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Hello, and this is a MPH (Metroid Prime Hunters) guide to Weavel. Yes you may 
think he's a bad hunter.. well, in headshot and alt-form cases, kind-of, yes. 
But there are many Weavel glitches and the Battlehammer can give a blast that 
can blast foes out of the map.

1. About Weavel
2. Weavel in Biped
3. Weavel in Alt
4. Vs. Other Hunters
5. Why I Made This
6. Tips with Weavel
7. FAQ


   Weavel is a Space Pirate General, that is, until he had an accident (I'm not 
sure because I dont have much metroid games). Well, Weavel is a Space Pirate: 
and an enemy to Samus. The Pirates have tried many times to defeat Samus, but, 
succeded only to times when people who.. well, can't resist dying all the 
time :D. 

   For Biped, Weavel can't stand having a big visor. So, Imperialist Headshots 
are really common. Alt into Biped form is when Weavel telepathicly(I think) 
grabs his legs and get reattached to Weavel. Overall, Weavel is not good with 
facing people with the Imp.


   Weavel detaches from his lower half. His upper half is capable of slicing 
other hunters. This slice can also be used as a mini jump. His lower half is 
converted into a turret, shooting at anyone who attacks it, Weavel, or anyone 
in its range. Horror: Weavels upper half gets pwnt by Samus' alt. And his lower 
half gets pwnt by getting frozen by Noxus.. then getting shot with by the Volt 


   Weavel.VS.Samus Not a very good fight, but if the Samus doesn't know the 
Boost 'n Bomb (boosting and bombing the person in alt) technique, slicing her 
while the turret hits her alt is a good pair. With people who do.. please stand 
as far away as possible. You can't possibly win with that.  So... don't make 
these two fight BUT do make these two team in team games.

   Weavel.VS.Kanden Both hunters are weak to their affinitys, so placing them 
in a fight would be a little fair. But still, Weavel can slice Kanden but at 
the time the guy/bot playing Kanden can use their alt-attack and kill you in 
minutes. Oh, and Kanden is harder to get a headshot on, so proceed with caution.

   Weavel.VS.Spire Spire has an advantage here: he can make your turret burn 
and lob Magmaul shots at it. For people who have Cloak when Spire has it 
charged, get in Biped and run with the Imp and kill them. A medium-easy fight.

   Weavel.VS.Trace Do not get me started. Trace has a HUGE advantage. He can 
get headshots on you quite easily, his lunge with Double Damage can kill your 
upper form while in alt, and... the worst part. he cloaks. Look carefully at 
your radar if its on. If 
..............your dead. Permanent. Dead. Gone. See ya.

   Weavel.VS.Noxus Theres not much to it, Noxus can freeze you and kill you. 
Which is bad to your turret. And when he freezes you, he can get instant 
headshots with the Imp.

   Weavel.VS.Sylux Since your alt form is slower than Slyux's, your escape 
percentage is reduced by 25%. The Shock Coil can drain you so try and get your 
turret in a glitch. Than Sylux can't drain it. The Triangle Form(shown at the 
very end) can instantly kill.
   Weavel.VS.Weavel Like a clone battle.


    Pretty much, Weavel is an underestimated hunter. He shouldn't be. He gets 
plenty more glitches than all of us Samus, Sylux and Trace users(I'm more of 
Trace and Spire player). And even though his alt form sucks, you don't know if 
you destroyed it or not. Its an advantage. And, he gets 1 extra point of energy 


  Tip Number 1: Never play Weavel all the time. Some people may know you in 
their Rival or Friend list and pick up your pattern of attack and defense. So 
don't use him a lot.
  Tip Number 2: Try to stay in glitches if facing 5 or 4 stars. They might not 
be using Weavel and your turret and the Power Beam can shower them down.
  Tip Number 3: Don't overuse Weavel Glitches:if you do, there'll be more D/C
(disconnet) inconnents and hacking.
  Final Tip: Don't run for health a lot! Weavel is an easy target and can be 
picked off easier.


 Q. Why did you make this?
 A. Look in the Why I Made This chapter.

 Q. I see a lot of Weavel hackers! What now?
 A. Don't panic. It's not so much of a big deal. Stay in glitches they might 
not know and you'll be fine.

 Q. Weavel sucks!
 A. Nope.

 Q. How come AR was made
 A. And your asking me.

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