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 The Following Are My Oponions Of The Weapons In Doom 3.

  FLASHLIGHT: This "weapon" is technically a flashlight and a club.It is an 
effective club.Unlimited ammo.

  PISTOL:A standard military issued side-arm.Helpful against normal enemies{this 
includes the average zombie and imp.}12 rounds in each clip.

  SHOTGUN:A powerful close range wapon.Is effective on most enemies in clos range 
combat.Each load holds 8 shots.

  MACHINE GUN:A extremely effective weapon agains most if not all enemies.Personally 
I perfer this weapon in most situations.Each clip holds 60 shots.

  CHAIN GUN:The third most powerful weapon.helps clear out a room with multiple 
contacts.Each cain belt holds 60 shots.

  BFG 9000:The second most powerful weapon in the game.Each charge holds 1.The name 
describes the weapon.I think we all know what BFG stands for.

  ROCKET LAUNCHER:I decided this was the fourth most powerful weapon because trying 
to shoot fastly with a rocet launcher when you are surrounded is pretty hard.Still 
nontheless it is powerful.One pack contains 5 rockets.

  CHAINSAW:A powerful close-range weapon.Unlimited ammo.

  Soul Cube:ATTENTION!!SPOILER!!ATTENTIOM!!This weapon is the most powerful weapon!!
After every 5 enemies destroyed you get one shot!The soul cube can destroy any 
enemie.CAUTION:This weapon may not destroy them on the first shot.

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