeater- This cross-bow only has three shots, but kills in one shot, (two 
if you shoot the legs) and is dead silent. Sniping is a problem though. The scope 
can see far, but your arrows will drop after a few feet. Try using the scope to 
search places. 
   Covert sniper- This is very useful. It is the best in single player facing 
and could be the best in multiplayer if your aim is good. If you miss a shot 
are your opponent won't realize your firing. It is weaker than the Phoenix sniper. 
   Phoenix sniper- This is the best in multiplayer. It kills in one hit, but is 
horribly loud. You can get a larger clip for this gun after unlocking it.
   Fist- Your good old fasioned punch. There in no limit in ammo or speed. It is 
better for some people, listed in order of how strong their punches are. Jaws, 
Renard, Oddjob, Scaramanga, and Bond. Try getting in your enemies face and socking 
   Frinsi- This is a shotgun with a pump and auto action. It has 8 bullets and is 
very strong but inaccurate. Its auto is better than pump doing just a little less 
damade but allowing quicker fire.
                                     MACHINE GUNS 
   K-80- Some may consider this a machine gun as well. If you want info see pistols 
above under Kowloon .80.
   Ams .20- This is pretty strong and is capable of sniping. Its scope is 
useful because it senses heat, and it is extremly accurate. Its other setting is a 
grenade launcher listed in explosives.
   SGS- Probably the best machine gun in the entire game. Unlike the Ams it is 
automatic for 30 bullets. It has a scope but it can't go far at all. Your best bet 
is to use it close up.
   Winter SGS- This is the white machine gun with thirty bullets. It has two 
differences from the SGS. It is mildly quieter, and it only has a burst and single 
option. It is stronger than most guns.
   Oozy- The real name I can't figure out. It is the only other fully auto gun. Its 
pretty weak and only good close up. If you aim towards the head it can be lethal. 
Its additional setting, single, will only require a single hand.
   Ronin- Everyone's favorite briefcase machine gun. This can be left there as a 
drone gun, or used yourself. If you want to use this yourself find a safe place and 
activate it. A Ronin can be destroyed by shooting the gun part, getting behind it 
and shutting it, or running overheating. This will kill teammates!
   Sentinal- A guided missle launcher by you. Detinate it early by pressing fire 
again. Your body is helpless while shooting missles, so don't use them too long. 
This holds 4 missles at a time and its other setting is unguided. It kills in one 
hit if its a direct shot.
   AMS .20- Its grenade setting is awesome. It holds 6 and they shoot far and can 
used as a sniper. The machine setting is listed under machine guns.
   Scorpian- The best explosive missle launcher for a rookie. These are heat 
and are otherwise the same as a Sentinal.
   Frag Grenade- An ordinary hand grenade. These stink. They can't go far or be 
controled. Try leading an opponent into one.
   Milltank- This extremely powerful grenade launcher is useful. It kills in one 
and holds six grenades. Its delay setting is the same as a Frag, except it goes 
farther.  It has a scope. The higher you aim the farther it will go.
   Remote Mine- These are sticky remote bombs. They stick on walls and blow up once 
shot or detonated. (the other setting is detonate)
   Tripbombs- These are the best trap weapons. They detonate when someone walks 
through the red sensor, or is shot. Plant these sticky bombs on walls to create a 
little trap for others. Guards and AI bots won't see the sensors and die. If you 
plant them at the right level noone can get by them making a temporary wall. 
   Laser- This is single player only, it can't hurt guards but is needed to cut 
wires and locks.
   Grapple- This allows you to wire onto a hook and be pulled to a higher place. 
   Stunner- Single only, this causes guards to pass out. Punch them after you've 
passed them out.
   Q-Worm- This is a disk that you put into computers. Single only.
   Ronin- See machine guns.
   Q camera- This is a camers with a long scope. Use it to find snipers and when 
it's a liter to see in the dark closely.
                                  MOUNTED GUNS(Mult.)
   Missle- Heat seeking missles. There is infinate ammo and you must wait a second 
in between shots.
   Hold Laser- This is a weak beam you can hold down. It is hard to aim and will 
smoke after using it a while.
   Machine Gun(Gatling gun)- This is very quiet and will smoke after a while.
   Overchrge Laser- This is a laser that will shoot and overcharge equivalent to 
Samurai's but less charging time.
   Grenade delay launcher- This shoots grenades like the frag but a lot farther 
infinate ammo.
   Machine Gun- This is very loud. You can shoot and never stop.
   Instant Grenade Launcher- Same as the other one except that it blows up 
   Fire Overcharge- This is the same as overcharch laser but it is fire.
                                         STRATEGY TIPS
   I recommend you try to avoid using the oozy because it is the worst gun for 
multiplayer. If you must use it try going close in and shooting the head. 
   Odjobb's hat also curves when you toss it. It can curve either way but it 
goes right. It can also go across most multiplayer maps. 
   Jubie, for reminding and telling me of guns. This site for posting it. Nintendo 
for making Nightfire. And YOU for reading this. THANKS AGAIN! PS. look for hints by 
Justin Case!
This document may not be rewritten or passed for one's work in any way, shape or 
form. Failure to do so will face consequences. You may do this given DIRECT 
permission from the proper person. 
If you have any additional questions about this walkthrough, or even ANYTHING about 
Nightfire just e-mail me at [email protected] ! I will be glad to help.  
VOTE for this game at http://www.freewebs.com/casegamesandsports 
OR pick up strategies and/or tips on our forum.   

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