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 Kingdom Key: Receive it on Destiny Island
 Jungle King: Receive it after the Deep Jungle is locked
 Three Wishes: Receive it after Agrabah is locked
 Carbclaw: Receive it after Atlantica is locked
 Pumpkin Head: Receive it after Halloween Town is locked
 Fairy Harp: Receive it after Neverland is locked
 Spellbinder: Get all first level spells, then talk to Merlin in Traverse Town
 Wishing Star: Go to Gepetto's house, and you will get it
 Metal Chocobo: Defeat Cloud in Hercules Cup
 Olympia: Win the Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cup
 Loinheart: Defeat Squall and Cloud in Hades Cup
 Lady Luck: Use White Trinity in Wonderland
 Divine Rose: Talk to Belle in Hollow Bastion libary
 Oathkeeper: Talk to Kairi in the Serect Waterway of Traveres Town later in game
 Oblivion: Open the chest in Hollow Bastion Grand Hall
 Ultima Weapon: Synthesis all 24 items in the synthesis shop

 Knight Sheild: Begins with it
 Stout Sheild: Buy at Item Shop
 Smasher: Buy at Item Shop
 Mythril: Buy at Item Shop
 Gigas Fist: Buy at Item Shop
 Onyx: Buy at Item Shop
 Adamant: Buy at Item Shop
 Herc's Sheild: Beat the Hercules Cup
 Genij's Sheild: Beat Yuffie in Hades Cup
 Defender Sheild: Rare item dropped by the Defenders after Hollow Bastion is locked
 Save the King: Beat the Hades Cup time attack
 Dream Sheild: Bring all spell art to Merlin

 Morning Star: Buy at Item Shop
 Warhammer: Buy at Item Shop
 Shooting Star: Buy at Item Shop
 Magus Staff: Buy at Item Shop
 Silver Mallet: Buy at Item Shop
 Grand Mallet: Buy at Item Shop
 Wisdom Staff: Buy at Item Shop
 Lord Fortune: Get all summons talk to Fairy Godmother where Merlin is
 Violetta: White Trinity in the Olympus Stadium
 Wizard Relic: Rare Item dropped by Wizards after Hollow Bastion is locked
 Dream Rod: Have every spell upgraded, then talk to Merlin
 Save the Queen: Beat Hades Cup only with Sora

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